Aspen’s Most Anticipated Hotel, W Aspen is Now Officially Open using the InvoTech Linen System (2024)

W Aspen uses the latest RFID technology to track their high-quality linens from day one

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 18, 2019 – InvoTech Systems Inc. announced the recent implementation of its Linen System at W Aspen & The Sky Residences at W Aspen, the highly anticipated new hotel and residence from the iconic luxury brand now open in Aspen, Colorado. InvoTech Systems is the leading provider of advanced Linen Management, Laundry and Uniform Systems that integrate the latest RFID technology to increase profitability for hotels, resorts, casino operators, sports arenas, convention centers and theme parks. The InvoTech System installed at W Aspen manages the Linen inventory for 10,000 linens, and the hotel joins InvoTech’s extensive client portfolio of hotels worldwide. Click here for more information on InvoTech’s Linen, Laundry and Uniform Systems. Aspen’s Most Anticipated Hotel, W Aspen is Now Officially Open using the InvoTech Linen System (1)W Hotel Aspen

“The InvoTech system givesour teamtotal accountabilityforallofour linen items using the latest RFID technology. It is an invaluable addition to our business and simplifies our process of trackinglaundry activity and managing our linen storeroom. The user interface is easy to learn and improves our team's productivity,” said Thomas Dippold,Executive Manager of Rooms, W Aspen.

Using theInvoTech RFID Linen Systemto manage their high-quality guestroom linens, W Aspen benefits from InvoTech's extensive experience implementing their Linen System for hotel grand openings. InvoTech ensures that all the linens are accounted for and tracked from day one. InvoTech coordinates for the linens to be delivered with a washable RFID tag already inserted into each piece. InvoTech's onsite installation and training services are provided for the staff so clients obtain the maximum ongoing cost saving benefits.

W Aspen has approximately 10,000 linen items for 88 well-appointed guestrooms. The hotel is using a RFID Laundry Cart Reading Station with an easy-to-use touch screen monitor that instantly identifies and counts linens in laundry carts. The system functionality allows W Aspen to automatically track linens to and from the laundry. This eliminates the daily task of physically separating the different types of linens and then hand-counting and manually-recording. W Aspen also uses Portable Handheld RFID Readers with InvoTech Mobile Software to maintain the linen storerooms at optimum inventory levels.

InvoTech’s RFID technology monitors and controls linen movement throughout the hotel and to/from its laundry. It provides 100 percent reduction in non-theft related losses, cuts labor costs by 50 percent, and provides control of outside laundry charges. An RFID Linen Inventory Processing Station is in place to add and delete Linen items.

“The InvoTech Linen System allowed W Aspen to take control of their high-value linen inventory before the opening; all the linen items were accounted for when delivered by the linen provider at the warehouse. The investment in high-quality linens at W Aspen is a very important decision. It is crucial for housekeeping to know exactly what the daily inventory levels are and to monitor the laundry activity so future purchases can be forecasted,” said Oswald Lares, Director of Sales & Marketing at InvoTech Systems, Inc.

InvoTech has over 660 of satisfied clients worldwide in more than 35 countries, including hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, medical centers, cleanrooms, and laundries. Why InvoTech? Because major brands like Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, MGM International, Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, Intel, Pfizer, Madison Square Garden, and Staples Center rely on InvoTech Systems to provide operational efficiency, full accountability, and turn-key solutions for laundry, linen and uniform management. See what our clients are saying about us.

About InvoTech Systems

InvoTech Systems provides the most advanced inventory management systems for uniforms, linens, and laundry operations. Our very reliable and easy-to-use systems integrate the latest RFID technology to significantly improve operational efficiencies to eliminate losses, reduce purchases, cut labor costs, and lower laundry expenses. InvoTech provides solutions for hospitality, healthcare, cleanrooms, stadiums and arenas, theme parks, commercial laundries, and many other industries worldwide. With over 20 years of experience providing inventory management systems, InvoTech is known for our expertise and reliable solutions tailored to our client needs and outstanding customer support. Visit our website to find out more.

About W Hotels Worldwide

Born from the bold attitude and 24/7 culture of New York City, W Hotels, part of Marriott International, Inc., has disrupted and redefined the hospitality scene for nearly two decades. Trailblazing its way around the globe, with more than 50 hotels, W is defying expectations and breaking the norms of traditional luxury wherever the iconic W sign lands. With a mission to fuel guests’ lust for life, W ignites an obsessive desire to soak it in, live it up and hit repeat. The brand’s provocative design, iconic Whatever/Whenever service and buzzing Living Rooms create an experience that is often copied but never matched. Innovative, inspiring and infectious, the brand’s super-charged energy celebrates guests’ endless appetite to discover what’s new/next in each destination, to see more, feel more, go longer, stay later. For more information on W Hotels, visit or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. W Hotels Worldwide is proud to participate in Marriott Bonvoy, the new name of Marriott’s travel program replacing Marriott Rewards®, The Ritz- Carlton Rewards®, and Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG). The program offers members an extraordinary portfolio of global brands, experiences on Marriott Bonvoy Moments and unparalleled benefits including earning points toward free hotel stays and nights toward Elite status recognition. To enroll for free or for more information about the program, visit


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Aspen’s Most Anticipated Hotel, W Aspen is Now Officially Open using the InvoTech Linen System (2024)
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