¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (2024)

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (1)

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (2)





Ce¡l Sargent


Jirn Bamtlr¡,-Gmem€ D¿vi5. Phil Galhgh€(Paul Hargreaves, Derrick Norton, L€wis Page,

Philip vells


John Bhoche


charles Elliot, H

¡NTERNAL ARTTonv Ackland, f oave,rnare*s. I P¡ul Bonner,@Mark Cordory. ¡{¿ Jes Goodwin, A Tony Hoügh, üMarrin McKe nna,ll{ Rr¡ss Nicholson,@ Jam¡e sims,l

Kevin lvalke¡ @

P¡ODUCED BY TH! C^MES IIO¡{SHOP DIS¡CN SÍUDIO.eq¡ryD¡do¡i8r'a¡^k!istldbMa'(lbnk|óriBir|

^b4d. ^Dn Mañ', an DrEdor JM r y P f u c J | ¡ ¡ ñ d ' P d n ' B u F '

kIF¡ld*|.FÁM|l.DBÍor.a¡rhd Ed[s[ l ln; Joh!$n. &.n ¡rÉ@o, hd slfphr r¡crPfkr|q'Nl¡.|sn!!Ú.^'dyftnj


e y f ' n P f e c i d d

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Nrk od, i i .hfd wún¡r PD¡s M


cdd ¡n ! crynst' o i93ó JonD Er,rhi

P i D f u b y | r l ' . { x b y H z t r ' * o n & v i i q I d 'sPcc'^yblbu4

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rqr-ilf1F YTeEÍffioPdnric'b, E¡3tDd Núr6 t¡Y


0o?ó R.fcÉnc. Numb..i 0m26.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (3)

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (4)

rNrRoDUcrroN $


T t ' r . v o l u ñ c r \ ( \ ' m p u \ c d o ' r \ u J r \ r i ñ ( t \ c ( t ¡ " n \ : ¡

a¿n Da ¡Rn \al ¡on. rñd ¿. oktt'ot dh.l Ua Q¡' \e\ ¡ Inn bntn

l u l \ . o ; P r i b c s i ¡ l ¡ o r m r ' \ i o r k \ h ' t D ' w a r h m d e r

faÁr¡sy RolePlay .utes.

l I ! camol isn 5ecr ion i \ lur ( ' � r rnc 'mi \ ¡cr \ 'n l \ ' I f rñu

r i \ r ' ( , ; r n r n l ¡ \ ( r . n J r r \ l ( ! r r t h < R e ' t l e r : D c a ¿

L¿mDrrrñ. \oL 'huul . l r r i r ¡o lhr ' \ ' tuÚn bc(ru\c i r sr l l

r u i ; ! ; u r p " r . ñ , , J 1 c r j o ) ñ e n r r n d t € ¡ \ i o n u r r h c

adrcniuÉs. ihe cú]P¡ig! materi¡t is tull1'des(ibed belo$'¿nd xdditional ifl forma¡n¡n is ¿lso provided ro cnxDre vou

to li¡k lhe a dv(,rtur.s to geth€r O¡ if you prefcr, rbei'c¡¡bc usc.l as one offr.lvc¡tures or set into e¡isli'lg \VFRP

The comb¡l atd M¿gic section is for consul¡ation Dy

bo¡h GMs and PIáyers, ind (onuins m¡try invrlulblc

lJ^ú e i l ldker Pe4' . ¡ i \ ¿n rnrr lú ib lc F¿mc r id ¡u \ ( l l

c ¡m. \mr icr . run c¡mp3i8n ' e\p l ¡ tnrn8 in ürr¿ i r hus P' r

Droqrer \ inLrrccr , lernr \ l i l ls dd df l f lu l in gJre iem'

A s ; n D l e \ P ( i - p r u t i d e d r \ ¿ n c x r m P ( o I h u s P '

dflelo;ment <¿n be used ¡s a spliogboard f(tr rolePLát

- Hach Lntt Stay! conttirts new ,md revised cohh'r rules

m meke conbit fase¡ and f1of€ realistic, büiLding end

€xpe¡dingupo¡ th e fo¡¡nd¡don already esrablhhed in the

- Arcane Mtsteries dertils new Battlc Nfigic spells tor\viz¡lds llnd other sPe.i.lisrs

Dtuitlic Magi. Eiees ̂ legc nnnber of nes spells lor

'Itris c¡mp¡i 8n m¡¡€.jal ¡rav be üsed in rhree diffe¡e !t s{5:

I At a 4¡n¡ canFetLn t ' t ¡ t< ¡u 4 t iSbt rhe rJ \cnrd-c '( ¡ r h . I n( (d loArrr ,c i JnJ rJn 3 ' rh( iu¡ l r ' v /P ' ¡ '4d

2 As a source book for tbe E¡en! wíthi' caflplígñ:en.ounÉfs ¡nd ad'entu.es m¿Y bc extracre¡i ¡fld set in¡o

rlrc l:ú¿m) Vit¡rifl cañP.ign

,. ^s .1 series of onelü a¿rcntures anrt e"ou'ters:in,lividu¡l¡d'e ures and cncountes . ¡! be extF red¡ndpl¡ycd as one{lTs, or se¡ inlo exisrjng .ampriSns

Tlre individü¡l advenrures xre as follo!1s:

Night of Blood

Or the Road

EurekalRough Night at the Three Feath€rs

Affatr of the HtddenJewel

The Ritual

Th€ HauÍting Hoiror

E¡ch r¡lven¡ure is acomplete self_contained epjsode an'1

ca¡ be plál€d as, one offe¡counter This fo'mat ú2kes

it eesy iorile cn wno onryv¡rts to €x!¡acr matrial lor

use i¡his owrcúpaigns. RunninS¡tr€sc ¿dveoruts es one_

offs shoúld be snnPlicity i¡selfr

Tlrere h one other ldve¡¡u re i¡the gtotp: a|lpes ofvratb

wlrile it cx¡ be Dl¡Yed as x o¡e off ¡d\cñture' it is p¡imar y

inclLrdedh€re bec;use ii is ¡n impora¡f supplefleni k) the

Enem! wítbr1 .^nP^i Bn, providing ¡ link be ¡ece¡ D¿4¡¡

on the Re¡k a^d Poúer Bebind tbe Tbroi'

Befo¡e eich ad\€Írlu¡e you vit\'ind^set of cl'ttpaiSflnoteswhicherol id€¡p lo!out l ine,andaddi t iondi ¡ fo 'm: t ionon placing t¡e atlvenru¡e w\rhir' :J,7e Enen)' Withi'1 ^"r1

R.st/¿ss re.r¿ campaiSns- Encbafltments of tbe Eltpite describes scores ot new

¡iagic items for VTBP.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (5)


The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€genenl a.ea in which Tbe ResuessDsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also showsyou the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of theadventures. Briefly, thes€ a¡e 1s

Night of Blood: The Hooded manpublic housc

on the Road: The ro¡d just nonh of the

Eurekai The town of volgen.

Rough Niirh! at the Ttfte Fé2the¡s: TheThrEe Feethe$ public housc

Aff¡ir of th€ Hidden Jew€l: Thecrossed Lan.es public hous€ fd rheBlack ArroFt C¡stle.

The Ritual: The town of Delberz.

The H¡u¡ting Hor.o.: The town of



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (6)


As you can see, this means thepartywill mov€ westwards¿¡ the campaign contidues- A¡d from D€lberz it is an eesyñarref ro convince the parry ro rmv€l ro Ahdorf, Fhereyoü cm begir rhe ¡renl Withín Campaign if yo|l wtsllto continue with the same gro¡¡p of cltar¡c¡es in rh¡t ser

Also shovn on rhe map ar€ a number of orher locarionswhich, ¡lthough u¡related to Tbe Resttess Dead. úeneverthel€ss ideál for áddirion¡l plot linesi you will ofcourse have to make these scenrrios up yourself, but thefollov¡ing are a fs suggesrions.

The ruins, south of Suderheim, makes rn id€at lat fo! ahuge, fearsome creature which has been sysrematic¡Uyslaughtering re¡rby villaaers - a Mantico¡e is ideal. Thisso¡t of ¡dventu.e should start off wirh rhe mysreriousdisappearance of some local fr.meñ. Sübtle hiffs, such !ssñatl puncture m¿rks on rhe vi.rims'bodies, m*e it cleúto the chdcteri thet something is d¡edtully amiss. As rbeP2f¡y d€lve deeper i¡to the m'sre.i€s suround'ng the fuinsso rhe disappear¡nc€s sholld become mole coomon, andthe vtc¡iml rem¿ins fou¡d in a mor€ mutilated state Fin¿ththeprrry d i rcover rhe r rurh. andhave ro l ¡ (e rhr mnr\ r ; r

wirhi¡ the ruins - where the Mantico¡€ is it's own rurf andcan €asily ambush the p{ty.

The Barrows, the bu¡ial chambe.s in ihe Barretr Hills, rr€- quite obviously - tull ofghosts. This idez fiis ir vefy wellwith the theme of 7r¿ R¿r t,ess Dearl Cernpaign. PethapsJoh¡nn sugSests thai rhe Chrr¡cie.s might find his bodybu¡ied there, md that they ¡€¡lly ouShr io investigate. Ofcours€, r¡ben the par.y reaches the B2r¡ows rh¿y find thatthe tombs have b€en broken open. \vh€n they enre. (if rheventer?) they stumbl€ 2ffoss 2 Nec.oma¡ce.. who is in themiddle of r¡ising an Urdead amy ard is none ioo plerredto ree rhem: ¡he oártv have ro defe¡r the skele.ons whoare breaking th¿uli the soil ar rhei¡ f€e¡, while rheNecrom¡ncer átt€mpts ¡o esc¡pe.

The otlre¡ lo.¡tions, sucb ¡s rb€ Crcmlech (rhe S¡onehengetype structüre norih ofTbe Ciossed Lanceo ¡nd ¡h€ !¡ke,can be used in much the seme r'?y. It should be quire asimple task to ¡hinkup dozens ofthese ñini¡dv€nturesia¡d like everythjng in tbis book they can b€ used asinterlud€s in your ow¡ canpaign, as patr of The RestlesDea¿l or Enemj, Vlthifi campaiSns, or flen as sepanteadv€ntures ir¡ thei. own ¡igh¡, ir's up to yoo.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (7)




For GMswho wish to ser some, or aU of ú€s€ ¡rdventu€s¡r rtte Eneñy lvltbin caflpai8n. the c¿mpxiSn not€s whicb

are include¡ before ea.h advefture g¡ve ¿ s€l€criotr of.l'fferedL olácemm I oDt ions Ther choicer h2v' been g¡v'n'" -.,onimo,l¡re r, iris who find them\.lves 3¡ dili.rentpoints in the camp¡i8n, enabling th.Ú to cere' for theiat ntur"o gto*i"g op.rjence and comPerencq ¡nd alsothe va¡ious;vel róu¡es the PCs m¿v t?k€ ¡s thel follow

¡hc le¡ds of the p lor . Th€ l ¡ t ter is qui te imPor¡ant '

o¿.¡icularl! rorpl¿ye¡sof De4¡h on lbe Rtih ^n ¿d\ erturc'"n¡"tÚlto*. piry"" C,e¡t fredom of movcmrnt - and

which necessiiaÉs a fuu ranS€ ofplacement possibilf¡esfor the adventu¡es contained in this book

Grap¿s a.l \wat b is ̂ rpecial c¿ee Thb t enSrh) Jod de¡¡ilrdr¡ lvcnrur i5 sDe( i f ic¿l lv ser soulh o lMiddenhr im lo heol^led.lter Deatb on the R¿i¿ ¿nd immediatelv prio¡ to'Po;oer

Behin.l tbe Tbrone, ¡ltho uah it c,n be squeezed in€lsNheie with a lirrle inSe¡uitY

A Doidt of con.d¡ for m¡nv GM s will be rh€ ar:r'ding ofEioerie¡ce Poiots (EPs) for rhese din adventures The GM

mtv be worried th¡t if PCs plty áll or most of tbesezd¡¡ioffl adventures, thev will become too Powerful ro

DIsv ¡hc Dubüshed Ér.uJr lt'�¡l¡i¿ ¿dvcn¡ure5 There ¡rnrlr uvs in s ¡¡ch rou czn be dell wjth this problcmneré are iorne suggestions,

- Minor'en.ounters (with Iorest B€6.me¡, bandits, et')

can be selectivelv removed f.om rh€ adve¡tu¡es here ¿ndnroñ.be Efenti Vitbifl tf thcv ¡re no. esseffial to ihestoryline. This h;s ihe effed of reducing EP ¿va¡ls tirtrtillmaint¡inirg the .icbÍess of the plot.

' EP awards c¡n be slightly reduc€d Out only slighdv _ bvno more th;rn 20% at rhe moso

- Remember that dead PCs (rnd rher€ is bound to be theodd accide¡t in such:¡ dangerous world) can'r€¡rn moreEPs. . .- Carefully restrict the availábility of magic¿l 'esids'

¡ncoumge PCs io choosecaieeF whi.h rced majorEP

awúds !o complete For effple be¡ng an As\?'(rn rs ¿rorJl¡. oDt ion for ¡ tutlv teined-úp Bounty H unrer I t o¡ y

need\ r;cre a,oO0 FPsor \o to complere rhe czrcer p¡th!This rvDe ol oDtion Drwdrrs the problem ofPC' overlo¡dedwirh EPs becominÁ Eoar@n_Phylician-Dfl rid Iyp'5

- Incre?se the strEngth of enemies in t¡'e Eremf Wítbin

adw ures to better m.tch the strength of the PcS Youcoulct rdd a couPle of e<tE Be3stl]u here or ther€' increaserhe nufnber o f ah¡os Muraffs bv o¡e o¡ t$¡o, úd the like

These ,rc iusr \oúe ideás, fcel rree ro Je\ ise \ome nI ) Úuronn- Tbere ¡ ¡e m¡nv, mtnv wavs of der l ing wirh rh i \

when voú qrFct edventures and e¡.ou¡tes fot use in ¡heI nemy W¡tbin cúPrign you m.v well @ñ o rlrer lhehr . kg iound a nt r le . i "P( 'a l ly wtrh reSrrd ro ch ' r^ t d l ¡s

Jtr{ i no pr( ¡e geo8nPhi.¿l locarions har e b'en gireñrof ldventufcs (a l lhouSh opr ion5 havc lJe(o noleor ' no\¡ccin( \u88.\rion' ffi gir en torsuch ¡lÉntion( ro:fl xnd\eúine. Tbir hasbeen done so rh¡r vou mrv elabomt( uponLl ,e o lor l incs Rivrn bv ¡nvúlv in8 cul r i \ rs f roñ orher¡dve;ruÉs fro; rhr Arm t' tv¡l¡lt campriSr' lhe PurPleH¡nd or l¡de Sceptre, for esmple Alt€rn¡¡elv vou mavwish to keeP th€ tdve¡tures quite s.?a¡rte foñ the m¿inolotl'des to avoid ú nnecess¡rv confusiod. we don twatrtio rest r iL t opt ion ' hv.cr inr ing derr i f in rhn are¡ so i fvouáre olanninÁ to use Ihcrrdv.nrure\ i4 rhe F trl' w/¡r'i'c¿nip¡¡en, iou ruy nee¿ to ¡dd rume ftlÉ detail brsed"n t_t e in."unLe, ryp. "nd prer¡.inE inrrodu(1ion

lfvou whh rouse ¡U rhe adve ures as a linked seri€s. rhisvolume orovidcs an excellent ,lteñrtile ro tlle É¡en,1

w¡rr¡, l¡ crn ¡ho be pt¡yed ¡¡r, pr€face ro ¡h¡¡ l¡rgercarnpai8n. s inL€ i r i ¡ desigñed ¡o conr€v (he Pcs in ¿se'ór l t dkect ion tomrd\ rhe ev€ntü¡ l Jenoueñenr in

Delb.t ; - and rhe E n emy W ir¿r, camp¿i8n sta.rs just downrhe road-.. ho* ve¡I convenientl

Background suú.maryT]ne Restl¿ss De1d c^mpaign begins with novice PCssftlrns ¡ heir sdtenl u rir\e crer¡ The) rr€ tm!'elUn8 fromrheir i ;oñes, a 'suñed io be v i l lases of no nole in ¡heReikla¡d. west towards VolSen, , sm¿ll toín on th€ Riverh.rabe..

^rhe Cañpaian ¡tap shoss volgen ¡nd the

subsequ€nt locatioos of imporiaDce in this cadpaign. with

tbe f& brass 2nd silver coins in ihet. pockets' ourimDoreñshedheroes¿pproach hoPingIoSc¡ abedforrbetu;hr end f ind.omeemploymenr ¡n volSen the ndr dá)Bul iho at overt*en bv events, and soon find thems€lv€sDesierá by m amesiac Ghost, desPer¡te to fi¡d out who

Lc w$, who killed him a¡d wher€ his bodv isl The PCsh¿\e ¡h. ooDoíuru11 Ioxccumútxe mon€). l resure. andetpcnencé is r¡ev rmret q i¡h this resrles\ dc¡d p(ñon -

s¡oserhe ¡ The denoüemen( óf th€ir qúesr is e lcrifviogtes¡ of cousge anct willpover. md th€y will need to fiSr¡thard to pres€re thcir lives and theú sanity

To b€sin with, üse the s$nd¡d rul€s for ge¡er¡dng rcvicecham;¡€rs. You sho¡rld feel free ro rüle ou¡ possibiliti€s*hich do not seeñ 2pprcpri2te (eg a Noble). add 6k plav€sro .e{oü such ch¡Écte.s. Backgrounds, equipm€rt, skills'and tull prcfiles (not forgetting lhe ¡niti¿t adr2nce) shoúldbe filled in, prefera¡ly trsi¡g the ch¡€cter sbeers iñ the

varhriiimerCruractéiPack Itisiihporlr¡ttfor.hep'riy ---

ro be compo seat of ¡ minimum of four people' though sixwould bta bett€r trumber, aÍd at least t¡¡¡o should bevrrrioñ or Rañ8r6. A wúüd s Apprentice h inv¡lu¡bleádd ! Rosue lnd a se.ond ̂ cademlc wi l l comPlr te ¡bel¿nced party niceu lt is up to you whether voü allowthe PCs io have known e¡ch orhe¡ before their ¿dve¡turesst2rt. but for the fitst a.tvenü¡e. NiAht ofBloo.t. it is e^slesrif th€ PCs ¡ll a¡rive at the Hooded Man. the t3Érn wherethe action tákes place, at the s¿me dme They coutd meeti¡ e .o¡ch. or oD; b arg€ heading down the Talabec, whichwoüld give them tim€ ro talk ¿nd inrloduce themselves-

The clmo¡isn nole.inlrodü.e lhe edw nrures ¡nd rel ¡hminm úe @¡ñd con!4 r s ¡ | hiñ lhe R?s¡¡e$ DP4l .mpaignTake ci€ ro ¡ead the introductory atd co¡.luding textthorcuehll helorc run¡ing an) adrenrürc' óee.h ePilodehas bte; wr i r ten on the 3\sumpr ion rh JI i r q i l ¡ be p la ld2s ¡ one-off (as erTlained above) ¡sd rhus details ofrhe

iDtroduction, se.ti¡g, md endiú8may welt need amendi¡8¡s the iüroductorv text specifies! The notes s€rve ¡lso linkall the adventur€s iogdhei to fo¡m one coheren¡ cemqxign'

Adventurc SummariesIn¡he camp2iSn notes, you witl ¡lso find ¿sbortstrúmeryof the ¡dvenrure. which mertio¡s Plot e lements ¡Íd rmeswhich ¡rDeai wi.hin the ¡dventuÉ and which are discussedi¡ ¡he other campáig¡ noles- Th€ sumaries ñ¡ke the noteseasie. ro unde$t¡nd, ,¡d ¿lso giv€ the GM d idd ofthemosr imponaff elemefts of the aó€otÚe thar follows'


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (8)

NrdHT OF Br0OD r


Adventure SummaryThe PCs stop at a ¡iveEide (or rodside) inn, wher€ thest¿ff hive been sla¡n by ¡ Eroup of cultists led by a m¡nc¡led HansJioterst. The cultists pose ¡s the oí'n€r andstaff of the Hooded Mm, and t¡y to poison the PCs to keepthem out of the way wbile they enact a ceremony ofDaemon surnmoüi¡g in ¿ sb¡irc. Tbe Pcs may stay büsstullyuDaw¡re of ¡ll this, or 8et viol€rdy involved in I conflict

Enemy withln Caúpalgr¡ NotesAs a purely incidental €dcounte.. the Hooded M¡n crn beset along the tratl from veissb¡uck to Bógenh¡fen inSbadoos oter Bó8eflbaf$. In th. extensi,ae Deatb on tbeR¿l¿ adv€ntu¡€ it ca¡ b€ placed ahnost an)'wher€, althoughthe strerch be¡ree¡ ¡ltdod arld K€mperbad is panicularlysuitable. If yoü do play ¡ftArt of Bloolbetore Denth on

-r¿ Reí&. yof;hould coníir€r fimitinS-h¿ sum of moTey

i¡ rhe sh.ire if yo¡¡ ¡v¡nt to keep th€ PCs impove¡ished-rnÍbuer Beblrúltbe lhtuns, rhe loDajoumeyfrom Altdorf¡o Midde¡heim pr€s€r¡ls many su¡i¡ble locations for theim. It is easiest not to li¡l ¡his ocoutner to certr¡l plotd€velopmerts within the campaign. If you w¡nt to€oúpüc2te mattefs you c¿n h¡E some secret si8¡s or siglsof one ofthe Enen,t Vltbin Chaos cülts daubed inside theshrine to worry tbe Pcs (or cr€a.e a red he.ridg). ¡or amoderately experietrced p¡ny, you may súergtheo thep¡ofile of th€ cultist lead€r Hans Jinkerst.

Restless Dead Camp¿igr NotesThe locltion of the Hooded M¿n is shovn on th€cañpargn Map. Niqbt ofalood can be run moÉ or lessas it stnds, with very ltttle modification.It 1till certairlymake life €as¡er if the Pcs tr¡vel here by road r¿the¡ thanby bárg€, otherwise you h¡ve thei¡ fellow-travell€rs tocoffider, which would be 1fl ,Moyitrg complication in alirst adr€nture. Th€ tre¡sure box i¡ the shrine shoüld haveonly on€-nfth of the mories stat€d ¡n the rext (ie it shouldcontain; 42GC, 73 shilinSs a¡d 5 peñies). You may wellhave problems with ihe adv€ntures flili¡g to re¡ljse thatsoñething is badly wrooS in ihe Hooded Matr and backingup their questions with vioterce. Althoügh the scriptassümes thar th€ adventufeñ e1t their meals, it is possiblethat they will issue chdl€nges to Hans and his associates.forcing á combat eárlier or. This is inq but there are twopoints of impoftanc€.

First. when rh€ combat occurs, rig thinSs to thar HansJink€rsr g€ts as,ay. He will fle€ eway inro rhe oight vhilerhe mützfts sray to fight the PCs, blocking ¡ny woüld-bepu¡su€rs. It w¡ll help the continuity of the cañp¡i8n plotifjtnkerst is slightly wound€d b€fore he escrPes. A sliSl¡rblood spoor w l m¡ke the posstbility oftr¡cking him 5€mmoÉ feasible, ¡n import2¡t fact in the adve¡türes to com€.Secondlr th€ PCs should b€ discouEAed from leavlng theintr at night ifth€y have killed the rDutants. Aft€. atl, theyh¡ve been rloS8i.g through an appdling dey of |¡i¡ ¡ndstorm, ard thry should be too tired (úd shocked!) to carryon. They should w¡it unlil mo¡nin8 wher the RoadWa¡dens turn up. ffall you¡ ¡ttempts to m¿*e theÍ! spendthe night at th€ im fail, h¡v€ the Roed wddens ,rrive ea¡lyl

D@ling with rhe endinS of Niüt oÍAbod rcqúires somedight modilicatioos, erd this is tully d€tailed m the linkingtext followlog this adrenture and precedidg the fouoFtnSone. O, tbe Roarl. Yoú should .qd rhat tqt also b€foÉtuDniÍg N{ght of Blood.

Comple1lúg Night of BloodIt,rsedinthe Restless Dead campaign the endi,rgof Nígbtof Blood mtútbeh?Jldledcar€fr.¡lly- The Road V'3rde¡s t'núp ,t ttre ttoooed l,tan as the scripr sugg€sti. but thcy canbe mor€ re$on¡bl€ about m¡tters. Ifthe Pcs h¡v€ the bodyof eve¡ one mut¡nt (which is quite likely), the Ro¿d'Wardens vtll tate st¡rements ¡nd allo!¡ them to 80 on theirw¡y west. ¡f lhe PCs ha]€ no phys¡cal sid€nce of the truthof the¡r slory, the leader of ihe Ro¡d rwhidens will suggestrhár tlle speditious pmsecutio¡ of iustlce depends onhaving enougb people arou¡d to de¡l ¡¡ith such Prcblemqand udertlmately t¡€r€ ar€o'i enoüe¡ becausesrltries ,r€low and ¿ Road Ward€n s ¡ob is hard... Make tt obvioüs tbarthe lbad warden iusr r,ldts a h¡ndñ¡l of Sold to for8& thePcs were ever th€É ¡r all Ten Gcs w ldodcelf but theRoad whrden will settl€ for 6c'cs if ¡ successru aaraalttresr ls m¡d€. This resolu¡ion allows the PCs to continueon rheir w¿y unhinder€d, which is necessary for thefollowi¡a encour¡ters. If you wish, the l€ad€r of th€ RoldW¡rder group cán ask th€ PCs to tr¿vet to VolS€n to mzkea formal st¡tement to a m2Sistr¡te there. The PCs vereh€¡dina for volgen in a¡y €v€rt, but this wiu now gve ihena concrete reason for doing so


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (9)



Ntgbt of Blooal is an adtenture Jor warh.tu.r FaatasyRoteptay suttabte for ptatel-cbancters (Pcs) j stbeglnring tbeir arltenturíng careels.

ThG adveffr¡¡e can take pl¿ce ¡t any roadside or riversidelo(r ¡ ion ¡wa! f rom rhe l ¡ ¡se. i r ie ' . l t üq be u\ed ro ¡ddcolou¡ ro e i rh. r ¿ ro,d or i iver rourney The journ()shoúld hav€ b€en Dneven¡ful. bur ¡s dusk aPpro2ch€s, asrom suddenly br€aks. Soo¡ dre adrentures are we¡rhrcusb and thei¡ coach o. barge is bein8 buff€red byr¡onq s inds. m¡k inq i r v f fy hazardou5 ro cot t inur ' Un_for¡uñarely . rh i r bc inS Th€ Emnirc. i r is not r r f€ s imPlyro \ ¡oD ¡nd lvr i r ior rhc. rorm to p¡s. Msry stmr8.cr€atures live i¡ the forest, aod few of these a¡e likeiy tobe sheltcring f¡om th€ storm.

Ihe min fells in torr€nts f¡om the dark. .oilin8 cloudt.Overh€¡d. hghrning f l ¡she\ ¿cros\ lh€ sk) . In thedi . r ¡n!e rhe fmngl€J (n orsorc srcnge t rerrur . cañhe he2rd. Ii is a nisht to be irdoo¡s. for ¡tho koowrwh lurks und€¡ da¡k trees ,n Th€ EmPire's for€sts


Audible berween th€ rumbles of thunder is a stmngledbdins. Ar t i rsr rh i$eems Io b( in lhe d i \ r ¡ncc bu¡ soonir b. , ;me. eop.rcnr ¡h3r ¡he sound i ( herd inB ru$rrd5, l , r r , lvenrur¡ ; . A group of brarm€n and muranrs i rchunring a .t¡g in th¡ p2.r of the lorer'

lf th€ advenrure¡s decide ro halt their iournev, the criesot rhe bra.rmen switg \rnight towrrd\ rhrm ¡Jte. aboulhalf ¡n hou. rnd rpp¡u¡ch at e fasl mre. The cries \lopsuddenly before they reach ¡hc ¡dventurers ¡s thebeNme; pul l dosr i rhei r prey. and the fore5r Í i l l \ s i len 'bu¡ lor rh¿ <oúnd ot rhr s torm. i r i \ on l ' a m¡¡r r . ú tdme before the be¡stmen become awre of the adven_

Sensible ad\rnture$ will continue th€a ioorney a¡ rhispoint. Those who stay oorice str¡nge shzPes lurking arthe €dce of their vision. The be¡stmen ¡nd mui2nrsobseré the ch¡racte6 for ¡ few minutes rnd t¡ke the op'Donunity to su.rouDd them if this is possibie They rheniush idto the att¿ck. If the ádventurer¡ de.ide to ret.eath^!e r}]em rÍake Ríde Drlre Cart or RiteÍ Lote rests (asaoDrooriate) to es( ¡Dc. Failu.e of thrse les¡s Ésultr in rh;;,1€ whh rhe h€¡\is of Lh¡oi. Unle5r rhr rdvenrurc6move on similaf 2rúcks occur th.ouShoüt rh€ nighf

The chaos hunters (two bees(men ¡nd four mutants) at_rempt ro ovefpower the adventure6 and ihen disposc oltheñ ir rhei.'ow¡ inimit?ble feshioo. The mutmis flee ifboth rhe bealtmen are slain or incap¡cittt€d unless theysucceed in ¡ successful Id rest.

A¡ Adlcnturc for W¡rfi¡mme¡ Fantasyby lirn Bambn



whether thev a¡e att2cked or not. the rdventure6 a¡eable ¡o make rer¡ónrb le proxre\ \ for abour hdi ¡n hourAfle¡ thal ¡he road b 'o b¡div qak¡logged o¡ lhe ri{erso d2nseroudv swollen tha¡ tr¡vel is reduced to a cr¿wlOn ¿he-rive¡ sifore cross w¡nds md floating debris m*eir very haz2rdous ó conrirrc. R¡de, Drí1,e Cart ot R¡tjer/o¡? icsr\ a¡e rcquir€d ro alo d a mi\hap of 'ome soflRoid rmtel lers l ind rhei ¡ horres s l ipp ing in rhe muJ rndgoinB I ¡m( or tch ic le\ be(ominS bogged down in rhemire- River \essel \ Jrc.seDl ou¡ o l ' :oñ l .o l ¡nd.ras¡iñro rh< b ink. v i ¡h rhr helvy min ¡nd rhe t l ' t ! r o fn¡urrnt fttxcks. it st¡ould be obvious to rb thev the¡dlentureF are in a bad situation.



5udder¡ l ) l 'ghrn¡nB ülumin¡re\ r bu, ld ing in rhL middledi \mncc. Once rhe l i^hrn ' r rg hr . p inpuinred i ts pr t \ i l ion

The iirst Beastma¡ has a l¿rge bovine head ¿nd ¡oughsca¡v skio (2 AP on c¡ch p¡rt of its body).lt is also rrá_ie(! to lrenzr lr rdd. I to el¡ d¿m¡8e 'r rnnj(r\ rnd 'úbi¿ct ' I r rom cr .h suunJ i r , . tc i ler . vheñ rhe l t ¡ ¡ckbcsins i! le¡s our a bellowin8 sh¡iek and .harg€s intoco;bat. oblivious for irs owr s¡fett It is armed wiúa ssord and fights d¡ril slain or i¡cap.ciÉre.¡.

ahe otber Be¡s¡man h25 loDg, dog'like legs (M 6). Itoresents a mockery ofhumanfórm. wnh a t.llemrci*edbody su.mounte.l by an ov€6ize doS s he¿d. The cre2tureuses no veapons, ¿rracking wfh irs sh¡rp le€ú.


'r!eo of the ¡Iu¡2nts are ¡rmed wirh dagge¡s, and ¡heother two with clubs.

The four müt¡nts resemble rorm¿l hum¡ns, bur eachbear¡ some m¿rk ofChaos. one has eyesniks which bobarou¡d i¡s heád rather than e}'es, 2nother has is'o ren_r2cles ñhich sprout froñ its h¡nds. The remainiñg twomu¡?nts ar€ cole¡ed in thi.k fur which povides tbemwith i AP o¡ their bodies atd a.ms.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (10)

NIGHT OF BIOOD YIig¡ts c¡n be seen burning in the widdows. This is rh€Hooded Man, a corching/rive$ide irn, a welcome sightro 2ny w€¡th€fvorn tmveller, especially o! such a foulúi8ht.

The m¡in gaies rre .losed eod securely lo.ked. Ktrocki¡8the gates b¡ings no ¡esponse, le¡vin8 the idve¡turers

¡he choice of climbing over the wall or findin8 anotherme¡ns of ent.y. ¡ortunatclf rcccss is possible f¡om rbenearby fe¡ry whe¡e a pathway l.ads to the ¡nn itselt

.THE FERRY .This is ¡ s ¿11 building ndt ¡o the rive¡ b¡nk. Tbe fer¡tiÉeif consirs of ¡ ruft wbicb cá¡ be win.hed across ther i re. h! ñern\ of rope\ . Vhrn rhr tcr r ) is no¡ i

u . . .úese ropes lie belov th€ surface of rhe warer The raft ison lhe ¡d! rnLurch . idc of rhe L iLe¡ bur ¡ ¡ ) ¡ rLemp¡s roRioch iucru¡ . ro rhe urh(¡ nde ¡ re iur i l€ r \ rhe rope\

tf they check out lhe fer¡v building, the advenru¡€F fiodthat the door is open znd thele are sigü of ¡ sÍuggleitride. The büilding\ furniture is ove¡ru¡ncd add rhere isno sign of a ferry kccpcr A close search turfls up a bagcontaining 12 GC, 42 shillings and 15 pennies. A t¡¡il off.esh blood leads from thc doolr anl ch¿ncrer Miningthis who su.ce€ds in an lrt r€sr realises that i bodv hasbeen dragged out of the building. Hos'o€4 no sign of a¡Éil can be fouod ouisid€ ¡l¡anks to tbe heary rai¡ ancl

.TI{E INN.The Hood€d Mán is a small inn along r rozd lhat crossesah€ .iv€r he.e at the feÍy. It is simila. to the one ir theWafhatúm€¡ fulebook, but is ror 6 8nnd. See theVTRP rulebook for b¡sic details ¡eg{di¡8 inns.

At one time the idn's site was ! meeri¡A place for.uldsrs, but thcy wc¡€ driven from the area orer onehutrdred yeais ¡8o. Howev€¡ the aurho¡ities fxiled rc find¡ s€cret sh¡ine io the Chros God Tzeentch whicb washidden u¡der tlre cellar. Si¡ce then the in¡'s hisrorv hásbeen for8onen b) " l l bur rh( Wf l rh.ñ in rhc.D¿r l . JChaos cuh soshipping tcen¡ch. Unt¡ovn ro rhecurrent latrdlord. ¡he ruins of rhe Chaos shrine a.e still

ToniSht the Hooded Man has be€n suec.ssfull_v atrackedby a 8.oup of mltants workioS i¡ concelr $irh HansJinke6r. a Chaos cultist. He has been s€trr ro rhe ar€¡ bIthe Wri¡he6 i¡ the D¡rk to recons€cere üe shrift.Disguised .s ¡ Roadwardeo, Hans entered the intr rod aran opporiune momen¡ slipped kurrs (a sleep inducinSd¡ug, see belor, into dre €ve¡ingrs food. Once úe i¡n\5taff and visfo¡s fell adeep o. wefe too drowsy to resisr

he opene.l the main gates fo! rhe ñurants.

All hrs sone sell for the murarrs. The inn an¡Irhe.djaceni ferry sere quickly capru¡ed and rhe defenders

The suñivors ¡re ¡ow locked i¡ rhecellff. awaitins the noment shen ther will be sacrificedto Tzeentch Hms and the muÉdrs ard now celebr¿ti.s¡hei¡ vicrory and p¡epali¡8 for 2 ce.emont to summonthe shrine's guardian- The mutants are, hopq€¡unpreprre i j 'o¡ Jn) v , \ i r .1 . rñd rhcy r re \u.pr iseü b) r l leldvcnrureñ e¡neJün(e Their r tu l re l ¡erLrron is romasqucnd€ rs ihe inn s inhabiernts and wait fo. anopporh¡ity ¡o offe. the the advetuurec ¡ d¡ugg€d meal.


Hms is ¡ Ch..lai"n ¡nd a mas¡e¡ of deceprion- He .aneasily c¡rry offhis parr ofr Roadw2rden. U¡foftunare-ly forhim, howeve¡, his uniform has ¡ bloodst2in at ¡he

Ou¡er w¿I¡ The inn is suroünded by a l2-fool h'gh\rooden wall. The najn Sare is locked and barred i¡omrhe i¡side. rhe s allcr gare leading to úe ferrl is.

I¡¡€ S.á¿r.ler ' App¡oach'ng the st¡blcs, the adrenlulcrswill be añare th¡t the bo6es ¡re ¡es¡less. Loud neighsand kicks can be he¿.d coming f¡om tbe st¡bles.

Gr"¿t, one of the mutants Gee belos for si¡risiict, is in¡he h!¡ylofr. He is feasring on the body or one of tbest2ble bo_vs and will nor hca. th€ adve¡rur.r appro¡chH€ oodces thc¡. p.esence as soon as rhe door is opened.

The six ho¡ses in the siables ¿re terr'fied by G¡at'spfesence ¡nd flee from the stables ¡s soon 2s rhe doo. isopetred. A charac¡e. making t s$cessf\l Aniñal Careref will be abl€ ro prevent this happening, but any orhe.cha¡:r.t€r runs the .isk of beinS tEmpted by drc l€ldingho6e A successful r ¡est allows the cbar¿cter to leap ou¡of the v¡}1 An,vone who is Í¡mpled takes one S 3 hit jo

b¡sr of his ba.k wheft rhe orieinal ow¡er vas stabb-ed. lf this is noticed by tbe adventurers (r successfulO¿s¿lr¿ test h ¡equled by someon€ in a posi¡ion tonotice ii) H¡ns m¡iniains thar ir happened earlle¡rhis evenin8 when he was ar¡acked by two bandits.On no ¡..ount will he ¡lloiv a¡yooe to €'mine his

skius EquipoentActing Da88e.Blathe¡ SvordCherm Mail Shi¡t {1 AP or bodl)Disglise a4 GCEvalúre A g l ¡s phis l Lon¡¡ in in8Mimic 18 doses of kur$ (se€ below)

Pub¡¡c Speaking

THE MUTAÑISAll o{ th€ mutarts ha1.e the following p¡ofile- alúoughthel ha\€ individurl mutetons. Should a fight start theyh¡ve access ¡o swo¡ds and clubs, or rhey carry thcm at

Cra, is initiauy in the st¿bles eati8g tbe ¡emains of rh€slrble bo} If he is s¡ill alive, he joins the othe¡ mut?ntsdüri¡8 ilre ccrcmonl to summoñ the sh¡inc s gúardian.He hes sucke.s on tlte ends ofhis spiderlik€ legs whicballov him ro clillg ro atry surface wifh €rse.

Orto the l¿ndlord is fat ¡o sr¡ch an extreme degree th¡the is as wide ¡s he is tall. He seems to roll along ratherthan $álk, but he is passóle $ a hum¡n being. Bec¡usehe h¡s no othe¡ noticeable mutl¡tiofl - and al¡ Iandlords2re 2 bit on the portly side - Ot¡o sdopis the role oflandlord whcn rhe xdvcoru.em a¡rire

/ rgo, . r - pr . \ fu , r norñr l hum¿n. r - h i \ hú g ing e\esa!€ unuÍt¿I. bur not ünk¡o*n, aoong m€tr. lle is in thecelldorthe ba¡ ¡oom s.lre¡ üe adlentuecs ¡rr'!e rhe

trllrem is th€ most repulsive atrd groiesque of all themulants. He doesn'i have rproperface, merelyaskull. Asa resulr, a¡yone visinE wilhcm fo¡ the fi6t ti¡ne ñusrrn¿ke ¡ ¿bol tesr or become snbjec. to ¡¿4r

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (11)

$ nro"t oF BrooDfireDl¿ce and sitiinS nexi to i¡ i5 Hans, dressed in hisfstc,ien) Roadw¡rden's uriform

A loud rh¡rmp directs all cves to the back of the bar-t"* r oan w¡¡¡ protuU¿mnt .ve5 ,pPC¿s md beginrro mop uo somerhing on the f loor ' rh is i ¡ fJSor ' snoi.,i.í-i'r" r... rh"e ceuar ro mop uP rhe blood fromiiii nóói ui'r.*,¡. "¿".Drurcñ gó ¡o h¡vr r rook at;l,ar he i" doine, he frnishes al.er r lew ntinL'rc\ án'l¡hrd r ¡ker h is b ioodnaned múp rnd buckcl i ¡ to rhe

Orro rhe hndlord is ñ.óo! \ iboü¡ rhe rdrcnrurebore".nce reivcn s h¿l is to h¿pp(n laL(r | ¿nd lhi' \hoesi;;i' ;".ñ..''-'. ne corouiitv iro8e6 rhe hñrrr'ñ ofi i i l "Án. r " ¡ ¡ ¡ns,n¿ turn¡ns i r s¡ rh suPpre\cdi i " ' ló . . t t . * " .ó^. "end the ¡drenrureñ on the¡rMv t r \ ounkl \ rs eorr ib le bt ch iminS th, l rhe Inn 'sr'ií óLó -"te' "i, eri.'r ro maLc rhc ¿d\'r¡ureñ reer;¿lco'ne. He has a coach partv itr residence' who b¿ve

i"ii ..ii."o roi ,t. *gr., jnd he v¿nr" ño senrrrm(n'of the ¡dvenrur€s kind ronisht, thank you

rs , , . . . , - : . ; : , . i . . ' - ;: . : ¡ 1 . : ' , : : , ' - 1 1 . . r . : . i i i i ¿ ! r ' . : 1 . - : r ' .

i: . : : : . ; . : | ¿ i , . , r f : : r . . f i f : . . . . . . : , i a . . : '

t f rhe rdr(nrurc.. ¡nsisr o; ;uyins ¡drüe$ ¡hq w¡sh rodie r¡ ¡he h¡ndj oÍ wh¡rever lurk\ ir the fore{) or¡oiuinruarty 1,n,1 s-ug'ng) | al¡o$: rhem ro do 'o Hei""Linu.i Lo ¡.tr]¡* i"s*¡rou\ly - rñy drint\' forex¿mple, are s€ñed ir unwashed tank¡rds

E\entu i l ly Ot¡o heads in¡o t l ¡e ( i tchen s i lh ¡ mrrrered; t ,uopoJe rou s¡nr feeding r i qe l l He i \ acturuvleaviii to oqani'e rhc resr ól rhe úuuots ehile Han\keeps the adventúr€6 occupreo

Hans. 'n hi5 quiie Js ¡ Ro¡dqrden. qu'{ions rhe",i'."i"-^ '-" a',r.mor ro find our who rnd whrr rhe)te. Hrns ¿.kr h is que{ lons in h is of l ic i r l capa( i rv .u5ins lhe do.e ¡hal he beli€ve! rhe ¿d\enIUrF ro beb;n'l_r!s. Il the rdrrnturN menrion rhc rerry' H¡n\ cllimsia;;;¡ncked (md rhe ferman sÍ¡ed o'0 bv bandir'ihis he exDlai; ts rvhy the inn is so securely locked

ne ar 'o managcs to impry Ih¡¡ rhe ed\r r rur€$ r re ini.,s,¡e *i!¡ 'ñ.se s¿-i t;on dren¡, brndit\: "l thtnkióür iuooen ¡ppe¡nnce ¡Á unnened rhe Irndlo¡dilin¿ vou. tre iór¡¿ ¡e r¡ght who el'e would be ouron a ikht su(h as tw Hsn\ iRlfler enou$¡tor rooiiss it¡Í" t¡ne ot ¡rqument roo ral ánd he seemi ro beiái fied bv úv rersonabre lrorv lhe adrenLurers cire totell him.

lf the ¡dventure.s mention the mutant in the stablesHans is surDri\ed He beliñes all tbe mur¡n6 ro Dei'idii. ¡. 'É. ¡n" He appeañ iurpri\ed shen lo¡d or rhe6ooi.ir¡e la¡¿roro a.,i¡red me ahir rhe srabte bo) hrdrun;ff. ro on€ bothered checkjng for him up therc'\vell. he (¿n wn r¡lt flornin8 to be bur¡edl

lf úe ¿dvenrureh menrion ei¡her the bodv or Cm| roó'iá-¡iloórri *'r eo.ried dd shocred Hi\ rea.l reer'¡ó*á".. 's r¡"¡ rúe,dr€nlu.e6 ha\e u¡covercd rhe-"á"J ¡ut¡"." t'.- He chanE€s rhe rubi4t and look\to H1trs to bail him out,

Bv now the adv€¡nure¡s should be suspicious and bet ine to hnd out whri ¡s goin8 on A chrÉcter srooo alit"i ¡L c,. *.t'*, tt¡'iúd o¡ro in ihe kirchen'Don\ D¡nic, orto. Thev are only lmvelreñ lzeenrcnwiu be;leased ro h¿w ihor souh ¿s well ure rhe kur'in rhei¡ foo¡l úd setl deál w¡rh rhcm lr¡rr. H'n5 then

¡he let¿ (ñodjfkd by Iorarr?sr rnd ¡mour) a5 rheiionitii-p. ¡r" it¡e vnd rhe hoaci c2n onr\ beDe6uaded ót iorced to re_en¡er lhe 5ubl6 rl lnry rre!¡ÁiJln¿ t."o uy " .t'" ñcLer w|.t. An¡nat (atu skju

As soon as he is ¡waJe lh¡t somebody etse i\ in the'i,¡-ü.'cái ili-u, "*o Lhe mor s¿ hides or rhe orhe I

s ide of rhe rool r idae Char¡c le6 r l imbing inro Ine

l"rroli nno tt'. o¡i.p corPse of the rtable bov Heh¡\¡.i" tiU.¡ ¡v " s*oi¿ Oló$ to rhe he¡d and hi' ri8¡'¡rm be¡rs th¿ marks of Gr¡Cs teeth.

