Ultimate Guide to 2024 Retrogrades | Astrology Answers (2024)

Let’s explore what the 2024 retrogrades have in store for us and see what the rest of this year will bring! Saturn is about to go retrograde on June 29th, 2024, and Neptune retrograde is set for July 2nd, 2024.

Let’s review all the retrograde for 2024 and what they mean for you.

What Does Retrograde Mean?

In astrology, a planet or body (like an asteroid) is called retrograde when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. It isn’t actually moving backward. It just seems that way.

Normal movement for the planets is forward, so when they appear to move backward, this throws off that planet’s energy. We’re chugging along just fine, and then everything gets thrown in reverse.

Some retrogrades seem worse than others and certainly have a reputation for it. Mercury retrograde is first among them, and these retrogrades are the times of year when we experience all sorts of tech and communication issues (ruled by Mercury).

Mercury retrograde comes most often, 3-4 times each year, for about three weeks at a time.

Mercury retrograde comes most often, 3-4 times each year, for about three weeks at a time. The Mercury retrogrades of 2024 technically come four times, with Mercury retrograde ending on January 1st in Sagittarius. That’s right, the year starts with Mercury retrograde ending, so it might be a little wonky.

The Mercury retrogrades mostly occur in the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), but the one in the middle of the year will start in Virgo and move back to Leo.

The planet of love and money, Venus, retrogrades about every 1 1/2 years for about 1 1/2 months at a time, but 2024 doesn’t have a Venus retrograde, so there is some relief there.

Mars, the planet of energy and drive, retrogrades about every 2 – 2 1/2 years for 2 – 2 1/2 months at a time. 2024 ends with Mars retrograde in Leo, messing with love and fun.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron retrograde every year for several months. Their retrogrades tend to be more subtle because of that unless they are the natural ruling planet of your Sun, Moon, or Rising signs (then you can feel them stronger!).

The Impact of Retrogrades in Different Planets

  • Jupiter: helps us find blocks that have kept us from expanding, exploring, experiencing life, and pursuing opportunities.
  • Saturn: more restrictive than usual but exposes karmic issues to work on.
  • Uranus: slows down the big changes, which can help with stability and increase impatience and rebellion.
  • Neptune: makes reality more difficult to grasp, and strong intuition becomes more important.
  • Pluto: provides an opportunity to adjust to massive transformations.
  • Chiron: makes us more introspective and reflective so we can remove blocks to healing.

The Sun and Moon are the only two planets that don’t retrograde.

Your Guide to the 2024 Retrogrades

So, when are the retrogrades of 2024 coming?

Before getting into the full list, I want to mention two retrogrades that begin in 2023 but go into January 2024: Uranus retrograde in Taurus and the already-mentioned Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius.

Uranus has been retrograde in Taurus since August and will remain retrograde until January 27th, 2024. This slows down change and can make us a little frustrated. The retrograde can most impact Taurus since it occurs in this sign, and it can also impact Aquarius since Uranus rules Aquarius.

Meanwhile, Mercury will turn retrograde on December 13th, 2023, and this lasts until January 1st, 2024. It starts in Capricorn and ends in Sagittarius. With Capricorn, we can give old goals a second chance; with Sagittarius, we can pick back up old ideas.

The Mercury retrograde has the greatest impact on Capricorn and Sagittarius since those are the signs it’s retrograding in, as well as Gemini and Virgo since Mercury is their ruler.

Now, here is the full list of the 2024 retrogrades, which includes when they start and end, the locations in the zodiac they start and end at, which signs are most impacted, and an idea of what to expect. They are listed in order of when they begin!

Already Occured: Mercury Retrograde: December 13th, 2023 – January 1st, 2024

Starts at: 8 degrees Capricorn

Enters Sagittarius: December 23, 2023

Ends at: 22 degrees Sagittarius

Signs most impacted: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn

The final Mercury retrograde for 2023 starts in Capricorn, and it’s the final retrograde of Mercury in Capricorn for a while. This can give us a final chance at picking back up an old goal or altering our direction.

Mercury moves backward into Sagittarius and ends there on New Year’s Day 2024. In Sagittarius, we can focus on expanding in ways we have before or want to try again, picking up an old course or teaching something, and giving ourselves more space and freedom.

