Influencer whose flash stunt shut down New York to Dublin portal breaks silence (2024)

An influencer who managed to shut down the New York to Dublin portal with her flashing stunt has spoken out, calling those offended by her actions "boring."

Ava Louise (@realavalouiise) - an OnlyFans model who previously made headlines back in 2020 when she filmed herself licking an airplane toilet seat in a "coronavirus challenge" - managed to get the 24hr installation temporarily closed after lifting her top up in front of the camera in New York which stunned onlookers on the other side in Dublin.

“I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see my two New York homegrown potatoes," the 25-year-old explained in a video posted on her social media.

According to Ava, everyone on the New York side who watched her pull the stunt thought it was "really funny," she exclusively told The Sunas she shared how the public reacted.

“Everyone on the New York City side really loved it, everyone on the Dublin side were pulling out their phones and filming it. Everyone had a smile on their face, they seemed to be really enjoying it," Ava said.

“As I’m putting my top back on, a guy wearing a ­security jacket and this woman who apparently works for the installation started approaching the portal and put a rope around it. So I ran away."

Ava's boyfriend stuck around to ask security what was happening, to which he discovered the portal was shut down by a flip of a switch as the screen "went completely black.”

“A lot of people are mad but that’s because they are boring and they have probably not seen a nice pair of boobs before.

Ava noted this as she argued that a lot of people who feel like I saved New York City from Dublin’s debauchery."

"They think I’m a hero because they really didn’t like the portal and they were quite offended by all the things people in Dublin were doing.

To the same publication, the self-proclaimed “New Jersey trash” added: “They showed us the Twin ­Towers so I showed my twin set.”

Since posting her video about getting the portal stunt down due to her antics, people in the comments section have criticised her for "ruining it for everyone."

One person said: "I was supposed to meet my best friend in Dublin there today."

"Why you gotta ruin it for everyone," another person wrote.

A third person added: "You should be charged and jailed for indecent exposure."

"Literally can’t have anything nice ever," a fourth person commented.

Someone else posted: "As soon as I heard about these portals I just knew it was a matter of time before someone did this."

The futuristic "portal" created by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gyly became operational on May 8 and links the two cities which are over 3,000 miles apart.

The Irish side of the portal can be found on O'Connell Street in the country's capital, while the New York side is located on Flatiron South Public Plaza at Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street, next to the famed Flatiron Building.

Since it opened the portal has already had its fair share of drama from the Irish side, from a woman being arrested, to p*rnographybeing shown, and someone showing images of New York's Twin Towers during the 9/11 attacks.

Dublin City Council said in a statement that "technical solutions" are being explored by the creative team behind the installation following the recent stunt.

"The team behind the Portal art sculpture,, has been investigating possible technical solutions to inappropriate behaviour by a small minority of people in front of the portal.

"Unfortunately the preferred solution, which would have involved blurring, was not satisfactory.

"As a result the portal will be switched off at 10pm tonight and the team at have told us they expect it will be switched back on later this week."

It added: "We are delighted by how many people have been enjoying the Portal since it was launched last week.

"It has become a global phenomenon and it is important to note that the overwhelming majority of people interacting with the Dublin Portal have behaved appropriately."

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Influencer whose flash stunt shut down New York to Dublin portal breaks silence (2024)


Influencer whose flash stunt shut down New York to Dublin portal breaks silence? ›

Ava Louise addressed her X-rated stunt in a video shared on Instagram Sunday, with the caption, “I just wanted my potato's to be international.” “So I just got the portal from New York City to Dublin shut down,” she began.

Why did they shut down the portal? ›

After too many instances of public indecency, drug use and rude behavior, organizers and the Dublin city council decided to shut the Portal down on 14 May. Some women in the US flashed their breasts to onlookers in Ireland. A man revealed his rear end to people watching on the other side.

Why did the NYC Dublin portal close? ›

A live video "portal" between Dublin and New York has reopened after it was temporarily closed due to "inappropriate behaviour". The continuous live stream, which allows users in each city to see each other and interact, was switched off on 14 May less than a week after it opened.

Why was the portal in New York closed? ›

The organizers had billed the exhibit as a way to “embrace the beauty of global interconnectedness." It was paused after videos popped up on social media of bad behavior including an OnlyFans model in New York baring her breasts and Dubliners holding up swastikas.

Why did the portal shut down? ›

A viral video “portal” connecting New York City with Irish capital Dublin has reopened after an almost week-long closure sparked by onlookers who flashed the camera, held inappropriate pictures up to the portal and made other wild gestures, leading the Dublin City Council to temporarily close the attraction.

Where is the Dublin portal in NYC? ›

The portal, located at the corner of 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District, has seen people connect with others in another country in real-time across thousands of miles in the form of greetings, messages shared, a proposal, and even an exhibition of Irish dancing.

Is the NYC portal open? ›

NEW YORK -- The Portal art installation connecting New York City and Dublin, Ireland reopened over the weekend. The installation was temporarily shut down last week because of inappropriate behavior. Officials say it will now be open from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day with new security measures.

Is there a portal in New York? ›

There are two identical "portals", or art instillations, that connect the two cities separated by an ocean and more than 3,000 miles with a live video link. The New York City portal is located in Manhattan's Flatiron District, while Dublin's is located near O'Connell Street, the city's main street.

Which state is closed to New York City? ›

The closest states to New York are Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Why are NYC tunnels closed? ›

Holland Tunnel Overnight Closures

The New Jersey-bound tube of the Holland Tunnel will close during off-peak hours six overnights each week due to necessary critical repair work. Overnight closures will be in place through 2025. The weeknight closure schedule will be as follows: Sunday nights: 11 PM to 5:30 AM.

Did New York New York close? ›

Start spreading the news, it's leaving today. The Broadway musical New York, New York will close on July 30.

What happened to the Princeton Club of New York? ›

In 2021, the club defaulted on its $40 million mortgage debt and the property was foreclosed. The building was sold in December 2023 for $8 million.

When did the New York House of Refuge close? ›

In the 1930s, younger male inmates (ages 12 to 15) were transferred to the new state training school at Warwick, and the older boys to the newly constructed state prison in Coxsackie. The House of Refuge closed on May 11, 1935.

What happened to the New York World Building? ›

The World Building was demolished in 1955 for the expanded automobile entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Did two Dublin kids go to New York? ›

In 1985 two runaway Dublin kids jumped on a commuter train in Dublin for an adventure and ended up in New York. What a great escape! Keith Byrne having been released from the police station, safely home in Dublin, August 1985. We're sure he'd love National Escape Day!

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