\fht€r it .biDDif,s froú the lmpüoor I.ád¡ñ8 up lo 'tlerool. ¡nd lrie l¿¿der benearh rr wer and sfDeared s ithblood. Onc( the tmpdoor is open rhe rdvenlÚFF ¡rciiire¿ bv torrenri¡j ra¡n Thitha! mJde úe roor v'r)íri-"iiu ino .'von. ".n'Lrrins on(o i¡ mur m?ke ¡."[ó-srrt p* G* ". 'tip A "dcccssfLrl t telt allows ¿ -

.r,ráiiii -¡o ¡"" 't'pp.a to carch hold of rhe cdse otrhe Lnodoor úd nor slide oÍf (he rco¡ rwhrch re\uns Int¡lung 5 t?rdsr ro lhr ground below

It c.¡t i! discorerd uo on the roof Oy a su'ce'sfuló/;;t re-t), he will i¡8ht unril drin His suckeñ ¡lrowñ"i'ii'.ó* .¡o., "^ óe rcot {ith no danser or f2uingoff tf lbe edtenlucrs lervr Lhe r¿bles wirhorrldiscol€rirs htm. cmt returns lo hir tea\¡ un¡ilsuñmored by Otto (s€e belov)

?tr€ Co¡crr House _ The door lo lhis buildjng i\ Iockrd(CR Jo). Inside ther ¡s a .orch belongirS ro (:Úr¡K

Lincs of Ahdor¿ I hi\ coách arr¡vrd belore lhe mu6rs"ii""Léá r'" or'"..s.,* -d crew s'er€ drussed ¡ñd arenow either d¿2d or t¡ed up in the celhc

The nt11 & B^" BootB ' The main door ro the HoodedMar is bolled md lhe cu.lllns re dnwn Sounds ol'iiii"i.i'i

."n ¡. n*.0 (omin8 from inride sivins rhrimDrersion lhat ¡U is w.ll As soon rs rhere 's ¡ '6ocl( ¡(rh¿ door. howevcr, the laushter dier aw¿l ard rhere areióu.¿' ór."".-i"t t""-ñtn8 cháiF md rhe Iiker' Afte'i-,¡""" or "" tt. o"lt, "ie d:mwn,nd rhe door op,enedbv ¡ hoúendouslv fat chám.tei This is Otto one o¡ meoiut¡nts, who is masquer¡ding ¡s the l¿ndlord'

Orto is surprised to see the ¡dvenrurA 35 he bellfledlhe in¡ to be seore á8¡itst otrrsid€r v¡k¡ng rn illconce¿led 3lt.mp( Io h¡de his surpñ5e. Orto inviles tneádvertr¡rers i¡to the b¡r room A fite burns t¡ the


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (12)


KURTSKuns i6 a drug made from the Gortsiete PImt It beginsro teke effect aft€r half an hour One dos€ itducesdrosiness: trvo doses c1üses utconsciousness- Char¡ctersmay- overcome its effect! by makira succesful rot grr¿ssresfs lat +20) for €1ch dose they consume.



pr5\€\ Orrc lhe phi¡l coñtinin8 lhe kuru {fte. ¡hi\ ol¡'h¡s th€ phjzl in hi5 posscssion.

rf H¡ns hears ¿nyone ¿iiernpting to sn€¿k into thekir.ben he comes back into th€ ba¿ He clos€s the doorinio rh€ kitchen with a¡ ai. of finality. máiing ir ve¡yawkward fo¡ anyone to Push p¡st wiihout a very good

A shorr while l2ter otto r€turns bea¡ing bowls of hotsis. Eách bowl contains two doses of kurts chanc(€sh¡ve a b¡se 10o/. chance of noticing the dru8 ir¡ thefood. This l0% is ave.¿ged with a ch@cter's I¡¡ to seeif rhey notic€ its tste in the food. Characer¡ wilh dooÉski[ Éave a 10% bonus to their chance of noti.inS thc

túe Sü.ln€ - The rcrl landlord, his wife, two servanrsand one of the coachm€fl are still ativq although they¡re r¡shrly hound in rhe shrine. The] ¡re \rill \uftr.¡n8l rcmihe-el f .crs o l the do\e i o l hurrs rhr) sete Sinenearlier in the everinq. The bodies of rhe mutants othervi.titr are heap€d ñ ooe corne.: a coachman. his tbr€e¡irisan p1!5en8¿rs ¡nd rhe iÍIn s halfling cook

: j . i i : : : ! j r : . : . . j ] . : . r ' . . : . . t r - , , t . 1 : . j r j r " j : 1 , r j 1: : : . i : : , : : I i ,

j j . - . : . - , i : : . - w 1 . r . . 4 i . : r : . , . i , . . . ' j , :

A magicd, two foot-hi8h srarue of Tzr€n¡(h stffids in themiddle of rhe shrin€ in the centre oi a str¿oge movrDgp¡tteln. The parte¡n consl¿ntly shifrs between a symbolof Chaos and arl octasoD

The statue ¡ made f¡om ¡ pi¡kish s¡oDe which seem toflow and move when obsesed. Arv char¿ct€¡ observingthis ¿trd the shiftina ftoor p¡ttem must m¿ke a VP t€stor reci€v€ D6 ins¡nity points. The image of tee4tch c¡nbe snashed lit h¡s Tt ¡nd W5i. Howser, '¡nl€ss it isd€srro'€d in 3 sinSre rou¡d the shri¡e s guerdia¡ daemo¡' a Pink Horror ' aPP.a¡s to deferd the s¡¡rue Onc€ thedaeñon is d€stroved, the statüe can be brcken eaJilv andthe lines on the noor wiü fade and ünish

Asains¡ tbe wall is a lock€d (CR 30) wooden bo¡c¡ft¡ini¡s 212 GC, 365 shillings and 26 petrd€s. Asuccessfui search of the rcom reveels ¡ loose stooebehind whicb is hidden a pouch containinS apoflo, o/sÚen8tb.

The murant Wilhem will be in heie either prnicip¡titrgin th.r€remony¡rlurkiÍg at-ri.e foor of thesl]rirs.

.THE CEREMONY.sholtlv álier the Otto has shown the ad\€nturcF to tDerrroom rhe doses of kurts beAin !o .ake effec¡ Half anhour ¿fter the d¡ug should h¿v€ talen effect (thc mut'¡ntsknow when dris s6ould be) otto coll€cts Gmt from thesr2bles. Anvon€ looking oüt of the common ¡oom¡rindor'¡ithis rime sees O$o going out ¡o stablc addreturninS wittr a muÉnt (if GüI is fiu dive.)

Hans ¡nd the ñutants 2ssemble ¡n úe cellaf to conduct rcereñon} urng rhe m¡g,c¡ l e f l . rg) ot rhe { r rue ro5ufmon, deúon.5húr l ¡ ) ¡ f i .Fr td! r ¡ 'e cet(monfbcsins. and fairt. discordant chanting fills the in¡ Thisco;tinües for half an hout while Hans ritu¡llv saúiticcstwo hunaff as the strmmoninS rcquires

After the adventure¡! hsve fidshed €ati¡8, but before thekurrs t¡kes effect, Otto offe¡s to show the adventuren Iothe conrmon loom lpst¡i$ He cl¡ims ¡h1t the orheroóm\ úc occlpicd b) Ihe-rñr.h PaflÉ' ih . hal lqry i . qe l ,nd un(r rpered a l thouSh á. lo \cinsDecdon ieveJs lhrl there used ro be a cr¡Pcr in herebi r ; o i . lu¡h ' r i l l c l iDs ro Lhe u(k" in the f loor Thecrrpfl hr< b€en remo\e¡l ¡ñd rhe noor múPped b) F¡gutto remov€ bloodst¿irt

. . . , . . . i . . - j ) r . . . r : a . : . , : . i j . . : . . 1 . :

: , : . : . . i , . i : .1 : : i i r j . : . I . r . f , j i . . i l -R . : ' . ; ' . ' " '1 , . ' . . . .

The conrmon room is dirty and the beddinS is soil€d. ifthe adventurets comm€nr on tbis. Otto is unsymP¡theticas this G the best be co do" He then exiis, lookinStike a man x\ kre. ¡o qer a$.v a' rúoñ 2s pur'ibl. Thr\ounJ o l o¡ to lurn jng lhe ke) in lhe doo¡ locL lcR ¿0'

Irom tbe commóo room lhe 2dventurer¡ can hear theho6es in the strble if Gr¿t is srill present

The Bedrcottts "therc ^re only fou¡ bedrooms trpsr¡i'sán¡lall the doo6 are locked (CIi 20) The lúdlord\room and t*o of thc bedfooms lre empiv andunremarkable. Howeve¡ the two beds in one room arebloodsr2ined and the bedciothes üe scattered about thcrcom. The bedl occupants were obtioúl-v stabbed andrhen dmqqed l¡oñ ¡he¡r beds Tr¡il ñ8 \u¡n' leJd outhroú8h rbc doo. bur d i r¿pPerr at the sü

T¡c Kiac¡e, - The kitchen is obviousl-v designed for theion! h2lnrns (ook. F¡qor i \ rn h( te udrs ' rhe ter(mún'¡scc belos r l . i r Droq¿r. Th. bu(her u5.d b) hrm $h(nr¡oDp'nq up rh. ür ióu. b loodsBin\ :s " l 'u in hrre T\ 'búck'et r trill full of blood_tainrcd wrre.

The door le¿ding ¡o rhe y¡rd is unlock€d

?'¡e Ce.llar - Th. celláf co.tains b2r.els of beer ¿ndbottles of wines ¡nd spirits There is a rÉil of bloodstains o¡ the floor (un'less fa*gor h¡s had the wit to mopth€m up as well - this depenAs on hoF much he¡p th€ol ¡ve6 r re soins lo netd in work 'ng oul qhr l ¡ \ So 'nFbni whi .h rerd\ ro rh< loo\e pa\ in8 5 l ¡b rh is hrr b(enlifíed to q¡ve ..cess to rhe hidden sh¡ine bDill belo* drelevel o, Ihe tcUar D,pcnüin8 on the c i rcum\Énte ' rhesl ¡b i l e i lher Ei red or toqercd when lhe sdrenl r r rc" \first ar¡ive. it is closed, tJut iI Eill be oPened du¡ing theceftmonv. The closed slab máy be dis. o{eÉd wirh ¡'ucceslJl Oúseñ e t..r or bv iollowing (he hlood'r¿'n!

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (13)


as lhe ceremony be8¡n5 Fr8o. sner.kr uP rc LheadRmurers ¡oom and listeos at lhe doo¡ chan.le6 notsuffqinc from the effects of kurrs who make a successful¿Ate, t¿sr he¡r hiú ¿ppro¿ch .h€ door If ¡agor becomessusDi.ious that the ¡dventureñ :re not unconscious or'for-€rnmDle. the coúmon room door is ope¡r he r€¡uffto the ceili and sTns th€ other mutants vho close th€t¡¡D(loor and continue the ceremony- lf given theoo;orrunjrv. F¡qor hides somewhere ir the inn Ádait¿mp¡. Lo Ír¡¿k a tone ¡dtentü.rr trom beh¡nd

lr all appeárs well, he imedirrely rcrums !o the cellarúd ioins rhe orher nur]nts iñ the chriit

Unless the adventurers lnterv€n€ the st ttu€ r¡nsforms¡nto ¡ Pink Hoüoi It is about 3' tall, and has iti hcad setinto its chest. trts:rms are very lona, and its huge hard!¡G tiDDed w¡lh sücke6 ¡nd ¡ vic¡ous cl¡$ Ch¡nctersmuí ;at€ e coo¡ te$ or become roorcd to the spor withf¿¿r U¡{onuna¡€ly, tl¡ns is unzware of the bhding rttual'and the Daemon immediately attacks hir¡r ¡nd th€mut1nts, It i5 set i¡pon sl¿ying all it sees ¡nd puñü€s ¿nyfleeing char'¿cters ¡fter fiñt slalanS anyon€ n€¡r it.


As d¿w¡ br€aks, a party of four Roadre¡dens apProlchthe Hooded Man. Th€ir r€¿ction to the adv€otúers oranyone eh( drpcnds on purtinS rhe worsr Posrible in¡erDr¡¡arion on rhe \crnc rhey find. I rüess. ior wmple ü.idEnturers ca¡r Drodüce muta¡n bodies or captives - orsome other poo] of whát re3lly hrpped€d _ the Road'M..tens choore to belidr Lh¡t úe ¡dvenrurers wrre mi¡_ed ¡D ¡n wh¿Iever h¡s been Aolñs on. A¡ ¡he ver) le3s¡.h¡rees of murd€¡r¡q the lú-dlur¿ and rhe oLhe$ mlikelt ro be p¡efer,e¿. ¡oñ8 wirh rny orher charAer lhársolvr open czses in the Ro¡dMdens pr(.ol ¡rea

Even if they are conv¡ncd of the adv€rtürcrs' imocence'the matref óf wh¡t has occurred at rhe iÍn still has to beLleared up. The Ro¡d$rden\ dp..t and insi$ rhat lhe&r\enruÉ¡5 ac(omDúr them to ih€ reare\t rom so th2¡rhe whole aff¡ir can b¿ dealt with a in pcoPer m¡nn€r.


oiic€ rhe Daemon leav€s ¡he shrin€ it becoúes subi€cr¡o lrstablltt!. Fot anery loo yaids th¡t th¿ Daemormoves al^av from th€ shflnc, sübt¡¿ct I fmm th€instabilw ¿ic€ ¡ol (t¡eat rols of less than r as 1)

If the Da€mon reaches O Yorrdr i¡ does not die'sDtl¡tioq insre¡d into tso Bluc Horrors. Alue HoÍo¡sai,e s¡mit r ¡o appea.a"ce to tbeir cous¡ns, enceptsú¡rkr ¡nd blue in colot[ lf ¡ Blt¡c Horror is kilted ¡t

r€marns dead.



Bü R@ñ


@ . tIIII




r* ,8a*"*:- ,"':4"

*.¿, "¿".

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (14)

NrcHr oF Br.ooD üf


skitts Po3scssionsRicte Hors€ Crossbow and ammud¡lion

SwordM¡il Shirt (l AP on bocly)Shield (l AP on all)Helmet (1 AP on head)HorseSaddle and HarnessRope 10 yircls


The fotloRing dperi€nce points should be awrded atthe end of the adven¡üre:

30 50 points each fo. Sood roleplevi¡g;20-40 DoiDts e¡ch for d€aling with tb€ mutants;30-50 ;oints each for destrcying the stati¡e/daemon;r0'20 points e¡cb fof dealing with th€ Roadwz.dens'

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (15)






Adventure suolnary 'The folldi¡g pi€ce debils ttu cncoDnies with u¡üsÜal NPcs,neirher of whom ¡re pr*entcd ro be foueht! Borh ca¡ set upint€Ést¡¡8 rol€'p¡¡yiog situarioü, and te .speciallv suioble fo.inregorion inro 2n onSo¡ng c¡mpá€n

Eññdretta is ar úr$vl yoún¡ womad, a We.ecar' who elwysrÉvels wirh b€r fcli!. fri€nds nev€r fái aw4f and who m4vaccoñDoy thc PCs (withour hosrile i¡renl) lor 2 wbn€ If th.v.eac¡ mn to he¡. sh€ as¡s lor help in fr.eing her love¡ Klaus,cu.É¡dv h.ld by the .uihoririet fo. a triYiál criúe

rn A Frie¡d la Neert ló¡,^r¡ rhe Ghor apProe.hes tb. PCs ddük5 for he¡p, Dependi¡g oo how the e¡coutuc. is used ihis cd'hk€

¿ dlffere¡¡ turñ, as rhe notes below 4pr!n

E¡emy Wtthtn CarEpaigfr NotesA Frtend in N@,t carbe s.r r¡rturuv aóvwhere dong the road,during ant joorn€y rhe PCs bare .o ñake. r¡ tlistdhe4 ldenríry'vo! can havc this encou¡te. take pl¿c. betwéen AltdorfandVeirsbruck, w¡th Johan¡'s fmiit €s¡d.nr id Bógenh.feo Anarr€rú¡ttc tt o¡ .h€ ro¡d .o M,idú.nbdm in Pouer Behiñd tte7rlor€, wiih Joh2nú having rclat¡ves iher€ who re ácqüainledwith ar l.!$ on of the úejo| NPCi in.fúr.irv rn Dedtb o4 tbeR¿r¿ Johsnns Choir could,ppezr ¡t nighl when the P(5 2F1r,nchor - alon¿ th. b¡nt3 of ¡hr tuFr S(ú on úe Mv ro Unrr¡b2m(wheÉ Joh;n Íved), is á good oPrior'

!dm2¡dt¡'s best r.tu€ can r@lised outside ¡ówr sctlidgs shewitltend the PCs he. aid in relun for.hetr help, dthough PrcYidingsuch sbu4ce will Pror. dificult ifth. adEn.uÉ i5 ser irAltdorfor Middcnh.iú, espec¡auy iIyou wish het b 5t the Pcs to res.ucKlrus frcm lail. fh¡s .ncoudter is bcst sq ir Dedtb on tbe Relh'ouBidc ooe of the óey co2chtng vi!lá86 dd smsll to{c thePca wi¡l @me ercss. The urnaDed có¡chi¡8 5roF dd villaS€sbetw.etr cftl€ wttig€ostcin and Cr¡slmwlld off@anvDo$ibiütier, q¡th Kl¡us bei¡g held j

ceu bv a locJ n¡]or¡r¡ ¡ inc ¡ h. üñul oa¡ Crts.enÁ ¿Jdñegirrate t^ Pou Ú B.blrdthe 7brc¡e, íÍrotvert¡. G.dpes otrvl4t¿ adrenture t"r€r h thisvoluúE Eúúdrtl could b. [emailprotected] foi Prit^tock a¡d oeer thePCs on the Altdorf-M¡ddenheio road. This would 4llow vou ¡olu.e the PC5 to Prirzsbck wherc rhe ú¡vor wll ¡elese Kl2us onb¡l if rhe PCs (md Emmmta) rc pl.sant €nougt' to him

Restless De¿d Caspalg! NotesTh€se Ro encoDrte6 t ed sigdnc¡rn s¡sior&foE vou u* üemro foll@ Nlgb¡ óÍ Blood, ed ddelop tbe stúnds of the ccnÍ?rploúiné ¡n lhis .dPate¡r.

\lsc rt.e Itrtdd ln Need .n onnter shordv aJter rhé PCs let ¡heHooded Mat, headinS wsi ¡looa the dd for volge!. Alter the2DDe¡dncc o f loha tn h r lpp( 'bs ¡n¡no f 'omrJ0)€a^ t r l l, ; ¡ mur (u l ¡ r . q íh d r rk h ; i r , $e¡ t lna .he un , ro rD o i ' Ro 'dr¡¡r<ten (c ir we.e). rlis right h¡n{l is missing, and there is onlt

¡ a bloodied stump wbeÉ the hañd should b€

Johd it qü¡te dfidt 6 a peFoúlity fóm the slrdh in,4 ¡t¿,/- ¡/ed Áe is. in frct- ouite mnes¡.c! He knows his fiñ. nMqd.t thar h. b^ nor becn áed long, but he co t úob€r mvúingete He pleds wtth the plnt o h.lp bid lte wmts hb bodv loundso it cd bc l¡td to rcst. a¡d he Mnts the PCs ro find out who

wha¡ do thePcs gcrourofir?Johannpoi¡ts out th?r m6t ltYlnScrearues aG frlsbreoed by Ghors (ie subjecr rc/¿¿l) and rhar hecoüld b. h¡ndt to hav. ¡rcuod tn tiúes of b¡xle to scare oflenemies. Th.c ts, mi¡or.¡tch, Joh¡n¡ hs orlv just become achost, and cd\ control when he lDps up 2nd f¿des amv so thcPcs h¿v€ ro hopc fo. tho best, büt.lohún Plc.ds desP€¿elv for

Ptajine lab4¡¡ úe ehoslIf ¡bePcsdonlae¡eerohisproposals,Jobrnwillreturntopest rrhcñ rRrn rnd rs " ¡ . ! ruq .g /P4¡erh I 'mc he docs <o H.w ' l lL {emLl ;h r t rn h€ t r1 ¡ r 'un¡ i l Lhe t ¡ * rc r ¡ohe lph in ! ¡henrhe)

doso, ihey srt! (lowly ger u(rd roroh3nn ¡pprúin8 E¡lh ¡imr¡lrer ¡he n6r qhen he lrt.\ trp\/ppe¡r'nE otr¡ ol rhrnr() pC\

m¡ke a ¡¿¿l tes! with 2 cuDula¡ive + 5 boous unt¡, fita¡¡v, th€v

roh ú n hiú\rl¡ ir nor . Lbrecl io the { ¡nd{d iar¿rllll v rules rorie s !e r r nñ ro Ehor l iness . rnd doe. .o r f i¿* any r .e r $hn hhe is boudd to, n.tther en ¡e cont@r whe¡ he 3pped, fhis is¿ll absolutcly ideal, b€caüse you cad hav€ Johdn poP uP aod<l'ilpp.r escdt when you wnt. Johann h4 nor 8ot .he hangof walki¡g th¡olgh walls yet either'Jíher th. PCs ¡8¡ee wheÉ do rh€y sd? lt is eso¡able to s@€thdJohm¡ oust háve been kúed in ihe ltciniry Altq he is wúiflgthe udifor@ of a Road \Íardeú. Hd a Ro2d varden go¡e missinS?why donl th€r rnvel ¡o Volgen to fi¡d our? You c¿n havcJoháflns¡g¿est this, bu. oÍlt ¡fte. giYiq.he PCs pre yoftimeiofi8lrc

' lheo¡herDo\ ! ib , r ry ¡ tÉck ins lhee ' ( ¡Pedcs l ¡ r ' l H¡ tuJ j ¡kcF¡ltoñ \i8it aÍ Btond. trur th,s will nor be €¡sy. cven Íor sorronewnh the , :o110 l / ra t l s | l l ¡ h \been¿¡n in*hea\ ¡ ry t imehApAsed ¡ñd orJy a É¡l sPerrcould hope ro p'.[ !p ¡he rRtl lfóne or-",e ol tt'e pc.¡rtempt th's. yoú canbaverheú P'c¡r upLhe brcinninqrota tnilbur bc un¡blr tñ tollow it ror morc thJna hünd;d \ a;Cj or 50 ¡. ir herd$Ilehrry nor(h o¡ wei¡, aq ¿) kom

Tte rcond dcounter. wiih ¡matala, .m ta¡re place affte¡lohaúha dis¡rD@d back into the aelher Ema.ett4 cm join the Pcsnnder tft qcuse of úntine p.oiedión, ¡tthough rhc hs a self'conft<le¡t air ¡nd is c¡eely well c¡pable of lookirg ?ner he6ellSbewill.hat to tbe PCs ¡bout nothtne it pardcultr, bü¡ wtthoútb€ins inttusivc Stie wi! th€n tcll the Pcs .liout her lder, cúúe¡tlvimpr:tsod€d i¡ volgen, úd zsk th€n if they h¡ve see¡ a m2n rh¿srekt cir inq ¿n 1<cuú ¡. de.cripLion o(Joh¡nr ' A re?¡o¿s,'? te!,llos-Pc' ¿deted ¡n underc;tenl ofdislile in her voice lflhrPCi ask why she h ituerested tn úis ú¡n, her simPle r€plt is''D€rsonal reAons '. If rh€ PCs ük for dea¡ts abou( thl. Dar,Emñr.¡t¡ wtll only sav th¡t he is 3 túveller on ¡h€ (@d". sh€woot say more ufess the Pcs answc. her qü*t¡on

This may d4eloD tnto 3 si2ndofi {itb the PCs beingudwillingro blk, üi@is. El]rl'r3dE. It is up rl) rhe Pcs ro break th. [emailprotected] al¡, they arc the ones who m ro know who Joh2nn il Ir.hw sy they have seen thé ñ¡n, and waút to know who hc is,¡-io"'itt" i,i¡l "g*" ,o t.tl them wha¡ sh. knows about Johannin ¡éErn fo! their i¡fordation. Sh. will iúfo¡m rh€ú th¡t Joh¡mq6 not ¡ Ro¡d warden - bc Ms ¡ Boú¡ty tluriél úd pu! herlov.r in prisoñ for steli.S foód from a f¡¡n Unro.tumrelfE@¡retr¿ does no¡ know .ny dfails ¡bourjohann, onlv hisprofesrion, rhhough she thinls rh2t h€ come\ frcn ¡ (¡xhyimr l ) ( rh i .h r ( ¡u , l l yun t rue .bur i ¡ r< lg re4Myot r r .u r ins rha(e¡cedy PCs rry ha.d to find out ¡ll ¡bout Johún, hoPirg to gersooe fd reward for doinS so).

E cnrsinvolSen, whcnEmae.a¡rilvesrhercw¡ththe Pcs, rcdealr w¡th ¡n úe cdpdgn ñores foll@ing úese €¡countcs ¡ndprecedtrg the adY€dturc ,4@E¿1


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (16)


forest, md will ¡ttack if she is ür€a¡en€d ir rny w¿y' Sh€ isanxious to avoid trouble, and will cdl them off ¡lmos¡ im'mediatelf waming the adventurers tb4t it would b€ best tole¿vr he; alone and ao m their wry. If she is hard Prcs\cd.shc wül adoDr he¡ car form and ruñ off ¡nto rhe lorsr withhe. rwo ¡mvelüns companions. She wiu only st2nd 6d fighlif the money she is cirrying is stoleD; sh€ needs it for Klaüsbail, ¡rd wilt use any mans ¿t her dispos¡l to get it b3ck.


Lightning Refl€xesSecret LmSuage ' RarSe¡Sec¡et Sicns - Woodsma¡s

slinq B¿q w¡rh 12p'€ies ór dried mea!

2 rh.owing cllg,ge6Purse with 12 GC

Quiver with 12 arrows

' The nuñber b€fore ¡he slash ¡s ¡he value for Emmtretta in

SDccial Rules: Attatk- with 2 clAt^ úd L b¡re. rt arijckjngfrom cover, I +20 for fist ¡ound ordy' If Cát ga¡ns the first¡rracl( in rhe /i6t rourd ol comb¡r. it ma) ¡?ap on ¡ts oppo'nenr, make oile ¡tuck roll. if su.ce$ful lhe C¡I hit( wirh 4c[au;s ^nd 1 bíte. Nigbt v/slon 20 ,'ards.

lf Emmaret¡! decides to tr¿lel with tbe ?dventures, h€r twoCars will continue to tnil her from the fo.est; tlrey movestealahily. so that ¡nY cbrncter rnust m¡ke ¿n Orset¡re testqirh ¡ óenalrv of -2b to sDor rhem _ and flen lhen, ell rh¡twi-llbeieeD $iu br a moiemenr in lhe undergm'lh Th.cats will Mit iD th€ fof6t while she Soes into the town, andonce she ha bailed Khu out, the tm of them will he¡d forrhe forest, a-rsume C form, ¡nd tEr€l back to their homewirh their two compmions.

This €ncouffer can be us€d to idd to ú advetrtur€ in aoumb€r of wys. rvher sh€ rrives Í th€ ¡owr, a corruptWflrbman ftsht tate hef mon€y and then deny havingreceived lr. k;dirs ro her akinc the advenrurcF ro get Kl¡usour o' jrii s a r¿vóur The part might b€ aruckd by bandfl\, in q hiú care rhe will fi8hr along\ide rhe advenrure^aod her two cats will come tó the pafty's aid, melti¡g backinto th€ fo¡est when the fiSltt is ov€r ü she is qEsrionedabour rh. Carr, rhe wiu ansqe¡ siñply: I gcew up ¡n rheforest l suooore i ve made somr unusual friendll One orthe other N?a travclles Ílisht fatl foul of ihe cats by pere.in8 her or tryira ro neal her monty. You shoulJ use vour im'rSinarion to ger thr mo.t oul or Ine encounFr

A FRIEND IN NEEDThis ercounrer t¡trvplace ar niSht on a lonely dd deseíedshfth óf ro¡d. For sore reason. the rdventuffs h¡!€ foundir neces.2ry ro rmvet at ni8ht. derpit€ rhe wamútgs of theslaff ár rh. I6t coachinc ¡m lhey pa.ed. The ro3d ah.ad is ateüible placq s¡varÍtlng vith briSands úd vors€i it is evenseid to be haurted. Some of this mav be true, th€ 2dverture.scorclude, but th€ fect rtiat th€ in¡kaper v'ants üd to staybec¡use (hey will p¡y lo¡ room añd borrd may h4€ a grerdr¿l to do with ¡t. Howe\e. rhe advenrurers decide m prsron desD¡te hi\ wárninsr P.rhap5 it is viral rh¡t rhey rcach rhrniexr rolen b' drybreai, or perhrps r EmuP of Rmdwúdens3r€ ¡pproachrng the inn ¡nd the ¿dvmture¡s áre .d¡ous ro

by GÉeme Davis

The tr'o sho¡t encounters lrere c n be ised lÍ Walhaññe,Fanta$r Rolepta! vhen the ¿dventure.s 2re rEveui¡g by mad.They are more easily s¡aged if th€ PCs are on foot, o. onhors€back, r¡ther rh¿n t¡avelling by coach. Both a¡e rote-playcn.ountes requiring tbouShr ard obseNarion, ard discouÉ8ehack and-slal, m€ntatities I

EMMAREfiAEmmde$a is an NPC who ctn be encoúntered on 1rlyi;urne] b) nr¿d in The ltDPire. Ar lhe 1dvef,rffils mJJte theúq¡) 3lon8 rhe rord. tbq, P¡r( a yoúg Human wom¿naoóarendt in her crrly rwentier. rBrüng in rhe s2me d¡¡Ec-tioh she ir of mcdiuo heiSh¡. ¡nd \liml) buflt. wiú shortIichr brown h¡ir 3nd liShr brown eyes ¡nd is rrdrrui¡g ¡lone

unusurl to.6y tr¿v€ller since the lorcrr can be dú8crous.H€r ortr Doss€saions are a set of oütdoor cloüing, a sm¡llb¡q of drild fn€at, a shon bow with a quive¡ of ffrows slungoñr her back, .nd a pair ol daSSers hánging trom her bel¡. ¡fer of rhe ¿dventure6 soefk ro her, 5he wül ¡nsq€rcol.¡eouslr aiving he¡ iamq sayirg that she is a Hunter andtetlins thdr ihar she ¡ beadirg for the nea.esr rwr, $hichmay ;lso b€ rhe adventur€¡s destination She s¡ys that ¡f¡i¿rd of he¡s has got into trouble, and dre is t king somemoney ro bail him out.

EmarerLr will aui(e haDDilv tnvel with the advmLureN rndwill be cmreful ú lhsy dfer h.r a ütt She cúnot pay for a.oa.h ri.te 4 she needr rl the money rhrr \hf h¡r for rheb¿il If the 2drertürers att€mpt to dr¡w het i¡ro converseriondurinc ¡he course of rhe iourney, rnd ¡f she dec'de\ that shec¿n r¡-usr rhern. she rül qDlain rhrr ir i\ her lover who h¡sbeen impr isoned. His nrm¿ ¡ K,au5. end shc e i I 5a) rh¡ t \hcne(dr to batl him out belore, ceruin d¡tei if á1y rdvenlurerwirt, Astronoltt skjll ttunks .o work it out, it will be realisedil¡rr rhis date is úe rext tull moo¡.

Above the soft hiss of the Éin can be he{d thenolses of the forcsCs noc.umrl de¡iz€ns Aoingabour their business. Somewhere in the da¡kness anowl screams, and ¡ 3¡swered by rhe snarlinS wailof a rvild Car.

what she telts the ádv€tnurers ¡bou¡ be. ioumey is true, burshe necl€cts ro mention thlt both shc aod her lover arewer€c¡1s: he has not vet learned to coDtúI his condition, atrdif be is srill in iáil wh¿n rhe moon b€cones tull he üillchange form iri his cell a¡d vill almost cenainly be killed by

EmmÍetra is travellin8 in rhe company of two of the 8.€.twild C¡ts of the Old vtrrld. Th€y t rGiling he¡ frcm th€

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (17)

Wb:rtever th€ rcason. th€ edventurers leirve the irm dter a ho¡meal. and ca¡ry o¡ down rhe ro¡d. The fi¡st few rniles passea\il! enouBh the¡e i\ srill ¡ lrdrng l¡8hr ¡n rhe qtsre¡n sliv¡nd ihey rl. only on rh. edge of rhe forer. As the ro¿d SoesdeeDer in¡o úe roresl, h@fler. rhiñF b€gn to ür¡8r' Thedrrine\\ decp(ns, dd cl') only be p€ñeLr¡ted by \íght Vi'r lor . l ¡ beg,Á Io m¡n, a f ¡ne Penermr ing dr jz? le rhar .oa\rthroush ev€o Lhc srour€\r c¡uthing and 5oaks everyone ro Iheskin. ¡t is impossible to liShl ¡ torch, and l¡8b¡ing á l¡nternreonirés á successful Dex tesr. ai the adventu.eB tind€¡ isv€ry clamo. Above the sofr hiss of the r¡in catr be h€ard ¡henoi;€s of ihe forest\ noctu.nal deni?€n. going about theirbusiness. soñewhet€ in rhe darkness 2n owl screñs, and is¿nsw.red br ¡he 'n l r l tns q¡ i l o i ¡ q4ld CiL. Th€ ,d\eñ¡úFrm.r1 reqrer ihci. bÉv¡do now. bur thq hr\e no rhoi.e bur topÁ' on, il is r. f¡r ro 8o brcL ai it i. ro 80 forMrd

munc to oo'-magcal v€apons. To¡rch ceuG/¿di o¡ rcst 2(-10 p€nalry or fi€e). M¡y p¿ss ü.oush solid obieds.

If rh€ adven¡ulers do not flee from ¡he Ghost, it will ¡o¡m¡te anr Jrrempr to aLt¿ck rhem ¡n a mo¡ning \oice ir eixlell Lhem rh¡r it was once Johaú Gespenst. r Merchant frcmthe nearest town. wh¡le srsyiDg at the inr¡ which the ¡dv€n'turers hav€ just left, Johann w¡s murd€red a¡d .obbed, andhi\ body wa brouqht inro rhe forest on t (a and dumpedtv rbe;o¡dnd€ oor frr ftoñ the shrin€ The ¡dKntu¡er( (rnfiee loh¡nn !.om his mis.mble condition by coüecttng hi\honé\ ánd eldns úem lo ¡he rown for decent buriat He qillshow the ldventr¡rers where his body qzs dumped; th€ boneshav€ beetr oicked clea¡ by wild anim2ls, dd ar€ scatte¡edovef ¿n area about ¡€f yr¡ds in diamet€r

The reúeir toqn w¡ll h¡le 3 8ravelEd. tended by ¡ Cleric ofMorri dependins on i¡s siz€. iI m¡' ¡lso hav€ e MourneF.cuild, $ho undtr$te ¿I arr¿nsem*nt\ ro do wirh tune¡2lsAn individual sl:rve a¡d m¡rker will cost 30GC, whileDauDert büiai in the unmarked r¡ass grav€ win be free Onitre niet¡r ¡re¡ r¡e ¡u¡i¡1, Johr¡¡ r Chost wü apPear lo rhe.dvrniur€rsi srill rn ¡ppalting s¡8ht. bur free of rh€ p¡n ¿ndd€sper¡tion of his earlie. .ppear¡nce

''Th3¡-l( yor¡l' he says, May you lever suffer ¿s I have.

¡f the adventurers bave h3d his rehai¡s buried in .hepauDeF aük, Johánn wi l l qn ish. sry inS noth lng more l tihet hlve Drd io¡ ¡ burill plol Jnd herd5lofle lor him hewili reU th¡fn rbat it is rill_in h'5 pcñ,|er to recorDpeñee themfor what they h¿ve done fo¡ hiú. He will instfl¡ct them toconuct bis family in the towr.

''Tel1 theo rhat you have helped ne," he sa)5. '!tsk for mvsiste. G¡eta, and tell her that I \rent her to give 'eu 2o¡ckase, vbich sbe wiü find in a hidden comP¡nñentbehi¡A the s€cond d¡¿wer on the .1gbt_hand side of ñy deskIf she oüestions vou, mótion ihe lime when sh€ Ms súvears old. and I ;aved her when h€r hoñe had bolted Then;he lrill know that the message comes from mel'With that,

If the ¡dvertureñ foltow his instructiom, the fa¡nilv will bepuzzled, but will comply ln the pack¡ge is a v€lver pouch¡onrairing faur rubies, ñorth 50GC each.

Blood oozes from dozens of sm2ll cuts rll over l¡rsbodl H€ nises his head to mee¡ rhe adventurers'saze, and a slaih a.ross h¡s rhroat opens like aaecord mouth, sendins blood c$cading down his.hest. On€ ¡rm re¡.hes out implo¡ingly, anddespi(e rhr lact rh4 his legs have sropped movinghe €ontidües to dnw closer

Abour midrish¡. the rdvcnru¡er¡ come ro 2 ¡|lr¡ü \hr¡ne:iledic¡(ed. ,;rcD¡iat€lv .noush, Io Taal, rhe Cod of wildPL,(e5. The lÉr ine t3Lei the form of r c i rcu l r r ' rone hutaboür Én fcet in diam€t€r, with a .onicd thatched roof. An.lk skDll hdes over the doorwar ¡nd inside is a crud€wood(n .mrue of lh€ 8od. \t3nding ¡bout fiv. feel highIhere ! room for úp ó l¡te chrnc¡ers ro lhelLer in the'h.ine wrLh roñc d,nomfont rhe roof lc¡k\, bur ¡he \hrinekreD! rhe $obl nr ¡he serrhcr uut .2nd lhe ¡drenlurer c¡n(r ;d p(rh¡p ' 'nJrcb ¡ couPle of houF s leep l r ¡ tmpossi_ble ro lehr a tirc in lhe sh.ite. rince lhe trnoer rn rne aolen_tur€rs t"ind€r boxes, ¡nd any kindling they might have withthem, has b€en rhoroü8hly soak€d by úe r¡in.

vheiher or not rhe adr€ntu¡e¡! decid€ to shelte. in theshr ine. ¿ r rÉn8. rhrng $ i l l hapPen r i€w minut€s 3f ter rhe)¡ . ¡ne. lomewñere in-rhe d i ' t3nLe, ¡ humán \o i \e Ñ f ¡ inr l )h€arcl: the words cannor be made our, bul th€ \oi.e is hea\Twith rxin and miserv. If th€ adeenturers have ho¡ses or anvorh€r ' rnrm¡L\ wi ¡h Lhem. they wi l l beLomr neruou' ¡nd \k i t_¡s¡ r ¡e ro ic i ¿mo' . loser , 4d af rer .e\eÉl minui6 ¡headv€n¡urers make out a niSu¡e dragging ilself dong the road

rhe f ,sure i \ ind i5Lin( ! . üd dúl rcul r to m¿kr úur rh,ou8h Lhedri/zlr, bll it ir humano¡d lr limp' aj)d st¡8grr. $ Ú on thevcrae ol e{hausrion, ¡nd ye¡ i¡ apP¡oache\.urpr¡inglv qu¡ck_lv. When thc !isurc is wirhi¡ ren t ¡rds of lhe ad\eñruren ¡t. ' ,n ¡e seeo Lo be ¿ mr lc Humrn. Hi . c lothes qeÉ on(e t i (hbur ¡re now trrrered, ¡nd he ipperF ro be sser€ly woundedBlood oo/e' frcñ dozero of sm¡ll cu¡5 all over his body Heúis€! hb he¡d ro m.rt lhe advenlurdr' '¡aze, Jnd a sla\hr.rns. hb rhro2r open( Lil{e ¿ \econd mouth. s€ñd'ng bloodcasc¡dine down hi¡ chest. One a.m reaches out imploringly,¡nd desp,-ite the fa.r lhat his legs hz\t stopped moving, heco¡rinues to daw closet

'Ilelp mel he mo¡ns, Help m€-' As he approachs, the edven-nre¡ reálise wiih ¡ shock thar th€ tr€es ¡rd the ro¡d c¿nstiu be seen through his insubsr.nrial body.

