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Chapter 5751

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Lulu’s expression suddenly became somewhat uneasy. She had known her husband for over ten years, and their daughter was already twelve years old this year. She couldn't believe that her husband could be suspected of anything.But then again, she also knew very well that before the incident with Adrienne happened, she had been very affectionate with Jaxson. Everyone thought that Jaxson had married a beautiful, elegant, and kind wife, but who would have known that she would have wanted to kill the entire Acker family, sparing no one at all?!At this point, Keith added, “After the incident in New York last time, both Kaeden and I had great suspicion of Zekeiah, but not long after that, Adrienne committed suicide by taking poison. So, our focus shifted entirely to Adrienne. Thinking about it now, it's hard to clear suspicion away from Zekeiah.”Charlie then spoke up and said, “I think what Grandpa said makes a lot of sense. If we calculate this matter based on this timeline, Uncle Zekei

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Chapter 5752

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Charlie knew that it was the best time for him to bluff now. The plane that the three elders from Qing Eliminating Society were on had turned back over the ocean, proving that Fleur was afraid.Since she was afraid, it was time for him to strike while the iron was hot.The Ackers wouldn't leave Aurous Hill for the time being, and there were definitely spies from the Qing Eliminating Society within the Ackers. By taking advantage of this opportunity to spread the word, it could also serve as a deterrent.The current Acker family members had complete trust in Charlie. Since Charlie said so, everyone naturally had no objections and planned to follow Charlie's instructions.As for Lulu's husband, Charlie wasn't in a hurry to start probing him immediately. After all, in his opinion, if the Ackers kept a low profile from now on and didn't give any outsiders a chance to pry into their secrets, the situation could be stabilized.As for Fleur, since she had received his threat, she would

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Chapter 5753

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Charlie chuckled and said, “Grandma, don't worry. The alcohol has already been consumed by my internal qi, so I won’t be drunk driving.”After saying that, Charlie added, “By the way, Grandpa, Grandma, I'll go to Willow Manor tomorrow to transfer the formation for the Rejuvenating Pill here. You two should live in Aurous Hill for a while longer. Your health will improve even further then.”Lady Acker subconsciously said, “Charlie, don't waste the Rejuvenating Pill on us again…”Lord Acker, who was aside, also said very seriously, “I just said that Charlie can make all the arrangements, so you don't need to contradict me.”For Keith, he had already taken a whole Rejuvenating Pill. In fact, the formation wasn't that important to him anymore, but he recognized a basic logic: since Charlie had asked them to follow his arrangements, he naturally had to abide by that decision, regardless of whether Charlie's decision was beneficial or detrimental to him.Lady Acker’s thoughts were actua

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Chapter 5754

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

At night at Scarlet Pinnacle Manor, everyone except Vera had already retreated. After Charlie arrived by car, he passed through the courtyard directly and ascended the stone steps. As soon as he stepped into the courtyard, Vera was already there. Upon seeing Charlie, she greeted him with an expression of joy and shyness, “Young Master…”At that moment, Vera was dressed in a white dress, and her long hair, which fell down her shoulders, still seemed a little damp. The adjacent hot spring pool was still filled with many flower petals floating on the surface, giving the entire courtyard a faint floral fragrance.Charlie subconsciously guessed that Vera had just finished bathing, so he refrained from looking at the hot spring pool and focused on her instead. He said with a hint of nervousness, “Miss Lavor, I apologize for disturbing you so late at night. Besides the matter I promised the three elderly gentlemen earlier, I also have some things that I need you to help me solve.”Vera b

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Chapter 5755

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Charlie said, “I just met my grandparents’ family. My eldest uncle mentioned that my father happened to obtain a book called the Preface to the Apocalyptic Book. Although my eldest uncle didn't know what was written in the book, he remembered my father often mentioned terms like the ‘fate of the ascending dragon’. I once heard Master Lennard say that people's destinies can be categorized into different destinies such as the fate of the python and the fate of the dragon, but I didn't know what the fate of the ascending dragon is.”Vera didn't answer Charlie's question but curiously asked, “When you mentioned Master Lennard, which Master Lennard are you referring to? What's his name?”Charlie replied, “He is Chandler Lennard, the direct descendant of the Feng Shui master, Master Brice Lennard…”Vera murmured, “Gold is solid, wood is tough, water is clear, fire burns, earth is hard, and wind is strong. The Chandler Lennard you mentioned should be the great-grandson of Jory Lennard, my

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Chapter 5756

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Vera's words stirred Charlie's curiosity. He quickly asked, “So, the one with the fate of the ascending dragon can ignore the laws of nature. Does that mean it's like what people say about ascension, where one can ascend like those in legends?"Vera chuckled and said, “Young Master, you're overthinking. Ascension is merely speculation derived from people's understanding of the Book of Changes and the Eight Diagrams. People often believe that by cultivating to a certain extent, they can ascend to another world, just like what we Easterners call the immortal realm or what Westerners refer to as the divine realm. However, according to my understanding of the Book of Changes and the Eight Diagrams, no matter how long one cultivates, the essence of it is simply extending one’s lifespan and strength.”Charlie humbly asked, “Miss Lavor, could you please explain in more detail?”Vera nodded slightly and said seriously, “Young Master, extending lifespan and strength implies that the essence

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Chapter 5757

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Vera nodded, “According to the Book of Changes and the Eight Diagrams, for lives that haven't passed through catastrophe, it’s true that Reiki doesn't exist anymore, but after passing through catastrophe, Reiki will appear.”Charlie asked in confusion, “That sounds somewhat unrealistic…”Vera smiled and said, “I thought so too at first. I even thought I might have misunderstood the Book of Changes and the Eight Diagrams, but after World War II, I encountered modern technology with radio waves. Suddenly, it all made sense to me. Reiki might be like radio frequencies. Ordinary people can't perceive it with their bodies, but once they have the conditions to receive radio waves, they can continuously tap into the contents of those waves. Reiki might work similarly.”Charlie opened his eyes wide in shock and exclaimed, “So, does that mean the Degenerate Age of Dharma might not actually be the end?”Vera explained, “The Degenerate Age of Dharma is just a term coined by later generations.

