How to Dominate in Fornite’s Zero Build Mode (2024)

Players were first introduced to Zero Build mode in Chapter 3, Season 2 and is now permanent as a separate mode. With it being called “Zero Build,” it removes a feature that was critical to master in order to win previously, building. Many players flocked to try out this mode including many old and new.

The biggest difference and the most challenging to deal with, is getting used to not building. This article will break down what works and what doesn’t when playing Zero Build so that you can dominate the field!

Work on Your Mobility

One of the most important features you need to learn is Fortnite’s new movement mechanics. There were three features added to make sure you move around the map efficiently; sliding, mantling and sprinting. Using these correctly can mean life and death in certain situations.

Sliding will help you move around the map faster and will give you an advantage when face to face with an enemy. Sliding will give you a small boost if you use it on flat ground and will give you a bigger boost if you slide on a hill or slope. Use this boost to get to your destination faster and reduce your chances of being killed as an easy target while traversing across the map; without any walls, this seems like a good alternative.

You can also use sliding in close combat scenarios. Sneaking up on an enemy? Trying to reduce your hitbox while moving? Maybe you need to run away. Sliding will help you with all of those especially if combined with jumping.

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Mantling is used when you want to climb on a surface that is higher than the one you are on. You can use mantling for a quick escape attempt or to gain higher ground. Who needs ramps anyways?

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The last movement mechanic is probably the most important out of the three, sprinting. Sprint in pretty much every situation: jumping from building to building, combat scenarios, reaching your destination, etc. It is the quickest way to move on a flat surface so use this whenever you see fit but be careful as there is a meter that will appear above your health bar. This meter will tell you when you are going to run out of stamina, and you will have to walk or jog from thereafter, so don’t use it too much because you want to have it ready for when you need it the most.

Getting used to and utilizing this movement system can be a bit tricky but a total game changer. Combine all three and you won’t have to rely too much on building anymore!

Learn What To Equip

One thing to note in Zero Build mode is that a good loadout is drastically different from a good loadout in the regular battle royale mode. Having a loadout tuned to Zero Build will help you win more fights.

Being aggressive was a good way to win while building was allowed since a good builder can force their opponent into close range combat and deal heavy damage with a shotgun or SMG. This isn’t the case anymore and you will often find yourself fighting long-range skirmishes. With a more defensive play style in Zero Build, scoped weapons are key. You can deal some good damage from afar while you stay posted up and safe.

The Heavy Sniper Rifle is slow but will do some good damage on impact while the Designated Marksman Rifle has a quicker firing rate but deals less damage on impact. If assault rifles are more your style, try using the Striker Burst Rifle. It deals a huge load of damage if all shots are connected, and you won’t have to worry about walls disrupting your flow.

When it comes to consumables, you won’t need them too much in this mode. While shield and healing items were life savers before, in this mode they might do more harm than good. With building enabled you can quickly build a shelter and heal up if you were injured during a battle, but without any building that window of opportunity diminishes. While you should always keep some healing in your inventory, try dialing back on them and rely more on safe plays that won’t get you hurt as much. Try replacing a slot with Shockwave Grenades instead. They provide a boost in any direction you want so you can use them to surprise an enemy or for a quick way to escape any situation.

It all comes down to what you prefer but if you haven’t already, try some of these out. You never know what might work and always remember the weapon list is always changing so be ready to adapt.

Use Natural Cover

Without any building, you are more at risk of sneak attacks and explosions. So while you’re being shot at, the best way to avoid death is to use the next best thing, natural cover. Make sure to be aware of trees and rocks you can hide behind while traversing around the island so that if you get into a battle, you already have some protection. Walls, cars, buildings, even terrain can shield you from oncoming bullets as well.

If you feel like hiding in plain sight or if you want to get away from a tricky situation, hide under bushes and vegetation. Hiding under vegetation can also give you the upper hand on someone who isn’t aware of your location. Like I said, cover is super important if you want to get that win; you want to make sure you are not out in the open and be a big target for others to shoot at.

Use High Ground

Staying above ground level and into a higher elevated surface will ensure you get the most visibility and the least vulnerability. Use tall buildings or a hill with good cover to gain the advantage. Long-range weapons like I mentioned before will help you out too. A good place to set up camp would preferably be somewhere that would give you the most line of sight but not dangerously open that could get you shot at. Stick somewhere that’s inside the circle so you can catch players running towards you.