Ar rhis point. ihe adventurers sholld mak€ a ¡e¿t test Theyhave encoüntered ¡ Ghost.




, l1

SDecl¡l Rules: (ubjec( !o ,¿va¿ilitl when outside bounded¡¡e¡ r ¡n rh i . c¡ .e, s i th 'n 100 yJrds of the shcineJ. Imune toall ps)chologictl tests. Causes /e4¡ in living .r€arüres. l¡n_

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (18)



Adv€¡rfure su¡¡mafyln Eurehal the PCs ar€ offered employmen! byKuAetschr€ibe! a higbly eccentric invetrtor ¡Ie wants t¡lem¡o de¿l with a group of thugs who are €5(to¡ting moDey f¡omhim. However, tbese thugs tum out to be úeúbe¡s of thelocal Watch! Even rhough tbey 8et the chance to look atsome weird ¡nvenrions, the PCs may h¿ve to make a highlyba¿:rdous and speedy exit usinA ¿ heng glider!

Ene¡¡y \Vlthin Ceñpalg! NotesE reka! is ^ fai,tly lighr-h€¿rred adverture ¡rhich cen b€set in any small town (but noi vilz8e) in the Reiklánd. Themost suitebl€ setting for this adver.ure is in Kemp€rbd2s patr of fhe Dea,b an tb¿ R¿l*, in Fhich cas€ LuiSiBeledo¡u c¡n be respo¡sible for hiring the heavies püiti¡gthe squeeze on the u¡Jo¡tunrte inventor KuSels.¡reiberAs fa¡ ai the Pcs are concemed, Kemp€rb¡d holds nospecial inter€st, being just a locatior on the riv€r tocrissenwatd. or lomewhere where you c¡n t.ánsf€¡ to theRiver stif, To entice them towe¡ds the town you crn havetheir barge reqüir runntn8 repai¡s fo¡ some minor problem.or a spell of b¿d weathe¡ u¡sui¡¿ble for river tr¿!€I. lor

Alrern¡rivelf you can r€loc{e rhis adventur€ ln Weissbruckand us€ ir in the link bers.et Mistaken Identü! zndSba.lous owr Bógenbafen.

The endin8 of this adventure may well require changiagto mak€ sure that the PCs do not end up ¡s outlaws. It isnot good for ¡ camp¡tgn if key .iries and tovns such ásNuln (in the original script 8iv€r here), Kemperbad orW€issbiuck (as suggested arrctutj,ies ñ the Enen! Vítbincampaign) are effectiv€ly offlimits. One'horse toús ánd

vtl,ages, yes; úajor locations. no. The W¡tch wont be ¿bleto see the háng glide. land b€yond rhe ci¡y' allowing thePcs to sne¿k back to their (r€pal.ed) barge at niSht- You.¿n hive th€ Vatch cha[erge (?nd f¡ighren) thefl at thedocks, but let th€m pass, so afrer a few h€a.t sroppirgmoments rhey are able to continue on theif way....

Restless Dead Campaign NotesSet -arre&¿./ in votgen, but not just yet. There is quite a lotof .€sidual bustness with Emmaretta the rve¡ec¿t andJohann ¡he Ghost to be att€nded to first.

¡n volgen, Emm¡retta will go off to 8et bail for her love¡Kl¡us, a¡djohano will pop up in ptiv¡t€ io have a wordw¡th rhe Pcs. He will be most ht€fested to leafn that hes¡as odce 2 Bounty Hu¡te¡ 6 he ha5 oo reeo[eciior ofthis,That he c1m€ from a wealthy fámily does seem to úng ábell... (false rccottection, alas, but it keeps PCs itre¡estedand hopetul). This conv€sation se€ms simple enough qntilyou fememb€r rh¡r yoü have to m¡ke ¡¿4,'t€sts fo. PcswherJohann aülves (wiü a +5 bodus rhis time). As h€rries ro h2ve a quiet word with them in a shaded cÓ¡¡efof tor¡n, some of them $¡lll bc rooted io the sPor, p¡le asthe shrotrd (6 it were). This may caüs€ h€¡ds ro tutn ánd€yes to look, so towrsfolk máy be dfected byleal 1s well- it's not so easy having a Ghost óoutl

Johinn ¡rill immediltely fade arv?y after learning whet thePcs have discoveied, Ar this point Emt¡arelta returns,sDarling tn tury The mrgistrate took her mon€y and thenr€tused to Iet Ktaus f¡ee on batl, sayi¡8 that the Sold woDldpay fo¡ his food and rrtnsport, which is transprrentnonsdrse Emmaretta h6 b€en ripp€d off 'frd she is turtousshe now Eánts ¡he Pcs !o h€lp free Klzus from jail!

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (19)

$ u,,"t*oThcPcsm¡v wellbaulkar thh. Állowthem rime ro.efuseand thenJobann rspPezs. Emmaret¡a is lot afr¡id, andsnarls he. h¿rred ofJoh¡nn, who looks back át h€r insurrrise. He asks ifshe kno*s him. Emmlretta confirmsh;ea¡lie¡ sto.y, ¡nd b€rates Joh¿nn with the srory or nerir¡p¡isoned lover vho is being held uniusdy Johannconside¡s d¡e problem fo! a mom€nto¡ two, alloqingtbePCs time to think 2bout ho$ to rescue Klai¡s.

Ooe obvious posstbility is ¡hatJohann could causeFa,'amongthejlilo6, makinS lhem fle€ in pa¡¡c, and auowingihe ?Cs to ger in and rescue Klaus. A qui.k reconnoit¡e ofthe milid¡house whcre rheprison eells areshovs.he PCslhft rhis is a very feasible possibiliry. Give them everych¡nce to thinkofthispl¡n fo¡ themseh€s, rtd only h3ve

Johann suSgesr i t i f they do not . H€ feels sor .y ro¡Emmar€ti¡ ¡nd is annoyed rha¡ she hrsbecn defqud€d by

loh¿nn will agree ro scare off ¡he iailors so that the Pcscan rescüe Kl¡us. Now EmmarerÉ feels sorry fo.Johan¡,ir can t be much fun ro be de¡d i¡d not know who youwere. How could antooe ever rest in such a srate? Perbapsshe coüld reciprocate rh€ f¡vol¡r..

The cruci¿l rhing her€ is rh¡r Werecats are excelleft natu.¡lrmcke6. The PCs may not know th¡t Ema¡et¡a is a rvereca¡

ltt, and even ¡f ¡hey do, s1¡ch ¡ tal€nt rn¡y not have ocur¡edto rhem. The vital thing is that sorr¿ore should bavemendoned ¡he escaped cultisr (md his Road v¡rdeoudfo¡m) to Elm&ct¿r. If this ¡s done, she wil off€. ro rnckhim if ¡h€ PCs atrdJohand h€lp he¡ get Klaus out of iaillf necess¡ry, yor will h¡ve ro useJohann add Emfn¡rettato e\tnct from the PCs ¿ll the det¡ils ¡hey know r'hichmighr be relevant ro Joha¡n's d€ath untit thh key elementcomes to lighr, if ir hrsn't al.eadl

Allow rhe PCs ¡o Ao out and giv€ the toc¡l iatl ¡ look oi€rIt clcxrly isn't up to müchr th€ guafds atrd j¡ilor are half'd¡unk, rhe building is small and in a stale of generaldisrepair Howq€r, 't is imPort¿nt th¡t th€ PCs dor't getseen dulingtheir libe¡ation of Klals, so a right_time midi r :u98.{ed. <marr movcssuch asblacking t rces $err ingdisguises. and the like oÍ th€ pan ofPCs w'U 8!in extnEP;wards. Ifro one in the p2riy has rhe Pl.e ¿ocÉs skill,ahev could scout lhe lowlif"r3ve¡ns to ftnd !¡d hire a ttli¿fEv¿n ihoush this skill wor't b€ n€eded; it is intelliSent


plan¡ing to consid€r that it miShr be!Johann will appear¡¡ more or tess th€ !i8ht time, the jailo.s will em€rgegallopinS down the str€et too scared q€n to shoul, andrhePCs can getinthrouSh the front door The 8u¿rds halelef¡ tbe keys bebind, add Er¡n¡retta can locale Klaus bl:sme[. ThePCsc¡sbetn, out, ¡¡rdgone in lcss thao a núoure,before aryo¡e sees tbeú. Phsl Use ¡he m¡P to 8irc tbeencoun¡er a d.gree of autbeúticiry and build up r€¡slon

The rwo V€recals will now leave rown. headiú8 east alongthe rord. back iowards the Hooded Man.Joharnwill fadt¡w¡y, giying the PCs¡final t¡ve. rhe PCsw¡llbe quire safermvel l ing b) n ight wrLh rhe lour k l ine ' accomP¡nl ingrhem. The werecats wil¡ be back at úe Hooded Man byd.wn, ind s i l lp iLk upthe.cent . j ns t r ¡ (k i rani reSularp¡th. geneÉlly .liShrl) no{h of w6¡. and thel comr ¡crcs¡ , rmDri te, somr I mi le5 rwr l f ¡om rhe Hoodcd V¡n Bynow, the) !¡iUbe in w€reforñ. They sna.l md sPit ar rheólace. which is a burned-out ci..le of¡sh f¡om 2n cxtioctiire in a small.learing wfbin the fores¡.Impaled ora rreeis ¡ sqered ¡i8bt h¿nd *ilb a h€aey a¡¡oF pinni¡8 1i toúe wood. The hmd has a ¡arge bronze ¡ing on the indexfinger This is the same ha¡dmissing fromJoham s Gbor,of coüsq which should be quiie ¿ giveawz¡

Th¿ we¡ecars, changingbackto Hum4n form for a vhile,say th3t they cmrot pick uP the tmil of th€ culdsrbeyondrhis area. Hoi'¡oer, the Pcs should not be too boüeredabour thissince rh€)'have some pbysical 4idenc€ at lzrtThe ring has a chancreristic design on i¡s su¡f¡ce ' threeb?rs ofblack jet inlaid ioto silve¡

As Emmxr€tÉ, Klaüs, ard rhei¡ Great Car friends bidfafew€U, Johann pops úp 28anr. He recoSnizes the handimmedi¡tely, and the .in8's appear2nce s.iñllates ¡memo¡yinhim. "Openit uP", he sa)s, scitedl). The lopofrheringis hinged md cdbeflipped oPen to reveal ¡nmazingly inrricate dqic€. Thc drice telescoPes o¡t tndhrs ¿slim, ¡lt.?'sh2ry Ézor blade mouúred on it capxbleof cutring through rope- There is also 2leos which can beused fo¡ focussing li8hi ioto 3 burning hot spot. Quirc ¡useful dqice! Writtcn along the razor blade 's "\Mf8nB

Kglschrbr, VOLGEN (ir amazingly small letterinS, ofcouLer )o,he PGl, j l l hr l r toE¡urn rnd ünd \ l igngKglschrb. whoeve¡ he is. They will probably be prettyappreh€nsive about this, thaCs th€ Sener¡l idea, afr€r alllIiraUf b€for€ h€ fades away againjoham pronounc€s thathe would like the PCs to l.ke his hmd v¡ith them. He hopesrhat his body isn't too far aF¡y ¡nd rould like the wholebody bu¡ied together if possiblel

\ \ h r n r h e P C ' r e r u r n r h e y w i l l g e r d i r e c r e d r o r h eMisthaufen trvern in ihe Reiksplatz as x good pl|rc€ to stat:

The PCs ca¡ thus begin the edv€n¡ure for themselves byaskingabourr¡yonewith ihen¡úeof ' WfgngKglschrbr',whom Uve rhe b¡rúao v'll recognise immediarcly xsWolfgang Kugelsch.eiber, 1neccentric local inveotor' ThePCs can th€n Bo to Kugelschreib€.3 house and cnquileebout the .in8. Joh¡nn won't turn up du¡ing ihis rimeKDg€lscbr€iber wiu agree to tell rhem what he k¡oss aboutthe riog aDd the purch¡ser if they will do a litde iob

Ttris sers up the adventúre, but the endi¡g n€eds cárefulconsidemrio¡. Checktbe sugAestions for the endirg in th€Enen! Wítbín carnp,'ign setting ¡bove, and try to 8et rhePCs our w¡hout their b€comin8 outlaws. Most imporl2¡d¡KuAelschreiber will t€ll the PCs ¡hat h€ senr the ¡ing bymess€nqe. to ¡ mm iden:iñed rs lohamOstenwald , c¡¡eof ihe Three Fe¿rhe¡s lnn. Tb€ inn s locadon is shown ont¡,e C..npaígn Mep, andvdfgena will teU th€ Pcs whei€it is. He does not know any more, butat leart the Pcs krowwhere ro go next. Of course, Kugelschrciber wzn¡s theegred job done befo¡e he parts with the informationl


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (20)


l f rhc advcdureF menr ion rh ¡ r I Jwe '€ú ¡h fm 'h fn rhehan ine 5 ¡ ¡ ¡ r rude sú l ch¡ngr comPlc l . l l smr¡ t rBh ' q i l lbe 'LÚr


thi5 ¡dventure ¡or warh¡Jú.r ¡¡¡Esy Rolepl¿y i' ('t in

Ñ, l r r r r , . -o rur i .n -a i rvo l rc ¡he P '5 becoñ 'nB s rnred

.'iii.¡rl ""¿ *.t'ng ¡"io ,,"ublr q nh rhe w¡t' \' " rhe cM

.houtd re¡d ¡h;ush ihi' rd'enrure c¡refÚll, orior ro runninS ¡rl

The adv€nturos shoold b€ un mplotcd at ¡hc stut ol wh2t is

rouu¡ ro unrold. c(hcr bdsfen maior ¡drfnrur'\ or ;u{

¡hc h¡ados Pro'c'sion {s 'u'h

irro *itr te tmking ror iot' or '.mc ¡drflturing Lrrd rd rrr.e; ró lind ,u!h s;rk in \tttn n o 8o to rhe Reil \ Ptarz

rne ne¡l " pt¡tz is c¡os¿o¡ q irh mrrl'úh l¡boureb^ üi.". *i1.", -a.." pte<' g¡n8(l lr i5 rhe hbtl' rnd bu! e

o, "t¿¡o. eue+ ¿av l¡. All rhe ei¡blc iob' +o"l'l he "eñ

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'ttú. the Baffin at tbe Mlth4uJe¡ Tae/4'

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cirY s odv b¡cks(e€ts

¡hc bxú¡n ¡ se it ¡ frr Sood ñ¡úrcd mrn 'rrd h' ren e've',¡J jiiü,." i.i ¡..,. ""hrn .5\ed rb^ur thr iob. súrpn!ns r

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i . ¡no " , , " t . ' " ¡ ¡ M iN to h r re peon le l "e " i l l ' hñLr ¿nc-

rheñ Tell th€m u{e s€nt vou:

r 6 ¡bour l ¡ . r f te -nmn wren r f r ad !cn¡ureñ r rñ t r r ' \e

i , .ñ "e . | . ¡ r i h . * . . lo -d ' rÉ bea inn 'n Í ¡o g r l 'ñ ñ e r fe ¡J rnd

ii l.oks lik€ ¡ sro¡ñ is on ns Mt:

l l ' . hou<r n ¡ ¡ r i r l J l r .geoneon rh rouFk ' í ' u ' r l ' e ! i r ) ¿n '

" h , . r . . " r - obvr ;u ' rnd \e i \ u rusur l re rure ' r rñm rhe

ioot r lJac irur pol. l'roje'B 5l) *¿rd' "rd ¡no \er orr ol rie

i""r i, n.i o rr'i " i -i¿ a '\ be s^orr 'r \1'u \"ir' 'nro

rhe roo l ¡ \ r ( ¡1 , woúden rower h re ' r r ' ' ' ue :u ¡po¡ r rnR I d roF

pl¡rrom Thk r\ rerl\ ¡r L¿U 15 rhe irun porc

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.udd( r \ rn . rc F J l úd br ' rA t roa b ' "dJ tF¿ J ' ¡ r (h ' ¡ f

rnem s oDenrd b! ¡ hrlnrnt¡ c¡ir\ rñ8 I \nmrr rr" nrurcr\

' ,ñerh , . i rhour 'n rmn tc lB rnd rh rn ¡ ' l ' rhc rJvcqrur '6

"n¡ ¡ r r ' . i * , ¡ Bur Ju{ $hr t do ¡hc t rh ink rh r \ r r r d {n8

rns ,n* b i l l s l i ke rh ¡ t7 Hmm) vc l l '

The halflidg is Fatboy sñ¡llnose: úe a$isanr, cook andho¡sek€€per ol rne grcar i.ven¡o. and re¡@ted 8en¡trs'wolfgloe Kug€lsch¡eibÉr

rureh.hrerbcr $ unduubrdl) I geniu\ md unrodunt'\ Jn

ú !en i rv r onc J . s r l l . h h r . 'e . ¡e ! . r l l " r sor lshop he hÁin\cñied ú¡ny amaTrn8 rhiogs mo! of 4hi.h don I *ork burne\e. mnd .. He h¡' ür v baen 'r4d lron de\n@in8 hÉ hou"e

Ln t¿nou\ u r (on t ro l l (d r ip lo ' ronr b t hn f ¡ rh tu l3 ' r i<un '

The re6o¡ wht ¡¡blfgr¡8 Kugelshreiber h2s l!'€'r rh€,arenu¡e¡ " ro proeci'onc vJuble< rome rúv \allrbler ¡ lu ¡b l .s , ro rhe i r rÜe. 'n lo lvcd , fhe obJeLt5 in quc* ion r rchimself ¿r',j his tsisbni, Fatbor while sliShdv p¡nno'd,Kucelschreiber does n€ed prcte.iion f.om somc ñDgs *no ar'ru;nrnr ¿ pr.scdon dcke¡ o\er ¡he P¡\L srrk m"(r€d m€nhrve Lllt¿ ¡ ¡he 'n\.nror's hoú5c md h¡\e tried ro cvo(money fro¡ hiñ. Kngeh.h.ober *n¡s to hia lhe plave6 ¡o dosoúethiflg abour thtu problem

l r ¡bo1 s , l uke rhe ¡d ren tu . rF tno the re r \ nea ard ¡ 'dyho!:; bui hc c¡nno¡ find the invedot vukrin8 ro hiñ5elr;bo;i The otd fool s down ther€ 1s¡it, l'll bc boünd he *lu

tak€ rhe ¡dveflturcrs oui to ¡ sh€d behind rh. hoÚe lnside anil¿"*.n some st¡ia is t¡rc entnnce ro ihe se.rer *orkshop ofv'olfga¡8 Kugelsch¡eib..

Isid€ and dd¡, the wollshop (urnike rhe hous') k 2 ñcss'

.iiÁi,r" t"ror. i. tong. \¡F i.d bo¡¡lñ. md Eursle throush'*ir,. nr^rw.. o¡<u,. .(h.nic¡l deri.es ii¡rer rhc 'loo¡ in

rd ro ; . - imsr ' o f . o rp le r ion o¡havr rhe) l ' een p¡ í r l v¿lin,nue¿l g¡. ot f¡iearn ff si¡¡t.rc.i ¡bour rhr P1/'c alonss,rh srull Dil.s of sunp^wde. iti I sortrhop t¡troÉloñ.miLhr rLcliemii¡: i¡ir "nd 'mcll fero-l I mmed inro ¡ Pinrr . i i " * ¡ . ¡ r r l ' e ro* o r ¿u rhe .onrunon i5 ¡ ¡a rse obrc ' t' .o ' . *d ¡v

i . ¡ . " , a5 the rd \en t t rF en¡c r r mb aPPe¡ñ r ron

. .der thc .hecr Hh l ' r r ¡ i : 8 rc ) ¡1d r .k rp r ¡nd h¡ \ qe \ 3É

wide. blooó(ho nd hrvc rh,¡ic loul lbour thfl rh'' ¡

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On 5e. inc rne " f rncr r1 , vb '8 rn8 bem ¡ ¡ f - tbo \ a ¡d rhen* , . i . , l ' . L r r t . ^ . ' "u " . ¡F ;ena)ou cooDl IANTA5TI ' '\ . \DrRI ,_ l ' i A r re ' r r tboy l t s cJmrd hm do$n ¡ b ¡ ¡

volrgr.E !h.n ¡oc. on to sav Ah \c'l mJ' gooó lcrros< oo Yorúrt ro vork fo¡ úe or not?'

A . l rb .J q ' lh rvc l r l l cd rhcrd \€nrJ reF Ino¡ thedú i l (o l' h c ' . b t h ¿ ! ' h o u l d b e a b l e ¡ o ¡ n s w r h r r q i r h ¡ Y e ( A ' s Ú o '

x' Lhe\ er;. !o sor{ for h m Kugel¡chreibe¡ ukcs m 'tuunri,'r*i.ir'.. He q ill qrn r¡om a¡r r^ e¡r'r'' h'bor ¡h¡¡ Ah I

LoLo iuu /o , nd o i ie - the lh rBde^ l00C ' ' each pr rm 'nr Ür

."áir.iiá¡ oi t¡. ¡o¡, vc" rou haf.id oe of rse ¡roübl€zome

icri¿;. . KuRel..hreibe- doc'. r unt ro h'\r ¡n' ñr r-r'

i " i i i r , . ¡ , i i * . - r . ^ "4 rh¡ ! r teadventureo¿oñor ' rsh '

Jn r ' re p ¡ rmF6 O¡r e r th ,1 ¡ l ' r 'm i 'ñ i l c r r i c r ion hd h¿\e t

f¡ce h¡nd in úe ñ¡tler

rvith busi¡ds coúplcted, aod jur as th€ ¿dvedurc¡s ü€ lbour

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (21)

do* You ar. úr my eú!!o¡ b you cm BU ñe wh2t you ziúk ot m¡tibr an inndent bolt of li8¡t¡iog ..uld ge Ñey' ln.idenulltzis\' if the ltter is rhe cdc thc¡ úyone rouching th€ bodv qill -

rcrrne t-{ no¡rli ¡nd w l frll uncon.cioui rúr 6 ¡oun* !Vith a f¡oürisb, the inventor pu¡h the sh.d olf the hrge

object i¡ the middle ofhis wor*shop. B.neath is Ii Helsut is searched (Possibly while thc scarcher is we¡ringKugehchr.iber's l2rest inv.nrion; a submeGiblerlt is a large, som€ sort olinsul2ri.g gtovet thee ls lirtle rc be tound o¡ hributbous, b65,¡d bronE ¿¡d iron .ostruciiod. lr obviousty body. The onlt irem of intcicstts ¿ ¡,ñy u¡¡oo ofthe Crirron or Ir¡kes much ofirs desig¡ rrcm th€ rppea¿nce of¡ flsh. P¡ddlcs Nuln on his ch€st, jú¡ ¿bole his hdí

Ion either sid€ ofthe subn€sible take the Dla.e ofri6s and it h¡gla$ porlholes ln place of eyés 'rhe advenru.€s shou,d be propdll ñyrifi€d bl all these

How€ve. i¡ hasn.r occured ro úe absetumi¡ded seois rhai ixffLln.ili!'i#.ü'ff)1"":ilx1'91T;'i,'JJ,l?l,l 1: Irhe unres*es¡rip, ¡s he cdk it, is nu.¡ loo la¡ge to g.r out of soúething thd ihe phy€6 .!uld no¡ re¡l F or rind our úJ thc\ Ith€ doorway o. up ¡hc sreps hould be Puzl€d bt his ¿ppeaúnle 3nd the re¡ron llr th

brcak-i¡. On ih€ other h¡nd. the cha¡2d€6 hare beÉn-l:i:::::il:I;:'*:m:::i;: rrnd neirhe! c¡n Ku¿clschreibei so t¡e ldre¡tütr shoDld retir€

:- '*"-"1'.=1"--*t,, '. *, t' f l ' e n 'o rn inA J rer rhe ad \edur€r . r -c rwoken o \ t t _ 'ne l l ñ r a

Í,;tf itifl,f Í !it'^',J;'r#*'. Lii:*i:iJ:l:'"i["" Ino rh ine - t r ou l r he o ¡n He w i l l ¡ { . r l hoqe re r . rF r tF r k ' ' o

th€ncirh¿rheMsi¡hisstu."* **.* ' : : " : : t

fKug€lschreibe! ril¡ helP tend afly sou¡ded chr¡.thc Dr4ious niphr. He f ill elso ilfo.m rhe adve üfe6 th¡1 the

^frer a lné (bút excenenD diflner c@k€d br Fatboy, túe *i"'¡¡"irir *ii-.- ¡". ,heir ñoney ron,Bhr. ¿adÉnrures are shos! to thcir rcoc. The weathe. ouaide, fv!t!lyi,:l:1':-q'19:'-:11'::Tic-:':'LTl,:¡."L'li't"" ffi I- l¡ve¡tioN Galo,rc - :)(usersch¡€iber doc; no¡ so upro b.d b(¡us€ orihls!the I, - : ItYegt¡gBS t:alofc . : .'.,-,isre¡to. r eornc ¡o sta\ ut ¡rd {L¡. fxperiñent virh /eelemens, yóu tiow. K;g¿kchr€ib6 ¡nd F¡tbot will be quit. For rhe d ofrhe <¡a_v Kug.lscbreiber will deñotrtnr€ somc ofelemcns, you kno$. Klgrk.hreibn ¡nd f¡rbot w:ll be qurl. fo. rhe É.r ol rhe J¡r hug.l¡c5t'ber $iU deño6rnr€ somc or -h¡ppy if (hr zdtenrurr. cl'oosc ro mounr a gurd during rhr hñ mrny inredior< ro rhe ¡dv€¡turetr ftre.r include rhe In'¿lir. rven rhough rhcl rhinl ¡¡ód will 53yr rr h urnrc<sry Ínffioi. KuAptnat¡. Iurkel P¡ucaer the Kugtúa¡ir Mab e F

A!,hr advcmure* r.¡ re ,o bed ¡he ov@,or E,u*s dowtu,r r i;:EiliÍ'.iil"'*:.i';,Xl'U;i;.i|"'i7g{,:,':ii!:'':;i"";r o h i s r u d ) ¡ o s e r u p h n e x p e i r m e . b w h i r l i n m n ( o n , e r n . n e ñ L g c ¡ . i h r e i b ú i n L e n u o n \ r r c d r ú i l e d 4 ¡ h e e n d o f ¡ h c a

i.1?l'�*'i:i::'fi;':!'l*1T;iiljl"$i '"1Íll,llllil"ii rdvf'ru* ¡( '�hq m s5¡ be u'efl n lome ' LUar on\

Ihh meiiolous wort, his plms are about ¡o go ¿rrn Feel free !o ¡dd a f€w extú Kugeldrtic dsices The sillier an

,,,i,:r,1-r":;ir;'*rt::::{ilix!'ü:',li'.\':iJ::'ti.-' ij':}:{ll:'*I¡{'i#:Éi:".¡"t'¡*!:mnnr;x {mLuñ h w i l l bc qe l l , l r r m id ishL ther the rdknrLrcG wt ¡ o rJvrooh¡DDl rohr lDq i rh rn ! r 'e ld tesr / td r¿n t to car r l ! -be dFr;bed bv ¿ comouor on 'hegrcund floor serween t"eruñbles ol ttrunder 2rd the prtteri¡8s of the úin en be hcddc6hes and shoüts. Mesi¡e ¡rou¡d in rhe wükf:i,ff:,H'j,",,r¡;,,'+f3,:;i¡.

1A! ,he ad,enru*a re,ch Lhe bo,,om o, rhe .8i,. , sh,do* :i; fltlf¡*1,lilj3liT."jil,,. ,". *" ""*

lisure rurhes bY them ¡nd rur up the qrib Kug.lli túeibct¡p-pe6 ¡r rhc door ufh's rldy ¿nd shou6 Srop ¿¡ ñ'ñ' t hc¡ppe6 ¡' rhc door ur his rldy ¿nd 5hou6 -5rop ¿r ñ¡ñ: I nc tr

--- ---; --;- -- . drrry-oo¡d..= , { I'h'�iehon' t- --'-l¡i9r1991:i. . 1-=-:=::^:::: F

HelmDs. wetshund, rh€ spt, will rry ro 6c1pc ¡t wh¡iw€¡ Night l¿th i¡ Nulfl. Just after apm tha door ol the GefluSeh¡lat(o r HcM\nordDr , rnqúc¡n( rn ror robcup¡ndabout . rnd hou.c bu ' r . onen Imcd n rhc doorMy t re f i ve men: a l ¡ ¡ r rhe h6 ,ound our ||Llle or iñKF{ ru his emp'ütr\. rrndins nr cto¡ked, hoñd¿d "nd mr.keo

Ituy oür o¡ rbe fiñ¡ ¡oor he will cliúb the ladder i.Our.ide r F n,ñ,ñg 'dher he¡ul)., rnd ilrere i\ ¡ rúdble

adcd cro..bosr, whitc rhe I,hurder ¡nd a tusñ;rrish!¡ins iire sorú is nerly d trs he ishr "J:J:i,:T.ffil

'\f":Í',t#JL. ,n. no"*, ,n , *u,.0.""o

¡ ir passes der Nu'n our and co":e. tb€ oüsp¡nts.-Klgelschr€ib€r $rll turn o¡ ú\ I

.,jl:':,""lT:'JÍ;i:¿ii i'J,'--^lti:lr:;3J;íTri.ll-J.',r.iü'.. itlr":llfr,F:ir:'Tü!L:1,:'.'l':i'.ilil;:9T1.'1"fi::l:'" Ii ; ;ñ rhe ¡Bpdoor He lmdr w i l l r r r ¡ck oncr ¡d rhen iumD up ¿ und r re v ' r r N no ¡sn t rn8 mre

the highe. pd of the roof dd ¡u¡ pat rhe lightning cofldsctoi

rhc oorhnc j. dopins. wc,,nd rry,rrppes. rh.erc i,, . ^",ll3l]';"11;1,fri','.[j*li j',?ü;11"*.::1iiiff;'#,,," 1ruoo .\rnce rech ¡out¡j' ttE¡ nyonr on úi5 pri¡ of the rcor Thn ii rhe tea.ter uirhe drod'on',F, v¡nfred Kes<tcr He w'ttcill .lip o¡r ¡¡d r¡rl Thcrc ir ¡n a vard drop ¡o rhe gound. dem¡nd rhe fee from r(ü*rt..hreib.r rnd ¡u.* n rnro hF po¡.hIuirhcrmoÉ. *r, rcúd there r. r l<"" (h¡rcr thf,r liShrninS sh€n n b hsdcd ow. wfrh an etri,odrc ¡nü.¡(r{,c rhld{ -

$i::'iYJi: ::lÍlüT"Y"'':":Y"fl;'"','":T,:*:':-r;* voq he and his men w'l wi'�hdes Iadndine oo ihe .oof Thc shock wiu c¡use ¡nvonc afiece<t ¡o

ian ofiihc ¡ool bu¡ i¡ doesn't .ause ov dir€.t darose Those Dmi€d the opporiuni¡y to fignt thcm h.F and oow, theaifected by rhe rishto¡ns do, howev6, t¡ce ¡h. p.obrcm of havinJ¿ eúi.s¡ w¿v fo¡ úe a&e.türe" .

ff,Ji','j:,,X.,trf il:L',',,;j: Ith.ir háir s.ód on €nd for the nñ, fd hou6r f":.llH,LT$?*"? iliJ,ll'..* *_ ," .n-.o . ,n. .,,1

There is no €scape for rhe spy, ú€n ifbe def¿$ thc authoriiies ^s2 só2lt addedboou(, ¡he ch¡ecL€E may tind our2dv€niure6 in comMt on úe root ¡ae (or, ot!!!, t¡! 6r! \'x.É ¡!4¡dti4¡+s !idc{b€i@ft+¡----


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (22)





If rh¡ plan d@sn i o.cur ¡o the plaltb thc CM cañ suggesi irrhrough Ku8€lschr€ib€r Aftd i¡l, he is 2 8siú dd follwinglhe criñlo4l5 is €$td¡i¡l to rh€ Plor... vellr va¡ aÉ toú ú¡tingfor? Gct afte. zml A.hi Hzf I cmployed dumPkob? Zñallnosclzmallnose! Bring me d¡inl ú.d zuPpe.! Go ofl, d,.vou. AFT.€RzDMt ! l

Th. c.iniMts will ute th¿ mooel 05GCs) 4od mish ido th€ni¡hr lhey hdc.evcBl moE <¡ll' lo ñ¡Jc 'onighr ¡ndloilosine ¡hrm coúld b€ db8rrou! slills !u!h b J¡¿¡?@ ¡,4\¡lent Mote L)tuan (útedlmdt U¡bar ld ^eo NlSb¡ v¡s¡oíwiu ione io useful

Ii will be esier for thc criñimls b spot th. a<tt¡tures ifrh€y sEy in á group 50 ihey sholld s?rcad out or bave ioretrarsof a séi distanc. berwe¡ rhem. lf..rybody thirüs or doing rhisrhe) \hoJrd be 2qrdcd . (ouple ofEPr jun ¡o [e.p rh.m h¡pp)¡rl¿¿ ¡cns n€ed be ñ¡de or v on(e t the d¡onion¡is econJideni th¿r úobody will .l¡t .o fo¡lo* úeo.

Ir will l¡ke rhe crimidals approxim3¡ely t hour to return to¡heir bsc. They wi! úatc rwo sroPt 21otr8 rhe ey: Ón¿ ¿t anim ¿nd anorhe¡ shortlr 4ft@¡rds ¡t ¡ úúchanfs hoús.

Fi¡állt to oy Mtching advettu@ s dúD€rt, the criminalsarriye ¡t *eir base of opcÉtio¡s. Vith ¡ l4t c*u¿l look aroúnd,the six m€n oDen a d@r md eots ihe Ciry l9¿tcb búncks i¡rbis r€a! Thii is t.uly some¡bing for th. chu.te6 to rhinkabour: coúUtion i¡ dt ánk ol úe CitI w¡rch, uPholde6 of

rf rhe ol¡\eñ ,rrcno¡ 'o rch rh€ .m¿ll 'l, É.kr rhen r rl¡rnsr l ¡ be ; i : ;d by onr ¡ f ¡he * ro Í ronh |s wfom.o f (ouÉ. .now r¡E city \fátchmer árkbed ro úis b@ck block. Thept¡yes wilt hre be torced ¡o flee as thc hue aod crt is Éis¿d

¡f rhe 2dycftlre6 .epoÍ !h*e bent vatchúen to thei.slgerio6 o. my other v1i.¡ñed they wll sidplt ñot b€beiieved. fry rc m¿ke it clerr rh3i adyertlreF resuspiciousqand.És in rhe wes ofrhe Nuln l@ úd pe¡bap6 h2ve t¡€n..est€d wh.¡mr h?ppens, if it is possible get ¡he lllyer into ach¡se. They will be the {ould-be húteñ who haw b€come the

MrJÉd Ke$lü wiu do ¡ris best to oüllaw ih€ 2dlentures inNuln- Once rhis hs h¡ppened rhe adre¡tue6 ca reYc¡l antcrininal a.riyiry thet lite, bur no cou.t in Nuln is Soing tohelise rhe wotd or a bu¡ch of scruffy adveotu.€s h Pef.re¡ceto that ofíustd and resPe.tcd ghicbmen..-

A .hase is always ¡ g@d way of inórcing Sood rolephtine ¿ndrr\pired rhiúir8 rn ph)eÉ. ¡hanl\ to 'he pc<suÉ ol tryios toc.¡rw! lrom r¿Lble: The ¡d\ert@s $iI, in ¿tl prcbrbilir)wanr !o re¡urn ro volfganS KúSelscl¡tib€r's hou* Thev should.coor wMr rher h¡E rou¡d ro hlm ¡t th. vcfv I4t, ¡nd samhim rhd rhc citv lvach dav also b.zfter hlm

The ?cturi ch¡se bac¡{ ro Kugelsctucib€r's homc could be alme of hidé ed se.k beiw6n tbe Phye6 6d theif Pu6ue6,;ho d quü. r lo r o ' rh . v rch Sr rBon ^ l re r tu r ¡e l ) ÍLúberun ¡,,rtucrúfoBrd ch# qÍh rhe \Ihrhenn lcdbyManf!.d Kessld. hot o¡ the h.els ol the ¡dYentu.es who !enow wantcd lor qu.s1iotri¡8.

¡f rhe li6¡ tiruarion is ih€ cd. ih6 tldlrA tcs$ ¡.e rhc o.d..of rhe d.y. P¡¡yes can e6ily b€ h€lFd in workinS oü wh.t ¡sgoinr¡ o¡ añd whc.. thcy ú€ by beirg givén Senc¿¡ descriptiorsof the i¡m.d,ate fta, Yo! re in a ntrow b¿.k l2nc. *t¡hhouses kr clos. rogdher' dd ¡he li*. This snould heb playeF¡hidk of plác€s ro hide Nch 6 óofs, shzdow€d d@Mats,¡ l le l r ¡ , , o r iñ L ¡nJ l< . h ry $ ¡ is . mDr) q rgod. und.6e¡ rhrsmps nr whrder FPs .hotild b. ¡iúd.d for inS.nious

If a siñpte .bü. occ!6, th€ zdv€ uÉó 3hould not 8el c.ughljur t4, bur rh€y should be &ig¡Ened end ru¡ dSged by thev¡:ichecn. Afe. ¿ll, th€re! roth¡ng likc being chased bt i ho.deofscream¡ng Vát boen to 8ct thc adreo4ltngo¡oA.

Eventu¡llt rhe p¡!t€6 mur re¡ü¡n ¡o Küg€lschtibc.\ hoDs€, ifro¡ry ro .ollec¡ any belorgiflgr ¡¡ey hare lcft. They m¡y ¡rso befo¡.ed to reru.n to Dd GetuS.lsal, be<aus. th. ciry Sates ¡regua.ded bt warchm€n who d. on rh. a¡e.¡.

Vhen th. ¡de6rure6 retur¡ to úe tiouse ard irtorñKo8elschreiber of what is h¡pp€nin8 h€ will get very qci.cd tlewill shour aU kinds of thi¡cs 2bout th. ned ror f*t $c2pq burwill <to littte but ruf, @un¡ úd puu our m6t of his hi4 Therv4tchmen wil arrive shordy aJte. the .dvñture6 ¡el Y't'ú8¡og

ao bc esct rb€ warbo€n will adive ¡r rhe hoú of th.inyenro¡ 2 turús áft€r the ar.iBl of ilre ¡dy.ú.ur.6, Tbey willstut sho!¡io8 ¡¡d b¿ngi¡8 or ¡he dooi

By thr rimr thii i\ h¡ppcnin8, Klgel.chreiber ar¡l l¡tboy wüh¡\e tuñ u-r ofrfie b¿cl .juor ard <!o$ n ,o rhe <.ll¡. ^srhey¡eave. Kucelschribér will tur¡ ¡dd sholr at the'ch.sc!.6, 'I Yillcsclpe in;ei* untemrechj!. Do¡ t vony, ve lill úeet 28air'.If the ¡dv€ntúB s.o{f at t¡!s, Pcrh¡ps it úight be a Sood timero remidd them th¡r th. wall of ¡he .e[ar wo.]$op is dso thcqell of !h€ ca¡Er. KuSelsctueiber ¡bo h¡PFB io hare ¡ goodstock of gonp@de¡ do*n $€rc...

I nJorun,cly. rhere i. orily rooñ rnongb tor Lqo peopl. inthe trndcflat(RhiD ¡nd KufehchJ.ibet ¡n(i ¡¡lbov ¡c lh. onlvo¡€s who on ope;¡e it Prcperll Th€ adv€ntuas *tll h¿v. ioúi¡k Af soD.!hi¡8 cls ro do. The mi¡ doo6 of rhe house cúb€ bolBd but it wlu not b&. loog fo. a¡t watchtrn to b.ca¡¡tuough. (The door h5 ¡osA¿rest 3, Dañdge tulttts 12)

TtcF rr iewr¡l ¡lrdn,nves for thc pl¿yeñ 'o rcn.ider ¡ ¡hnooinr . thn F. ¡púl lroñ ¿ b¡ule ¡o the de¿th aSainr th. rn¡irecir] ur_(h 8¡rnonr F.c¡pe l\ a dirtlnc¡ trd inl.rs¡i48Do'i'bility. EreDe out of the b¡r! Joor h unlüely ¡o ruc(e.dbr¡.e t¡e srms ¡e p*rcUed i.d ¡.o Lhe s¡rchñ.t will rdto get in !h.oug¡! the ba.td@. s hcr they úive Ir h6lougbí5s \, l)añaAe PoinÉ 6

Ano¡hc., and fü Dorc inr€rcatin8 escáp. Úutc, is over thérooftoDs. Il ihe v3tchftn erc del.y€d by loclcd (k 06 dd otherbarricdes the ¡dr€ntue6 *tU b¡le ¿ good srzn in ¡nv etrulngrooftop.hse ¡lo*dd, !hc.€ G 2 !ób¡@; the N¡¡ln .iiv wanThcre i. ro corceiqble qt th. adfniureñ czn gd o\e¡ thcc ¡y q¡U wirhour " gta¡ d¿t o' ll8\in8. rhn úlght b. fer'ibleiJ ihe rdrenru¡cE r; a¡rrienccd. rrc¡8 n8l¡kñard '[8h¡lvn,¡ne Brr to.¡r rhr .r,"tr¡eE from ¿nv (utri&l pirched

battles ¡he.e is ¡ thiÍl opdo¡...

or too of ih€ EU lowdlik elaiform on Kúgelscheibú shous€ ¡ie sotr esci¡arini deYices thar he hs do€lopcd: hangetide6' The.e r_mirive,;d gorerri,I) ldhrl invenuon\ oli-Erl..hJeibr;provjde somCJnu.u¡l possibil ir ie. ,o' a¡v souldhe Dilóa monar ¡lr ¡dvcnture6

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (23)

EUREKAi rotl musi be úd. idmcdia¡clv to d.¡dmine whether ¡he

oitor rusiry tlr word ¡ñ jB loo\.rr possibl.3.n5r ') m¡oge\ to

lo .o¡ rÉ81¡der lo 82in cdrrcl thc ¡dvdlure¡ mu{ mll ur<ler

¡h. rot¡ of hú D.¡rettl p¡u fi¡l¡ hb ItLl4¡¡'? scor"¡a'.m"¿n s¡o ue o*r:emumb€Éd tulrer ¡ prn''v of r onrhe .ontiol ¡oU for rery 5o.¡cumbtuc€ Pot¡ts t¡r€v c ove¡

Ancr rcliflc od rhb t¡ble th. chdct.. dús¡ re-'oll fo¡ controlof¡h. b¡ns cidrr. dwys ssuming th¡l tF hs no¡ ' d\h'd jnto

Lhc c¡ound' -Dm1ac

whan hitúng ¡h. g¡oúd iJ (rlculated b J

i.lr i-. ,t'. ,pp-'p,i"" n"i8hr' kécP I odc or $hrL h.'ehr "t hh¡rA glid.r k 2r thc end ol crch tüm

fo besn wl¡h rh€ cl@ctec vil¡ be on the PlatFDrm which is20 vr<Gabove ¡h. rr@nd. vhen thet JUmP oft ¡¡. pl2rrormrhá w r ilrmc<lizrelv d.sce¡d s l¡t1s befo.. tbry <ar 8'in lrvelnight.