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Chapter 5758

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Charlie hadn't done much research on the study of destiny.In the Apocalyptic Book, there was a wealth of miscellaneous knowledge, but it notably lacked explanations about destiny. He used to think that destiny might be like India's caste system, where a high destiny equated to a high caste, meaning a person of high caste only had a high social status, but they didn't inherently possess great strength. People of high caste could still get sick, age, and face various accidents just like anyone else. However, Vera's words suggested that destiny was far more complex than he had imagined.So, he asked Vera, “If my father had the fate of the dragon, would he not have been killed by Mr. Chardon?”Vera asserted confidently, “That’s right! The power of destiny lies in their absolute hierarchy. As long as a person with the fate of the dragon doesn't seek death, how could Mr. Chardon, who merely had the fate of the tiger, kill someone with the fate of the dragon? Young Master, you have the fa

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Chapter 5759

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Vera nodded and smiled, saying, “Young Master Wade promised earlier to grant you an opportunity, and he specially came today to fulfill that promise. Hurry up and express your gratitude!”Upon hearing this, the three men exchanged glances with one another excitedly and immediately knelt.When Charlie saw the three men, totaling almost three hundred years in age, kneeling before him, he couldn't bear it. He quickly tried to rise to help and stop them, but Vera suddenly reached out her fair and slender hand to stop Charlie and said earnestly, “Young Master Wade, there's no need for you to stand up. Their bowing to you is only right.”Charlie hurriedly said, “Gentlemen, you're all elderly. You shouldn't perform such a grand gesture. It's not appropriate…”Vera firmly said, “Young Master Wade, rest assured, there's nothing inappropriate about it. Their gesture is not only to thank you but also for their own sake!”She continued, “These three have been raised by me since they were youn

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Chapter 5760

The Charismatic Charlie Wade/Lord Leaf

Charlie looked at the three elderly people with snowy hair in front of him, and he couldn't help but glance at Vera beside him, who seemed to be still youthful. He felt a bit confused for a moment.The three elderly men were indeed very old and even with limited interaction. It was evident that they were very experienced and wise.However, in front of Vera, these three seemed like children being scolded by their parents, obeying her every command without question. Although Vera herself looked like a child, her attitude toward the three elders remained stern, making him feel particularly awkward.Nevertheless, he quickly pushed aside this discomfort and politely said to the three, “Please stand up.”The three didn't stand up but raised their heads to look at Vera.Vera seemed indifferent to the elderly men kneeling before her, and she nodded casually before she then spoke up, “Since Young Master Wade has spoken, you may all rise.”Only then did the three men help each other up. Ch

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ALL Chapters & Episodes of The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf - Page 576 (2024)


What is the story of the amazing son-in-law charismatic Charlie Wade? ›

Charlie Wade is a live-in son in law . At the age of eight, his father and mother were hounded out by the Grandfather. they lived a miserable life and soon died one after another. the child Charlie was then sent to an orphanage where he spends the rest of his life.

What happens in Charlie Wade novel? ›

Despite being born into a wealthy family, Charlie is abandoned by his parents and is forced to live with his abusive grandfather. His grandfather makes his life miserable and even goes to the extent of selling him off to a wealthy family as a servant.

How many chapters are in Charlie and the? ›

The novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has 30 chapters. The book was well-received, so Dahl wrote a sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, which was published in 1972.

Does Charlie Wade ever tell his wife? ›

He never told his wife and the Wilson family about his real identity. The Charismatic Charlie Wade now has the life he has always dreamed of.

What is the full summary of The Charismatic Charlie Wade? ›

The Plot Summary of The Charismatic Charlie Wade

As secrets unravel, Charlie discovers he's the heir to a prominent city family. The story takes a thrilling turn when Charlie's true heritage comes to light, leading to a series of events where he confronts those who wronged him, all while maintaining his anonymity.

Who is Charlie Wade's father? ›

After seeing Charlie's birth certificate (which named Bobby as Charlie's legal father), Jenna confessed that Renaldo Marchetta was actually Charlie's biological father and that she had listed Bobby as the legal father in order to protect her legal interests in future disputes with Marchetta over Charlie.

Who is the character of Charlie Wade? ›

Charlie Wade, the main character of the Amazing Son in law The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel is the eldest son-in-law of Lady Wilson, the head of the Wilson family. The living son-in-law was known for his bold and atrocious behavior.

How old was Charlie in the book? ›

Charlie, the fifteen-year-old narrator of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has just entered his freshman year of high school when the book begins.

Where can you read The Charismatic Charlie Wade? ›

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How many pages is Gone with the Wind novel? ›

Gone with the Wind (novel)
First-edition cover
AuthorMargaret Mitchell
Media typePrint (hard & paperback)
Pages1037 (first edition) 1024 (Warner Books paperback)
ISBN978-0-446-36538-3 (Warner)
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