It’s interesting that the retrograde ends on New Year’s Day 2024—we’re ending and starting a new year wonky again!

Already Occured: Mercury Retrograde: April 1st – 25th, 2024

Starts at: 27 degrees Aries

Ends at: 16 degrees Aries

Signs most impacted: Aries, Gemini, Virgo

The second Mercury retrograde of 2024 comes in Aries, and this can impact durability to take the initiative, and we can become frustrated, aggressive, and prone to accidents.

During this retrograde, a Solar Eclipse occurs in Aries on April 8th, widely conjunct Mercury, which can bring great energy for a second chance.

Opportunities can come to you that allow you to get another shot at something you didn’t think you’d have the chance to ever again, but this may come quickly thanks to the Aries energy. Act fast, but do prep work beforehand, so you’re also smart.

Read all about Mercury retrograde: Your Ultimate Guide to Controversial Mercury Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde: May 2nd – October 11th, 2024

Starts at: 2 degrees Aquarius

Enters Capricorn: September 1st, 2024

Ends at: 29 degrees Capricorn

Signs most impacted: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

Most of this retrograde occurs in Aquarius, where Pluto is moving into this year. Transformations focus on the future, and we can enact major changes to get closer to our hopes and dreams.

The retrograde bringing back Pluto in Capricorn can bring some energy back to transforming our institutions, governments, and structures all around us. This has been a big focus for over a decade, and Pluto at the end of Capricorn gives us one last shot and helps us to wrap things up and get it done.

This will be the end for Pluto in Capricorn, and Pluto will be at a sensitive position called the anaretic degree the entire time it’s in Capricorn in 2024. This supercharges the effect and can push us hard to make last-minute changes to the external foundations of our lives, goals, and direction.

Saturn Retrograde: June 29th – November 15th, 2024

Starts at: 19 degrees Pisces

Ends at: 12 degrees Pisces

Signs most impacted: Capricorn, Pisces

The Saturn retrograde for 2024 comes entirely in Pisces. Saturn retrograde can be quite karmic, and Pisces is a karmic sign, so this can be a highly karmic period where we’re not only in tune with the subtle energies around us but also more aware of the path we should be on.

This Saturn retrograde can be excellent for releasing karmic baggage, energetic sludge, and emotional issues. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is associated with endings, so take time to reflect and be introspective, connect to your subconscious, and see what you can let go of.

This can be a continuation of any developments from 2023 since Saturn was also retrograde in Pisces that year. Focus on what came to pass during the Saturn retrograde of 2023, and that can be your focus again in 2024.

Neptune Retrograde: July 2nd – December 7th, 2024

Starts at: 29 degrees Pisces

Ends at: 27 degrees Pisces

Signs most impacted: Pisces

Neptune retrograde is a time for notorious fog, and that’s been even stronger with Neptune in Pisces, the sign it naturally rules. It can be difficult to see what’s right in front of us, and we may not think things through carefully enough.

Since Saturn is also in Pisces for this Neptune retrograde, karmic energy can be super strong. We can all become more aware of this, and there can be karmic events, fated developments, and encounters.

This is even stronger this year since Neptune will be anaretic to start the retrograde until September 3rd. This can make focusing on karma, spirituality, the past, our subconscious, and our baggage much more important.

We need to ensure we practice empathy and compassion for others and ourselves, get enough rest, make time for fantasy and imagination, and hold healthy boundaries.

Chiron Retrograde: July 26th – December 29th, 2024

Starts at: 23 degrees Aries

Ends at: 19 degrees Aries

Signs most impacted: Aries

Chiron is the wounded healer in astrology, showing our wounds and how we can heal and grow from them. Chiron retrograde is a helpful time for focusing on blocks to healing and growth, and we can find those blocks and work on removing them.

Chiron retrograde is a quieter time of introspection and reflection. We can turn inward, trying to understand. Chiron retrograde in Aries can focus on our identity, and we can take the initiative to improve and control our growth.