^fter the ¡4itial roll. .olls for co¡trol shdld be f¡k€¡shenóer rhcpúor of ¡h.8!dfr wishet ocon¡rol i¡ ir rññ.w¡v v'hrneG ¡ ol¡yer roUs fot.onkol ¡¡d 8¡ia Í he <¡.ch;ór. b €nlÉr ¡crnd 5 ráds. drs(end r ttd5 or b¡tl< to lheleft or m rhe ri8tn.

l. ls Dorrible to rurn into ¡l¡c si¡d (qh'Lh jusL h¡pp.n! ¡o beblou 'ni¡ fom th. di.6r'on o¡ ihe nrfn bn oi C v wJI)which;eatu th¡r the hdg glider EdI nsc bv 5 ttds Fth€r tha!f¡ll. but iL ñ¡y very Éll sia]l ¡nd c6b ro lh. g.@d ¡t ¡hr cndof .hc úf,. ÉrcU fo..o rol o xrcid rbis wirh a bonu' ol lo^r rhc .<lv.d$¡e6 * bé avhg rc*rd rhe cirv rf¡ll' ¡ is likelvrh¿t they will b. quite hiSh when thcy P45 ote. il, SGllS from@¡r hd¡h's do live a chance to r.(ovr( * a he¡s slider wrllót'ry aroó:r yzrOs t*imm' i¡ ¡ sirele rcund

h nicn! Lhe¡üd.r cú coer JO )¡& Pr touod 'nd so t.hould_Dl or ' ¡pprcxi@Elv ¡ rud ro 6clpe ovrr rhe ci¡vwU which is 25 tdds high

lf thc cM 6 rliqnrtv srdirdc lhen ¡l is r6v ro i¡¡rcducr¡ouis. Lo*s ti orxr rtringi ¡b4 rhr Pl2)tF wold h've ro

múoeu4 úound dutinS ú.ir tug¡r frcn Lhr 'i'v FIrL lrcmrfi. vát hmen below c¿t be i*ráduad slch?s trcws, s'o€ or

een ¡h. odd .rEpuk or b¡llno rhot could be used

orcc rbe tt¡vcE t. bqond rh. qlls rfi. Citv V¡rchnen will

no¡ ouñ. tif;, s úE ae no lonSer wi¡hin \uln l'ndir8¡nd .ubs.qurd s.rlt. aan br a shole nd 'er or ¡dwntur'

Alsd the fouowtng expé¡ierce Points to Pcs:

lo ó0 poinG eth fo. rcle-Pl¡Yi¡gi20 JO points sch for de¡ling PÍh ihe spy,rO @ids c¡ch lor lolloeinB rhe dto.¡ion¡h ¡ bonu\ l0 pointi

iór thc fi6t Pc ró su8Scst ttus;lo-2o po¡nB lor gcttiñg b2ct to Krgelschrcib.r'si30-50 poinrs for rhe es€aP..

rf thc rdve¡¡ure i3 ol3ved ¡r rouÍhlv rhé qy ir i5 drsigned lhe

Dlal.r chmdeÉ giI p¿b¡bty.rd up e ouil¡B io \nlr ThL'dó¿n'r h¡v. to b. crc ú tbe fi¡¡l e.n¡s or rbe ¡dEnlúre sk

Dl¡c..¡ nlgr¡r. ob¿lrjng ¡ccuaa d6.tiP¡joú olrhé tdvenluFñir coúc to b. hrd lú ¡h. v¿¡ch lf rbe chuú6 do b.(omeouit¡.ia, rhoush. r¡q drSr! & hu¡Kd by rhe odd bou¡tvt''".. ". ¡M ihis c;.silv .rc¡r. so¡lúne' ror úv shofl rin_

in tyD. ¡dren$Gs,.. lf, o¡ d; oth.. húd, vqu fer a moe"ari;fdor cd.lüston to ¡hé ¿dv.ntú ¡t is, 6 ¿¡wav5, possibleo ch¡ngc ¡r¡y of the de¿ilt Slven hcr.,

Kre€ls.lEib.r should suFiY. the climú of thc ¿dvoNre Heir r]tucestlrr ch2trt r. úd orhd edvorús @old cdtair vfaturc hiñ. rindin8 obrcurc ingÉdtents and m¡rdjal3 ror hi6dr.iñfnc or sor¡or on orhc¡ iNntoar *cE6 f iu{ ¡.oiDl. of Doúbill:dd for thrs ch¿*t t

f¡e oucieo orgh¡ m¡ ¡r. Eúh mood¡ry Ñ¡¡d for th¡s

¡<Ivenrúc, but if nothidg .lse lhey could ger iobs in 1 lnv€úingf2i¡ 6 de¡rb-&fy¡oa flie6.


ov intrres¡int invrntions you ¡rn rhinl uP t¡n ¡d<l.oloÚr roanr ¿dwrrurE bur úot ol Lhem <iñply sbould .or work;;'y¡hing roo lile hiSh technolog) m¡ld rurn the ¡mo(pher. olrhe ¡de, ud ir ¡ imlorun¡ lo retuñb.r th¡s l'mr \u, h bmr(-hinr (un. o¡ robd( <hould be rñidrd bur ú ,ou ve 8ot ¡ohzve th@ malc s!rc tbát thev úe omb.Fodq doS.rous to ihe

Küqeroatlc F¿st D€w sc¿t¡brdrh; i! ¡ t(rbbÍd (ior.undld \qord¡ or ), qnh ¡ I nd orsorinc ddicc ú ¡he botlom of r when rhe ddr'e sork;rei¡lv r5o'. chrlc, then th. u'cr saiñ -1r) on hn /¿f¡rr¡'Pfor ¡he iii;l oünd of coñb¡, proridin8 tbe sword m ú &e3c"bbrrd. vftr ¡hr ¡tu8eltutte Fat Drau '.¿bbardúllfund¡oro úen rhc 'qord 5hoot! our of rhe scr\b¡-d rndlúds I r0 tards 1w¡f

KuA.lb¡dc Mobl¡e 8Lr. E:tbgútsb€.fh'5 i\ ¡ whceled rroü.y wirh a Ley. r PUñp $d ¡ nosf,itschcd V'hen {te 9mp is !scd. brcwn rnd rúeUy chemic; lr.erL.d mkr thoob out ol rhc hose lhis sill *ringuÚh :ay fiÉn comes into conhct vith in ecdy thc súe úaúcf asordiÉrt *ate¿ fhe gloo! sill also sitck to dtooe ii hi6 .ndrcíúe rhen Inítia|re bt 15. It has ? mo¡P of i 'Edi od woolw2\b off ¡rocrly fo¡ 2 hos. Tbe mobne fire exrirylishcrrcquircs two oper*os lone to puop a¡d one to poin¡ ¡he hose)

Kuc.lú¿t¡c t úd¡;mtr Ar.2ihLA Delc' -

¡ oir¡n¡¡'e.rcr*el whi<h doe. ád!3lv wrk quil. weu Th¡.o-rid b€ usetul to 2ryonc who wishe to .sclpe bv ¡w'mrdg

Kugclú¡ttc cb¡d(.r PlúclctJusr dod t ak.

|(ug.td.dc úrl.y PlucrdA bial¡er v.6ion of tbe abd. .

ó.r.,¡ áiit"i -l "., *¡¡ "ec.$,ry s Lh. ¿dven¡uFb shourddor 8.t to use tt, o. mn 3ce thc ¡6de of ir'

r¡fotu io¡ oo ¡hc glide6 is Siven in thc t $ secl¡on of ih¿


lf the pilot loses co¡rtrcl, roll ¡ D6 and consult rhe

Die Ron



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (24)


Vofgang Ktgclsúrcibcr

as s T T Id cl

I a 1 a9 l 0 l7

sttlrs: AsÍonomyi Crtogsphyi Eng¡nc.riúB; !uck! nl.ldlurgyiChemisl.y; gts¡ory; Heal wou¡dt Henldry; Suptr Numeni€iSpe¿ir ̂ ddltioml l4ngua8.: Clasic¡r.

Notcs: Terds to be sctuffily dresed zld ftver cáres how helooksi slightly 1bsdr m¡¡ded whi€h is wüy mdy of hisirvo¡iotr dod r wrk - he úsualt forS€s a coúponent.


S¡tlls: Cooki Sing; Animal Cr¿

Not$: Tendi to mutter to hitueü 2 lot.

Stll¡s & Tqpptdg8: As spy (sce the w¡RP .ul€bookl Plus

Warchmc¡-Exronioúrs /3

Stt¡¡3 & Tappl¡gs: As'vatchman Gee rhe WFRF r¡lebook).

Nor.s: v¡hen the rv4tchme¡ 2.e m6quendirS as dto.ttonisttheir rmppi¡gs ¡e as described in rhe 1¿veorüre tdt when th€-vue acting ¡ \larchmen ihei! lúppings tú the sme ¡s in ¡he

M¡nf¡cd Kcsslc¡ ' ttr lcadcr of ttc crini¡¡ls

stll¡i & NoLs, ^s his henchmen 2bove

Ftboy Srnallnosc

vs BS s T CI

3 29 2 1 4a 20 17

Hclrrut Wcishund thc Spy

M ws BS T I (¡

4 2 l9 49 69 29

it BS s r I Td ct11 4 0 a6 2 9 29 29

BS s T T cl

4 a lo l 9 2 40 29 29 29 29

n /LM




rl]lllrllllillilTnlFiRST FLOOR

st4 | u:-t i-t¡,t,t

ir.:'ilillr.f lllt tzt l l t


slv Éi

,."*39 *t

ld¿^¿o.' I F4¿6or' , u--4./4 - ^ a R - ; 4 t u *--.¡---5-



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (25)







tn Deattt on tbe Reík, ttris adv€nture cán €ither be ser th¿the wai hunting a fdous oudaw l¡st time shes¡whim'

somewhe¡e betr,,€en Grissemrztd xfd Kempefbad, of along which wrs two w€€k ago, and,ws workinS ir disguise

the l€nethv sourhern srrelch oI rt¡e Reik b€tween Castl¿ Sh€ thinks that he used the udform of á Ro¿d w¡rclen at

;:,ñil;j¿;;il. soü ir..ir¡ úe e"co"nter a5 the time to put people off the sc€nr' Fi¡¿llr she ¡lso gives

*¡iIÁ, _Á"ilc-i,..oro winbe rhe cr¡vir\destination. the i¡fofmation rhár Joha¡n wrs sidsle, ¡ r€etor¡ller, not

íi'ili*¡Á[�ün¡sí"iá i¿."nry)ou carhal€ th¡s rffti¿ one ro spendünl€ wirh radies ofdoubttul viftu€. and. aü

"ir¡. ¡"rr"" * the firs! s!o; berween A¡dorf ¡nd in ¡ll, quite ¡ decenr bloke. Ursula doesnt s¡y arythinS

wi¡..0-iü, t.e"i"g"¡igh le{É];fleos¡on iarhe Pc p,nv - abourjoh@ sb,'ck8¡oud f¡mil}- oúp¿st sorhlsP!:rure

¡s rhev fl€e froñ Altdori! isn't lotarrv s¡tisfv ing m !h€ PCs o¡Joha¡n' but tt's nor bzd'

Adveúture SuEmarY 'Th€ PCs st¿y fo¡ e right at the Three F€aú€rs Inn, wh€rethe Gr¡vin. a minor noble, fd her Étinu€ are staying Othernot¡ble auests includ€ the Bou¡ty Hunt€r Ursul¡ KoPfgeld,som€ 'itrlti¡tes' who af€ ¡c1u3lly sltjsts, a couPle indl¡lgrngin a secret affair and still Do¡e- Th€ complicated s€t-upand multipl€ plotlines of this ¡dv€nrure can t be donejüsüce ir ¡ short sumnary. Playe¡! will lov€ rrying to fiSureour wháfs going o¡ he.€!

EneÉy w'ltblq Campalgn Noteslf you are preyina Pot ?t Bebind tbe Throne ser the.f,cóunter rtone the Aldo¡f to Mtddenbeim ¡oad, úd m¡rethe Gnvin a m¡nor noble of a¡ a¡e¡ clos€ ro the city ofthe while volf. where she i5 bound- She will pror€ a us€tuIcontá.r tothePCs, both ¡s á ftie¡d ¡nd someone vtho canintmduce them ro th€ h¡ah Lüe in Midde¡l¡eim. She wiübe too buly and distr¡cted (the legal rutter) to help rhemctirecttr so m¡kes ¿t ide¡l NPC. By making her ¿ f¡iendof a nóble. büt fairlv useless char¿cte¡ like the K¡ightEt€rnal, you c¡n ¡nt.oduce the PCs to uppe.-crust so€ietywirhou( p¡r t r ing tbem di rect ly in contr . r whh xnvoreinnuendrl or helotul: 3 desir¿ble \t2re ot ¡fh¡rs

Restless Dead Campeign NotesThe locátior of the Three Feath€.s is shovr'n or tnecampaigfl Map, berwee¡ volgeq atrd schopPendort

The PCs aft likely to mak€ oqui¡ies about the ririg (aodshow it to the landlord) and ask abour rhe mar cdted

Johann to whom it s6 sent. Of cou6e, the t¡ndlo{d isn^zingry büsy wiÚr a noble visiting, and he can baf€lv

sloD m help the PCs. rvhen he does get a l¡tle lime hewiú sDlai; thar be has only just taken o{er lhe pr€mi'esstnce the old la¡dlo.d died of sPored Gr€en Bninpor 2monrh ago (¡fter the ring *es delivered). However, theIandlorct sars th¡t he does have ¡egulars, ¡nd he will showthe dng to them ,nd ask if ?ny of them know ebout it. Ifthe PCs do'this themsetv€s, thcy wont 8et ú)vhere as¡one of rhe NPCS he.e will dmit th¿t rhev know of tbering. They h¡w to lezve ir up to the landlord {hite they

iusr have a drink or two with the folk íd the b¡.-.

This leaves you f¡ee to run the complicated adventu.€ hereas sc¡ipted, ¡ndjohann won't turn up to sPoil the tur' Tliecr¡vin rill be on ber way to Alrdo¡f, ¡nd will stop ¡tSchoppendorf to carch a r¡!er borr lhe.e. The prec¡sebackcrounds and hoñes of tb€ oth€. NPCs are notimpofont, and so do Íot ni€d cha¡ging, the Pcs will beve¡r uúlikely to find out where they h¡il f¡om in any eveni

Th. ending nfrdr car€fúl Rision tol€eP thr campeiSn

Fi¡st. you should not have the Gnvin inslst th2t my PCaccomp¡ny her to Altdorf, althouSh staying with her untilsbe reaches Schoppendorf is fine sitce the PCs will wa¡nro go this way in ány 4ent. This also allows the Pcs toacquire ¿ srnall sum of mon€y fot helpirg her.

second. the PCs have to find out more itformation aboutlob¡nn here. The €a¡iest wv for üem to find out aboutihis is for rhe lddlord to discove. from ursula ¡l¡at she hasseen the .in8 atrd knows of its o wne. u¡sula. 35 a BountyHunte4 knq Joharn ed indeed wo.ked wt¡h him on acouple of cdes in the P4t. As she is only p¿5sita thmugh,the following túforMrio¡ wiu be Pass€d on !o the PCs bvthe lardlo¡d the next d¡y after all th€ trouble has diedaloso. This is again perfecr, sir¡ce (he PCs dor't get toint€r.o8ate rhe prim¡ry soütce of thei! i¡formatto¡, a¡dso can t ark overly ¿vkward questions.

Ursul¡ co¡firms thtt the riDg was bought by a BountvHunre¡, whom she knew o¡ly by his firsr flamq 'Johann".

She will giv€ a b.iefdscription of him which ¡alies clos€lvwirh th€ appeamce ofthe Ghosr. She will s¿y thatjohannws careful, accoúplished, and sometimes opented fromihe Three Feathers, ¿lthough he bad no close fri€¡ds inthe área. She doesn't knoF wbo he worked for She says

Jobún will appear shortly ¡fter this tiñe ¡nd co¡fer vithth€ PCs. He perks r¡p at ¡he úútion of o imponant cáse,potnün8 oüt that there could be good mon€y i¡ it tor thePCs. vhi le he d iscusses some minor poin i o f theinfom¡tion Siven ¡bove, he suddenly winc€s lrd @veshis stump about. 'A re¡l twinge there ', h€ says, "I supposeir's wh¡t they call phd.om Umb P¡ir

', smilirg sadly at thisdodgy pün. How@e4 ¡t this stage the hánd cr¡wls or¡t frcmwhe¡€ver th€ Pcs h¡ve put it Oackpack. bag, etc), dr¡8gi¡girser ¡long by livid blue fing€6. The tnd€x fi¡gei slowlfteffibly slowv describes ¡ ctcle in the air: vt€weñ mustmáke a ¡¿ar rest or be coDpell€d to te€r.h it paralvzd bvho¡ror. The¡r the finger points west, mak€s sr¿bbingmovemefts, and the h¡nd f¡lls inert ag¡ln. Aryone stillaff€cted by ¡e4r will r€covet at .his time. W¡en th€ handanimates ed Epets this in tuture, you .¡n hav€ PCs rEkelós¿l t€sts with ¡ cumulttive + t bonus 6 in the case of

The h¿rd ofjoham h¡s now crttm on life of its own Theeson for this is explained fully in th€ camP¡i8n rotes fo.7'b¿ RltuaLbüt tt,. effe.r i¡ Same terG is th¡t the h¡ndnos, points unerrlnSly to the town of Delber¿. V¡heserthe PCs t€vel (and it will be mosdy strilShr rN¿rd! Delberzfmm now on). the hmd vil Perio¡trcaÍy ¡nim¡te and Pointrowa¡ds the same plac€. It i5 poioti¡g to Joh¡m s body,alrhough the PCs wi¡l ¡lmost certainly not ¡ealize thisinm€d¡at€lr The h¡nd is th€ Suiding liShr from berc on,rhir will be DicLed uD In rhe nqt \er of note.


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (26)



THI INNfhc noc¡ nn thc pt¡n ihrutrt b. \etf..xpth¡roo

,,, u,,uo¡rcf.r ro rhc ndcs on rnc Mpt. rnn In rh. s F(p rutri,ur

PI'(N SUMT,IARIESA\ nñkdrbcv., ¡h.F 2rc \d.nt ¡rungr ot inS ¡L¡ce ¡r once¡mg¡¡ rhe rofluqr'8 p¡or suhm¿j.\ lhou¡d hdp rou ro kc.p

. Room^¿t ú. dübt. rcoG wh,¡c 1006 ¡.s r lngrc\ Í\o¡.

¡n¡r rn( c¿vln ha El.n owr ü cr¡Lr $,{na, ro ¡h¡r rún / erl¡D. rcF oplv ¡ hcr úd.6 ¡f rh. ¡<¡cnrur6 boo* ¿ ddubreroon. th.y *ü b. glv6 s ot /

Th. TlG. Fc¿rh.6 hzs ¡cn jinglc úons ¡nr, t.n <touorc rooms,4t preqc flvc of_¡h. dDubtc rcomr. r¿.p on rb. p¡n. ¡r Dc,n8oc!upl<d bv ¡h. Cñvrn fd h.r pay t hc q hota .!úrdnr h¡sDCcn sHLd of¡, w¡th rrc D€n-r¡¡¡s pof.d ¡ rhc,oinr mút.dr lo m2r¡ 3uE rh¡¡ rhc CÉvrn is ror d¡lrurb.d

lhc orh.i rtuhs r 2U fE . rhe ¡dvcntuF6 h¡ve ¡¡fu.d rrtrr!t¡¡y 'r Ihe crün8, -d ¡h. inn ha no¡ 'it sú¡(d ro ,,jt up. ̂¡'n9. rooo (crs lcc p.r h8hr, ¡ doubrc.oon ! or3 Jr-, ird Ip¡¡.c.h trc d(n¡¡ory rcrs 5¿ ^lt prfi.r hLtud. frppn ¡nJnFadi, tt k.po$iblc ¡n cñ on( cr¡E p.ñon rnu ¡ \nt¡. oroourk rom, bur ¡ne q t háv€ ro,te.p ú ¡h. floo, ¿.¡u I.u¡cn¡j8. wnt be ñ¡d. to. rhcñ rqn¡ b tEl| rhr (on of rh.

GI,Í'S INTRODUCTIONThc man (hinR ro Émdb(¡ úou¡ rtüs ¡d!. m-{hr. d ¡qtu¡::L"j:T._T-i1r_1181¡ onc.. rh.É.4 ledd (cPer bú

Thn C¡ r t , l@. r p ¡ ¡u ry Rotcp¡ ¡ , ¡d \ .n ¡u¡e . . { r In ¡ n !€ ¡ o .to rJ_ \ idc 'nn . i ¡ukd r lñu f ¡n rqher . ,n rhe Fñpr re . t r .n ro t r . .¡ne P¡ I rn \ñcnr p fo r l joc \ s rmujuncousty rnd rh . a i t q ,

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Plor I - A l\,1¿r.¡ of Imporrrhr orlhc inñ h¡ b..n kl6 ov$ by Cñin v¡,r¡.Utrtc ronLrDturz oi ^¡bbo)sr(n. ¿ ni.!r ofcounFss Emiu.uc or N!tn¡nd n.r Frinú - hdf ¡.do6 tucn.¿rm\ ¿ t¡\n.r I ,uJn r¡¡cneplon

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Plor 2 - Compromisi¡¡ Positio¡¡6Bw¡n Ms'¡ I,lrit r d. ¡he onty na6l. rn rh. im ron,gnr. {horayrnS ¡neE . bur t¡rco8¡no. ,s rhe ,oungCÉf rÉdrnñ vo,rretrnuthÍ rtt rh¡¡d ron ofCount BrunooaWisrr ¡rd. Hr is¡c(ompnj.d by Fsutcin lttuJ I s¡t¡nn, ¡ d:u8hkr ot ore or ¡he*erht bor¡oitding f¡Dit,6 of crts.,szld: th; ,qu I,rc e.ñ.onoud'ng n ü <ir ¡ff2t¡ fú som. rimc. ¡d h¿vc o\.n ¡ room nrne_rn¡ under ¡hr ñhe H-¡ ¡d FouJot¡tu \chmjdr.!n¡oíunlety rhcv hrE bc6 F(o8d<ed ¡rt onc ñr cnqn Mril

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Plot 3 - A F¡cc f¡o¡n r[c P¿srGu(bJ R.rhr5h¡ndld rh. CEviñs t¡*.yer, F I rÉdu¡rr oj rhc!tuvr^llr ot Nutn, whcF hr mc b¡irnv a m.s|bú ot ! r.r,solriy ¡rnoqñ ¡r'F ordo u¡UD¡ Th. ordo q"\ ¡ frd¡¡ for ¡\¡Jos.![ ro ow¡n8 Slunc¡¡, ¡nd R.\hrstE¡dt.rrctr whcn h.orco'erd ¡ir n qa @¡ :irpl, ¡n ,nroen¡ s.t,.¡ jor irrl.H.weer, ñ? r.r pro8Fs.d ff .noug¡ ú discovr. rhe Lnt snh

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PIor 5 - ̂ sics ro ¡s¡*{l rhlc h h,ppenhg oñ t¡. r.e^ sm( njah, ¡h¡r ¡ qrou¡ ol:T-lql:ilf !.,1 ¡Tpg'"' ,:r¡o b prion r m,rins 1".:r rhcDo¡L-útrod.u@1ety- lmt sdrt¡g ¡r 3cBp.d r,ork dowtune_ rndoó ¡orr nn¡ ¡d3r beng EFerrcd rDr htu\ rh¡¡ rh..mu8etcñmuq ¡rd. rneú I ¡t8D in rh. in, rd úú tor the b.,a ro ¡r,vc nrn. ruorúng rvirh b ordin¡ry c¿¡go ¡hts s.outdni b( r ¡rcDr.mo_uu¡eúon¡nbrd.t5 hume. H. kJG.r AuÉ$,.Btd. ¡,, ¡S,uro,¡rcm Andd¡, qmtcd for ¡rchioB Eb.Uron H. %i ,er.ed strh ¿(oñ¡.hd{t¡8 dru8 ¡D¡ rh. \mu$tc^ e cú8uh.d ¡\ lnrr{c, urvor, os¡dsibty uting hx¡ hon. ror buri¡t Tñc drl4 *^ rm.o

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PLAYERS' INTRODUCTIONIr \ b€cn ¡ IorE d2r s rpvct úd ¡h€ ,un ú jur be¡tu:-":l j.t:"-j.-.. { 9" 1;ih: ;,i;;; ^: i;;

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rBr8em. c ro b. tudc. r h,rdt,tr@ ¡¡dhcr r D coúinA d Eo¡n{ wirh n ¡l1 N.rrur r.om: wra m r i.¡;.i.;r,;it."yil ¿; i,j":;,::'_.?a¡ i ¡ ruon l Íb f ¡ o@cnt

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¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (27)

S o *ouu" NIcHr Ar rH[ rHREÍ 1EATHERSro qer oflonic rt ws sf<,lr on rhe bo¡r, bu¡ h<cosc of rhtdelal h. e1ll wrke up 6¡ing ¡b. nigtú

Plor 6 - A Fistfu! of Gld Cto,pnsU6rI¡ Kopflcld, ¡ bouúy hn¡ter, is followiñ8 the smueglfG Slr€q2s v.r' .loie to Aufwiecl€r wh.n h. died', and is onvinc€¡l th{romdhi;r¡ fishr is '¡oinB óÁ She h¡s fouo*d the smu8Slcñ lo theinn, and is sntln8 fo¡ ¡hc.h¡re. b {r'

Plor 7" You vc Got To Pick A Pocka O¡ Two'lb rdd b !h€ cotlusi¡in iurtl¡e¡ Glimb.t¡ oddsocks, ¡ Cnomcrhirt is visiting lrc ¡m, ¡nd wtlt ¡ll.mpl ro st.¡l ¡nythinS h. tan<lurinc ihe c¡.. SoD€ ofhis nolcmttt 2re s€t dow. i! rhcE,¿,r¡ Fdion. but any tim€ you don t knoe FhcÉ he is, he\ al¡

EVENTSl hF A mushb qh / ' M l l h ¡ tpcn du ing th r n ,8hr R.mcmh( ''nuuBh 'h i r rh <ouF. o f t rn ' . l ¡ i J ou¡ l r r . !¿n be dF urhcd bywh¡r rh. advdrur.d do ¡¡il wh€!. thq ¡t ¡t 2ny P¡rliol¡. lioc,

A¡d, ot coútc, ¡h€y w¡l also bc dlslu.b.d by qhl1,tD! w2o¡ toh¡pprn. Fecl fic. to is.¡k b€nd, rrcrch, c Butilll. lhcÉ plorsa mu.h ¡s y@ wanr. Aft€r al¡, {hos 8oin8¡o know?

9:0Opm-¡he 2dv€durc6 rdve ! r¡€ i¡n.

Bru¡o is s€lr.d at t¡ble r, l.m'wrcsditg wkh onc ol thc mcn-¿l'2ms. o(h.6 ¡.c 8¡rhcrcd oudd lh. t bl., dr¡nldnS rd shoutl4cncorngmc¡t Bruno defels hh opponcar.tut, md wiu 2ccepia.h¡tlcnse f.om 2nyone fo. sL¡ies oi lcc or bigher Rül.s rorarn *rcsdiñg tr given ¡t th€ end of ihc ¡dt orurc.

fhcre Í. afs of rhc Cú,ns men.aizd ¡nd seNa¡úsa.rer¡ll) mil¡ú8 rbout rr rt* \t{oom, ¡nd ¡hcy nrv beDr6u¡dcd ro all ro ¡lrr ¡dtorurÉ bl a fs drinl: or ¡slcccsstul ¡cl t.st. They tn@ rh¡r ¡he Gtt¡n ,5 Soin8 oK.dD.rb2d lo d.2l w¡h soE le¡ál m¡n ri ¡ny sen¡dt ot ñ¡n'elañ who faib ¡ 14 tcr will fünh.. rd.¡1rtur rh€ ñ¡t|cr hs lodo q(h ¡hc derh o f ¡ gu . t 2 ¡ ¡ p3ry h . ld b , rh . Cn\ in \ 2ün¡úe cou@s Eñm¡ñuflle lon Lirbsit¿ of Nuln.

Tb€ 2dv€ntures rc p.rmittcd an l¡t a5t ¡o h¡ve hdd of IheCounresl l.8.rd¡ry pú¡i€s; Nobl€! dd chmc¡cF wfth ¡¡r4r./,¿rkill m¡t úe t í ¡t a +10 borus. Ifthc tcat ¡5 mrdc by l0 o¡morc, th. 2dvcmuréa *¡l¡ 2lr.¡dy hn h.rd som. ¡oslp ¡boürrhc tnc'.t nr, which tdk tl¡.c aboür z fronth .go. Th. dcc.ze.dF¡ B@n sjsisñund rcn Dmc¡b¡atz, m.ld..ly miror nobl.r.om rh. Du¡lclb.t* üe¡. He ws found <b¡d, fa.c doú in apun€h bowl, ed ñow his sd, B2.on Eberha.d von Dlmcrbl¿lz,ir.cc!ln8 rh.Gnvin ol c26inA hh f¡rh.r's dc¿Ih throuShpoisonin8 or wi(chcnli.

Nobody tn thc GBvi. s pdy b€li5cs th. 4cu52¡ior . the¡.neml cor(€6us ofoplnior is rh2t Ih€ Ben dr¡rk hintelfuncoñscioüs, dd then stloFd comlros€ into ú. Püffh-bowl,

Arso in th€ b2r-rod is a grinni¡8 Halfling, whó sits ¡t tlb¡e ¿roting with ¡ prk orcards. He wi! b€ wi¡ling to lt¡iy wrhrn_vone who offc6, fd s6kes of e shi,ling ¡ 8me

9:l0pmThrce.Évcll.s comc in our of¡hc Éio. Th.y t¡l¡c otf th.ir bc¡taclo¡ks ¡¡d h¡E and har8 thd ü9 by th. 8re to dry, rhd book.doübl. ¡oom 60r the Ituce ol úeú úd ord.. three hor m€¡ls.Thcy Bo ¡¡d sir Í dble., Íld keep to thec.¡ves, rryiry roi tobr.ome involEd in .onvesfion wirh [}úne Thes¿ e th.curriss of¡heOrdo ti¡tima (see PIot 3 abú.).

9:15pm IA GAoñ€ a¡rirer, b@ks ¡ sin8le.6m, 3nd sits down to pl¡y

9:2OpmA sednt in ¡hc C¡-in s liv€ry cdes downst¡iñ ,nd sp€.ks toB.úno, relli¡g him rher .hc Ge'iú *rnis him to srop rhe 2m-wr*rlirg in cac h. iniúÉs hitr€lf. ^ntoÉ ¡t thc aúc ablc o.ñ adioinlnS ú¡Ic.an ov€rfi.ü sh¡t hc ts sáyln8, 2nd.¡dde6wirh Ltp Aedt'lrg sti\l znd ^ cled line or siSht c¡fl ¡lso derhcd .B.unó sands up rbr¡pdy' tñ€rin8 oEr tlr s.mnt, ard Llls hlmi{r no un.€rd¡r !r.Ds to m¡rxl his @n blnness The semnt

9:25pmTt€ (jRr¡n c@fs dNnst2i6, ¡.comp¡nict by three s.nanG sh.ro.i to Rruno! eblc¡ ¡nd od.6 hlñ lo hb room GooD d) ucób.ys sülkily A s€ner 0r.16 supp€r tot tlrc Gnvin s Pr¡ J Th.¡¡oops ¡nd th. butk of the smfl.s c¡t in ú€ b¿r, ¡nd ndls totthc Gnvin, rhé.hmPion, ¡r¡d h¡la¡ dotn s.r¡nN úe scnt

9:J0pm^ rm¡ll hozt ¡Ílvcs, cürying fou. p.apl. a Fcll_.l6sc¡l coutlc ,nrhci efly twcrt¡cs, ¡dd two boín.r Á room (re@, is bool.din úe n2m ofloh¡nt S.hmidt, ¡nd tlE clq of thcborl t pu¡!p in !h. como¡.oom. fh€ coupl. dis¡pp.¡6 üp$2iñ lrirhoutsloDcr ordcn ¡ d.¡nkilt ls cl.zi thÍ rh.y onl) h¡rt cy.i Ín c1(norhc. th€ bo¡rm.n sl]yh thc b¡r, slttfl¡ 2t t¡blc 4, ¡nd $illbth rm! ¡o . h4 2rd sqrp ) ¡ rñ q úh lnyone ¡ f quc ' ' .uned rFñu¡¡h;ú p¡s*ng6, ¡h.I qrll (¡y ¡h¡t rh€y N Hrr ¡nJ I du Jñh¡nnschn¡dr, ¡ rsly-wcd coupk frcm Grit3cñ2ld rhf bormr¡ 2¡casr. of rhc.@uplcs E¡l id.ndt¡.s, bur hú. bec¡ scll p2id toleep qurd! 'hO B,ll F./l tlr. rrurh Ú.u(.s'fully a'l¿vr'' bur¡he t h ¡ . ¡ .20 nod i f r . r ru th .ú wP ro F \ l . l b r ibc^ sd w i l.cquke ¡n offd of¿( l.d roGG.

9:35pnA .o¡c¡ ai¡tvrs from lh. no¡th, b€ár¡¡8 th. livcry of c¡út Lintrol Akdo¡i. It hs th...pas€n8c6, ¿n ln th. bl¡cl ob.s ol Moúwho 6k for a doubl. mom {.oon 4lo. thd*lvc5 ¡n.l thcirch¡r¡.. Th.y úr convcytng ¡ body fú burt¡l, ¿¡d 5k Io bt¡l¡owrd to kccp it ln ttEk roon Thebm¡¡ ¡s um.íein, andc¿ns rh.laodlo¡d. H. .b.sr't litc thc Id.¡, bur soú Solddisca€dy chÍB.s húds 2¡d th.y g.t ¡ scclud€d róom, {ll ¿qayf.om the Gdvtn s pa¡ty. fh€y hed to. lhdi room imedilel!,crrying a crfñn ¡¡d tcllirg .he l¡ñdlotd rct ro worry if the.c ismy noise fom their room, 6 thcy t rcquiftd to pñy úÚ ¡h.body f.om úi.trisht unti! <lsn. Th€ two ó1.hñ.n rit in rh.bar roon ao. ms¡ of ¡h. er6¡n8, befoE Édrl¡A to ú. do.nnos.thck tccp is lEld by thc corhinS conpart: wlrich h¡s ¡ ro8ll2r¡rongeftnt wiIh dl. hn.

9:50pmUsuh Kopfgeld Úir6 ¡t ¡h. inn or hoñcback ^ri.r 3cein8 húhoñ. r2blcd,shc enrcc th. br-¡ooñ sd books ¡ sin8le roonr¡oom /r lo. th< niqhr D.6ok h.. tDD.dncc, shc se.m. fri.ndlrinou*n, ¡nd wtll<ónwsc r¿pplly t¡¡h ¡nyot( ll sh. iJqu€ nn.J ¡b@r h.r bu.ln6\, rñ. sill cl¡Jm tu be worung forrhe X.úp.rbrdrowñ counco. u¡lng ¡ óc6¡8. ¡o Nuln sh. w'llnot deal {y dcails eboüt h.¡ supPd.d mjssto., s¡yin8 úÍ it is


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (28)





1¡ \om. ritr.dujñ8 ¡he er y plr¡ o' r\. ev.nrn8. tuu mrSh¡Dv. un . d rhc omor mte \p , . , rn ¡o o ¡ Á¡ ._ ¡m,

,o hrr sh€ fi¡¡r.n\ hm qur(kly ¿ndr¡h rnrlv ¡nd rhr t¡nd(d \rej.r in @ pr6..n¡ ¡ búwiq¡ln¡pr¡c. u onc,ot 'h. rJwnrrRñ turkr" r úprop.r ur iñ{utrin8(o¡mcnr ro h r r l : ^ ¡ . \h . q i

r .ad jn rh . \me q , , u . ing ¡ ; fntr q(\ q h(¡ ret¡¡c b rn¿m.d .@b¡r. sh. qru ro: dRw ,we¡pon. rnd r¡c t¡(tlúd úJ ¡4fotrh. jm witl r.p,ñ rtrer D{úunc. r¡d.d b) b ñr¡, or ¡he inñ r o¡hÚ p¡rcü ; e ln.ce$2ry

I0:00pm4,1¡r.iic,i Jtrh( .rñ$ dow{r,ñ,rcm úe cnvto! r@ñ\, ¿ndoru{F ¿r ¡_er p/rty ro r.ttr. for ,h. nigh¡, sjn(. thry qrh b.\um8 ¡ ¡hi r¡8n1 ronofB. R.tu\un!¡v. ú¡c rióus 3.Mnbro ñen.2r ¡rm\ tini\h ócir dirnt¡ ¡fd diür oÍ ro rh( oomfory

¡ ,4¡ ¡bour rh. \n. ¡tu. slhtudr'óm6 doqn ro rhc bú rcodro¡ r bor r ¡c o tq iñc . ̂ . hc i \ o r h is qy b r ( ¡ ro h rs mod hcb¿rprDcnd or on. o¡ ¡rr cnvh s rf@nr,. A h.2r.d bur ,tutrd¡bt.dcn¡¡8. Lrr€\ pkr.. ¡nd Sttú¡dr huE¡.5 b¡ck lps¿ld. toolr;tv.ry ¡8n rh. rmn¡ hadj olf ro rl, domt¡ory ClHr(rcBv|¡n-up kadrng.\u| My b. ¡btr ¡o dbcovc, rh;r ¡h. seMD, ,s

mcrhing ¡bdr ,schmjd¡t bu h¡ ¡s

I0: l0pnBrmofnnllc rc¡urr ro rh. b,, rcñm, Snmrn8 bro¡dr) Ddrü,ohn¡ úoünd wt¡h @8gcÉ(d rruriun ro h¡lc juR ,¡

nonco i ¡nc cB\ lns pay r ! s r

!h . ¡ . Hr o ¡d .6 ¡ mu8,1r t . . , . ,ngrnc o¡ñó b k.cp .r cominB, ¡nd <jri down.i (¿bt. ¿ q.rdrsho n sd l ¡h .F ^ f t . r¿ fo ñn ,u ,$ ¡n mv.F¡nrn8 conEf ,r¡r¡ ¿g¿jn U6u¡¡ w(h.! tur ¡ ihit. rnd rh.ncnare¡4.s brúo, pu¡¡in8 ftE Crovns on ¡h. ábte

_,Brunod.mu^,ro' ¡ És moD.nr. bur ihen ¡...c!r. rh.cru.¡gc rr lm¡r .iosd g'rh.ñ a üt. (onr.r b.¡inj riF¡,Druro¡ rm D.gjñr ¡o go [emailprotected]. q" b.rnB Acn:d. wj,tr rh.¡ú, our h4 qutcuy ¡pptF ñor or hir {¡.üh bd rh. (un¡..rNct'h.¡ coñkrhr mov<(. i\h.o or \w.¡

oee,our on Brurc'B 6rch.rd. but ! h o 6rn er.t, th.nuFuus m w¡qE. r¡rd Btuno no toog.r rh. qc(tr,,rn . pouñonjn. poEr úd ro(es hd ¡m dosty bú rur¡tv doqn ¡o rhc

^l¡hou8h h. hx won, Btro tm|¡l ¡r U6ul¡ wtth j{d ,n . ¡wo o . , r *m \Frnd s . . , ; . ;üü , ; ; . ; - ; * . .p . , ' .roSc¡h( nrum q¡U nd rc.pr ,n, morc ¡m q({tin8.d¡I.nF..





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¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (29)


A r@ ninut.s tatcr ¡ Gv of í.tsh d.tnlt ¡s Dl.cn !o Drunoth.re is @¡hinq unlru¡l in thi$ ¡1€ ha b..n gotÁg r'¡dill to hisbbk sin.. hc 5¡¡ down - hüt one Düg or ¿1. k rlrü8a.d h i5Iü.nd(¡ tor a¡!no, hüt tou óhould hl¡ oF rh¡t h. {¡trqr1r{rulllv drtnh k. dr(.li h1 thlt¡s to do l2rc} oñ. tEt.ed anrinor'.\Xl or ot. otrt idvctlDEñsho{ld pick it uP fh. arc kh..c wi¡h I ó5ca of on.¡f, *ivinB ¡ bs. 15% chz¡c€ olrl.rt.tlis Lhc frt$n. l' ¡n NPC t¡L.¡ lh. drlnt ¡ll tht" dos'shr¡c clii:¡t an¡ ne sudd{r¡v sluD¡s unconstous ovc' th' t1hl{ lr ¡P(: úk¡5 ¡hc dfiDl, ft�uow rhe normal tu16 for <t6..rio¡ portoG

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¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (30)




wh,¡ thc irnr2r.r' roll h¡f¡ ¡bou¡ tlE¡r n..<ün8 to conducrrrl(d @cr rhc bodl thrcug¡out tlÉ n¡8ht H@ftr, ¡tr.t 2 rryñlnut ! h. <t cldd tE úutt ¡pcaL to !hd, rd wlü b. 8l¡d of¡¡¡yor(t coDp.r9. ^! h. zPprcrh.r ú( d@r of thc @m.dcryrhhg rúdd.íly ¡r¡ qúid. Ol ol lhc Ítrla oP<ro rhcrtdr slr¡ ¡h. lúdlod lns l¡, dd ¡PologrKt lú thc ro¡(!tutulru ro 'ry b bc qul.t r du¡ns th. E¡l o¡ th. tu8nt ¡ñ th<iú. rf,o ¡Iüllú! (¡ñ b< *cn rlnltu flrDlv on ¡ úl¡d Th. on.d rh. d@r .oldro ú¡t thor broth.r ,oÉl¡t¡.t ü4 thdrtúúr', b.t!8 pzrllclldly @ttlvc ro v¡bollod on Th. Ot¡!..sld. h ñ¡ld hlú ¡ UFt{t$ Drtcal of Mct, bur cú bclncotucot.nt Thé tddlord 8et z*n puz¡.d.