I hope you took something away from this guide to help you out. Remember to use cover, stick to high ground, equip the right items, utilize the movement mechanics, and most importantly have fun! Changing from building to no building can be a bit difficult at first but with some practice and the tips I showed you, getting a win isn’t so far away. Good Luck!

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How to Dominate in Fornite’s Zero Build Mode (2024)


How do you dominate Fortnite without build? ›

To improve in zero build, focus on three A's: aim, aggression, and awareness. Your aim is more important than ever because the overshield will turn opponents into sponges if you're not careful. Every bullet has to count, and you don't want to reload while your opponent's overshield refills.

Is Fortnite no build mode easier? ›

No Build Mode: Easier to Learn and Play

This perspective considers the preferences and experiences of new players and casual gamers. For those who find building structures tedious or overwhelming, no build mode offers a simplified gameplay experience that allows them to focus solely on shooting mechanics.

Is there ranked zero build solo? ›

Ranked Zero Build Solo mode is back with patch V26. 20!

How to master zero build in Fortnite? ›

By leveraging long-range weaponry effectively, practicing with different weapons regularly, mastering bullet drop-off and lead time for long shots and using suppressive fire tactics strategically – you'll master zero build Fortnite in no time!

Is Zero build leaving Fortnite? ›

Although these rumors were spread as a part of an April Fool's prank, some players are still unaware if Epic Games truly intends to remove Zero Build from Fortnite, but luckily, we now know just how appreciated Zero Build is, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Does zero build give XP? ›

Ways To Earn. Season XP can be earned: In Battle Royale and Zero Build matches (including Ranked, Tournaments, Team Rumble, and Limited Time Modes).

Why is build mode so hard in Fortnite? ›

Because, like most other battle royale games, Fortnite is fast-paced so your building speed has to match that pace. If you've put time into improving your aiming and shooting skills in Fortnite, you'll know it takes practice to get better at it. Building is the same — you won't get better unless you keep trying.

Do Fortnite Games get harder? ›

So yeah overall Fortnite is getting harder, but mostly thanks to bots in the lobbies and the form of skill based matchmaking being used make it so that it's likely that more than once in a while, most players will have a decent shot at a win…or at least a good match with more than four or five eliminations and a top 10 ...

Is Fortnite better than Roblox? ›

Epic not only entertains but also educates, showing that games can be interactive platforms for more than just play. Fortnite outshines Roblox in the magnitude and impact of its live events. Epic Games prioritizes immersive, collective experiences, while Roblox offers smaller, user-generated content.

How to rank up quickly in Fortnite? ›

Part 1: 8 Methods to Level Up Fast in Fortnite
  1. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges. ...
  2. Play with Friends. ...
  3. Land in Hot Spots. ...
  4. Survival Longer in Matches. ...
  5. Focus on Objectives. ...
  6. Party Assist. ...
  7. Purchase Battle Pass. ...
  8. Participate in Events.
Jun 18, 2024

Is ranked zero build only duos? ›

The Introduction of Ranked Dismisses Fortnite's Zero Build Players. Zero Build gamers were disappointed to learn that ranked modes are only offered for Duos in Zero Build, a huge difference from Build, which grants ranked access to solo, duo, and squad play.

What modes are zero build? ›

Zero Build is a PvP (Player versus Player) mode in Fortnite that was released on March 29, 2022. Players must drop onto an island and fight to be the last one surviving in Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads.

How to play Fortnite without buildings? ›

To play No-Build mode, follow these steps:
  1. Access your game's lobby.
  2. Open the Discover page by clicking the Change button above the Play directive.
  3. Look for Zero Build in Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads playlists.
  4. Choose your mode.
  5. Press the Confirm button.
Aug 22, 2023

How do you sprint in Fortnite without build? ›

How to sprint in Fortnite
  1. Move forward: Use the "W" key to move your character forward.
  2. Sprint: Press and hold the Left Shift key while moving forward to sprint.
Feb 23, 2024

How do I get out of build mode in Fortnite? ›

On PC, pressing the 'Q' key (default setting) will toggle you back and forth between combat and build modes. For console players, hitting the Circle button on PlayStation, the B button on Xbox, or the A button on Nintendo Switch will do the trick.

Is Epic removing Zero Build? ›

The short answer is 'No'. Fortnite will keep Zero Build as an available game mode in Fortnite as a lot of players have provided positive feedback, given how fun it can be to just focus on shooting people instead of having to build and dodge bullets at the same time meticulously.

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