Mercury Retrograde: August 5th – 28th, 2024

Starts at: 4 degrees Virgo

Enters Leo: August 14th, 2024

Ends at: 21 degrees Leo

Signs most impacted: Gemini, Leo, Virgo

Virgo is one of the signs Mercury naturally rules. This means stress gets kicked up in a big way, and we’ve got way too much on our plates and are way too hard on ourselves at the start of this retrograde.

We’re likely taking on too much work, too many projects, adding more and more to our list of things to do, and it just stresses us out. We need to do the routine maintenance in our lives, and that includes ourselves, and take time to relax and rest.

Mercury retrograde moving back to Leo can make us crave more time for fun and play. We may have little patience or focus for the work that steals so much of our time at the start.

Try to make time to have fun. Be creative and reconnect with your heart, with old flames, with loved ones, and with old hobbies.

Uranus Retrograde: September 1st, 2024 – January 30th, 2025

Starts at: 27 degrees Taurus

Ends at: 23 degrees Taurus

Signs most impacted: Taurus, Aquarius

Uranus is the planetary ruler of change, so Uranus retrograde actually slows this down, and we have a chance to adjust and let the changes that have already occurred absorb. The problem is we can get restless with the slowing, which can make us lash out or become rebellious.

Taurus means the changes likely impact our values, what we feel is worth something, and stability and security. Be smart with your plans for changes, and take small steps.

Note that Uranus is also retrograde to start 2024! Until January 27th, so we have some of this effect going into 2024 as well.

Jupiter Retrograde: October 9th, 2024 – February 4th, 2025

Starts at: 21 degrees Gemini

Ends at: 11 degrees, Gemini

Signs most impacted: Gemini, Sagittarius

This entire Jupiter retrograde occurs in Gemini, and Jupiter in Gemini helps us focus on new ideas, keeps us busy, and makes us use our minds. We can communicate openly and express ourselves with enthusiasm.

Jupiter’s retrograde in Gemini might make us talk but not listen, have difficulty controlling our mental energy, or have trouble with focus and clarity. We have to do a better job of grounding our mental energy and being quick on our feet.

Like Saturn and Neptune, Jupiter retrograde can be karmic in nature but with less fog and lessons. Connecting to your subconscious mind and working through baggage can be easier.

Pluto’s retrograde ends two days after Jupiter’s starts, so there can be some wonky energy there as these two planets are changing direction quickly. Be flexible and leave room for error.

Mercury Retrograde: November 25th – December 15th, 2024

Starts at: 22 degrees Sagittarius

Ends at: 6 degrees Sagittarius

Signs most impacted: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius

The final Mercury retrograde for 2024 occurs entirely in Sagittarius, and we can focus on expanding in ways we have before or want to try again, picking up an old course or teaching something, and giving ourselves more space and freedom.

This retrograde starts at the same position the Mercury retrograde ended to start the year on January 1st, so look back to the start of the year and what you were focusing on since that can tie into what you’re focusing on to start this retrograde.

Mars Retrograde: December 6th, 2024 – February 23rd, 2025

Starts at: 6 degrees Leo

Enters Cancer: January 6th, 2025

Ends at: 17 degrees Cancer

Signs most impacted: Aries, Cancer, Leo

The year ends with Mars retrograde, and this begins in Leo, so we’re likely having a hard time focusing on anything mundane and want more time to play, but we probably can’t get as much as we’d like. We may be drama queens and demand too much attention as a result.

We have to work on giving ourselves some time to experience joy and let ourselves get away from the demands of life, even if it’s for a short period of time,

The Mars retrograde goes back to Cancer quickly in the new year and spends the rest of the retrograde in this sign. We may struggle emotionally and find that what we feel drives our actions, but this makes us too subjective, and we don’t think things through before taking action.

It’s important that we work on being more objective and having a wider view of life. We also need to have healthy outlets for our emotions, especially upset, so we’re not jumping into things that end up bad for us.

Your Full List of 2024 Retrogrades

Now you have the full list of the 2024 retrogrades! Make a note of them in your calendars and keep track as they come along (and manage Mercury and Uranus right this very moment!).

Make sure to see what they’re doing to your birth chart to get a full idea of the scope of impact for you personally.

Good luck with the retrogrades this year!

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Ultimate Guide to 2024 Retrogrades | Astrology Answers (2024)
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