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If rhc *'Út ie c¿Futd. thc 8u-dr will bind ¡d a¡8 Fim, ¡o

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (31)

4,30¡mDzpn brctLs Iht (; in .¡lls 3cq4nc do*n b ü' DArrcon¡cai¡. bur rhdc k ro ¡ns*€. to ¡k lxndlord s knc¡ln8 on th'd;o, ol rhc rmus¡l(F .oom rhr Ll&r F lon ed c4'n rnd l* .nc o r . ¡n ¡c i i . ¡ * ¡ed { l l rh ¡ ( in i t i¿ t .s m d ' ¡d rnd th ri.,liin " "r " ü.t' 't'a ..."d rh. ,nn hd h..n bmk'n op<n ¡nd

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.!e.toú 8o€s on thcirr¡t lfs bccn ¡ b¡sv nl8hr. ¡¡d one thatnornc vill foryc. in a hur¡tl



NON.PLAYENCHAE{CTERSCnvi¡ M¡¡i¡-Ul¡lc ' Nohle

?s lÉs tf) o] l i 1 r l 1 l

slllle Di\lm, Doda€ DIry tud. Hoñ( sP'ct¡li\r lc¡Poñ F n inS

i*"J .o..a1", vi.p". _ ¡'rr w.¡pon st((i¡trn vspun r'¡il-\t.i...t. t^ ¡¡.t vi"p- Fl¡nt¡i8 vt'pñn 5nrri¡¡¡ v'¡¡un

1'; hrñd¿d s?lpor.sir.t FiShhng sk'L' Ili8h^ D!'s :k\( I'

Po l r .s r too t Hoñc lu l lP l1 t . ¡ rnoú ' l (d 'd m¡ - ra r r nu 'n r l. sord . ¡q , h .nded .ñ rd . l . f r 'h rnd dr$cr BPi ( lU ' l

Gusrl Bccl¡rsh¡¡dlcr - t-¡sYcr






s¡lllr: €(iq!.tr., L¡e. Ptrblic Sp.2tio¡,8!¡d¡vrn' S'crci I sSu¡8c- Cla$icr. Sdú Signs - Lat€r

Por.estort vi8 ¡nd 8o*n, ic*tlldv *lnh ?50c{¡ -so(ics in

S c r v ¿ ¡ t stxperic..c poins shoúld b€ ¡s¡rdcd ior ¡l¡c follo*¡n8

l0 poins cach for ¡n! Pc aho 3c¡i!cl,v h€lps c¡tch Brünos

r,r ¡)ins fir crch .hxr¡.¡c. Fho hclps disp.se ot thc

5 froinh nr bc¡¡in8 nruno a¡ ¡rn *¡.rl'r8;r¡t noin¡r tu cl.h l'(: who t¡k4 dkc( r.rn'¡ t, roP

i¡rhmh¡ndle¡ before h. r.2ch.5 PrclÍ.ru.h.r

'ther. ¡É naoy othet ¡hin8s thc PCs c¡r d' ¡r brinS th'

idv(n¡ur¿ to 1 s¡rkf¡dory .o¡.Iúsiot l¡r roo ñary ro ¡5¡ nere

Fo¡ rhc r(ú¡'ndcr of ¡hc ¡dvc Urc. lllon l0 50 ponÍs lo'( . ¡ lü \ o f ' l e r l r lng p t ' ' nd¡ r . lu r l l i I ' f c l l ' q .nc( r i l

, . " , . . - . . - l * ü ip l " l r r ' /1L l r r1 c | rnd ru - ¡ ' t r ' ¡ in r \ ¡ ' r

Pa for ¿.out !uinmcnt ol so¡k in ¡h. ¡dlenruE

'Wtrlt N.x¡?

If vo! e¡¡' t. s/ or wf' tr mr't rdventuÉ 'h' uúvtn ñrghr¡ . rd h

f fn . ! rn r ¡ ¡ú r ¡8o"nhAst . iP l ¡ tnúg¡hr ¡ n .q ¡ \r;li inreíded ¡s btrn rolúD the ñ!r&r€¡ ¡td sb. dn do ¡ rol

bcrá; f.ir á ch2ñtion atr'Ml Sh. will howev'r, giv€ rh' pa(v

iirbé ii.¡ r",,i'¡" *,n'...c,,nd nishi prove rob' 2 uscrurtp¡ú¡cr iir d¡. fuNre

or !h. oth¿¡ h¡nd. [emailprotected]ú¡d ds€¡op the adv.tru' bv h2Yinghe, .nnn rñ¡t her n.{ chdpion *!mp,n(( h'r ro K'mP'¡h2düi:*iiiúe o¡¡ rcct pc¡ ¿¡i pru' rr.p with ¡ boñu\ or 2'0Gc\

' l lhc w in ' ih . . ¡ . r . r 'h r r .s o l lh . P¡ r ¡e ' rn ro in h ' r t rodbcrne o¡,d lC' Der d¡) plu\ l'.cl Th(r (ü r¿v'l ¡n th'k bo¡r

$h , ; ih . cúq ; . p ¡ ¡e u r . ¡hc . r \ .F ¡dr rc¿d rh ' ioum* ro

^(;D.¡bad n ill bc und.nrtu| unles \ou q2nr ro h¡r' znúh'r,i ol--..¡r"t re.n¡ m¡k rn ,rr.mpt m rh. (h¡ñpion\ ¡rf' ¡r

lnothc¡ ino' &d ti€ Gdrir's pdsencc will ensurc th¡i thcl,i"i'ii,eii a- r"t to¡t.¡ ¡i rh€ tuvc. P¡kol o' olhd orrici¡js'

vhen thd r.it€ at K€mocrb3d. ltE chmpion s¡ll bc pl2ccd

in rhc lÉa'with onc sc¡p;n .nd oÉ sDit of ¡.mor or hishc'.boice. to f2c€ ron D2m:nb,¡¡z .tEmPion (usc tlr proiile tor ¡Pir Fidd). Thf codb¡ is ro flñ b¡@d so rh. fili ch¡¿c¡e' rolo5e * ú,nb lu\ct the boJt znJ ¡h. .rse A( soon z\ on'-omb¡ifl ir qourded, the .olóieF @rñ€crn8 thc ¡ri¡l will rurhi. 'iJ-r. '¡.- Il the ¡dvd(urrr wrns C'¡vi' M¡ri2 Ulril' slll

be d¿li¡hr€d. ¡d s'll büv ruñ ¡nv'hrnF h. r\k! fÓt on rh' ¡rJvrfrc¡ ¡h; r ,t ¡r rh. Pc Inr6 thr ün',r will b. fin(d ¡nd th.,¿"¿nturea slr Oe ¡¡¡missc¿ frcm h.r p.6tncc ^ swifi dn f¡om

Kedp€rb¡d mq bc ¡ 8ood idc2

Sk¡llt: Distm, Dod8c Slow S¡.ccl FjBhtln8, Srlke MiShr-Y Blo*

Posscsstods: Sper, da8¡d, m¡i¡ shirt shi.ld


St¡¡lr, Aniñ¡l Ct DñECtt,Musici6hiP co(hhorn Ri¡l''tl'se

Spc(blist vsPon FirelrN

Po.rc.st@, Alú¡d.¡bús, sword. d!88.r' ñ¡il shr.t


sLlllsi chrñ. Eliqucnc Luck, Public Spcal¡jr8, Rlad,¡ürttc,

Porkór¡oG, too nuñ.r@s ¡o nr.n¡ion

s¡U¡., Fish. Ori€na¡,of,, Rivo LoÉ, I{w S.ilir8'

s¡ük, sccÉt !m8ua*. Thid.s TonSüc, Sll.nt Mov' R¡r¿l. sil"i

Porr.slloo!: nobes of Inül¡ts of l\lorr, d¡8ac( 3D6 ccr

Bruro Fnakc - ludiúl ClumPioa

M aa T cl6 l 4 t r I J I l ¡

M as ¡ LD cl

l ] I t l

M ct

s¡ l l l ! .dPor* t r ¡oo t ,5 tous . . f i ¡ - fh .GÓvl ¡5s t 'unr \ ¡n*c ¡ ¡

t¡ 3 I LD

1 l ) l l I r 1 l

s s l s s l s l t l v l t l ¡ b . ¡ cl

4 r { r l l l i L F L { ' l r l l l tr lr t l

s LD ct,{r ] I l 3 tr 1 ! l l l l

Pór*$to¡* F$t€t8.r bdr lsee Dea¡b oa t"e R'tÉ). t'a't't ,a'k

'Inirirtcs of Mon Smuglcrs

M ¡s ¡ cl

,¡ 4 l l l l1r l l 1 l

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (32)

Usuh Kopfgcld - Borty Htntcr

as T ! TDl l t J l




Slll¡r follo* TÉt¡. I!¡rksmlfuhip, Sh¡dosin8, Sil€nr Mot Runl.s,lcnt Morc trrb¡¡. S¡rik MiSh¡-r Alos

Pos....lor., crossbos ¡nd 20 bolts. swo¡d. l.¿¡ho i¡.k 5occs

Bro¡ F¡icd;ch ron Pfcifrucha (fohmn Schrnitt ) ' No[lc

s¡tu.r ah¡hd. cb¡m, conr!ft Alcohol. E¡iqld¡e, Luct, ¡¡,-¡d,^v.i¡e.Ridc HoF. st<.¡¡lhr vt¡pon - f.ncidSs$ord. wn

Po$c*lon3, tu9¡er. i*ell.ry eodh 25o Ccs, 2m Gcs in..sh

S l l l l e . ' c ( ¡ h . I l fRP ru r buuk , n , , n ( o f hb ' k i l l ' I ' r

p¡ri.ul¡rlv GI.atnt ro ¡hi5 1d\nt!re'

I'o...$toñ, HoE$hip. .h88.i 56GCs

stll¡.: s¡..r FisluinE. strike Mighry Dlow, stri¡(e to s¡un

Polr.sloú: Le¡th.r j.ck,.ro.d. club

s¡¡¡tr; Foüd lh¡n, sh¡dwin8, sil..ü Move R!r¡, slert MN urbd

Po!*!!los; Das8e., I d6.s oi Mtnb3& b¡a<re vcdom 6 dos's of

skll& úd Po3*!stor!, Asrou *. fi¡

Culirs of rllc Ordo Ulr;m¡

Sh¡rr¿¡dPossssloñ, As you P¿n¡; fo s ill coñ. into Plar her€All rh€ cúlrisb h3ve tfic s)t¡üo¡ oi! l€ne¡o enclosed wnhin ¡ l€neiU iarro.d oa ¡hc lcf1bre¡st

loscf Aufwicalcr - AgiutorThi5 NPC will probxblv no. r2k. any et( c role in tb. 1d!€n¡ule It

nec.ss¡r¡ .er€r tu rr'r¡4 p2t

Glimb¡in Oddsocks ' C¡o¡nc Thicf

M r l ^ bd [ ,4 jr 'il I 1 l l 3 1 1 r l r l { r l r l l r r l ¡ r l l { l

SlUl3i concedm..r Urbd, PickL{k, PiclPbckd, Secct !¡ngÚag.- Thides To¡gue, Sco.l SiSs 'fhidci Silcn¡ Move tuB¡ Sileot

Po!se33¡o* 2 d¡gge6, lock picks, ¡earh.r jack. sek, r5occs irjs€ll..y (srolenl, 25ccs in cdh.

I-"." tr'iii"i"* ,¡-. upp"tlaitv o try 2 bn of {ó e¡'s¡li¡g ¡nrnir ¿dycnrure, he¡€ h ¡ siñple sct of rulcs.

^rm.wrcrldr is a fcrt oferr.nS¡h robo¡h 'h3B't'B m¡k' r

w*"r¡¿rsro.".ocr-.n¿ ¡f on.¡h2aLd 5ucrc.d.ltdrh< orh.r

r¡r". it'i i'iá+"i "t'"'.¡..h! wor rh. mrch ltbothsuccecdor¿ . úi¡h.r ha won, ¡nd ttE ú¿ch procédt lo á s'cond ¡oÚod

ó. o_'-¡i. ,r u".n .¡-* ".r. 3u.c¿sfülsrd8tt r$s ln ¡ rcun<l

;riúa dd ;he dourt b1 ubr.b ,ret ñ4.1e tbe test $ a b@ts in rt\'

Fr¡ulci¡ H¡¡¡¡ t¡stk¿h¡ ( F¡¡¡ Scimidt)

BSl l l l l l 3rvs s T I,D

l l r l l

l r I I l l l l r ] I 1 l

Thomu Pnhmh¡¡dlc¡ - Mcrch¡nt

s tJ I 3 5 l 4 l 1 l ] r l l r


tó lts T cIt l t r ,' 3 3 l l l ll r t l l l l l


Thc Sr¡ff of thc Thrcc F€rhcrs

sklll¡ dd Po.*$lo!!, As you 16l ¡pPop.tzr€ lusú¿tad bv Jflié sins

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (33)

fr anu nru ,* oF THE HIDDEN JtwEL


Mventufc Spñtñ.ry aUow you ro¡plmxim¿re wh€E this is lf lh€ PCs so over

The Pcn find pos¡cs adkrtising-cxc€llcnr res¿rds for the chasm D;id8e ü€v--will -¡,utom¡tic¡llv


cDturinR b.iqaoG which dÍÉc¡ "* to "t (-'-ii't:;l"- t¡ucn8r¡rn unl€s thev s€t off ¡r lealt '0 minutd l¡ter thÚ

uir. rrri¡c rhcv mee¡ l"¡ucn8nm. ¡8€ot of counó-L'il¡.'i. ''i¿ o; c'"ot hiñsclr' ihev ar off€rcd rh€ latcr' r'hcn thc Pcs ¡r' in the 'losc vtcinitv or thc ca¡tl€

r.Jrio¡rñr* ¡*t, o-d or ¡l¡v€, rhc inJ¡mous viltain of thc Bl¡ck ^rrcws, Joh¡nns h¡nd (from whi'h 3m¡ll

ii.irrckl;;- t¡'á¡, x.Jsle r). Howeer this ftqüifls sobbds ot f¡csh ¿r€ b€8innin8 to fl¡tc eMv bv now) w'll

i . r i l i r ' i i ^ ,ü. r .n.shck^f fows,¡ ¡dthcbr isDc'a ' imate. .mer¡e, ,n¿p.-o int tow2rd!Dclbce-butnowotcould bc focq¡mcd, sioce L¡u€ng¡¡rn ir ihetr ¡8ent ¡nd couÉc, Delbctz is ¡tmor south_west 15 oppos€d lo dmost

t¡¿t" ""tt to ""tn t¡tt of the Pcs imminetr ¡rrlEl duc lvcsr bcfoc lt rhould b€ cle¡r rhat Delber¿ B rhe

¡ombs, dodsy brtdScs, ¡nd drspcndocs ¡¡! iusr somc of toc¡i¡on r¡c pcs seek ¿rter thcv h¡Ye concluded üeir

thc pertls rh€ PCs hatt to face! bushes! lo the prcscnt dv.nturc'

Eúeúy v¡tht! caepais¡ Notes :#Ji':f1l"f##ffff5'"Hf"trf:;This hbcEt sct ln De¿t' ot "¿ ¡€ft, vhcr€ lhcr! ¡r€ Ño lhis sword ca¡ cl2lm ¡ + 5 bonus :o vs rrhen using this

áil""t i-Ñirti "¿".*"rE can b€ sci ¡long üe Rivcr sü r i/-pon a¡rd ¡ hlt fñrn th'we¡po¡ ¡dds ̂ I to¿rry tró4'4'

w'Jr ¡cfore r¡c 1,,¡¡rn now! into it. Thc¡c is rnouSh inni'ct€d. A Pc with ¡l¿¡t ¿¡ t?¿te will know üis w€¡port

urlraooc¿ rerritory ¡n tris ¡rc¡ ¡6 euow you to place ¡hr ¡s m:aice¡ iJ h< or shc buches ir. ¡¡d a De¡tcr.'t ¿aL spellá^-,i.'árt¡i ¡i-r i"*'" o oe nonh eni vou cen t oc'r \sc' Áftane M'$'er1ss ta."¡ in this rolum< ro¡ new sp€u

irreé"ossc¿r-rnccs¡n¿t¡etol lbndg€onzmad9¡r¡ l le loea¡¡)*¡ l t ¡ iorcue¡l thci temrobcm¡giclr 'Hryin8aio,tr. stLn .|J. Th. ¡t"-r,lvEis toplac€ this cntú! 3erhS ¡'¡ciá q/c¡Fon s¡inbe r€ry impo.¡¡nt when úe Pcs comc'áÁ"*tá¡o"¡,¡"¡l ¡off¡oMlddenheim mad in&¿d rc-zue ueu¡unz uo'm'. ¡nd Annrl¡s¡ a! ¡hc lc¡drr otliii¡¿ ae ni¡e;¡nisro¿d ¡s many scor€s of miles tonS ¡ bfdit srDup --is r good candidarc ror po$e$ing onc!¡¡d th€rc is pl€nty of room for rhesc locat¡o¡s

Restless Dcad CaúPalg¡ NotesThc Cros3€d L¡nces is lo€.tcd on the D€lberz-SchoDo€ndorf m¡d on th€ Campa¡gn Map

-th' C^trlcofrh. Biact Armws is 2r¡o shown. bür rhe scde of th' di!¡:nce¡s süah¡lv tflnczr.d f¡oo üc o.i8¡n¿l edventuF _ orhcsiscrhc c"¡stñ mutd be improb¡bly f¡t into the Howlif,E Hü15'¡ hideouslv dan*crous ¡nd Srim Place ind€rd Nor drn

rhedesper¿doe!in¡bec25de wouldbe lik lv ¡oliw rherfl

The postcr is b€sr dtsPl¡y.d ¡¡ the Cross€d L?¡c$ itselfw¡th 2 3econd Éltcd !o ¡ ¡f!€ ¡ milc .at ¡lon8 the ro¡dso th¡t the PCs can\ fniss it. Thc fkst .e¡ction of the PCa

rolccinrtbcCoünt'spos¡crg¡¡yt¡con.of "sowha¡ wCv'

q"t oü; íüfi to do". Vherh.r or nor thi3 is üc a!'.Johen;tll aoDc¡t z¡2to dd .l¡P his h:td to his brow (inÉor¿r

* - ii¡c.e¡l ct-¡u¡t c.n do such 2 ¡hin8) "Th€ Dt¡ck

Arfoiv! Of couset I Ez5 on thc tf¡f of th. b.¡8¡nd!" You.,n.ow rol.-Dl¡v onc of thos€ wh oÍc for your poor

dE¡d friendi' ;ceÍct wxh e nice coÍry eda€ to ll _ this isI arher co¡rw dwnturÉ ¡ft€r all, ¿úd thF ts in kecpioSwirh rhc átn¿sph.re of lt Tbe AÍfalr oi ¡be Had¿nleuetciv.s rhc Pcs; l¡st chlnc. ¡¡ h¡vln8 2 lttllc tun ard;cffütrcnt (¡lthoush thcv w¡u b¡vc sdr. ftShri4 '�! wl¡)

b€forc ¡he opP¡cssfvc hot¡ot of Tbe Ritual a^d The

Hauntlng Ho??or to come.

Thc rccn¿r¡o iivEs no rül.s for shelher úc Pcs 'd carcn

Lauen¡r¡m oñ ho¡seb¡cl wilhout SotnB ot€r lh. Ch¡smBridce. Th.¡r chmce of doing thts it 50%. úinüs 2% pcr

Ein;lc thcv sct off¡ftcr bucogr¡m So. fth€y s¡¡n'd IOmtnutrs l.fcr, thct h¡w only ¿ 30% chenc€ of c¡rchtng upwlth hlm. If rhet do c¡tch htm, thlv wlll óo io soEC w¡v¡ lonc rhc ro¡d. Th¡r d i t tahcc wi l l b€ ( loO _ pursut t

chen;e)% of the eay. For smpl€' tf the Pcs sel off I5minu¡e; Idc, thev h;ve a 2o7o chmc€ of c¡tchiflg uP If

rhev do c¡tch trpw¡th Lauergmm. ¡¡ wl,lbe aO% of ¡h€Mí ¡Ionc rhe rd¡d to the c ̂ stte The ca,npatgn Mapwill

A¡ Addltlonal Mee¡1118^Íi€r this ¡dvmtute has b€en concluded )gu may 'oÑidcr

h.vrn* rhc Pca me€t someonÉ rhey h¡ve se6¡ before on

rhc rc_aO rreOtng west, U¡sül¡ KoPí8.td. th' Bounry HuntÉr

i¡om r¡c inn oirne rtrree Fcarhers she will b€ Polltc' ¡

iinle cool. bu¡ will askrhc PCs if lhev ar! riu looking for

lob¡n¡ - sh€ h*t ¡ slishr 3o[¡ Epor for him. thcv did oncc

;ork rccethe¡ ú.r atl shc h¡s h€?rd ¡n odd srory rrom

¡ b.dd¡t;he fotDd tvirg deltrios ¡nd dylnS bry thr Ótdsidr

a f€w m¡lcs tunh.raloñsftlsbodywillhwebc€n rmovco

bv ¡he titne rh€ PCs 8el io th€ Pl¡ce) Thc d€ürtous fcl¡o*

rjmUc¿ a¡our "nt me¡' and ctdmed th¡t ¡ smalt group

of rhem werÉ cárrYins ¡ corPse ,Iong rhe m¡d Th'v sc¡

uDon r he bandit vi¿ldslv th.n suddenlv Én otr 'fter the¡r

iáae¡ rcw¡¡¿s octben, le1vina the bandir for de¿d, 2¡¡d

r¿toñc tbc bodv with lh.m The b¡nd¡¡ Íoriccd th¡t th'

¡"¿"_"r" "¡ "ot-n" *tto had dicd soE|f r¡me ¡go h¡d

o*i"n¿ *t"t¡¡e. -¿ rttt¡ ther€ w¡5 I ma¡Led foE¡rm

"c"r ii*t rü.lortánnt *hich l! whar m¡d' ursül¡ thin¡

"f hti¡. The ito.v puzztca U.sul¡. but it sccms lo h" 2!

lrlo¡ann ¡s ¿ez¿. iá¿ ¡tre do.s not much t¡ncv followln8

f¡í'tn.n. ,rtw*ry, ttt" to worl wh¡ch ¡i i*ina hcr b¡ct

á¡. ¡n¿ .dn"t ¡ccomp¡nv the Pcs. but sbhcs rhd q'tu

toh¡nn s hand will anim¡r€ and 80 through thc rcüttnc of

;ointin¡ rowards Detberz shor¡lv after rhts lr ¡nvone

táiio'i" ¡:t m.n *t'¡le rhc h¡rd is i¡r¡mared it wtll

sudd€nlv bre¿k into a f¡enztcd btgh-sp€ed t¡tool¡8'

¿-to-¡i¡ ou,.n "og¡y .hyrhm w¡rh ¡h€ ftnS'ls scnding

sñ¡¡t fn¡m.nrs of d€c¡v¡ng flcsh In ¡ll dinc¡ions - ¡

d¡tzsFfr¡l- ¡nd dt!¡trbbs 3i8ht Thcn it wll qul't'n down

¡qd bccomc hcr¡ onc€ mor€.

How€vc4 befor€ thc PCa g€¡ to ftrd ¡ll this our' ¡nd clos€

i" on r¡c t¡rsr..v ¡" octb.r¿ thev have to deal wilh th'

adv.rrurcoilhe bLackAñoI|€ onewh¡.his l¡Ehrheared

in ¡one but sttll d2¡IScmus!



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (34)







A Mclod¡'¡da wtth a ThlckPlot by Lcvtt hgc

1he Alfalr oftbe HlddeñJeuel ca¡ t'€ pl¡yed tn ¡ s€$ing ¿lon8¡ny lon8 slrctcb of.o¡d runnin8 rhrouSh th€ forests of th.Empi.e,2¡though ro m¡kc b€r use of rbc m¡p5 thc norrbernsidc of rhe rcad should bc b¡r€ of majo¡ lolens, ¡mpo.tantv,i¡¡8es, .¡L . fo. so¡ne 10 miler or so. I¡ le bcsr to run rhisadyenture whcn thc playcr chzdct.rr ¡rc Imvelling wilhoutany element of ¡ime pr€$urc forctng them oo*rjd5, sl4c. theymay weU ne€d to mal(e r siAntl¡c2n¡ d€tour from thei. lnended

h€po€s want€ovh..cv€¡ rhe PCs a(, thq should bc looktng for a iob (o.pmbab,y lookin8 fo¡ ersy mo¡ey, kn@iry mor PCs, but thafsjust rough). And bave wegor a iob fo¡ them! lnúi8üe, blood,fear ... but we mus¡d't get aheed of oüri.lv€5.

The cM should 2¡¡?¡8c fof ¡he PCs ro s€€ rhe rqo nol¡ccs givenbelow. They could com€ ¡cross th€ñ ralled lo lrÉ.s donS ¡hero¡d: th€v could find úem ¡t ¡ñ ¡dv€ntur€rc nolicc-bo¡¡d(such $ the Dcutz Eln at Nuln); or lbey could simply ¡ndthem bloeiog¡o thc wind- Tbe.utbois pEference ts to blver m¡r s|288er up ro rhem ¡¡d couipse, dc¡d, reveaunS ih€prp€rspinned ro h¡sb¿ckby¡d¡gg€¡-butro¡?ts tmmrtcrtal.

I'be ft^t notlce readt as Joüous:"Rcs¡rdl lh¡.c hündrcd crorr¡r to *hoc{cr aanbdnS thc hc¡d of th. d¡3t¡rdly b¡lt¡¡rd líown ¡rthc tl¡ct A'tov to Hb Gr¡cc thc Coünt An.dcu3yon Dralchrbarg. Hlr Gr¡.. har mc!¡ns oldct..tln8 sübrtltr¡tcs'

Any PC p¡ssin8 ar 1rr check will rcmcmb€r th¡t tlt€ BllckArror's ¡.€ a band of outl¡ws who háve b€cn pl¡guing thecounrrysid€ fo. some ye¡6; so c¡Ied due to thetr hablt of usin8only bla.k ar.ows. The Al¡ck Arrow h thcir lcad€r. If¡h€ tcstis p¡ssed by 20 or morc (10 ifthe PC tsnoblc)the PC will dso¡ec¡ll tharCountvon Ddk€nsbeBt holdings rR far frcm theArmws' ff€a of depr€dat¡o¡.

Tbe secan.t notlce ls llkeulv lntelesting:

'Héro6 W.ntcd to go on qucst for llldds¡?éa¡ur¿ Somc d¡ngcr, gr€at ra'w¡rd. Cont¡.tWolÍg¡ng Xcllcrm.nn ¡t thc Slgn ol th. Go5scd

lf tbe PCs re xbl€ ro Gossip, rhey wiu dtscover that th€ Bl¡ckA..ows Eids h¡yc b€€n mor€ frequen¡ in rh¡Nrry rcgion th¡n2nywhcR else.

at th€ stqn o[ th€ cRosseo lancesIf the PCs wtsh ¡o Bo ro üe Crcssed Lances if|rl (and ¡hcy ou8h¡to), ¡hqv can get therc e tly enouS¡ by ro¡d. Tbey shouldhev€ an €vedtul joumer (you may C¡¡c to ¡hrow id the oddho¡de ofBe¡rmen or coblinoidi if thingr get too qotct, bürdo hulr¡n r€¡rr¡s - the PCs m¡y thtrk th¡t ¡hcy ¡re A¡o%¡nd E€t ¡idernckcd)- They wül ño3t Frob.bly a.rtvc tn thcq€nin8. UsÉ tbe pl¡n Dd ¡ot s at úelnd of th. edv€ urc¡o descrit'. tbe plac€ ro the PCs.

The bar zt rbis hour wil hold rh€ usud mix of custome6for ¿ coaching inn - traaelters, .ozchmen ¡nd reamste.s, ¡Roads"¡rdcn or ts,o. perh¡ps a 83mbler o. ¡ R.lconteur, ¡ndrrrybe a Plckpocker if you f(el m.¡n.

Iñ lddition, rhere ¡re ¡ bunch of h¿rdlookiñg mcn-¡¡Ímss. l tcd tn onc corne. Thcsc e.c retatncrs of count YonDrrlensb€rg, who is sr¡ylng h€re tnco8n¡¡o: h€ will Ém¡inmhjrroom. l h( Gosslp in rhe bar ir rh¡t ¡hev dm(¡crn¡rer¡¡nd the counr rhcl. c¡pr¡ln.

wolfqanq ano th€ Btu€ [Lamelflhr PCi isk thc b2r suff for VoifganS K€llcrmann, they wlllbc lold rhar b. is rhe owrer ed reke¡ to his room. At rhcirknock, the door is opened by ¡ leú, scrf¡ced meñ wirh adr¡wn sword id bis hed. He eyes rhem suspiciously and s¡ys,"well?"

lfrh. Pcs.apl¡tn ihar lhey c¡me ¡boür the job, I voicc wil¡call from behtnd hlm. 'l{ll.l8ht, Lzuen8r¡m,let th.n¡ in - burkecp m ct€ on ü€m." Th€ scerf¡..d mr¡ s¡eps aside, ñc¡ling2 $ble phccd i¡ the ce¡¡¡e of ¡hc @m. B.hldd this ¡c sirtingtwo m€o. one fat ¡¡d bearded ¡¡d rhc orhcr muscula¡ andwith m ¡ir of command - and ¡ woodcn pc8 whcrt on. fooishould be. The room s shutt€¡i r closed ¡nd bokcd.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (35)


Unlc$ the PCs h¡ve anyrhing io s¡y noq L¡ueng¡¡m showsrh€m to rh€i. .oom,

Lauengf?ñ shurs rhc doo¡ afrc¡ rhc PCs and Búnds behlndthem. Then the one'foc'ted rnansp€aks ¡g¡in. I am Wolfg¡¡gKel lermaor¡ , hebegi f f . ' Ihaveáiobforyou.Bulasyoum¡yhavr gu<s$(d, h(ft h( cy($ thc rhutr{r$ en¡l laucoSmm, "t

wou¡d bc !no5l ushappy we¡c tl¡c d.t¡lh of tt to bc mrdepublic. Th€¡€fore I mlst insist upon the utmosr s.cftcv.'Hep¡uses to let úi5 sink in.

"Thcjob involv€s fisding rnd bringinS ¡o me ace¡nin g€m,¿di¡mond named lheBlle ¡lame.'lhis wzs sloler mor€ thantwenty y€a6 a8o and h¡s nor been s€en since, but I h¡veioformai¡or th¡¡ would c¡¡bleyou tofind it.I ¡rould payyou200 c¡owns e¡ch for ¡rs .ccov.¡y. Do you Íant rhe job?'l

lf ¡hc Pcs s2y yes, and they should, hc goés on.'v€.y w€ll.¡ w¡ll Éll you how thc rore mey be found, bür firsi a lfitebackgrourd h necess¡ry

''Tbe m2n who stolc the Rlue Flame ms a thi€fcalled OrtoKessle. - now deceased. Hehid the tfld efi€r th€ rh€fr, mdsuppos€dly nser told ¡nyone whe¡¿ Bui B.uno here," heindicr¡es rhe frt bcl.d€d m¡n, "h¡s c6l some doubr on rhat

''Until recendf Druno was chiefTorturer ro a ce¡rii¡ Countvon Dr¿kensberg, whosemer recentiy captured one of OrroKess¡eCs oldest companions. Bruno interroS¡ted him bur hcdid not pals the informat¡or¡ on lo the Sood Counr- A¡d i¿seem$ f¡om wh¡t the w¡etch said rhar orro K.sslef had ¡dauShrc. c¡lled Ad¡atis¡, ¡o Fhom he passed úelocatior¡ ofrhe Blue Flame. Nowed¡]s sh€ is be¡ter kno¡¡n as the Elack

'And this is why Brur¡o cm€ to me. Until rhis happen€d,'Kc ' l . rmrnn Serure\ towrrd h6 mF5in8foor , l ledrheb¡ndnowl¡own arhfBlack Arrowr. ̂nJ \o I knowdftlywhc.erheir hidcoút is, and how it ca¡ b. enre.ed in secre¡.

th€ ptor rhtck€nsvhar kllc.mlnn doeso t l$ow is th2¡ B.unodid not d(fe(tf.om hi$ m;¡stcr.ll( w¡sscni Vi)n Dñrkcosbcryln li(r h¡d rllth€ lnformation 1tutu otto Kcslc. s c6rwhilc cru¡tl ¡ncludingrhe someh¡i bi?jlr¡e method ih¡¡ Otlo us€d to prss oo th.lo .¿t ion of rhe Blue Fl ¡ ' f \e ' l h is was to r r ¡ too i ¡ on h isd¡ughtet s scalp whcñ slr ws ¡ b¡by, wiúour tc¡ling hcr¡b,,¡rjl l¡ter He woüld iusl ¡ell h.r ro use h¿r h.ad when úc askrd

Odd, yes? Dut funl

\ve, of.ou6e, be¡n8 GMs and ¡hüs omnipoknr, know rhxrwherc old Kcss'e.actu¡lly h,d the Jcwel w¡s in rbe $l¡a¡ oirhc c.ossed Lerces, Bur nobody else does, ¡r lrast ooi ñr.

The er-crony ¡lso knew rhat Ann¡lis¡ was thc Elack A..oB.¡nd even th¡t Kellerminnr¡s the mansbeh¡d replac.d ¡frcrhis injufy. Bul he kns noúing ofhow she miSht be found.

SotheCount hadaproblem. fle didn t know wber€ rhr BlackArrcw e?s, of hoq to c¿tch her ¡te tri€d pos¡in8 a bouñr),(thus ú€ norice rhe PCs s.w ' eaach€d to one ofthe bou¡ryhurlrers). So he decided ro ler K.lle.mann brliele lhat she h¡dthe loc¡tion of the 8em - h. w¡s sure to come up with

Brunorepo.ts to theCoun¡ soon aft€r ür PCs lcr!€ rhe.ooolTh€ wily Cou¡t, perhaps a bi¡ ioo fond of¡.unn¡n8 schemcfor his own good, dccides to ler the PCs go ahead. vhen ¡ heyfind rh Annalis¡ do€sn t hev€ ihe fáinr€st ehe.e the gem is,thcy l decide io m¡ke lhe be$ of a brd ,ob úd b.ing the headto hirn td get the bounry. Hows€r, ¡r miShr be r Sood ide¡to r€mind them lbour th¡r bounty ...

The Coünt Step6 I¡¡An boufo.so ¡ft€r rhen inteni€w ¡virh Kellem¡nn, rhe PCsare 2ppfo2ched by one of ¡he "mercenaries, ' who says rhaihi5 m¡sie. world like¡wo.dr.hh rhem in h¡sroom. Assuninsthey agree, he t3k€s lhem up.

In rhe Cou nr : rcom . Jnorhcr fuu I m(n-rr-a¡fn \ aE pu\rr iotr.d¡ourd the Mlts, while the Counr lc¡ns agi¡ns¡ the fo¡r of

He looks rhe Pcs over coolly, and rhetr sp€aks. Permir meto introduc€ m'self," h€ s¡ys, bowing with ¡ flourish. I ifnCount Amideus vo¡ Dnkensberg; I m tr¡vellinS incoSnno.but I rn sure you eon\ ¡buse my co¡fiden.e. He smilcswlnninS¡y.

''The r€¡son ¡ asked you ¿ll up h.r.,' he 8o€s on, was rbaryou look like ¡ c¡pabl€ cÉw, ánd I thouAht I d ¡quainr ypuwith ,¡ opportuntty ro ú¡kc some money. There's an oürl4wbmd in this a.€a knop¡ as the Black Ar.owr, ¡nd ¡hck leÁdr(¿rh€r unorigin¡lly I tbouglr, is know6 ¡s tb€ Bl¡ck AúoF.

-The pl¡c€ is ¿n old cas¡c, deep in rhc fo.cs¡; nobody knowsufir5.dsx.n.e cxc(prrqy.eLf¡nd rh( lrt¡.k Arrow\. 8ur q hrrn¿o Orey do r9r linow is rh¡r the( ¡ ¡ fffe¡ fi¿sug( into¡hr ke(p from rhe uurilde whn h )ou, my fri.;ds, s iU usero SalDcntry oñce iDide )ou wi¡ l f indour Í ¡om thc Kca. te¡grilwhfrethe BlueFlardri5 sheprobably k..ps ir someshrr'n ihr carrlc Yoú s ill Lhrn rccovcr rhe jryrl ¡nd brtnS ¡r Lo¡trr'hete. whe¡ j w+rjf y you

' r6c c¡¡r le l¡e. r nirr ylrive mile5 norh of h€re. r h(re isan olditrctcholroad lcrdiog !o ir. q hi.h h(gln.a ie miles before


itrctchofroad lcrdiog !o ir. q hi.h h(gn.a ie miles beforelou 8el rhfrc. Ibe eñrr¡rce ru rhc f.fr-l pa5¡8c is ¡n ¡houowo¿l a hrndrd y¡¡ds from ¡he glres. ¡nd ir cmcryer on (hedunSÉdns Yod.ún¡vea.oom herc¡on¡Shr.l whh you evcry

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (36)









i xm ur fe l ts J bount l o t t l ¡ re . hundred ( .uwn ' to r t l ' i '

D r6on bur , f iuu ocoe l ; únd. ru rc ¡he iob i rsn i ' cdr " f i re

i$ ¡nrh ! : t r r . lu ¡ ; ! l ! . r ¡ l r r t ( r In t ¡d l rc \n rP{h i \ t rn8 'ó

rn.l od€ of¡is nie¡ p¡sscs him a strall silrc¡ pl¡n'r' l'llercn

D. . , , rd€ rh . D la r r r ; He to \ \e \ i r ro on . o f rhc P ' \ ' Ju iI tn r 'mU<r ¡ i s vu c r , rn ' . oU Jnd hr rJ J rú hc rDñd ' 'a t 'nF

ñe lhe hcid of tltc BI¡ck A¡rowl '

Dmm¡fic. hüh? Aorw.v, s ith tha¡ the iofenieÚ is over zno

llr. mcD-lr-¡.msshow tht P(:sout. (Tht Pl¡rle. is rnid sitver

and so . ¡ l l 50 i ; ( : s w i th encüt r t 'Fn .e l5 )

The Plot B€comes Unpl€asand!' Sticky


cven $ily von Ddkensbc.S does¡ t know is ¡hat thcItlx.k.\.ro$s ilto hxlr !$ a8c¡I on the scc¡e none oihe'¡h in the scar l ! . (d 1nd súsPic ious K,rsprr L.ue¡8 ' rm,K<lkrm¡r,n s bodlgua¡d/boddc€¿

After Kcllcrm¡nn lor his fool in a fiSht wirh dre Roldw¡l(lens!,rd ̂ nn¡lii¡ 1ook ov(r hc (Kcl¡e.mann) obviourv co!!dnotcontinur wi¡h ihc band. so hcbouShr rhe Cross€d L¡dc's and

B!t Ann.lisaand drc ̂ rñtes kncwth¡t ht knw whtre tltri¡htdeoul wlri2nd alrhough he d swom ¡dcrto rcac¡l it, theyJ.Jn r f r? l h . rppy r r¿ying thcre unlc* rhev cñuld kt (P,n ' )cun h im l t r (v \cn l I Ju, qJ4 ' ¡ tn l t t In f i l l rx lc l t r r ¡ \ ( l l i r r r "KrUcrminn s houschold xñ¡ act rs thch welchdotl r$ wcll¡sagencrrlspy ro inform rhem ofcoach timinSsa¡.1so rr)rtb.

t.aueñsim, háying heaÍt Kcllt¡m¡nn s b.i.fin8 ofrhe PG,h¡s dccidc¡l to rcoo.t to ¡bc A.ross ¡s soon is Possible hcs ill le¡v€ rso hous b€tote súnrise. He has also dccided tos( if he canl eliminar( thc PCs li.¡t, or at lc¡st slos them

dhlnqs that qo kaBooomm!!!In th€ nrqhtvcry erflr ndt mo.nin8, Lau€ngmm will brinShis horse íromthc srzblcs and l.a!c n !t the f.o¡I of üe i¡n. H€ wlu thencliñb onto the roof and scr¡mbl€ üp to the chimney or lhePCs .oom |o which he eill rie ¡ ¡opc. H€ will then droP aln bombdown ¡hechimncy, with i c.y ol"H¡ha, mv r.iends,po. r ¡nc b¿s.omcl

Af¡€r this he wiü abscil dow¡ (be rope onro his horse tn¡1 Salopoft. Note that rhc GII drould ¡he¡ ¡hi¡iplan jffor $omc re.r)n¡nc ¡ ' t . hr re r f r r r l .ur inS

'1hc shour is ¡ Loud ooisc rnd rhus has a ba¡t 80% chanccro?w¡ken cachsleeping PC. l f l .sucnSom misses hh Hir ro l lusc !h< no.mal rul€s for misstd bombs, but ¡f thc die rol¡iódicates rhat ú€ bomb mor€s through the w¡ll it rcm¡¡nsin rhc fi¡eplxcc. Thc bomb is fused to 8o or 1 round frcmwhen it hils rh€ fifeplxce.

The PCs rr€ likely lo b€ in a sr¡te of confusion, bül cven irth€ room h completely d¡rkthel \rill be ¿ble ro see thebombdue ro d. 'putlerinS tusr.ll will requ'rr an lrl¡/¿tlr?¡.\l tor¿ Pc ro re¡Lh rh€ homb before i¡ 8o.s offt. t0 it rhe Pc warnor 6leep)r what the PC does d¡€n is up to her or tum Pinchi¡8rhc fusebur wil¡ reqúir. a iesr agafst Dq +20i ¡h.owio8its is hendled ás ¡hou¡h the PC htd Bornb sktll but witb a -20

¡o BS unl€ss thc PC ¡oes have thar skill. ¡8ñore misfiresr tfüar didn\ occu. wh€r Lruengnm foUed, il won't noq

lf rhe bomb Soes off ¡|nd blows uP the PCs, .emember tb¡tuse of a F¡¡e Point allows a PC ro escape unh¡rmed lf all th€PCs eilhin th.bl$t r¡diüs use F¡te Poinls, the bomb doesn'tro ofli orhemite such PCs will s¡ard uP ¡mid the w.€ck¡8e;fr.r rhedplos¡on¡nddustth€mselvesoff, unhzmed, ortindrhem$€hcs dmped oyer the Ino si8n, eqüally D¡sca¡hed.

Th€ iún qill be somshatden¡ed if ¡h€ bomb go€s offlnsldeThr plác. should not bo¡o down, howqeri the m¡in effect

the pupsu€Rs?O.e w¡y o.úorhe., úc PCssillñowbe he3d.d tor rhe Bla'kar .ossr . ¡s ! le . Th.v ñ1r *e l l bc pursuing L¡uen8r¡mD¿¡¡n u l r rh úthey h jve ¡o¡ror ? '¿ l ¡ 'k i l ¡u t sPre qu,ck Ór lihrm¡¡k I i thcv ¡ ; , ro{ behindhiñ orr ! rhdchec\edNhühe¡1 left thc in;. lbev rDrv know ¡o hc is L¡urngr¡m will¡o t erot , ¡ ¡usuen i rn les thc búmb f ¡ i led ro 80 o l l n thar. , .e h: s i i t be a ler¡ H( $ i l l hur l bomb' f r . r l \ ru h inder

Th€ woods throuch rhich tht PCs s¡ll be tr¡leui¡tg coun¡,c D'fficúh Groun.t fo¡ mounltd tnrclle.s bot not tor thoseon iün (thouch th€r€ are Obrlclcs if s¡ch ntk Run) l beve.c impissebl¿ ro whetlcd t|Jffi( Thev also gi\'t $ft coYtrromisiile-firetargets at nea.ly xn-! 6t\ge, atrlsom.rimes hfdcover (xs when llidnrg behind r.ec t.unks).

thrr l \ mi lc . ¡ur lh ! r ¡ l rc tnn ¿ *kr l ih¡ 'm .narc\ lh ' P( '

.oule:carvcd bv thc .hcr flowins ¡long ¡s bortom ¡1 is 50

\x.d.dc(p Jn. l i2 y¿rds wid( . rnJbnJ8(d h) r \ r ' \ ' lL l n" , ¡ l ¡: r ,hcd.rJner ' ¡ id ie bu ' l l hy who In. rw' wh"m \n 'n ' l l r \ r ( lrod lc2ds from htre lo Ihe (lasde

Th. brid*ewill úke ttte qeight ofup to thtechr¿clcÑ rfoolhúr hxs;50% ch¡nce ro col laps€ cach I imc l l t i r hear ierwr ishts isuch ¡s a hose lnd. ide, i rc Pl ¡ccd Úfon i l l lw i l luk¡'l ro;nd n) do so, ard so those who wcnr r.()$ xr sp'cd.or rrilssed ,¡rillr¡lr¿ ¡ts¡s shtn i¡ bt8¡n to ..umblc. 8tt ollir i; time. Nore thar rhere is suffic¡er( $om kx a Rrr¡ !p ¡o¡1r€mpt Lc2Ping the chlsm on horseb¡ck

l r i \Du\r ib le losu atound ¡h< Lhr lm toei ther ' id . tn te l l i r l8¡n " i r . c , . ' le i L¡u(nsmm wi l l Jo th¡ unl ( ' \ thr l ( s r r .ho¡ or his l¡ail. in whiclt c¡sc he w¡ll8allop his ho6c ove.rhe bridS€, d¡oppinSabomb as hc Socs Tbis wiU destio-! rlrcBridgr unle$ the bomb misfúes

w¡ll b. the wr.ckin8 of rhc .oom the PCs veÉ ¡n

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (37)


at th€ castl€Wherhe. the PCs cztch I-aü€n8¡am or not, they si]l rerrDalywind up ¡t dÉ cafle. 'rhey wi¡l presumably try to cnter lhepl¡ce 'n order ro \perk ¡o Annrljs¡ Ke$¡er. but rhei.succeswill dep€nd i good ded on what has alre¡dy bryp€n€d.

lf l.2úeng.am re2cbed ihe cr$rl€ b€forc ¡hem, he will havewmcd rh€ ¡J¡ows abodt rhe sec.€t passage, and they willhave discorcred the edt úd set up m mbush in the d!¡geons.If th. PG found our d¡rt ¡h€ bomh€. r'"5 Lauengr¡'ff¡, bowfler,¡hcy will hopefully not br silly enough to us the pass¡8e wharh¡ppe¡s *ill dep€nd on ivh¡r thE- do do. lf thry ger.¿üFht,thcy ¡villprobably be seized by rhe outl¡ws Ifdot, rhcy wil¡p.obablX seize Ann¡li5¡. I n €ilh€¡ casc Ann¡lis¡ sbould .€vealio ibem ihai she doesn't know where the Blu€ flame isi allher f¡r}¡e¡ vould say Ms rhat if she úsed her head she could

Thc PCs w¡ll cventqalll beflung into thedmS.onsifcapru.€d,p€ndiDg a drdsion by rhcorthwi abourwhar &dowirh themlif rbqv seem to b€ siuck h.re (zhhough most pa.ties will lreresourcef!l enouSn Io escape 5om€how) the oudaws' capdvehalfiing cook, Sleqes, will f¡ee (hem. As he w¡ll have to tellthc 8uúds rh rh€ Arow wish€! to speák to thcm wheo shedoesn\, lhe ala.m will soon be.aised. funhermo¡e, the GMm¡y €a¡e to redtrce the PCs EP a¡'rr& tf this becomcs

The Pu¡sücd?

P.esumlbly the PCs will eventually le¡ve rheceslleandmakefo¡ th€ ¡nn. Thcy may have discovercd whe¡e the Blue Flamel i€s, rhey may be br inging th€ A¡row's he¡rd to vonDmk.ribc.8, o.thcy maystmply bc nrnning rwry. Thc Al¡ckArrcws pusüc irnecessary but glve up the ch¡se e few d¡lesfrom úe inn. ¡f thev ¡re sttll with the PCs bv rhen.

sq count, w€ m€€t acarnB¡ck ir ¡he itrr howcve4 things have been goin8 on. Countvon Dr¡kensbc¡g dccided rhar Kellermann's uletulrcss is 2¡an end, rod had him kill€d by B.unq *ho then departed. Th€i']r st¿ff a.€ ¡s y.r unaw¡rc ofrhe mu¡dcr The Coüol is nowwlirirSfo. thc PCs ¡o arrlve Unless they.ome steahhtlf hervill know of thei. a..iv¡l ¡nd be r'¡tch¡ng ú€m.

If ib€y com€ ¡o his room, ¡vjth a heid fo¡ hir , h€ sill ¡sk¡hem to waii ou$idc whil€ he checks ir. A bricf ¡h¡vc, and'f rh( hr¡d ha dircrion. t2rrooed on ir. hr let. rhcm ¡n. p¡)\them m¡l lends rhem on rh€i. wty.

Howser, if ihe PCs 80 to Kellerm¡nn s room rhey find rhcdoor unlocked add óc occupier lyin8 dead o¡ rhe n@rllomenñ lak¡, th€ Coun¡, ¡long with his m€n 21 2rms. will

The Counts e¡d his boys will 2lso ippe¡¡ drem¡rically if rh€PCa 8o ro get the 8cm w¡¡hou¡ bcing sultably circ*mspcc¡,stcppinS oll ofrhc sh¡dows w¡rh appropriarecommrnlsiusras úe PCs une¡rth rhei¡ Drize.

wRapprnq upA*¡rd rhe fdlowir8 expc.i.n.. poinrs ro the PCs:

20 po¡nts for añ!,PC ropping ¡he bomb going ofti20 points crch for ropping l-2um8dfn rcrchin8 (hr C$rl.:.r0 pointi each tor c¡p¡uri¡tg Annalisat20poinrs.¡.h rordiscoveringthe ¡ocationof rhe Blu. Fl¡m(:20 poinrs c¡ch for 8€¡tlnS rhe bounty fiom rhc Coun¡i2O-4o points pe¡ Pc ror good ftfe-p¡2ying.

T.e¡t th€se ¿wards ¡s maimúms. lflhe PCs ¡¡E c¿prurcd byth€ b¡ndits ánd h2ve ro be .cle¡sed. EP ¡wards sho{ld bc.educed by amund 25%.

Nore: Ifrhe PCs m¡Mge ¡o 8e¡ their paws on rhe 8¡ue FI¡m..you miSht dec¡d€ to m2k. ¡ furrher EP ¡w¡rd, sidcc rhh hno easy t¡sk.Ils v¡lu€ is some {00GoldC¡ow¡spc.su.vivingPC, but they w¡ll pmbrbll gcl no mo¡e ¡ban ¡ rhird olrhislsince the lt€m b hof ¡nd wi¡l h¡v. to bc ltnccd. Elen fl¡jd,n8a fence ready tobüyth€ femcouldb€ m ¡dvcmure in ns(lf.In shoí, th€ PCs reelly afe b€r¡er off iusr relling dle Counrwh.re rhc rhlnS h ¿nd collccring ¡hfi. bouflry.

th€ castl-e o[ th€ Black appowsThc Dl¡ck Arro*5 c¡srle s¡2nds in a muShlycircularclea.inSapprorimaÉly l0Oyzrds ac.oss. Thtsenr¡reclea¡ingis yh¡blcrotheoutlaw lookoursdürlng thcd¡y md onnoorli¡ óigh¡s.A ¡oad runs slr¡ight out f()m thc 8zles.

One hund¡ed l"rds from rhec¡rl€bv d¡3c¡sr sidc of rhe rordst1¡ds ¡ hollow o¡k whose tru¡k is a ah:¡f¡ lcading ro rhe secrcrtuñdcl inro the casrlc Gce No 4 below). S¡¡nd¡¡d doo6 (¡!shown on ¡he map of the ctstl.) hale Tougbne$ 5, Dañ¿sc12 ̂ íd (if lockedl Loch Ra¡lrg 20. Non-s¡andard doors haveTouünest B, &tnage 22 and a¡. always bol¡cd. V4rrh lR rtldslone. Th€ chand€ti€rs fi¡rked on rhe mlp ar€ w¡gon-whcbltypc¡ff¡i.se¡ch mouÍring 15 or.oc¡ndles, which c¡sr l¡8h1as a Tor.h. The.e are 5 r¿¡ds b€rwc.n floors.


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (38)



This.oom isequippedwilh sixbar.edcells O.ndin8ú€ ba6is t -20 Stre|gtb fe ¡, and thc locks re Valu. 3 0) inro whichour bero€s mav w€ll be rhowli. bound hand an¡t fool anddisamed. If rhis h¡pp€ns thcy wiu h2v€ t*o ou¡lae-Suardssiftin8 ar rhe ¡able outslde ¡he ccllsi othcsh. rhc pl¡cc isunoccupied, except fo. ¿ hu¡8¡y C¡¡niyorous Snappe. Thhlives in ¿d 8 dc€p pit set in the floor, wilb ¡ hinS€d 8útin8ove. it (hegElirgtbolt tsacccssible 1.) ¡ chtmct.. inthe Pit,and ir is e6ily lifted). One of the 2 x2 fl¡gsroncs of rh€ pi( \floor can b€ pushed/liftcd up, to r€veil rhe Sec.et 'tunncl

Cañtvorous Sd¡pp.r


Thcse ¡R rcgul2rsl¡¡rc¡s.s, dcepi for one lhinS; thq h.rered st¡ir-carpers on ¡hcm.

swshbuckl€Fmay wish topull thcc2rpeis ¡r o.dc.toupsc¡enemleswho¡r. on lhemi rh¡s.€quires 2 check 2Saiost twicerbe chimctecs sterSlr, minus l0pcrperson on the.rt¡. Allthose oD th€ rug müsr rheo .heck ¡gai¡sr /r¡l¡la¡fle or be Íeucdand orly able ¡o p¡fry for D.l .oünds.

6 DORMITORIESThese long bar¡ck rooms c¡ch hold six beds, disr.ibúrcdmo¡g which ! ilt b€ fourd 12 sl..pin8oud.ws. weapons and€quipm.nt lying rcady ro hand.

[he k€y



This a¡e, of rhe c¡-sde i3 devore.l to the secüriry o{ihe m¡in8¡t.s. I\^ o gua.d¡ooms fl.ñl the ma¡n 8¡tcs, ¿nd €ach holds2 oudaw guárds. Th€ roonl above the gates cootains rb€ sinchconlrolling lhe porrculljs (which is no¡m¡lly mised bu¡ canbe Iovered wilh a crash frorn hr¡€). aswell:s ¡murder hol€(a hpdoor) usetul for droppinS rhirSs ¡¡ro the sp¡ce between¡h€ fiñt ¡nd *cond g¡tes. on thc n.i¡tr.v !¡ble D8 fncendirries

2 THE STAALIS!¿.h of these rooms is furnhhed wirh 6 hoB.boxer. and aloft above holding ¡ good supply offodde. Normally eachst¡ble hc'¡ds 4 Riding ho¡ses whi.h 2.e occ¡sionatly us€d by¡he oudaws l-lueng¡¡m s hose will be here as wcll ifhe h¡rnr¡rcd. Also keft here a.e saddles. b¡idles erc.

This vlst .hamber, Ih bI . .oa.ing bl¿e, w¡ll tor.hcs zndchandel i€ .s . wi l l ¡yp lca¡ ly co¡¡a in 12 of f -duty ou¡ laws,Kellin8.oundrhc lon8 Lrble 1\{o of those may be postedro guad (he PCs in the¡¡ dung€on. Thr room s pilhN ande¡ll€n c¡eate uleful shadows.


M¿nned bt a¡chcñ in the elent of¡o attacl, nofmall_v mosrofdtes. sm¡ll, ¡rrow{lirted tow€6 are empty. l he uppcr fou¡,howqer als?vs contaiÍ 3olit1rv oüdaw lookouG.


The three rcoms in thh setion ofthe cstl. ar€ ihe p¡útriti¡chen andr'cll. Thepmtry ¡n<l lbe wel¡ ¡re iust what theyse€h(1h! p¡¡try tiolds t0I!ón R¡rions arionS itsstor.si¡hcqell is 30 F.ds d€ep). ¡n the ktrchen there are num€rousK¡iv€s aod so.ml H¡nd *t¿pons (cle¡ve6 ¡nd such), as s ell.s slcses, ú€ oudawl .aprive h.lni¡8 cook. He sleeps on

Acce$ibte frcm the fl¡ll (No 7), this ¡ower is tsc.nded byclockwise spir¡ srai.s (Í drÉ l0 ro WS for righ¡ h¡ndedfi8bte6 b¡rtlin8 someonc h¡8ber up th. sl2i6 then rh€yi dirrofo. lef!-h¡nde6 fiShri¡8 down). 'fi¡ o gu¡.ds ¡.e posted at rheborom of these siet¡s. Th€ locked ¡oom ar rbe rop is thereedcn(e of Annal¡e¡ Kessler rhe Bl¡ck Arrow lr¡utds ¡doubl. bcd with 1 f€arhcr m¿u.ess (x2 cost md €ncumbcince)¡nda t¡ble Unde!¡be r2bl. is 2 ch.srholdln8 rhecqui!¡l€ortrcarurc of a targ€ Ho¡.din8 Mo¡sre¡ (se. W¡RP p¡8e ll0).Th€ cher ls lock€d G¡me lock ¡s ihe doors) ¡¡d weighs 600.nc. Ao intcrsting fc¡tur€ of the room is the cur¡ained-offshaft dowo which runs a slopc wh¡ch rupports the ccntralch¡nd€li€r in thc Gr.¡t Hdl lNo 7). Ann¿l¡s¡ mav slide downthe .oDe if sb€ necü to escaDe.

lo THt a^TTtLMtN t PATI{OL5-Thc ,86 of baftlem€nt ¡¡dica¡ed are p¡rolled c¡ch be a singleoütlaw fouowing lbe do¡t€il lio€. Th€ 8u2rds tzte I tu.n aí.|I round to compl€i. I circuir.


t¡ 93 BS \3 T w td ctt l l0 l 0 89

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (39)


non-pl¡y€p cnaRac[€psPop th€ aÍtarpANNALISA KESSLER Il¡. ahct A.roe

Sktl¡c! As Black A..ow outlrw beloq plus: Follow TrÁil,Mxrk\min\h lp

1l ppld$: LeatherJerkln, Dl¡ck Hood,sword, Knif€, Norm¡lBow md Quiv€¡ (20 Bll.k ^rrow¡)

^nn¡li6e c¡r bc run a numbcr of w¡yú. Shc mt¿ht simply bcanothercncmy -.nOud¡w Chiefpurc end slmple. She mlghtbe ¡ Robin Hood type, fond of ¡ leuSh md an tntrtSoinSsituarion. Sh€ m¡8ht fallin lov. wth one of th€ PCa wtth o¡wfhout effor¡ on the PC s Dart.

SL¡lk: As Black A.row Ourl¡w (see b€low) plus:Speci¡tist Vrelpon - Bomb, Flec!, Re2d¡*.itc, Silcni ¡tor.

Tr¡oDtdf3: 2D4 Bombs, TindrrBox lovdRope Ia.8eBl2ckr to ' ¡ i , O1et . r Lund(¡ . lo¡k) . B¡ack Ma(t l r l l ¡nd wide '

L¡uencr¿s should beviewed as ¡ kind of cPz.d Güt Fawk.sHr h Áiven Io pro$1n8. surPir loue q¡ . r ' er i l .huckle 'lurkins, ,n.t tresr ol ¡ll, rPutterrflg bomb\ Dur¡n8 the niEhlbcfo¡€ be bombs ih€ PCs vou m¡v ¡i*c to hive him indul8crhe fo¡mer t€¡dencies, pcrh¿ps when rhey visi¡ the Countfhcre ñ8 be ch¡oces fo. bim la¡e. at the carde, ¡s well

Skllls. Dod8. Alow' Strikc MiSh¡y Blow

Tr¡ppln83: Mei! shir, Helmü, sbield, sp.a., swo¡d

Thesc boys, too, arc w€ll knoen. They a.€ ¡he chaps rvnoñ¡.€ri¡lia€ in droves whcn rhe Count sn2ps h¡ finge.s atoppo.tuú€ moments, ¡fld are cut dow¡ by the heoi. Pcswhile rbri¡ maite. h€eps scorn upon rhem-

Uosumrjsinqly (lorrhe' sc€m ro h¡!e divin.d their lot in l:l('omct iowl rñey rc¡ .ür ly lo t I t hsu8Set tedrhar th(L, 'un lhav€ 12 of rh€se mcn with him. (Such feltowt tmd¡tio¡allyh¡vc weight of numbeñ).


St¡ltl3; concc¡lment Ruf"l, DodSc blow' sc¡leShe€¡ Su¡facc,Sli.nt Move Ru¡¡I, Stt*c Ml8hry Blow, Strtke ¡o srun. n¡de

¡ts¡pplngr! Le¡therJ¡ck, Bl¡ck M k, Hand Weapon. No.otalBow znd Qüiver (lD6 Bleck ^irows)

The w¡y thcae chanclcrs ¿r€ ¡o be plalrd w¡ll dQtnd upoÍrrhew¡y inshtcb Arnalba is. They may b€ Mc¡ryMer, ¡he)may bc ¡ wild ¡dd sa\¿8€ crer ofcuttttm¡ts, o. thq mi' beicc.cool profcssionds. In rny case. hcy 2rt no( pu\hovcFlf!h€ PCi ¡re outnumbcrcd hv thtm, thcv wlllprob¡hl!'¡rt10 srun ¡hc Pcs. nor Kll.

BRL'NO Thc Doublc AgeatBruno do€s not intemct much wtth the PCs add so bis st¡tsare not girenirun youGelf up a qulck Torturcr lf you fe€l lbenced. He is best play€d a3 a dou¡, tacitum type.

COUñT VON DRAISNSDERG Thc n ¡lth Vtll¡la

stüft: Bl¡thei cha¡m, E¡iqueft., Read,^úrit€, Erduatc, Luck,Ride DtsÍm, Dodge bloq Speci¡list Weepoo - R2Pi.r

TBppIs$! Dest qu¡ltty cloth€s, ¡t¡pie., rhif€ Oidden), 200GCs

The Coünt is ¡ cha¡¡crc. deryone kno*si smooth, tuavq with¡ sinlsr€r nkish €le8¡rcc. He is as swlft and de¡dly as the ¡¡pter¡t hts side Ru¡ htm as r Basil B¡thbon€ typc ¡rch-viU¡in.

'Its¡ppltrgs: Depeodh8 upon chcumr¡nces.

with Sl€ses, rhe GM h¡s 2 numberofPa¡hs open to him. H.may nor, of cours€. com€ iolo th€ advenrur€ ¡t atl. H€ mzIb€ ¡n inp€ccebly-pol¡5hcd buder, ¿ chcf who h23 sp€n¡ .n¡ntye¡6 2bmad (¿rd rqulred an entertrinhS ¡cc.nr) or ¡n)¡hdcter the GM feels tÉ c¡llcd for He will be ¡t hh ber lfpl.y€d for comic r€ltct

VOLIGANG TEU,ERMA¡¡N lhc M¡r Vlth A P¡3rKcsder should not int€r¡d too much wlth thc PCs so his st¿t3a¡c no¡ 8¡Kn. Hc ls bnstc¡lly ¡ sourcc ofinform¡fion, plotwirebut rs rtgards ch¡r¡cter bc i5 probzbly besr done 23 ¡ brcoqing,

The as¡ure r€¿der ofthls s.crion wfl h¡v€ noted lhÍ all th.ch2¡¡ct€n- ¡rc ste¡loR?es. Well, so wh¡t? fils ts a B€lodr¡ma,you know H¡m it upl

I.AUINGRAM Thc Slrglc aScDt

t¡ w3 as f cj g¡

15 l t 4 l 2 7 1 2 6

THE MEN ¡tr AnüS Thc Cou¡r'3 SPer'C2rrlers

s v fA cl f€l4 29 29 29 t9 ¿9 29

@ ¡l ¡t v t Td ctJ 8 29 29 29 29 29 29

M Í!t a3 T td cl8 2 76 40 40 42

SLBEVES Thc C¡ptur.d H¡lfllnA S.rv¡ot

M Í3 a3 T v IA l]I

21 2 7 4 1 29 4 l

Shllk: Dodgc Eloq Cook, Etiqucttc

lf tra T v I al4 a 10 66 1 7 1 5 0





¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (40)




KEYw\, C0tai¡

ffi Stairs {anow gocs up)

ll t¡ddcr'e",

FloolGilins Tr¡pdoo¡s

l-) Torch i¡ Brackct

c * C[a¡dclicr .

ter Door (Strndrrd)

É lVi¡dow

{it Arov Sln

r* Doo¡ (oo¡-standard)

q Wi¡ch

6 Bcd

n nbL

Arc¡ with ¡o floor

* Bars/Porcullis



€lrimacy (wnh


Chimncy (no {ncpLcc)


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (41)


ff t,ro oot t* oF THB HIDDEN JEwEt

s[coND FtooR






c ü l

c s 7c *


Y. 1.. v

l t t ' ' '



;,9á':';,ffi*IHE CASTLI

¡ t - - t




f¡€ & E



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (42)


l l



Adr¡eltui'e Snñña¡.yThc PCs wirness ¿ cuhisr, Pet€r Tavelli, ch¡sing ¡ndsecmingly rrting to kju a younS m¡n, who b€gs fo! ¡h.irhclp. PursuinS T¡velli lc2ds ¡be PCs ro ¡ d¡ngcrousundcrSround complc¡ ah€r. ¡ b¡nd of sk2vcn, led byskFr¡h - .n unüsu¡l¡y d¡¡geous specimcn - h¡ve join€dforces with ¡ Sroup of hum¡¡ culüsts. C¡n rhe PCs prevent¡be t.rrible ritu¡l rhesc a¡oups ¡¡€ pl¡nn¡ng, end sayethemsclvcs lnto th€ ba¡gdn?

Enemy V¡tbLr C¿mpelgn NotesReuiring this adr€ntur€ in Dclb€r¿, ¡s writ¡en, arloss irro b€ pley€d €6ily in D?at¿ or ,¿¿ ¡¿l¿ whilc thc PCs arclooki¡g for H.ircnymous Blilz€n, |Vend¡ weltschmerz stulor. ¡�c can b€ out of ¡own fo! ¡ couple of d¡ys, leavi¡Erhe PCs ¡iE€ ro ger embmiled in this adventure. In tuúa'Bebind tbe Tbmne, Delbcrz c2n ¡g¡tn bc uscd ai thc s€ttingif ibe PCs a¡€ Bivco somc definite rEason for aoing thea.Sinc€ rhey c he?ding for Midd€nlreim ther€ mus¡ bc ¡)¡ good r€aon for rhc detour ¡rd b) no timc pressurt fotrhem .o 8€t ro ldlddeoheim quicklt A Sood rE?ion ror rhederour could be somctl¡in8 a! simpl€ ¡s ¡ rumour that oldBli¡zn is ddd. which will ¡n¡ke lvinda s,¡nt to find oütif this ts trüc (it i5nt, he iust had z spo¡ of Suming PurplePuccpox a¡d rr now ñ¡ll.y recú!.fadr. lr sbarlotB ouerBajgatbafen, thc ^d\Efrñrc *ould ber b€ sa in Weissbn¡ckas th€ PCs ¡rc hc¡ding for Bóg.nhden.

Rcstless Dead Catlpelgn NotesArrhou8h ¡h€ PCs w l b€ led relcndesdy to Delber¿ by rhehand, it is not openriv€ all the ttme, vhen rh.y 8er ¡oDelbcz, it will b.come i¡eñ for a while, ¡chich ¡Uop¡ youio spring Emest Dr¡lsCs app€a¡'¿ncc and Bvelli's at¡ack onúcm wh¡l€ they er€ E€lkirg b¿ck frorn a swift snorter in

Thc h¡nd wiU become vcry agrlared r,hen ¡hc PCs cnt€.th€ hou¡€. ¿¡d qill diet rberD to tbe secr€! rr¡pdoor inthc basemcnt once T¡velli h¡s b€en orErcoEc (s¡ving ¡imelookira for n), ¡¡thougjr you c¡n allow the PCa ¡hc ch¡n.cto look for ¡heñs€lv€s befo¡e the ha¡d pointsun¿mbiguously ro th€ tr¡pdoor. Thcr€ ar. ¡lso v¡riousmodiflc¡tio¡s you miSh¡ corsid€t m*ing to this scen¡rta

If rh€ PCs ¡¡. un"blc ro use the bombs, you m.y chooseto reótc€ thc sE€n8¡h ofrhe opporcnt,' i¡r the sewer s,$¡e¡n.Th. nuÍibü of cultist! in aree 4 shoüld b€ r€düccd to l,and th€ numb€r of Sk¡!€n prcs€¡t is 2, fouos: ts,o in arcl7, two in ar€, 9, on€ ln .rEr 12, 2¡rd Sk¡lt¡h hirDsclf in ¿É9, for a toEl of six. r the ¡ituel is in pmgr€ss, all thc Sk¿vcnwill bc tn ¡rea 12 wheo the PCs cnt€r Theic charges allovrhe PCs ¡ berter chmce of overcomtng thctr oppor€nts.Ako, you should not h¡\"e ¡ny of lhe Sk¡ren ¡noint thcirwe.rDoñvirh Black Loü.s - th€tr own s¡üia ls b¡d eoouSh!on thc othe¡ h¡od, skr€rth should be giv.n ¡ m¡gic¡lwe¡por-esimp¡eSwo¡d + lO e¡tll do (addiog +lO to ¡hcVS of thc sword usÉr bur nothing to d¡ma8c c¡uscd).Ag¿in, ¡ rccond mag¡car we¡po¡ t,5 going to bc v€ry usetulirdced fo¡ the PCs fatrly sbonh

Ore of the bod¡€s in rrca 12 of thc sewe¡ compl€x is.loh"m s - significr¡tly dccompos€d, dmittcdly, bü cl€rlyhis. wh€nrhe dusr sertles ¡nd the PCs ent€r lhls charnber,

Joham ¡pp€¡ñ (infuriiting how h. ¡s n€v€t ¡round to helpou. w¡rh th. fithrtfrS!) ¿nd is absolur€ly d€li8Ju€d rh:r ¡hePCs bav€ found his body. ¡¡€ arks rh.m to tat. tr {ánd h¡sbud, now finally ¡t rest) to the ndrby cerncrcry. He s¡ysrh¡r he will 80 and h¡r'€ l word etth thc Cleric of Mórrpcrsonally, so rhe PCs wiU not hav. th€ probleñ ofcxpl¡ini¡8 how thcy hzvc comc to bc ¡n possssion of ánold. onc-h¡nded co¡psc whcn rhey visit ¡h€ Pri€r.

Joha¡n ¡lso ¡ler¡s rhe Pcs lo th€ e3.ist€ncc of ¡ secct doorloc¡t€d ¡n the rn¡ddle of th. m¡tb qzll of ¡rca 12. Johensays th¡t thcft b somcthi.8 u¡pl6inl rnd cold on theoth€r sldc ofil, ¡ ceve cordpld which €ont¿¡ns prescnces,but also ñz8ic (or so Job¡nn !hink5, ¿ll ü€ c¡n say is irfeeh m¡g¡c¡l in rh.re"), dd trezsu¡€. Joh¡¡n c¡n\ s.y .nymor€'hc h?s.! been behird thc door a¡d he do€snt knoweractly wh¡t the presenc€ is.

tu rhis s¡1g€, rhough, the Pcs will almost ccn¡inly h¡veorhe¡ business to aÍend ro. lr ¡s virtudly ce¡¡¡ln tb¡t on€o. mor€ of üem vill h¡r€ co¡t¡¡cted Tomb Roa or lnfec¡e.luounds, or úay q.rh¡'/e both. Fo¡ thts r€:son, ¡ srmtegicr€tr€¡t is 1¡ o.de¿ A¡ the local Temple of sh¡ll]¡, PCs whohave conrncr€d rhcse disordcF c¡¡r hzv€ tbem curcd- Ofcoü¡s€ donaiions lo ihe Temple will bc €apectedi 2 rul€of ¡¡umb i¡ 5 Gold Cmwns tot C!rc LlSbt hjury ard rOfot lwat lllnest. Donzrions mede in e*cess ot thcl€ sumswill pur rhe PC i¡ good srandlng ¡rith thc T€mple in tuture- nor somcthing lo bc u.atcd liglttlyl

The PCa ca¡ also Bo to rhe ¡ernpl€ of Mórr wir¡ Joh¿ú sbody ¡nd hde it buri.d, rhe ¡esidcnt Pricst will ch¡rae ICold Crohs for the scNic. Shonly aÍtcrwrd¡ Johan¡will ¡ppe¿r ;or the l¡st tiEc t¡. wil say th.t hc cnioyedh¡s own tuner¡l ánd found ir r¿¡h€r ¿ moving occ¡sion. H€is not ne¿¡ly so wo¡fted ¡bout who hc lras no¡r he is atpe¡ce, w¡ü ¡he l¿s¡ c¡se be was $,orkin8 on resotEd. Hcis Soiog to rest now' and do€snl spect to bc back fo¡ 2while. He thanls .hc PCs for all ¡heil klnd¡ess to him, a¡dfor pryitrg fo. his bu¡i¡l- H€ wishcs th€m f¡lwell, ¡nd siyshe hop€s ¡o se€ úem ¡gain sometimc. After ¡his, withJohanr buri€d ¡¡d ¡t petcq you car e*'2Jd e¡ch PC I ¡ ePoint for th€r¡ effons. Howse4 if thcy thint ¡h¡! Joh¿ffinistheor y mcnb€¡ of th. ¡asdess D€3d arü8d th€y h4.eanorher üinL cominB....

wbú¡ Dld E4pten ,oJobann?The PCs múht posstbly n¡d our somethinS about this inTbe HoLtt lng Ho¡roa b\tt ¡f they don\ relurn fot thtt¡dvcntu¡r ¡hcy'¡l prob¡bly ncl!. know;Joh¡fm *Es huntinSHans J¡¡!c$r, thc cülti!. ¡t thc Hooded Man. As Jtnkerstcr.¡pcd, Job¡on pursu€d his, büt l lucl-y bowshot pinnedJohano's h¡nd to a tree Jinkcnt fled, lezvingJoh¡nn to thcme¡cy of s¡t€¡rh úd his baf¡d of Sk¡vm who wc.c closeby fo¡¡g¡n8. The sk¡ven ¡ttacked tbc def€nselcssJohnn,killi¡8 htm and cuttlng off his h2od ro m*É bkiDg hiscorpsc ¡v¡y car¡er - Sk¡Étth rv¡nt€d Johann's body foran¡madon s . Zombi€. Th€ hznd bec¡rnc Í mated fmmthe €ff.cts of proxlmity to Skrctth'! lesr fr¡8rü€r¡t ofwarpston., add somcthlng of Joh¡¡!'s det€¡mln.t¡oninfts€d thc ¡ul¡nzted body p¡n ' expl¡lnlng its polnd¡8

So, on€ de¡d person is l¡id to .est. Hows€¡, dr.r thls2dvcntu¡€, if th€ PCE survive, other dead e¡iities wlll no!be so ¡e¡dy to ¡ccepr qüi€¡¡de....




¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (43)

S ,rr, *,t,,^.INTRODUCTION

Thls tl,hrhámmar Fbnt¡fy Rolaplay adwntüre 15 suitabl€ torlno(p€rienced o¡ bcgJmjns p¡.Otf charace¡s lt L5 s€t ln Delber¿bür could b€ us€d in any to\rn s€ning. k plts üc Its agErnst slq\tnmd rheir humAl ftiends. a¡d thc GM shoúld tt€ aware that one o¡mor€ PCs ¡n¿y end up wi¡h inked \¡ou¡ds ftom üis adwn¡réand requ¡re the attentiofls of a sljll€d he¡]ef

Thls is an ádwñ¡rE iÍ whlch PCr a¡e put up agaiísl slgnlficEltcombal oDtosl¡ion. and at üc ltry l€¡$ the Pf.s should lnclud€two capa6[e \,laÍioriBrngEr r]T€s - three $oüld b€ a betlar oplon


SkJenh is insane: a renegd. Slawn with a¡ inposslble SDat Hecontrols a sñall goup of lo)¡¿l but nisguided clan Skr}'l€ s"¡rio¡snec¡nllv. he and hjs DaEol halt sit€d ftom the l|tb ol o$nelsüa! ridi ! the EmDira tnro th€ s€s'trs b€nealh ltÉlkz The mapsid dó su.h edli¡.¡st€d. skeEh loo}.s üpon it as h¡r.

His last ¡flislion t$ol'red closc associaaion with a ¡ecromana.r.skeúh becarn€ too hea\,ily inwbed. constandy haft¡d¡Edng ftom¡he efec¡s of Blac.h L¡brs (WFBP p82), dle JDung sk¡lEn beü¡nebsdnaled bv e(Derime s ha could not ha\€ hoped to undersand.For bodies ó be re-animaled, dÉre $,ould hat/r !o be \^árpsion€Dresert.I¡ \|as the suff¡he¡ spard lift in@ e'!€ryrfing tf¡t $"5iflefE. it cotdd b€ erd¡ar¡ed. ̂nd if h. found a aay to o(E'¿d ithe $,oüld be able ro rEí¡¡n to hls clan and take contol. 5o INEnthjs \¡arp€d réasoning.

T1le Delber! sewsr network has provid€d him wiü an opporüniryto col€(¡ sD€cir€rls and preise riulals br his fla$Ed $s1. Humancultsrs in ihe torm, mnibers ofdte tlor¡€d na¡ vDlshipÉE PoisorClaw cutr, haw b€en mad¿ a!¡a¡E of the group's aÍlul and a¡eaid¡ng sket¡h in his unoÍñdal ñjJsion.

Ttis advenare l€ads th! playtrs into tic m,az€ of sñ¿,,tls whkhriddb ¡ne sourd benenlh the dry They will dis.!\/Er ¡ha¡ a bandof ska!€niat€ recently @l(fn up resü€nce d¡¡¡n üere and' wiüthe aid of all€ir husa¡i servitors, 3re carrying ou! blzurc rtEáIsand sacrlfices !o üe¡r dd!y. üe ttom€d Rar' The pláJErs rrust Fyt eradic¡¡e for ar least drilt ouq üe sk¡\tn' whilst ad€mPdng!o salt a wál¡hv citizÉn froú üeir cfu¡.h€s in ¡he process. As úesituwn ore".ncé ¡ "igtificanr, the plaltrs wfll ne€d üo h¡w üeir"irs áliur rt"t. nryiáe¿y choosilg lo fig¡t wil lead ro a swiftand bloody d.mjse. .


ÍK folos'lnq encou¡Fr should ocn¡r as ¡ll€ Pcs are \r"lld¡g backftom a tÁfr-ñidÍ d¡ink one evtni4g a¡ their tocal É!em. [emailprotected] "w. ttra¡ úev *lont¡ ¡^" a go<ü dsnl of dlcir eqüpmena $thúem. c€ül¡lv á weapon at káí, ás thry will no¡ hilt d¡nc iooühü arv*ing ¡i ¡t¡y Ien ir b€hind al üeir pla.e of lodginS'íi-tÁli n íe an ¿ort i ftom MtsÉkn Idendrv, ¡hev cruid beoreo¿iins o l€alt the tosn tof Atdorfand advPnlr¡rc. Hotr arcihrv lo fnow thar a¡htnn-fe ñay b€ closer ¡han they real¡se?

^s ü€f are sEo[jÍg ¡htough a partic arly da¡k a¡d.quiet street'a door sudd€nt bu$9 opan n'om ona ol th. oQ€|lsrw ¡oules !nü€rhe road. A \óu¡s man. dresed onlv in nkh¡.lothes. nrshes ou¡io¡1o". ;¡liú .í *.-n , ple¡!€t; As ha c¡l¡h.s stght of úeát'¡._d¡rs tic ¡¡¡¡s "n¡ r¿res_16/ad5 d¡!ú. A b4. bnú€ cot'ttsJile ii¿ oim ace. ,rs tre r¿ces o',tr gasping for air. a dark shap€aDDears. sllhoueGd in úc doors"y ot dr. housr. The man gaspsoiri l¿st senrnce, They w got trty hther. . Do-n'i ler t¡€m l¿l€ii'i... nu¡rv.., xtott á "t duc ¡¡"rE com6 ftom ü€ doon¡?v,foldwEd by a l¡u.h ctoser thd The untorürtále ]oung manóuose ¡iro ¡tre aflns of one o[ the chara.trrs' chohng andcowilng up blood. A rfos5bow bolt ls hrLd his ¡a.l He Ls d'ad

fhe crosstow qr¡a¡rel landed ir the back of Er¡e$ ü41í. son ot "rcalrcs Err¿lst, i t¡'Eálüy ltwlrsman. Do¡h lilEd in the r¿ttEr phishúr$e ftom wh¡ch E¡n¡sI insl eírrEed. Emeí uas ¿sleep in hisuDsr¿jrs b€droom when he $as a$d€ned by a sdrm¡l ol soÉeotrenüüne abour xlour. Af€t *¿.ldttg h¡s álh€r. I¡c wo of thrm \i/erilto iÑ¡gre brd v'tre l€:9¡ upoñby tfu€e inEUdssin ttle litcllen'KaLss was s$,ifrly o\,trpol¡,€red E{n6l, hosE!€r. bcitg yoünglraÍd ñfte¡. maná8Ed l,o br€r.k fte€ ánd n¡sh out ¡nto tm sB€el

Feter ]¡tel¡ ra Poison Cl¡w cul!51), ra.ed aff€r Emes¡ in an efonto orot¡tt luin fro. ul.nitg anlon€ afr¡r h¡!'tng ñrr ordflt¡l hlsái"l'á,iio* L ¡¿¡¡ lc""é hi."k ro sket¡h bv $av or ¿n old'forciaen, s¡o¡e p¿ss¿gvav whiú trauelbd ¡ight W into the ttor$€ihéu!ñ a flaesóne h-¡h€ aÍat M€ar¡while T¡!€üi has sl¡'c€€dedin shórine Énest wiü hjs crossbow but nol belorc he oa¡¡€edto re¿ch ¡[e PG.

As soon ¿s ]E|€tti fues the bolt, hÉ re¡ears ba.k trlsdÉ tu hüding*i"ais t ""e ¡t" u(I\e¡¡*Is r€¡tion tlüough dE h¿I wlndowf úev decde to pursue him he will lead thelD inro a ir¿p in ü¡ehou{ bebr€ Eyüg b get ba.k üo ¡h€ cellar a¡d in¡o ihe secrlDassáF. f he- is-cáuárt o¡ comered. raúer ¡ltan-gr€. a¡ryinfoÍnadon akzy, he w¡n iñnediakly seÍz. a capfl¡e o¡ Mánoaneftom arour¡d hd nerk and bir¿ inro it Tbls M¿nbane c¿p$!€ isca¡ried bv aI the hunans serving the Sk¡\r?n' and corta¡rls (he

egujiah;! ofa wry powerful doses of úe drug - the &,¿tor restüi.s¡i ra "fec¡s's'¡na¿e at a _20% p€n¿lty for each dos¿ lt is 'Éiir¡É *"i-i ,ñ",t; ."v no¡ lqn. bui Lhe éM shodd mai(e sl'tefi;;ii'"d;;iü;ú,i*ry ofren rhe use 9rüe capsutg iq;cep¡d tyan,¡thü- .e¡'itors' and eltn f üe poron ';o€snol lÁ!fk, loÍtuc will be ne{€ss¿ry ro ealraí any n¡om|áoon rromthem, su.h rs üeit lolatty to skredh

Th. adwn¡rels win probably d€cide ¡o cháse h!'t¡l hro t¡' l¡ous'¿na t¡v ó aopretreir¿ ru¡r' tto\tYltr, should ¡hey heslble for*iiiftr aJ.i". v"t "tror¡d reúúld them tha¡ lr his lesr $ords.r¡dl¡ s mud¡r llri¡¡ orpress¡n d¡e n€ed fof sp€ed. r th' Pcsiiin *nts¿ lo enr¿r dre hoi:sc al onc!- and hsisr on rerwnlng roift ir ola.. of b¿ejt g, th* dte advenllrl €an sdl be broughl ba(kon hi.. fte sk¿ien-wil be vEry hFrer¡¡d ln caporing ücm' a5lhev ar€ ihe or y (üving p€opl€ eho k¡ow whal napp€neo roxiii,si. rt.v '"'í * gó*d ¿ll¡tls theú sleep aíd r}Ilol*n int'oi¡¡ *ils ¡n éi*í,e" i"ce t ,b ll'¡r sá{rs beloti to a$"r sadficf,The Dlawrs win lhed ha\€ to es.ape - Klauss will hal,E b€en;;Áá b ürn. so üey won t hz',e to worry aboú Éscrllna hlnt


lf he s€€s he ¡s b€irs foltoerd, t¡wlll witl Éc€ up rl¡. stalB lnrhe haÍ. o'akins r¡riúe Pcs har,t s€¡n hlfn. Í they pursu€ijmuD úrc sa¡s. hi wil ÍwFout"e a decoraúlt *in€ bdrel wlúcniári¿i ánG u"¡t¡u o tr lop of tie stairs and s.rd lt cr¿shlng

cM's Notes

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (44)


THE RITUAL gdo*r üo\r"tds his purs¡rf$. Ar¡y ch¡r¿ctlrs on üe sta¡rs ar üe blood. eudenr !o Done enl?ring rh€ room. Arry.h¡r¿clrr ÍEkins¡ime ftu$ male a $¡cce6sful ,ru',tr¿,. ÉÉr a¡ a -to\ penaky ro a successfrI orse;r *'. *;^H"g d,;;;; *iX_"ü ff;:1?l9 +l !{T1: qp."! :qrding ar rhe foor or rhe si¡irs ñusr oMenral cro¿r ( ldsp wtdr üe iomóa tur.s synbot on tr - lhrers¡ll ma¡¡ a surrcsstu¡¡rulia¿E test, but ihis ome ü€re is a +tO\ crossed borres forming rhe shdp€ ofa¡ i¡t'!'nFd ¡¡idngie tn üebon|l3 to the roll. mjddle. ̂lt úe hems_rc¡e dr;;D€d durins ¡he s.ume"b€ru€€n

H:Htitg*H,pff "ffi .#l;S1trá,i",ü* niH,ilr'ü[:l"#?"Íii,T#?ffi fff n fil*ñ! idepcnd,ns on how r¿r up '*ian-ñ ir,ñ.tei ton . FF f,lf tT.H#i*flf trtrH"T"ffiH"*TfffHwill then come back dos'fl dre sLalrsr le¿Ding oier rh€*"y ¿'in'ii ¿t_'.liü óii'i6:ñfii#ilií"Ht!:t É¿.¡ roseürr üú ¡he ¿ssocuted l¡dwredse ofhs c,nne.don wrr¡¡o rm cltü|f and ihe enr€f r¡e s{!ñrs !i¿ the s€(lEf DassaÉ, sho¡id

- ' - _ ' 'any characÉrs ha.\e a\o¡ded úe banel and be able to oln DUN¡i - - , , _ .oririrn. r,e *rll nrn ana n¡e;inuri. Jú,ili, to," ." - Y-i*' 5. coff(lor. This €ofridor mme.r< úe h¡ll ro t-he kirfhen. as lr.,os.ui".rr*'.y"i'lü¡iiü;ü!ib;;#;'i:HiH'ri&'i$:9^ry":l*qt|.91q"sts-do¡ornomalvs¿¿itrsñe,erva so?8hf fu fól ft, ab¿n-donins -y "r.",p, ; Iiii;;-"ü;;i; stone rr¡s8ed, showins none of üe splendor r¡ dsruh.É in ihc¡Eltlli3 acrionr shor¡ld h. b€ caughr or aomef.d. halr at*dy '-*'b€en dealt with ' do¡ r forEpr rhat he wiII us€ lhc M¿nbane *!di o. Sror.r*trN. r.lú is whele aI lhe tood a¡d olhe¡ domesdc¡r¡ prelerence to teinS €aprured His profile Ls as fo".*!: requiremenls of üe househotd are k pt, under lo(k and kry.PETTR TAVELLI- F{)tl'rDAf, arrrTts"r Ho$t\,er, when Klauss a¡d Er¡est went !o itn€stigar€ ihe soun&,

úry alm€d ¡her¡selws €ách wiü cfu¡6 lept herE, ád Kauss forgorto lo(k the door-ir_his hurry. Ttr6 rle itoo¡ is süghdy ajar, ahe

¡nside ¿re selrr¿l sac*s of sa¡n. srackprl nearlv aEtirllr on€ i€ltalonS üü many oüer t&Ñ of food ' you m¡y'ad¡ sp€cific jtemsI

Isküls: s enr Moi'e &¡rat. sirent Mo,le urba¡. stÍle !o sru¡r. iiü* ii*ll¡ii"l'¡ü1üp',.ii''ffi#;'i'iüiiffi,|il?:r'apprngs¡ crü Repeatins crossbo, (e qüaÍers). ru. "*r. iffffiifi;"ffi,Tñffi,ffiffi ffitjffri:r¡r€ü is a rar ró,3"). ansurar man. wirh a hook€d. nosr, s-., ffffi:n##i Tfj:*fi;il# f#T$Tffitr;beady e}É. and bla.k h,air. He is u,r¡rins a blac*" widÉ-b'i^-e¿ *¡"r. ¡t,.v *,. &i,ip"JL-ai1-*in.lü-Jü¡-Jñ.?il #il;hat that collrs nrosr oÍ his áce t¡houdr he t{Ears,a dárk blu€ b¡;nrs¡,ñ;ii!i.nirrr-Já,*¿a¡.c.rbox.T¡ebombsne{l€rchlelas a ¡B¿sk as r¡dl). a¡d his flárim midnigrr¡lue agx ",tirdi-*iyiüñ,iüii'e pr;;-a in üe raner pan o rJl€ aa,mrureishsren€dtyacbakclasridmric¿lr,orh€onetvhsin¡hekiahen.ü,,'i,i,j,-,--i--,i,'-il',i-1_'-ilroom c - see u:tow1 . nt i*r gl.y Eo,ü;'üdt ila pair ot leaüer boors. He is also q€arine ¿ Dale btue_run¡c_and 7. Balco¡y. The rairs ftom rhe halw?ry spir¿t upwar.ts onro ¡njslryI4ry:l4T!9lqT 9$:r hlllnans servins üe skaven F:1" üi.*ií¡i¡iri "*r""üüi ijir ¡.r"*. rhe floo, here ts arso

II slfillarty "ten tr\Dilrd in nighr miasio¡s hn aÉ indistinguishable

lrorn any other uprigh¡ chizln wh€n going ?¡bour úeú bLsinessauflrrg me oalone,

The Hoüs€

Only brief d¿scriptions of rhe roo¡ns in the house are gi\,tn belowas it Ls not andcipated üat the plá,ers win be spe¡din8 mu(h ofthek üm lhere. AII üe rooñs mry be üur¡inát€d bt lr¡r.msh¿nging ftom the ceilng. bür only rtie ones in roomi l;7, lt and12 are cr¡nen¡ly burning.

1. Hallvay. Th€ h¡!*"y ls opdently Árrush€d wilh hünringtrophics ard rap€sEies which hang ftom úe wali. A pt|lsh bluic¿rpet cor,trs the noor. An €l¿lor¿e staircas€ spirals up*?rds roa balcorry owrlooking i¡e hrl in rl|e south-easÉnr c¡nü. Thereare thr€€ ¡apesüles in all, €¿ch ronh 25cC. bl4 lou sho¡¡lddjscourage ü€ pl4¡Frs ftom ÉlQng rhem, rerni¡d¡ng üim of whererhey. are and wh¿r thry.are supposed ¡o b. dot¡8. The hundngEopmes üc nor especürüy !áru¿D¡e.

2. Dlolng Rooú. Thjs room ls cl¡rrenaly ln a ¡otal m6r 'IVD bodlesare s?rawlcd aaocs on the Soor The hble is up!¡ñed and shaEeredgl¿s9 lies e\rrlaÁEre, wtlat muÍ barr! b€.n ,t¡ €rDenslw r¡roodrncabin€¡ has be€n smashcd ln along lts ftoír, a¡id rh! dr¿rrrrs,logether $üh ¡hEt conten¡s, ha\€ t'€€n sca¡.red across the room.Th€ í¡,o bodi€ arc tho6e of tlle senr?n¡s ¡r'lb tried to oDDose ]¡rrslliwhen he tlas pursuhg Em€$. lte ensuing Rghr írccfed.d tnco¡hplelfly dElr?stad¡g tlle whole room, leáving nolhing of ldüf

J, t r¡¡ge. Thls ls whera KIauEs used !o cntrn¿¡r his gl.srs whilethey relaxad aner a me¡i. The ¡oom hasn r flffered ü. s¿m. hlraJ ttle dlt ng room. S€\Dr¿I I',DaÍlol¡s ar¡ncháns, a Ia€! deaor¡i\€ñrepla.e and an elabor¿!. sldeboard provid€ gr¿nd fr¡ntshtrg. Fourpaintings hang o¡ üe w¿Is, €arh $ünh aOC,C, bur aga¡n. úbdngshoüld b€ dis¡oun8ed.



4. l0i.her, Í s large room has d nighr of sron€ srat¡s bad¡ngdo\*n lnlo lhe Calar ln one crrner T$ó ctu]s resr i¡ ¿ puddh oT

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (45)









ás tañlti ¡as nol yet reiolned his compadons. when (o¡ f) hea. GrÉ! cha¡¡b.r. \'lstrors io dle hous€ are noflnal}y acconod¿red manages !o do so, he will pull the flagsaonÉ back inüo plaa€ b€hindhere, A la¡se four-oos¡rr H ser aFinst om eall, a ser of t€ak him. dln€ perni¡dn8dr¿t¡,Els an¡ a brgP wardrob( provide úe main fr¡mishr"* rh'-is nothrne or feal rarue here. hor¡,rr€f.


9. S€ft¡¿trtg Orartaf3. Tlüs largF room coniains louf be¿s, only 8€n aü rlÉ hole a flsty, -iron-fuEed ladder leads (br¡lr a nar.ow¡"o oi *tri.tr-tr"* *en o(*pifo recendy (by the serr"¿nrs no; shaff for lo 'ards or so. ñflany .meBing tn a rough'h€wn stonelvine d€ad ln üe dinhe roomi. Ite rooo ls nd as v¡eu frmjshed cofiidor. The cours€ otüc adlEnn¡r fromlhis pointd¡penG veryá rie resr of r¡e trousi, uur i-dt represlnrs \rry gmd s€rvanrs much on whar has happ€ned to_l¡velü. ll he has sulccsslullyaccomodation ilÍlffiit;Ti$f.tr"'H"**klil'"Ij..l"11#"ffi;i}tO. CoÍt¡tor ThtscoÍidor s€par-¡!€sKlaussa¡¡dFrn€st s H¡ooms menf¡o¡ ¡he PCs lf thry ar€ pl¡rsüi¡¡g hjn. Thus üeskaltn.$il¡otrfrom rhe r€í ofüe houé, púviding üem wiü more privary. be ¡e¡dyfor th€dar¿ders andwil srFp_up tlÉltgu4¡daroundüeAs wirh üe han and balcofly, th€ Roor is collfed with blu€ carpet. sacril¡c¡a¡ ch3rnD€r' so |¡at-wnen ¡r|c Er¡re ¡orrvó pa¡"tng ul"o hang oti ihe u¡aIs, trorth approdnaÉly 7oc,c co.Jn€s (at midnigho' ilwin be-¡ruc.h ha¡&r-foj dF 9lanq to stopea.n.

' il ftomg¡ngáád;as ifl! lsnt gdngb b€ dimcr|ft enoogh as itisl

. ¡tast€r B€¡r¡oom. rhjs is.rhc rar€Es! bedroon in rhe ngll9l ifffi,*"ff##9.S,ffi5xá'*nH"*rr*,Hffi*'*::and b flhele ÑaLcs usualy sle€ps.- A¡ ornatf,. fos€! ood.:T: ñ;-;i ,ñü*;*áó-a6á,1*rirr-tr,c trnpenai"g sa.rna.ls set agi¡rst dlc wal op_posite ihe four post r H, iose-üer Hl ;i,J.iiñ= i"üiñ.",'rijü ñi*tue¡ng,,"ri. rc rcályr'a" *an equanv oñare set ol dr¿u¡ers and a spa.ious !¡,ar.dmbe. lll! iü;i;;;;ü; hb @ar aM Éiidáslndy v,onie(i üar r,isdr¡\$irsft ax fixed wjü personál belonsürss and ctoües. b¡r,r'i i;f-;;i;1il";;i;;-"tr"cil¡loun no, a,¡vtr'ine.¡"., r,. i'w¿rdrobe has a áIse bo$on. concealiE a s€C1et.comparsnenr ¡;;;;; il;;ilü,n'*"ái,]sá.k bdls *á rh.-caruiry r"'which conhins 20o c.o\iÍs, ó7 shillinss and ¡oo brdss F *.' ;;;*ñir"A; ¡i ú-h "ar- ilbe i,ty gasted tv siq*"i,1 ¡s

calErcd üth the blue carDe¡. but üere are no ad,o.nlll€nts on the slstem. a¡d is ¡he wry I'¿r'Fü and company gain.d enran(c lo\ ,-alls o<eDt for a b¡qÉ, ri"coratilr nine baFel sküaEd n d srull� ¡h¡ hout€ NeidEr sla|rss nor Emesl ¡g!€a/ of üc edstence ol üealcort ar ihc mp of"üc sram. Passage th€ flagston.lBs nol ltt b€€n r€placed-ortr.thenoie'

12. E¡Ded's Bdtroom, This Én ! qr¡te ¿s ruxunoüs as lhe mas¡er fdt belond him'

b€droom. l¡'s relatiwly spársely lir¡nished with a single bed, a Íle gua¡d around the sacri6cial chanber wiü not be stepledr¡p,wardrobe and dr¿$ers,

13, Ttc cclar. This ston€ fágged rcom is ffIed with b€mls andcask conE¡ning a wtd€ lEi€ty of finc wines and alel A flr€lúof staüs kads ur inúo the latlhen in one €omet whils¡ m anoüercom€r, conceáled tJeneath one of the fla8slorret i5 th€ €nF¿nc€ toar old, longiforeptien tuüel. Thls ü.mn€l leaü i o ¡he set¡,er

and ¿ons€qumüv úe Dlatss' t¿sk win bÉ madr a linie e¡sier' Anyarempt o impesonaú 'Iá,tli (B $Earing hjs cloües) $fl pmbáblyb€ su¿cassñf ¡m¡ke a Biütr t¡sa each riile a char¿d€r males th€at¡e¡¡90, but ¿member thá¡ there are so,tral a¡€as ofthc complo{where hútans are nor p€ÍÍided. aft úying io galn a.@ss to üeseareas wü arouse susDicbn. The Crlltjsls ktow wherE they can andca¡r'r gD, t


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (46)


From ñis polnt om¡€rdr rhe ¿¡crion is !,o¡ally dependEn! on wherethe players go. bul don r forget they are racing aga¡ns¡ rhe do{k,so keep a carefúl record of elapsed garne rine.

T¡e roak conidor in which úe plawrs are now sranding ¡s pif(hd¿rk. Ch?rarlÉrs nus D¡dvide ¿r¡ü mear8 of ilurün¿lon ro s€eanyrhlng al aL Ntetr t¿r¡br (e(epr ¡ha¡ possessed by Ehres orDwrls) É us€Icss. Ihe cor¡idor is also qúrp low (abour ó hgh).so some rhe¡nbers ofüe pany mighl ñnd üerrleh€s having ro du.Ldo$n to avDid hiEing ¡heir heads agains! rhe ceiling. The floor ¡5co!.t¡ed wiú a shalow l¡yer of mud lÜly characr€r movi¡g fus¡erth¡n Cáüdo¡n rarr should nal(€ an t tlst or süp and lail ow4. andfooprl¡ls cleady m¿rk rhe parh tst{en by úe culri$s. lle pC! ni:edn rposs6s fitllop ?l¿l skill to s€e which r4a)¡ rh.y har.e gDn€. tn a¡ine br¿nches leadlng oñ ftor¡r rhe (oridor ihe niud is uidisturbed.¡tooe!e., a charact€¡ who does halr üe skil wtl be able !o i&n¡ifurwo.ondnuous, rouÉiy pardlel t¡rck as beine made by lgalts!h€€Ls as he $"s drdÉgeil_through here.

The conüor and branching passages are raiher ftiÉirening. as úeplaj,ers win be abl€ lo hear ;;angq-hr-otr noises an¡ srunis?hohgdol¡Il then. The ealls glisFn wirh noisd¡re - a f¡eenish slime behgevidfnt in pla.es . an¿ the air ¡s djstincdy cót. cMs should lrilo c¡�eae an at¡nospher€ of foreboding drown her€.

Shodd th€ party d€cide to tal(e any of rhe side passagewaF, thrywlll soon grr losl, as each leads gradu¿lly downw¿rds inlo at€nirying, rlrlsdng naze wldch works its way for riiles ln e1€rydie.rion. No fuflfi.r dehils of rh€ sid4 brarches ha\,€ b€en gti€n- fthe plaj,trs reafy do wish ro hvesriga.e dÉm. yoL¡ shouid crea¡eth€ rielals yolm€f. The furher inro rhe nnnels úey ger, rhe moreda¡gerous they b€comer a[ nanner of plrhlLr and w¿ndering,BrüElfd crea¡ures creatures could av¡¿lt tfie ur¡lÁ"ry,,. Thc partycould \¡,and€r endlessly, slorly dying ofe¿rvarion, la(k of !,\r"ttr.and üeL $oü¡rds.

Th€ tr¿ck e{,rntuaÍy lead io a dead end - a $dl of rDlsa, smoothsúonelvork. Any charac¡er nlih Secret 5r8rs - Ihiews will notice

a marH srone or a ${cessful O¿neñe tas1, Oúr.n¡trc a s¡cc.ssful'searc¡ t€st wi[r6É¡l dlr fiEt. Plshlng the ñarl{ad stona caus€sü4 san !o swing out$,ards, proliding a¡ enta¡mcÉ !o thc seeers,Tlre door nry be closcd by pNhjng ü€ slon€ as it protrud€s fromtlte oth€r sil€ (th€ sione merely nposidoN the cou¡tc¡¡'¡El€fu ñaaoo€rdl€s ü€ door meda¡jsn!.

The malor encor¡nta a¡eas i¡ lh€ s€wers and tha branchlngpaJs¡geways afe kayed on ¡he map, and úe co¡¡espondlngdescripttons giwn b.low. A.s th€ whole a¡ea b€lo$¡ the cellar h?5beÉn &len or/cr by the skalrn and thel¡ s€rviiors, théf! ls a 10%chanc€ Der lurn of úc chalaclers €ncounterlnq someone oÍsoñeahlrig, tf an encounÉr is lndica¡€d, rolt a D4 aid consdr thefolo*lngrabl.. Nota ho$rirrdnr if, úutng co¡nbat, a Cridc¿l Hii¡s scored. the victim shd¡ld ¡nale an trld;¡ña Ésl iíunedlaaely.FainrE ñe¡ns he has betrl kDcked from the wa¡kwry and tt{l bIlr¡¡,0 lhe emuent as &sqib€d b€low.

üe aoll Elcoutr¡ar

L one of the cultlsts on a ¡outin€ err¿nd for the ská!€ri.Use lhwÍ13 profile ifa fight d€i€lops, but rcm€r¡iber thatr¿ilin€.tlte áfann ed be dre cdtisls ¡l¡aitl priorify.

2. A parrol of D3+l cultrsts afi¡¡ed wtth sr¡,o¡ds. Us€ thefoloi¡ring pfoffle for each of tllem:

A sind€ slantn, Fins a¡our i!5 busimss. lt will us€ itsknift-(wFRP p22ó) ii combar, and has the fo[owl¡rgDrome:

4, A sráI bá¡d oftrs (or nore, al )our disaÉtion) Skavenreürning from a roúin€ r€ffnnaissanc¡ pa¡¡ol elséwherein lhe sevrE¡s. Each nry be Beatd as ial€ntical to th€ on€deEiled abolE.


1. hEarceD The Seq,Es. The s€q€t door in the v¡¿Ileads throudri¡lo lhe s6¡,ers proper. The l¡"Is are mad€ ol ddl gft.y sronc a.ndgliskn w¡th moi$ure (alihough ther€ is no sljrne). Rules forad!€nn¡ring in sev¡es arc giw¡ i\Shad@ts ster Wenhaftn, h)ta Mef emn¡ary of th€m is n€cesa¡y h€re The sí¡,trs, fl€ theconidor that leads úo ihem. arc Dfch dark and e\En aharadars withNtE ¡¡ r4rb¡¡ (eaept Efues an¿ ü¡,ar6) c¿¡not s€e r¡fess somesoürcf, ofligtu is crnied. The ponion oftlF s€stf mtu¡ork beingexplored by th€ PCs i5 classed as a Major Seiu€r, a¡d ár 6uch,passacEs afE fougbv 10 Eer ¡¡tde in úeif endfety, inchrd¡ngná¡rowstone *rl$ays aboú 2'É feet wide on each side of the efiluentchannel, wlich ls 5 feet deep, and filad to a d€pth of Dl Éet.

Tfie r¡,?1$,4¡s are only wi¡t€ enough io p€fmft no$meni in slnglefile and. as üey ¿re álso $er and sltppery aÍ)one an úpting !omolJE bs¡¡r d'á¡ c¿urious rd! úusü ftak aÍ ¡rt¡ia¿lr t€st É¡chround or hn hio ¡Íe edhEnt. Tte eñuer¡t, not surprisiEly, emits¿ Eribles¡endr, ¿ndantDn hltinginwillos€haf ó.lrFl&r4eri/püntildrryhaveúeoppor¡¡¡¡lty!ocle.nüp.¡d¡ donáüy, aryh{,aúor Hanhgs t¿lljng ¡n murt nalc a sut.€sstul ll.&k @st. or sun !odror,.'n aiilr a p€riod of C¡rtr equal to th€ir ?Dughrrss ln roün¿s.Alier lhb p6tod, drow¡ürg dra¡-aders lose I lttud pcr rq.¡rid, undl¡hey reacñ O \¡bunds (in which (asr tft€y die), or r¡iry ¡re r€-¡r€dry üeir corhpanioÉ. lflhe char¿d€rls $rEpt undergoud at aryo¡¡he potr6 on rhe map wlter€ dle ch¡¡r¡fl ¿isappeañ ¡nto ñr rocÉúry are assun€d ro ha!4 ¡Lowrcd. Chara.tÉrs wlsh¡¡g lo lc.p i¡e¡fi[uen¡ channel ${[ ont hale roon for the 2 ]"d rin-up i? dlecharact€¡ nrrs diágonaüy across the cha¡nel - a leap of 4 )ards(WfRP p75) . lf d|e Esr ls friled, the ch¿¡¿.ier hÍs ituo d!. €&.Hlr.1 ádi¡¡g chardaiers must mal€ a succ€ssÁt ¡rl¡iadr¿ t€sa ew$¡ ¡ürnto awid stpplng and hling over.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (47)

ff tnu *rrun,-An unDleasanr a¡d unsenling ¿lmosphere p€rvades lhe selvcr io kill the char¿cters becars€ of slarfth3 intfntions (st bcEr-..ü..1-Jr" "..",,tr utl ctla;act.fs h;s. haliüeir cool afld t{fl Ifrhefcs €nd P being subdued bv r¡e guarós reftr to c-apr¡t¡dIi¡¡rr s.ores whilst üev are i¡ then. Holve!€r i¡ shoüld b€ not€d belowüar ¡t¿eíc ¡ests alt stfl ¡áken on the charac¡eas norn:al tl¿l Fr$Er;;;X-ü;;; dltw nd Ene¡ally u$úIary enüronment, 4 cul¡l¡¿s' c.rnmon room/8uard chañbcr' This rot€tüv-hss'n;x;ñd,;iír;J*h'É, in ríe sewe;. apan to"m rnost sained c¿wm serws as boü üe coftnon room and sud tf¿mba lr¡" AIul" ñr*ilo*.¡-(e ot becom¡¡; i¡fecrrd. soun¡ dlso rhe cuhst servi!,ors ofthe slattn. Thete are ¿coupleot6bl€s ¿ndiáJ*-i3ir*"i ¿. i* ¡r,a" nornal, and ñere $ a +lo modifier some chairs in$€-north{aÍ€m ar_ ea ofttE roon, tl4¡r seis orboÉr,oaü¿,5,en¡esfs #i;s*""fs;:trfrYlÉ,:Hi3lT*..Hi,'trffifhe chara.¡rfs snodd reatlst üar, alrhouen ir b pGsible ro leap üls is whert he wü be now (rurl6s rhe adlen¡ufefs \¡'efÉ hot on;;;;,út\;¡ t5 i¿rl e¡o aiross ¡¡Éctan¡Ll, ror rwo mei' tri' tr¡ in *¡ic¡ c¿se h. \¡,!uld not h¿w h¡d üme l(, completr htsáir""ii" "" í"c"ri*r".-D¿rson, rhis woutd be praclic¿tty ¡epon !osk'euÍand\rot¡ld lherefo¡ebeinsktEtü scham¡rt-tumii,-p6'riii'r..

-ir-ls, ii s ñgjdi ükry 'l.tar üeir $Eny ir¡s kÉpr ú or..Ar ary tule rhere a'e 204 or dury gua'ds ln tlle room. .¡.h

üi side olüe s€uEr. As úe cha.n¡el eoes deep€r 'underground \r'rü t¡e rouowürg pror¡re:aii.r a shor dist¿nce (o lhe left. üe or y possible wry onwards&arrins üeEdslenceofñrnher s€cret dool. ofcouse) l5 tofoüNü€ $"I'aáv round !o ¡Jle ridl( tf atu' nuch ponderi¡g úey sIiIharrn r ñgued Lh$ ou¡, yóu should drop a fev subde hi¡¡s

skllls, consume Alcohol, strile to Snm, conceáü¡ent urban2. choüI. a üe Doi¡l indrcated on tie m¡t, the adltntlfels Lanáatrum¿no¡düdvslumpedfacedoalr;!erües?Iq¡]ay,one]¡¿pptngs:r¡dlErlack(onA?-bodv&¡ms)s¡¡¡crd.lóGcea'harm dangjrg d!€r tñe edge. w¡en they first see the ñgure odyüe f¿c( rtrat i¡ Ls dress€d in rags a¡d ües urunoving Ú11 be eviden tftrifieure S, n f¡rr, a Chod"{wFn¡ p248). wh; could smeü rhe The gu¿¡¿! ¿criorrs ¿re dep€ndenl upon wheúer üe parry q.i88ers

ái "n'"a".ri ói ¿"r¿ 1""- n;rh rse€ belosl. rr bega¡ to explore úe úpwireor norir room3. tfüeydon l. üegu¿r.lsslll¡rsrrunsüur catne arross a shawn pafiot ;ho ¡rlacked ifliedljrely. ar úe r¿¡les having a gzÍs oÍc¿rds, arú üe lldltrs ¿re e¡rher gorng

to hart lo üink up a cotrvincng slory and Ey Io !,un me¡r wzyThe sku\En soon crlrrposered úe misemble creanfe ard havr Ieft rluouSh tüese guards afe n¡rurdly susprc¡oús, so any Ést É madeIr for dead Ho$€l,r'r ii has merely tecn r€duced lo ¿ single wound ata l0\ p€n¡ltl^ or üry sü ha!" to trgnr' ¡ nes¿ gu¿ros Ínewand js runenrly on úe wrSe of regining (otu( oÉness. tr wü noi Tawui, if one olüc Pcs has donned tne o¡bst s outm. rnry srncome ¡o untesi one of ¡he_cha¡aiiers Eiles to rum ir o\rr or üfi it, ¡rnmed¡arely recog s€ the ch¿r¿.Ér as an imposte.. Note also &al*üi ir *ll Án ",i ¡r ¿"*¿ pani( i$6-lo). lr wil fish¡ unril eirher üe nois€ oifighr¡ng will alen üe skatEn senmes ar locarion T whoi.lr"ár"i ¡¡G it. or nl"..s bur oira:rge . ir s oo bády wou.rded wü anFmpr ó am¡lrsh and cdprüre aíy intrudeF inro üeú atea¡o blow up a¡y ait¿ck. as des.riH llnder rhe enüy lor rootn 7

5- htranc€ to lhe SftaiEn Den. A¡ alns point a s€cRr doo¡ opens 5. Arñoü¡y a¡d Storeroom, Thrs sñall caw sér!€s as a mal€shiit¡¡noaro.tániaor¡r¿".t*rgofio¡he¡iglit.Thiscor.idori5inclined armou¡y and sroreroom lor the güar- ds ilt róom 4 1. cor¡tai¡s 5urwarrts d! a sreeD a¡de (fudenr úo ;yone entrru\8 i¡). lelrlmg <wordi. ód¿gg.rs,3 hand ax€s.2 n¡sksof o¡1,2 rtudelboxes ¿ndoür when i¡ reachix rómi. HaI way ions, iusr beifore üe bend r l ror c hes. The {t¿pons aIe aI arra¡gEd in wDoden r4apon racks¡n rhe Dassaqe, is a trip wire (nornral chance of b€ing m€igrred - set ag¿¡rlí dre s"t!t ¡rd the ucrches o¡l a¡d ltld€rDo{es ¿re sa.rcqWTRP ¡79 - but arv chrra€Ier makine a successhil Obse¡!¡e |esr neally in anoü'e¡ comel.wil see'C.e wte fi;nediatrl'¡. lf úe wüe is nol s€€¡ oI avoided;ñ ;Ei;;;ñ;;";f ,l(i iii *J*'¡,e. t'ápp.á n'(trv. a ó. c'ntdor a¡d c€ll! rhjs Lons, djsñar coÍidor i5 a'c€ssible fromxl rtr*ñó"rí¿, ;";*s rrri Á¿t¿s ¿r.É r iÉ. proené ot rhe guard room by a snrdyoat door thele ate a lotal ofnine cells;-;;i';.;l;;;At;Éow¡-h es reps rruouei conceiled in ú-e corridor. Eáh has ¿ u¡ooden dool s'trl¡ asmall bared window;ñ" i. ffi;i nñ,í,; #;¡, i n'"&i ,,*'r.'¿ á¿i* 'p¡e¿dins ur iL (,oüet¡'ess 3 Dam¿ge s LocA Fatins 3o%r' onlv seven olá'ñ ri* iá-m¿"ijt r¡i *r. of I raJd per ¡ou¡d fo, D4 rounds rhese'ells ae acrua:lv u-tu ás such úlou8¡ rhev€srem-mostAnvone caueht ln rhe s?s musr m¡re a sr..esfrn iou¡l¡¡ess les¡ cell will be lrsed !o slore any possessio_ns c¿pued rhala.rers mayeaórou¡r¿ala-zo"6pen¡ryorcoü¡ps€u,,coniliousror2D"* !ffiHX;,T.rrP,f.ffi,Tl$l1r*$,1;:"1oi;llil1Hle;,il;A_frff rhe @s has djsoers€d .rhis fales ¿s many rourds ¿r i¡ rook Trgan P¿,ryis(h. He I5 abou! 5 l0 tall. and weafs a p€nnanenfi- * Jñ'rÍi."*"¡ "ii.le i-imorelounds) ú; qüalds fton room hñrolssnkirgí{€ata¡dóÍ He is dress€d in a EltfD¡while swe¡';ü-"k";í;;*A;;.h-".r.n -¿ i¡-*-,r,.m in ,r'. .€Us Jaked \€sr. an:deqr¡anydisslsrinsblackEor¡sers. Hedü/a]6crrri€s;r;;;.ñ;;;;ñia* "iii.s.,t r";t.; on,h. effecr¡ ¡he rurs of ke)E to rhe'ceus a¡ouno lris ut max¡g them difñc¡rh;i ¡;;;

-¡i; É.;d" *tx "1, o beat tfien inro uñmnscrousness lo gf! hotd or. bu¡ he is únrnens€ty srupid ¿nd easJ ro rricl (maki¡g

wir¡ ¡lri¡rbu¡s]urins ¡lE¡s"drir ?Dsan skill. Thry wil not \t?nl hifn emmiffndy qrd$ed tor ¡he iob).

t¡s as ü ürl €l w H3 3J 1 35 23 2A 3 7 J I 30

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (48)




whlch disapp€ars down\|"i(ts our of siglr, and is effecrivetybor¡of¡ies

9. Sl$enb 6 Cbambcr. l\,ó bro*n-funEd St¡trn su¿rds ¡saneprotue as abolE o(epr tni\rs drE ¿fso e$wnomed wid Bjacf ürus)Suard üc enrr¿¡ce. U¡¡t€ss rhe p(l.rriw during rhe nnr¡l (where$e !4crm w¡! De K¡auss Dr¿50. SkEnh wi! be herc. The coirlnrso¡ tne ¡oom ¿re scane¡cd an asoss üe Roor. skenh5 men|¡l starahasdrtfiloral.drh¡or¡gh hisaddicrbn toBlád(t ¡I5andrtFconst¡nlrirxufe.or rus e(Fr¡Jnen6. He sFnds íbrÉ and ñore rim€ lsolarednom ¡¡re resr or the gro_up i¡ rhinkhrrl dln€ . The only conantsor ¡¡r room üe some loo¿stufÉ, a jar o¡ Bta.k t onls iea\,$ anda sbield.


ske¡l¡ lEads dr sman band ofr€ílgrd€ s.tawn in a ser¡ú br ool¡,er.Hrs leimefstup |s unques¡ton€d bü¡ his dfus_Eking h¿bi¡s Mw ledro ncreilsmg paranota conc¡ming his posltion. He is now riddledwlh set¡-(bu¡'r. ü sa.riftt€ Klarss hils, h€ tnrf,nds ro quie¡ty leave

Hls mosl,poq'trful possession (inde€d. rhe only one ot riorf) ts an¡8 rlar he lob¡ained fiom his old ne.romanric coleasu€. Tijs isa spel ring rir which Skrenh k¡o*s ¡he FieÉr l¡ord:Wiü lr heczn (asr g)mmon SkEhrorÉi (WrRp pr7ó) ñvice. Afr€r rhal, üerü1g wrx ná\€fln our ol Ít¡gic poinrs. rhjs life js tn dar€er, skenhwix usr üe ri¡g on dre corps€s in rh€ Sacrtffcial O|añ¡€r. Thesewu be anÍ¡ared as ZoÍüi€s (WFRp p2S¡) and wil be ordered roanad{ arryDne rcpres€ntin8 a ¡hre¿¡ (ie: dl€ d'ana¡ers). s,laedll wiljtry a.nd mát(e his escap€ wNle fte group are engaged tn etir¡t¡atingüe Zombi6



r.lrslas g a i.d lrtrt . cl l¡¡'?lRr4 6 29 26 22 2 5 t 3 6 t 2 2

Stüb: Ilnrnl¡¡ity ¡o Discas€, ¡run¡niry úo hison. thtm Objecr, SilenrMo!€ Urban, ttry Resüenr f) .'Its¿ppl¡1gs¡ dub, Ring of heavy ke,s, neas

Tigr¿d3 room is crudrty ñl¡nished with a nakeshiji EUe a¡d chan,a bonle of che¿p Fsblian wine srand¡¡q on rhe fomer. The cetlsaf€ r¿t.infEred hell holes with d¿Dp s¡r¿w on rhe noor alrd nor e\¡en.a bed lo sir or-sleep on. They are poor9 ih¡rninared roo, rh€ onlyiignr coúür8 ¡rom a sngle t¿n¡¡m in tñe conidof.

T.Joncdo¡r. Ther|onh-runnirig pássageway ño¡n üe guarrt roomspl¡ts inro n¡,o aa üis polnr. Saanding a! rhe ¡ucnon. in die posidorlsmarKed on tl¡e map, a¡e ¡v,o brown-ñrred Ska!€n senFies Hu¡[.arls¿re only allouEd paq rhem if úey h¡\je been s€n! for by Skrerr¡.so agaln, dle plajErs \'Il e¡üer harr ro Blufor dgh¡ üet $?y pasrth€m Howrwr, l,et ?galn, fighdng wiX only serw ro al€r Siljinh

lf proflles for rhe güárds ar€ lFgujred. use ¡ie saÍle proñle for rheskalrn DaFol IisÉd eárüer.

8. stdna. Sl(¡elh ¡¡med úls chamber liom a rot€h-hewn ca\€into a shlne fo¡ $oasl¡ip of the Homed Rat, It consú¡J of an al(¿¡flanled on eirher side by iv,o larlE (8 tal) sbn¡es represendnC üeHomed Rá! (thes. are crudely sq¡lpred and ¡uy nol be recognfsabtelof whar ury rcpr€scnó. A lafgp representa¡ioo ofhts symbot . ¡hethr€€ Dones ¡icnrüg ñ€ lflvefild Eiangle in tlrt middle - h¡5 alsotren chis€lled lnlo rhe ro{k v,all opposite lhe at¡ár. Th€ roof tsslppn€d by fou¡ plain ston€ colmüls, and rhere t5 a súalt ptt l¡¡he al&r where any offerlngs ro úe deiry ar. rh¡own bt h¡sworstupp€fs. Ttris pi¡ is nan¡ral - a narrow sh¿ff abou! ¡, t¡ aüdnerr






¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (49)

ffi trr" *rt,ro.,THE HOUSE



i r iF t r


KtrYÉñ, S¡o¡. Sr¡i^

Eñ spiot soi,-*6 Scaa Tnpdoot


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (50)



No&s: rnsan€. Skesh suffers ftom DeÍ¡enüa a\d DnE MdictionürRP pp84-65) .

ro. Iioblng cbárbcr. sketth uscs thjs room io pr€pare himselffor üe nn¡als. n"o rob€s h¡ng ftom pegs which haw be€n driwninio the srone l¡,alls. on. is black *tü red lining. Tlü5 ls ¡he .ob€uom by sket¡h when he condüc¡s h¡ fudle wá¡pslonc edactionrt!¡al. Th€ oth€r is wNte tom and bloods6ined. Victins arc dressedln this ¡$t prior to th. cer.mny. A sacriffcial daggBr b left on adatur¿l sheü In th€ catr \\aI (urless a cere¡¡ony b unden¡4l.

1r. Eod of The T¡nnel. Tte ñ.¡¡¡el e¡lds ar t¡ls point, droppinga$ry to the s6¡,€r rowhly 7 )"rds b€low. A rop€ bridge spans thech¿sm, ending in another n!úel mou¡h *ijich leads a,ery into thedarkEss. A roudl stal¡case has been ca¡!€d into th€ rock on !h.southem side of the gap. 0o allo$, úe Skar€n to gEl into lhe sewErA$em by rh€ir o$n roüe (üey p¡rf€r (o a\Eid cor¡taci wiü thehulná¡ls whene!€r thry can).

¡2. Thc SaÁndal €báEber. Ttis hEE na$r¿l ca\Em ls dorhinatldby a c¡rving ofth€ visagE ofd¡€ r'tomed Ra! ¡hat has been chisel€dout ofthe slone in the norlh r,|all. Al the noÍhem €nd o¡ ú€ car€mir a solid grd¡ir€, blooGtained block with an ton rhg set ú!o i¡,-The soúhem ponioo of ihe chamber is bare, eaed fo¡ r*e pilla$slpponing th€ €nr¿¡ce from ¡he ul¡uel. This is wh€r€ all the Slaltnatter¡ding the rin¡al assemble. lbrches ln $dl brackets proüdeÍluñhadon.

when everlooe is h pla.€ (all tll€ Ska!€n aq€nd ¡itr¡als), Skenhstads at úe head of dte block a¡d leads úe goup into a ch3¡t(a nois€ so Ior¡d can üe heard as hJ av¡ry as room 3) . This lastsfor a¡out a minute, incrEasing in iDlum€ and sp€€d u¡til th€ skav€nare worked up intó a frenzy. victims ¡r€ killed at this point.l¡¡'nediatev áftErirards, the ska!€n hll inio silencq w¿idng ¡orsom€thlng (úey're no! quite sure whar) lo bappen. |Iñ"¡iably, itdo€sn t, and ltle body is d¡aggEd alrry to a com€r (the six mostrecenr üc¡ms of sketrh's horrific rituals stil lie here).

fth€ adventrsers ar¡i¡,t a¡ the chamb€r before th€ ri!¡al h¡s t¡€erm(at Eddnigh0 , t(laúss wüt be bound lo tle blo(k b a pie(. of ropetied aroünd h¡s $r'tsts at one end, and to üe ring at the odrer, Hewill be &essed oily l¡ the white ¡obe ftom room 10. and toodl¡austed to cry for help. He win b€ u¡g¡¡ard.d.

tf th€ Pcs hal,e ro tnem¡pa a ¡idal lo sat€ úauss, thcy are likelyto ffnd the odds se! a8¡inst üem. ¡irst of all, ther€ may tJe as ¡ranyas a ¡lozÉn Ska!€n in the cá!€m, rnore than e¡¡ough ¡o o!€rpo\r€rthe characters. If the party hai¡e ao d€al wirh ha.lf a dozen zoñb¡es(and possibly pü¡suing cr¡hists) as v,€ll, they fac€ €e¡tain defeaa.

unless... nenemler dl€ bombs,? Exaady how the Pcs us€ thes€devices is up !o th€m !o fuule out a¡d )ru to ad¡¡dicaÉ. Thry could€nd up kiling errrrüing and everlone in the calrm, lncludi¡gtl¡e¡iselr€s, Aa ¡he rery leas¡, sensrble charac¡ers should be able(o üs€ th€ expbsi\¡e da,Íc€s io aid ilEir ret¡€at ifilley find themt ]!es


Ar som€ point during th€ adv€nrure, üe PCs may be captured Weithcr Poison ctaw culdslr or sk¿len. ¡n ei¡fief cas4, thry will b€slriDD€d ol lheir Dossessions (wtüch \rill be DUI ¡n ú. w6Emñoslceu df ¡oom ó) aiü ross€d inlo diflerenr celts üntil sketrh i5 r€adyúo use them a! ing¡Edi€nB in hb la&st e(p€rim€nts,

chár¿cteÉ $¡ill be allow€d io shout io €ach oiher Íiom th€ir cellsand the plaj€fs mry usr tlú opportunlry úo dlscuss a nunber ofwild and unl¡Iry es.ap€ plárls. Houttr,tr ¿5 úe jall€r is dim_winedin th€ ccreme all th€y have lo do is thlnk up a¡e¡toúetconvúclngsoory (and rhe aJ¡¡¡fFst 15 made a¡ a r Joe") and rigra¡i ${l sinplyop€n the doo(s and let úeln out (smiling. grunting and sal¡/adng'n lhe procels) . Añ€r Cefting him to udo(k úe door, a sltfi gmbfor hls k€]s and wel-placed ttck could lea!€ him ln the ceu a¡d thechard.ia¡ outslde with dr€ t€,s, lt is then an eá¡y nattlr tor üePc lo ünlock dle dooc ofd¡e cels holding hjs coirrad€s. Ifdte pla),ersconE up úih ánother ldea, üse }l]ür coñInon s€nse to Mge whetherit work or not, ar¡d p¡o€€€d as nofmal.

CONCLUSIONA$ard the folowing eQertÉnc. pol¡lJ aff€r the compl€don of thc

20 pointr each for cbaslng/owrcorning T¿veül20 poinrs each for s€a¡€hing ¡he hotlsé ca¡cfi¡lly;30 poinrs €¿ch tor d€aling with th€ cr¡ldsrs¡40 polnts each for d4!¡g wiih üc Staltn, one $ay or aíotherr20 poinrs ea(h if a¡y Zombies halr to b. oltrcomc;30 Doh$ cach lf tgftlss i5 res{u!d:20 poinrs €ach for re¡deling lohan¡ s body and taklng it for burial

(se€ foüowing c2npalgn Noi€s);lO'30 polnls ea.h to¡ genenl role-pl¡ying.

lfthe char¿ders afe carefrn and s€nsible lou should Í¡ale surE üeyreach füuss b€fore th! ceremo¡ry is due lo tale plaae. Ihls g¡,tstll€n a R¿sonable oDDortunitv üo eel h¡fii ou¡ safeM ReffmlJer th¡lsklen¡ ¡s an hcohe'r¿!¡ mar;c;ho could b€ a É¡r morc po*trfr¡ladwrsary vllr€ it not for his wEakness (Bláck t¡tus). lf üe patwrush blindly into conbat in e!€ry encou¡aer, they d€s&r'c to findth€ going \Éry lough ind€ed.

fr¡e advenúe ¡s suf€casñlly-corpleted, üle char¿dars can proeed!o Altdorf (ser fEw) or r!'h€rci4r Jt'la o.¡,n canpaiS¡ mry I€¡d ñen.They should not be encouraged ¡o gFt sidelrack€d by anothereó€dirion ro rh€ ru¡Ilels . aI those eolosions arE boünd lo resultin crnsidErable sFuctür¿l danage...


EscaDlns Sl6\En n€ad not be a oroblem, lf thq reEeal inlo ¡h€tún¿Ls. rhcy witl nevtr bolher the ch¡r¿.ÉIs again (skeÍh i5efrec¡ir€ly finished ary'$ar. ¡f ihey acEülv r¡¿¡ag¿ úo reach thesrfeeB ofDelberz, üe ualch will be all€ to tak c¡¡e ofthem. Thebison Claw oilt'¡sts. should añy ofth€m escape. ale likdy !o eilirerd¡band, o¡ Bee üe ioi{n. Thry t¡tre orly a sú3ll oú6t and ha\€no coíraci! to help üem re-o¡tgantse ln D€lberz. Al best, úey l¡11se€k ro ioin sl¡tlaLr goups els€where in rhe EmpÚe.

Klauss will aiso repay his rescllers with 80 Gcs p€r PC 0oo c,csif ¡hey ¡ragi€, whi.h ls pretty shamefrdl) .

tl iIII

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (51)



Mventure SummÉeryTh€ Pcs enter'2 str¡.8. disturbt¡8 hoüq occupi€d byUndeid add bcwildering en.h¡nted obiects Thev gálninform¡tion about th€ history of thc hous€ (¡nd possiblvother ¿dventuring conc.tns¡ ffom w.¡itcn soÚr'es 'ndconversiflc arth ¡ Gho5¡, thc scrl,'nl of the lrst owner orthe olacc,ihc wiz¡d Ludovicus Hanikc H:nü€ dabbl€din ci¡os, ¡nd rhe Haun¡in8 Horror ofthe iitle st¡lks ihehouse. havinq kiu€d rh. Wtz¡ld who sunmon€d it. Th€PCsh¡vr ro nqbr úd dcfc¿¡ rhisenti¡votCh¡os Even2J¡errhe cÉrrure;detc¡r, rhe Chtot forces which inf.{r rhebuilctirS hr< one linrl sutpri* for ü.m _ rh.Pcr q il I h|eb fie¡t muBted version3 of rt¡emelr'És kror€ in<y c¡n€sc¡¡e. The penalry for faxuÉ is th€ir owrl destrüctionr

The Eneúy Vtfht¡ Ca.úPaig! NotesThe e$lest w¡v lo run .his ¡dlmtuÉ ¡5 to pl¡y ir in Delb€r¿iomed¡arelv ¡ft€r Iáe,Rir@1, ánd h1ve th€ s€cr€r door¡ccess f¡om-the cercmodia.l chambe¡ thec Thüs it is easi€srrc make ahis oart of the Deatb otl tbe RelE tí\¡enr\tresessions. A¡ ;ltenetive plan is to Pt¡ce the house i¡

Mlddsnheiñíln tuwer Beurrd t ¿ I¿IPE w¡th rhe loc¡donrccessed from ¡ 5.cftt door i¡ the housc occupied bv theculrist s€nánt5 of Il¡smeier This wil bc a td hcning' soit should onlY be us.d if ]Du f€cl th¡i th€ ptayers ¡¡e Soooerouqh !o h¿ndle rhe complicdon Howevcr' sioc€ ¡heHau;ttnp Horflr advcntuE does not ác¡u.lly cotuumeanv t¡meln r¡e ¡ame wo¡ld for ¡easons e¡pl¿jted ir the'cÉna¡io. vou Oo nor ¡¡ve to worry abuur i¡ ld(ünSto lhc

tirne pressure €lement in ¡buer Beblnd tbe Tbrore

Not€ that lre HauittnS lror¡or h^s been w.itt€nsDecifi{¡lly lo¡ rhe f¿rr¡?sr De¿d cúPd8r' ¡nd vou ruv;€ll wish to excise the ref€r€dces to Chao3 cults' orer.ch:n*e them fo¡ r.fñnccs to othcr cults which h¡vea roirc it úe E tetnl Vttbtt czmp¡i8n. Such referer¡cetsho¡¡ld be madc Slobal, a¡¡d nor inc¡ud€ c¡t2¡ion ofsp€cincnamcs end plac€s, unle$ vo! h^ve tlle hrc'4' wí¡bl'1

c¡mpatSn úck folloe¡ing the onc you sct ¡he ¡¡¿¡¡ttl'&,lo¡tot ¿dv€ntur€ in. If yoü do then )ou c¿n were rd

r€fe¡cnc€s to ¡dÉnc€ thc Plotlines of ht€t c"mp¡¡gn pl¡y-

Tbe Haun¡tng Honer as 4 At e'OJJThi¡ ¡ctvcntur€ h¿! bcefl sp€ci¡tly r¡ritteo ai 1 culmin*lonfot thc Restless Dead ca'rpalgn, a¡d thus i3 r}rtten in thisford- Howlver, it co bc used ¡5 2 one_off is tt sta¡&,¡tlhoueh the.ndin8 m¡y ne€{talteringro suit ForesñPlevor¡ m'¡v wish to cui out .efereñ.es ro Ch¡os cults

irwiousiy encounteta in earlict R.stles! Dead ̂ dteíÑÍÁ

Ii b farrly e2sy to sct th€ ¿dvcntur€ ¡lmost ioywhcr€ Th€¡ousc có ¡c in a ¡ow¡, o¡ ln ¡ sm¡ll vill4c. rt d|ay:ctuallyslst outsidc of ¡nv norm¡l seltlcmcnt ¡¡rd bc a Pltcc un@Itself. dk y dimósed throuAh thc rdist! ¡nd fogs whtch.wlrl ln sorn€ llot¡tcd fof€st Í€¡.,, ¡n ¡he latte. caic' me

Pcs wtll p¡ob¡bly gct io thrcugh tb. ftont door a! oPposcdto th€ b;emenB (whicb thc scenario Presumes)' bllt thismakes litde diff€rence.

Restless Dead Canpalgn Notes.r}le Hauntlng Eorror s.en2rlo has bccn specificall-rwr i t ren fo. ¡h is c¿ñp¡ i8n. Thc¡€ ¡ re rcre.ef , 'es to

DKtously€ncouffe(edCháos culls' ev€n though PCs m¿-r;ot bc fully ¡werc of thcñ. Th€ sccn¡rio :lso PrcYid'ssevfr ¡ ¡ su88e3¡ ioñr fof l .2d-ons ro e i ther toÚf oqn¡dvenfuRs o¡ ¡nro rhe ¿reñv lvlthin campaiAn

Tbe Harnrtf,S Hoñrlrowev€¡ rhis scen¡rioisused, there 2J€ c€iain points ofimDo.t ¡nc€ fo¡ vou to bear tn mind which ¡ r rectpÉiaratioÍ and the su¡t¡biüty of ihc sceúio fo¡ PC pa¡ti6'

FiBr¡r i¡ ¡i lrirlv ersenti¡l th¡r rhe PCs a5 a Soup Posses'ar le2;r 3 couDte of masic¡l wc¡Pons since thev ¡re th<

onlr thirg which can h¿rm ¡h€ H¡unt¡¡8 Horrcr Thcsrweáoom áo not need to be f,owertul ones: t humble 5'lo'l.5 . ¡dd 'nA -5 to WS ánd l¿cking ¡ny orh€r maSic¡ l

bónuss in ¿ombat would be ¡dequff On. m,8ic we¡pon

howf l er . i5nt l i lc ly !obeenoü8h.soi f thrPC P¡ñ) onrv

Dosscsses onc, you should ensurc (h.t ther' is ¡ scrou ot

ihe Lflel Fou¡ Battle Magi c sPelr Encbaflt veapoa in ttÉ

house. Pl¡ce this som€!¡he¡€ wh€r€ th. PCs aF going to

find it e2rly or, withoür being too obvious (ca in ¡ bucket

in the kitcúen).Ifthe PCs hlve no mtgic¡l wetPons tben

this scen¡no is not ftdly suitable for them You canp€rh¡Pscorsider te¡vtnB a Pot of ma8¡c¡l oil wb¡ch ¡emPor¡rilv

€nchánls weapons s;mRhcr€ in üchousew¡rh süJficienttobücatiois fór coat&lg rwo vc.pons Any Pc gtoup which

i;oincto undefttk.Ió? Hau ¡tng Hoñl oúghtro tl e

orive¿ sevent ¡¿vcnru¡es bcfore a¡d should have one

;Msi€ we1pon ar leaitl

Secondlv. the hous€ vher. the action t¡kes place ¡s a

r r¡n8.. ;n¿8ic¡l pl¡ce lf the Pcr rry to rrPotr ¡hegoin8r_

on. oi r¡e loacarllon, ro ¡¡e ^lt|.orties, tbe ho$e stñpl!

cannot b.loun¿ Th( tmp doo.which led ro ¡r isno ¡onger

rherE. ¡ tripdown the rreet Ih. windo*,' looked out onro

i¡owi ¡hai tt¡e ¡ouse is not there, no'on€ in the arer h¡s

de. s€eo the place, and so on lf th€ PCa leturn to it'

m¿ú¡ingrsom;how) ¡o 8et oLlt otlt md (h.n b3ck lg¡inrhd;i[be ¡ble !o ftnd it - but nor ilthcre is dvone e|se

w¡r'hrhem.l hit\ iust the w¡y ¡he pl¡ce workr' ltPCs (o¡

.l¡ve6!, ccl D¡r¿¡oid ¡tour !his. th¡r! fin' Th¡3 Pl¡ce ú

i "ún¡ .¿ ln i " . .v r r renge s ' ¡v and ¡here isn r ¡nv.onve ional loc i ( ¡bour i t Bec¡us! of the¡ t ¡on8

¡¡roc¡¡¡lon withJóh¡nn tll€ Ghosr' th€ Pcs h2ve buill up

ú dfmirv wi¡¡ tlfc bevoñd rhc 8¡¡v( Tlr¡3 h¡s \omehw

brotnht tfiem tnlo thewortd ofma8¡'d' suP€mrur¡ ¡nd

¡€üc"r¡¡l energy inh¡bfcd bv th. HaunrinS Horror Now

rhcv h¡rt to ñefi llrd orrÑome ¡r ' or nfler b' ¡hL lo Érum

to rh€i¡ own Ímc ¡nd hoñes


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (52)


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (53)


. THE HAUNTING .HOBROR. INTRODUCTION.This 2dtÚtur€ b€Biñ wi.h ih€ discovery of th€ secÉl doo.in lhc S¡ai€¡ l2ir i¡ Ib? ¡n /¿¿ ^lthouS¡ rhe door is loctedwhcn rh€ ¡dventurcrs drtcd!¡ ir, ir should pmv€ qui¡€ e.syto bGtt¡k it down (Cozpleflry Ra,l¡tg 25.T4 2id D4ñ4aer4)- vhen open€d, ¡ pa-rsagc ls re!€aled, st.etchinS off intoth€ g¡oom. lI h I ]ard w¡d€, ¡¡d co¡rinD.s fo¡ quite somedisonc€ (80 yards). Howq.r, á5 rhc playcrs p.o8.ess, rhep¿.s¡gc .¡pitüy tEcofÍcs !€fy misty, rÉduclnS rhe visibllirywhil. thc ¡¡r surs ¡o rum d¡nk ard mustf Th€re are f¡in¡sounds of r¡.! scurling and some unkdowo creaturescr¡rchina ch¡tinous cl2ws on h¡rd s¡onc- The mist 8mr€thicker, devclopinS m ilmost deñnabl€ P.€sence. vhenthc Pcs bcain to 8et r€¡lly iumpy, thc mist suddenly cl€¡rsahead of¡hem, Re¡ltn8 that th€ p¡ssaEe rrrminares in asmoofh sronc shdr wirh 1d ior-run8ladd€r sct into ir. Artha top of rhe r2-y2rd sh¡lt ¡s ¡ wooden ¡r¡pd9or wl¡en¡h€ PCs r'y lo open it, they wil find i( is ünlocked, op€d¡nginto room I of ¡hc house ábove.


Thcrc 2É somc sp€ci¡l poin¡5 of imPoí¡nce wbich thc GMnecds to keep in mind while running th¡s adveniure.

l¡¡stab¡lityNofic of ¡hc c¡ea¡ur€s or €nüt¡cs wi¡hin the hous. normallystbiecr ro lfls¡4btttt! ñ subtect to ¡t ber€. Thir srmaebutldinS i3 ¡hcir 'home'. Zombics :$d Sk€l€to¡s wiu áttackno¡m¡lly ¡¡d rheir bctog subject to stuPrdit, has nosignÍicer¡t cons.qt¡enc€s, sav€ that úcy do ¡ot pursue PCsoüt of t¡e chúb€¡s thcy at€ encounteEd in.

It¡fected wou¡dsMcrciñrlly, rhis ts ¡ coúplic1tion lhe PCs do no¡ have roput up wtrh du¡i¡8 rh€ rdventur.. The wePods of zombies,Skelerors. etc-. c¡usc ir¡Jec¡€d wounds ¡s normd but theseonly i?tc effect alier the PCs har€ left the house. This allows¡hefll plmty of timc to b2ve rhei¡ wounds attended ro tfte¡

Ltghtt¡g alrd Iocks

AtmosphereConveyinS tbe correc¡ ¡tmosphere in ¡his ¡dvenlurc iscr¡ ¡c ia l . Th€ loc i r ion is e house oDr of r ime, ¡ .c l lü¡ch.onhm. ltsdeco. is ¡ntique, cobwebbcd ¡nd dus¡y,sin¡stcr ¡nd Gothic iú orrirment¡tioú. When rhe PCs lookout of the wirdo*s, lhey sce misrs iorenpefsed withglimpses ofD€lberz - but a differen¡ D€lberz, sm¡U€r andolder The pcople wa old fshioned clothing, the vehiclesN mo.€ p.iñirive rhe colours f¡d€d and we¡k... The mos.df.üive ploy of ¡U is 1o have rhc PCs glirnpsc Delber¿ 15rhey know it ¡t fi.sr but, on ¡ second Iook ihrougb awindoq see ii slipping ba.k in timc outside, ai it wcre!MoÉ imoonaorlv. tbe PCs can see ¡nd he2r ¡h€ D.lbeeou¡side but rhey rhemselves c¿nnor b€ seed or h€¡rd bythc ¡nh1bitinrs of the to*n.

Add imp¡oviseddelaih ¡o lhed.sc.¡prions ofmoms below- sudden chir¡erin8s or s.ntchin8s in the d¡E¡cq cbill 8ü5ts€f wiñd, a f¡int ñoani3much se¡$d ¡s h.¡¡d, ¡nd so onDon'r derdo it, but ¿ lüde uoqpectrd É.tr¡ det¡il cm kcePrbe Pcs friShtened ¡nd re¡scduring rh€ ¡dveffure, vhich

Avoidlog Stas¡sDo nor állos ¿hc PCs ¡o get into án 'oPen ¡his door, checkrhis foom..esr, ope¡ ¡nolherdoor,.. rouri¡c.ln the text,-ou s¡ll find nu¡ne¡ous illusions a¡d stEngc €ff€cts. Us.these 6 a bdis for oth€¡ h¡¡rü.ss, 4erts which wil wo¡ryrh€ PCs - scuttlina tu.ri¡ure. something haü.seen ¡rcund¡ come¡, ¡r¡d so on. lf th€ PC5 ¡¡ke ¿ .idiculously loog tlfn€over everything you mey heve ¡ suit¡ble w¡nderingmonster" appe¡! ro menacc ücm. skel€tons, zombies ora Sp€c¡r€ sould be possibili¡ies rery m¡¡ch in k€cpin8 wiú

I¡¡vlng th€ HouseYoü ca¡ pl¡y this two w¡ys. The timple ¡riy is to deremitetha¡ rhe PCs €¡¡¡not le¡ve at ¡ll unti¡ they h¡ve destroyedrhe H¡ur¡tir8Hodornse[ windors ¡nd dooÉcúno¡beopened or broken down, ¡nd the pas$8c wh€re they gotin o¡ly ,erds rhem back to .he house ¿8air-

Th. sccond possibili¡y ¡s to l€t rhe PCs leaw the house on€c.Ir is be$ to allo* them ro leáve througb rhe f¡ont door,so rh€y step ou¡ inro ¡ Delberz s¡re€t. lt is fog$ and m¡styouts¡de, aod as the mist clears tbc hous€ behind is Sod€.They cf find ¡t again by aoin8 beck to thc Sk¿ver den,bur thes€cond ¡ime lrouild they ¡rill b€ sruck v/tthit ¡h€

house un¡il rbey havc desroyed the gauntiry Ho¡¡orThis op¡ion ¡Uorr¡ a str¡egic retr€¡t ¡nd

Unl€ss rhe rqt sp€c¡f¡ei otherwis€, ¡ooms arc li¡wirh small wl¡-mount€d lámps. These ¡ooklike oil lañps but they do r¡ot, in f2ct,co¡¡5um€ ¡ny oil. Thcy bu¡n oil no¡m¡llyoutitdc ttie l¡ous€. should thc PCr ok€a¡f Doors iñ ¡h€ hoü5€ ¡r€ urlockedlnless rbe texr saw o$rcrw¡i€.

Ar¡to.ted obiccts

a rüsh fof extr¡ equipm€n¡ a¡dsupplies. Tbe Pcs will cme¡ge

in¡o historic Dclber, at first,¡nd only áfrer ¡ minute

c¡fflleslcks. kniv€s.

psjcboloSlcot ettecrs¡nd, shcc they have

lmmune ro illusions. @

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (54)


Ludovicus Hanike's Town House



\[i¡dov ¡a

Door -d

sr*s @r¡¡Pdoof {Flood Hl

.úcpucc EE¡a¡



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (55)



1. Spere RoomThis iswh.Ethe PCs €me.a€ This.oomis ñorlv full oflumbc¡, oll€d'uP ca¡P€.s.3rd iunk. lt is dutty' dirlf ¡¡ct

2. Sttth8 noodArmchdr¡ wirh dust covcrs, cloth{ol€rcd t¡bles, ¡nd dusrv¡üas nll th¡s mom- Id th. diddl€ ofthe e$t w¡ll is a larE€oe;nr¡nc with ¡ hr¡vy 8¡lr tr¡me. The p¡inung \hows ¿¿¡srrcss¡n¡ sccne of ¡ toul ly mut¡¡ed Cháos Beasrm¡nrEnd¡nc;ver rhc btoodied bod¡cÉ of two sl¡in qÚ'io6

¡roD ¡ bjackened hilttoP The Bc¡srm¡n h¡! a 8o2is heid.th;lecs of¡r or. and Íi€lds t huse rwo'hand€d seord

w¡cn-ü¡c rCs entc¡ ttris room, ther. is ¡ homid gurglidS

sou¡d from lhc diEclio¡r of rhc paitrdng. Blood gout5 from, the bodi.s tr ú. picru¡e ¿rd hits the two n@rcst FCs viihl€ts of iich, wifm blood (cach PC must ma¡c 2n /,/,t¿tt,¿ies. or c.t btt in ¡he f¡.c, suffcdnS ¡ -20 Penaltv to ¡ forthe nqt 2 .ounds due to P¡rri¡l blinding). Thc Ch¿osBe¿s6¡n thcn srcPs ou¡ of ¡hS picture, lsving the twobodi6 behiod him i¡¡ tbe scc¡€; their h¡cked bodies seemto w¡th€, ¿nd fresh blood Putses from them dovn to th€

' . THE LOCT{flONS '

l¡|l t ¡4 { l 5 l0 2t129121

The Bc15ún r m¡kes two ¡ttacks {ith th€ rwo-h6ded

whcr¡ the Pcs kill thc Bcastmar, ir r¿is€$ it he3d ¡nd with¡ slow mouñJül host a thin, wispy cloud of Srey smokci$ucs froñ its throel ,5 it slowly dissolves into th' ¡ir Thcteúp€r¿tuÉ drops sharply. ¿nd nhe úom becomcs verv

3. Gücst RoomCornjon2bly d€coa€d, but ve.y dirtJ úd dustv' this rcom

has nothinc to i¡iterÉst the PCs aP¡n ftom ¡ süver cákc stand

on ¡ m2ho"qanv tlble Thc cal<c sund is ñonh 15 GCs ¡ndrh. r ¡b lc"so GCs, bul thev ¡ rc both r i thcr bulkv(ercunbmcc of 40 ¡nd loo rEsPectivelv).

4- G¡¡cs¡¡edrooñThe door rc rhis ünlit room íslocked (coñplet{tJ lb¡lng2cü,T3, D¿r4.18e lOl. Th. rooñ itself ha ¡ b:F wÓodeonóor. iable ¡ná chairs, B¡rd.obq commodq ¡nd bed'

Besid€ the bcd is a small b€clsidc t?ble wtth e br¡ss

cmdtesri.L. whi€h holds ¡ ve[owcd tallow c¡ndle-

Wtren tbe PCs cnter. ü€ c1¡¡dle sudderdy sPluttcÑ into

llame. A bonY fiqurc, which could not be scen b'for'. slrtboh uDrieht ¡n ahc bcd lt sta¡.s ¡r the PCa. its i¡sbonedroDDin;oDen ¡nd ¡ d¡mbtue glow issutÍ8 from the ev'.".i.irs r¡i pcs n¡ve ro m¡le a 6P¿' ter r thc tiSh¡ of rhis

The crearurc in the bed is ¡ skelcion, but one ¡vhichchaínels cer¡atn ruPicri pwers rE5idcnt in thc hous' Each

rcundolcomb3r ¡t;itl creat€ lhe ill sion of sk'let3l h¡ndswr¡or.d¡rouod rh.lhrc¡t ofone ofrhe PCs: e ¿f48'? rc\lisn¿;ded ü) reil¿€ th¡s¡! an iIus¡on lfth' rest is lailed'

rhe iuusory h¡n(ts wiu ttowlv slringlc thÉ lif( ou¡ olthcPC. d':iiñ;E I wornd p.troLrnd. Th¡5.ffe Pcrsts¡suntllrhe sketrloñ i5 destrov¿d. The skeldon w ill fi8hl oorm¡llvi¡ zddÍioo ro g€ncalin8 ¡hc illusoly haíds

Th€ candle w¡ll 2dd fur¡her lo the ptoblems of thc PCs

RollID6€uchround Oñ ¡ mll of l-3, ah. €¡tdl€ will fl¡¡c

vc¡v br¡chrlv and qcn.r¡¡c ¡n ¡ltusory skcldon 'ttackin8orc or tihe ¡cs. rñc rC affcc-ted musr ma*' ¡ ¿la8l¿ ler

o¡ bclievc ¡hi¡ to bc ¡e¡I, ¿nd t¡8ck thc ll¡usion

¡n ¡lt c¡se5, sclcct th€ PC vtcdtni of sPell-l¡k' éff'€rs

randos y from thc 8¡oup

ap.clel Rutca¡ Immüne to puchologlca, effccrs'subicct to stt rill l,.

tf úe PCs qet thc chanc€ !o search the ¡oom, stuffcdnndrñc¡tb-thÉ DiUow of th. bed is a plain Sold signer 'ing

with ¡¡ aqu¡rnánn. se$in8 s'orth I5 GCa.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (56)







Arnoar, Le¡the¡ j¡cksi O/¡ APs, bodxgpccLt rufca! immun. ro psjEttologl.at .tft.tt, süblect

zombtd (2)

Th€ Zomblcs ¡tsck wirh mear clcavcrs Grc¡r 1s handwerpons), end when thcy m@e e*?y f¡om thc spit it keepson tuminc of its own ¡cco¡d,.,

TheÉ is .othin8 raluatrle, or of ¡¡y rc¡l intcrest, in rhek¡tch€n. Th. fircs in the 8r¡te and the srovc ¡É me8ical,ed do not consume ¡ny wood. lfa¡yrht¡a ts lit fmm rhescfics, it will 80 out ae soon a¡ it is re¡norcd fom rh. kir.hen.

6,7. StoresTh€se sto.¡8. chdb€6 conr2tn s:cks, rlns, box€s, ia6 ¡ndborrl.s of foodsruffs, mosrly ¡u.o€d ¡o durt by ¡ac. Soñeof th. i¡m ja¡i bea¡ l¡bels: '\ym. X¡pp€tdullc¡ & Son,D€rbcr¿, 2lr5 - somc 20o yezrs in rhc p¡st.

8. Dlúlng RoodThis l¡tBe ch¡mb€r conúins ¡ tcak diolng rable whh lOch¿irs 2foünd ir, ¡nd ¡ pa¡r ofsidet¡blcs v¡th sth€r scdtnSdishcs, ¡ tih€r soup tur€€¡, €tc (süvcr pl2rc onln ala3). Therc¡rl si¡vcr crysr¡l ¡nd cbiM pl¡cc,s€¡ridBs on ¡he rabl€, ¡ndbÉ¡s c¡ndlesricks, whlch ¡rÉ cobwebbcd l¡d dus¡y.

Nothin8 wü h¡pp€n ¡¡¡mcdiaÉly when rhc PCs .nrer Lunthcm ir by rEferring to thc crysrrl, chin¡ end llvcr in rh.p!¡ce \vhcn mosr of the PCs ¡e in rhc raom ¡hey witl bcsubjccted to zt¡acks by rhc two la¡8e carving kniv€s on theserYtng pl¡ttc¡6, a¡d the c¡ndlcsricti. As thcsc anim¡rcdobjccts fly throuSh thc ¡tr ro att¡ck, üc dininS room doorsl¡r¡s shut (so ¡ny PCs ourside cannol help rhosc iffidc).

If thc PCs h2ve som€one w¡ih tr¿¡l¿t¿ skill, rhey cinde¡€rm¡n. ü¿i two of thc crtslal eat€r jugs ¡r! ¡bc onlylzlu¡bL jtcms, vonh 15 ccs cach. Orhe¡wise, thcy will€od up with l¡.gely infcrtor m¡reri¡l which ts bothencumbcring and vonhl.ss.

9. S¡nok-Lúg RooDThir comfonably li!.rd-in roon hrs rhick (but urry) cerf'€ti,dilep¡d2.cd l€ath€! :n¡chai¡s, ¡ Ídnut driits c¡bi¡e! and, v{i.in8 desk. Along on€ w¡ll the¡! is ¡ she|f l¡dcn withjars of tobacco (lab€ll€d As H¡lflyngc v€€de', 'ArabteBl¡ck€ , ¡nd ro on), plus z rr¡y of ptpes. Therc is no hinrof p€ril or d¡oger ¿5 the PCs enter

Tnerc ar€ somc lalu.blc ¡¡e!n! heft which the PCs c¡rl rake:¡ silv€¡ cig¡r€lt€ c¿s€ worth rO GC!, a s¡ndalwood robaccobox ¡r,ith inl¡id morher-of-pearl wonh 8 ccs, ¡¡d, tn thed¡inks cabin€t, ó silvcr goblets e¡ch wofih a ccs. Thedrints cabinet, how€ver, also holds thc onc biz2¡r€ d¡nqe¡

When th€ door to eirher half of rhe cabi¡er is oD€rcd. awood€n o¡trikin slid€s our on ¡ wood(n rr¡y. Th¡s ts rn¡utofil¡ton, made h rbc form of a yourS r{f¡by boy wtrh¡ hooL¡h pip€. I. ts ¡tt¿ch€d ro eo op¡que beu iar wbichswi.ls with smok€ ¡nd sp¡¡ks of blue fl¡m€. Th€ boy-¿ulobaton puffi a smoke rin8 whtch ¡ar€s b¡lghtly indtr¡nsforms lnto ¡ Flr Elemeot I, whicb rheo ¿c¡ct¡ ih€PCs.

Itrc llcúcrr.l

Spccf¿l rulca: inmmun€ ¡o p$xhologlcalcffr.cts.rt rl:.eEl€mental süffe¡s ¡O o! morc yo¡rzdr. halvc ¿ll rh€oth€r char¿cterbt¡cs shown. E¿ch blow from rhe FirEEIemcf¡Bl c¡user D6 potr¡ts of J7"e dz¡¡,�3e.

The ¡utom¡to¡ only produc€s one ruch Dlcúcnt¡1,arthough lt con.t¡uer to blow smohc dngs, thc s6ok€ tnthe belliar slowly thinnina oür. Vh.n !h. PCs bavcd€'!rc¡/ld ¡h€ Elcm€otrl, thc smokc wlll bc almo$ zll gon€,,nd inside the beuia. ca¡ b. sccn rhe scvered, h¡lf-mummtfled head ofa young r'om¡n. He.ltp! mow s€v€nl

5. KttcheoTh€ smell of rosring m€ar comes from rhis room, and ¿succ€sstul ¿lst¿r, r€sr ar ¡}|c doo¡ (60 Zo chadce) witl revealtbe sound of ¡ rcgul.r squ€aL-scre.ch doise from wirhin,like tha. of r¡etal g¡l¡din8 o. m€¡21.

Ituid€ thc mom rE wo.k rabl€s a¡d uÉnsils of ¡l@y kinds.Th. rcom bdominakd by ¡ huge eood.burningsro!€anda la¡ge iE b€sidc l¡, where I meratsp¡r is bejnS rJ¡Dcd byonc of rhe two Zombrer presenr. The.e is a lar8r .amorphous, w.irhlng mars of m€at o¡t .he spi¡. Pmt¡udin3fmm the su.facc of the mear, look¡nc like f¡cial fearuresunde¡n€¡rh st¡€tched vi¡yl, a¡e silenily scre¡min8 f¡ces.Hands ¡nd fin8e¡É w¡rhin rh€ cotumn of m€¡t secm m bescnbblinS.t its sú.face, despentcly rrying ro escape pcsseeing rhis m¡¡tt makc u coo¿ .e$ or 8¡in I Ins¡niry poi¡t.There is norh¡ng rbey can do ro help whatcv.r is q¡irhinrhc m.at, ¿nd will h.vc ro de2l wtth ¡he Zombies firsr.

r.argc C¡rerrg Ihtvcs C2), Lr8. czdlcarLts (2)x tr3lrs¡s I I . o5 - a 1 129 I 4949

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (57)


rimes b€fofe rhc pc nearcr to the ¡urom¡ron b¿¡6 het 7b¡tufts o¡A¡aryh¡s¡€come infÉtted wi¡h ¡ m¡licioÚs

iiioci. 'tte uorm¡ tte bdunttñg boñ.tt ,he sÉtatt €h¡o'itéPi¡ir'-eh€Ñ¡héPc56te¡ ü wnl ns into thc ¡i''

"-*".i,: il.ii"ol";r"Jes u*yint" ""trring"*s rnd op€n itserf. ¡nd in ¿ sonorcus lorc€ will b.ain to i one

trrc ¡utom¡tonsfl¿cs¡¡c¡< ¡nto ihcc;bin.r- lfthc Pcs op€n rhe follorlda tqt:

rhe c¡bina a*¡in, thry witl h2vr lo 80 lhmu8h thr samemurtne incb-aing ttgltting ¡norher Fim Elemenúl ¡llovcr

Th.w.itin¡deskh¡5¡llno$norhinEof intcrsr on it' on¡ysomc old;orthless sheets ofvellum ¡nd ¿ Primitive quill

een. Th€ ink i¡ ihc inl(wcl h$ dtied long a8o. The rest;f th€ dcsk appcais to h¡v€ becn clered ¡*y' 2nd two

of rh€ thrÉc dr¡¡r€6 on the !i8ht h¡nd sld€ or r ¡re emPtv'ráve for dust. tn ¡he middle d.¡v€r is ¡ lev, *htch lits the

doors ¿r locatiod 12 This key is craft€d from bo¡e; it is

¡ sk€le¡on K€Y.

10. Cloak¡oomThG ünlir mom contlis ffve cloaks (ofno rduc' being aged¡nd moth'c cn) hung or¡ P€8s, sp¡r boots (¡lso in poor

conditioo),2 moP ¡nd buckel, a¡d si¡nth¡ ncms. O'€ ofihe robcs ht! ¡ Pouch in ¡n initde Poct.t which conBins14 ccs dzted 2i29¿nd which bo th( f¡ce orM¿8r¡us the

lt. Sm.ll R€adltrg RoomTtÍs har ¡ cornfy ¡¡mchaii ¡ r€ading tablc with two chai6':nd 2 ¡m¡ll bookcas€. Ther€ at sevcr¡I copies of th€D€lb€n¿ !¿wl€r¡' ¡nd sc.ibes Ndsletlcr (for Jürdrungümüch sofuncÉit 2308) lyioS zrcünd' ¡nd seEal s'oÉ

le¡the-r-boünd bool.s. Tlter€ i5 ¡ book oPen on th€ r€¡dinAúble. and. nthcr uf,usü¡lly, ¡n om2ment¡1, eE¡n€lled suitof platc m¡il a¡mou¡ mount€d on ¿ srand in th€ north-etst

Th¿ PCa wil obvioüdy Étpect th€ suit of amor¡r to arimarean.l ftack thcm (pl¡yers ¡¡E pat-¿¡oid about süch thinSs)

sü of cou¡$e, it is ¡ctü¡llv totdly h¡rml€ss. Howev€r' oneofth€ books h.r€, DoÉto? Itausk tecbt't M4nual of

" SL4MI The doot sealed tbe uretcbet ln to ñe?t tbel¡l?tE0). Tbe brands uep bo¡ asd saared tbeletb(2) ,be tslrLt"eaherr glrpped ¡betrlanet(r, tbe lcg+eabrt rna¿¿ thñ

scrcqm t;;g¿ryé) on ¡be lach th. sdYañ greü toud¿t

ü tbe bedd' ;be ibtgb bone popqed f, oñ ¡ts so'bc' and

rcndons torc aiddppedapa Aloo.tÍotb?don tt'e lps

o¡ tbe .ont'uLtlng ,lcttñs.. "

vdiousetfects happen 5 rhtt ¡4r is rfc¡tfd: (l) end (2) onrhe li¡sr round, rit ¡nd (4) on th. srcood mund Thete

(r\ -Íh. doot (complezttr Rattng 30' T4, Datnzg' 20)

sl.ms, Iockirg tbe PCs in

12) Ilvo hot metel br¡ndtn8 troñ tÍ¡teriali2c vtilhiÍ 'h€

ó'om ¡n¡ "tt¡cl¡ t*" (ran¿olnlv scLcred) Pcs. The effeclivesrats for thesc br¡ndtn8 iroff ¡re:

wt¡ E! s ' T t .

43 4 t

rJ) Randorüy selecr two PCs f.om rh. gtouP Eách rnusr

;n¡ke. /tapt. rer or ets€ believ€ th¡t th'it háñdr zrem2m.led b; horific há¡dn¡ff!, pierc€d by metal sctE{swhichaEsiowlv rishrerungi o thcir w risc' lf this effectis bel¡eed. ¡hr Pc; concemcd rake ¡ ¿utom l' m¿td

and sutfer ¡'5 peo¡iv m wS ¡nd BS. cudulaliv' eacnound. Lo.r VS/BS will b€ regiined eJtcrw¡rds ¡l ¡ nte

of 5 points p.r hour'

14) R¡¡doÍ¡lY select two PC! f.orn the gouP Each mur

mit<e a ¡¡¿¡¡;¿ test o¡ etse belict€ thzt stro'rg met¡l bor¡dsr sh¡cklñc thm, ¡¡cl th?t th€ü tegs att b€ing bc¡Én bvimn óds. lf úis effecl ¡! beüer'!d, ihes. PCs ha'€ M reduced6 2 ándlose I lqound ?ü¡nrflancüy p.r ñluÍd. ltto&'ñaapolnts remm rc norm¡l e5 soon as th€ i[usory effcct ends

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (58)



Ir.sc. Cluos va.f¡ Er¡tlrydi s ¡ b

4 ,9 l - I l 1 2 11 { l I t 'l 4 r l r o

Spccl¡l ¡utca. llnJnunc topt-r¿o¡oglc¿¡ €ff€cls, c¡us€s/¿ar i¡ livtng cr€¿rurcs.

If the PCs ün ov€rcom¿ rhe creetur., thc io¡¡ur. mr¡urtwill drop ro rhc Bmund. l¡f.tess: rhe ongoing Our noraccumulated) spell eff€c¡s will s¡op ar rhe smc rim€.^U books herE 2fe ai te6l t70 yca6 old, a¡¡d mo$ 2¡€ ofmiaor tn¡e.cs! (nonc zre old cnough to bc v¡ruzble).Howcve4 sorú€ ¡¡E of nore.

One very ellm volumehff scEnl blúk pagcs rd e scrcUb€aitng rhe sp€ü Crrr? ¿/8á, ,r"/rrr. rosrrh.r wirh ¡ *condscroU bca¡in8 lh. rpcll FlrE A¿¡t.

^ second volume is ¡¡ ¡.coünl oi rhc.i¡rosu¡t of ! covenofrhe Wrirh.rs in rhc D¡¡k cuh in rhc ¿iry ofUb€6¡€ik,in vhlch rhe le¡dc. $?s one Hos,Frted¡ichJinkcnr. in ¡hcyez¡ 2224 (thls ftro s?.r e disr¡tu anc€sror of HansJinkenrrrcm Ntüt of Btood).

A thlrd volmc givcs ¡n ¡ccounr of (he sprcadtng ofrhesk¡ven-worshippin8 Poison Cl¡w culr rmm sk¡rrnbtichithrcugh rhe nonhem Tilean Ciry St¡¡es, acrcss rhe Bl;ckMoünreids and lnro th€ Empirc, the work of rhe T¡vc¡lifam¡ly b€irg i¡s¡¡lment¡l in rhis.

A fourth volume b a his.ory of ¡ nobl€ Midd€nheim fimity.rhe Gcspcnsts. ¡tüsrs.h€ longbd disrtnguish€dc¡ree¡ ofn¡any f!¡l€r ofthe f¿Jnily ,s Doünty flunrer¡, Wüch Hun¡eri¡nd Teñpl¡¡6. Tbe nar¡€s Johann (2ró5-2203), Ju¡aenQ taa-22 39 ), I ozchim (22ra -21,a2), tobsncs (22 32. 2 i7 1 ),bd Joh¡nn (¿E¡¡n, 2255-230?) ¿re lisred, and rhc rhi.dJoha¡nofthelis¡, bom 22a4, is also noted e5 h¡vinc ¡ fine

The PCs may uk rh€ v¡ee rhar som€rhing very árÉngeis 8o¡n8 on hcrti rhar's rhe Aen€r¡l ¡dr¡ you w¡nr them

Durlng rhis timc úerc is nothtnS ¡he pcs cao do. On ¡hethlrd round rhc voiceAóE5 shrill€r, üld ¡ek6 on ¡o edrcofiffaniry. a lin¡l¡y rh< sphn ot ch¡os q hich h¡5 b'eco;eri.d to thc booh m¡reri¡lizs w¡thitr rh. .oom. This ts ¡mtno. v¡.p cnriry, dor powcrfut, bur h¡teful ¡ndvil.. zndPCs musi m¡k. ¿ ¡e4r acsr upon scein8 tr. The .nli¡ym{cri¡liz.s ¡s a wizencd DwÍf with renl¡cles fo. ¡¡ñs,which end inpi¡ccrs. The Dw¡rf-€ntily h¡s ¡ cresr ¡lonqlls ches¡ wh¡ch p¡ís ¡t rhe srernum lo forrn a v-sh¡Dale¡din8up to ¡tsshoutder!. Thiscrcsr IrofSEen. sc¡ly skinwh¡ch drip\purulenr fthh ontorh€8round.l¡ hlJ leg! ¡ndfect lik€ ibose of r fóa

12. The Dooas atrd the Gre¿t Stal¡sThe doors ¡r3 mide of imn,shod bl¡ck wood, with lee.¡ncSarsoyle t¡ces c¡ned on rhe p¡n.ls. Thry .¡n ontr b¿op€n.d wirh rhc skel.ton Key from i¡E¡ 9. B€hiod the d@r![€s a Ai8ht of wid€ woode. s¡a¡ñ. A los sr!€¡m of misrfrom thc lrndinS ¡bovc casc¡dcs doq¡n thcm, f¡din¡ inronothtnS.r rhcborrom. Climbin8uprhrough rhelwilttnglzpours b hafd work, lik€ walkina ¡lr¡ough rar.r, ¡nd rhcPCs footstcF will m¡ke mufflcd €choes. O¡ rhc trrding,faclng th€ top of rhc s¡etrs, sr2nds a 8t¡nr hourglss (úeglN c¡fuor b. brok€n). Fid. aold€n s¡nd rrickl€s slo¡clydown fmm úe upp.r h¡ll ^bove it hanAs a clocl. It showsI I o clock ¡! rhe PCs ¡ppm2cb i¡, ¿nd e¡ch r¡ck is followedby ¡ low s.pulchr¡l moan.

13. Rltual Ch¿t¡berThis rcom is decor¡l€d itr violen¡ly opposing coloB: r€d¡nd brcm on onc sidc, p15¡el blu€ ¡nd yct¡ow on ¡ s€cond,bl¡ck md silYcr on ¡.hnd- lnrerlocking p€nu8¡us 2ndpent¡cles dccor¿.c the floor. Thc genenl apper¡¡ce is of¡ jurüI. of contused riru¡l p¿nphem¡lia. *hich is er(1ctlv

Dcsplt ¡be slnistcr ¡ppeára¡cci thcr. is no dañ8.r i.eúcr¡ng he¡!, ¡nd rcirh€r úc ¡oom nor its conrents ¡¡cn¡a¡cal in ¡¡y *?y. Thi! should, howevrr, s€rve ro umcnrlhe pl¡'€rs, dd offer rhem somc clues ai ¡o whar sor¡ ofthin8 úet ¡r€ up againsr.

14. Tt¡e chost of Bernha¡dt SleberrThis roo¡n l@k¡ l¡ke i larye s¡rting ooD cuñ b€droom,wilt¡ some ubles, d€sk, chaiñ, ¡r¡d a la¡8e fou.posrer bed.A smoLing j¡cket ¡¡d a mbe ar! hung up togerher wirh a¡org oulti<olou.€d sc¡rf on a h2tsrand, and ¿bove ¡llcm¿ floppy h¡. wirh ph€asm¡ fc¡th€6 srück in its he¡db¿nd2t ¡ jiuory angle TheÉ is a colectio¡ of r¡lvcr ommenrson 2 mandepicc€, wh¡ch m¡y ¿r¡racr rhe ¡tt€nrion ofgftedy PCs.

Wh€n thct entea howoer, a Ghosr m¿G¡ializc snrirc arüe b¡sr of Lhe four-poster brd, md ¿ddress rhe pcs sadi y.The p¡of¡le for ¡ chost can be foond in the vFRprulebook, bur should nor be ne€ded he.e, since Be.ñlt¡¡d¡is rot hostile On s€cing him, howcr€¡ the PCs t,m ro mAre¿ &d rcat, despitr ¡he &ct thrt hc h¡s D i¡rocuous 6oush

Bcmha¡drsat6inronesofsohbrcfoEtroding,'fo¿ /pr6ef¿et¡'| He cor¡rinu$. "Moft uts¡tort. You took so y)ung.A,rotber goap oflost sou4 ,i¿ppose'i ¡nd hc ruñ5 hisf¡ce sadly ¡E?y' nor looki¡g ar the PCs. They cz¡r now askbim questioff rboür htu enigmaric rrrE¡rk¡, and indeedabour thc house The infom¡rion Be.n¡¡.dr knows andwh¡r he *¡U prob?bly s¿y ¡re give¡ bclow_ Fced rhisinfon¡¡tio¡ ro PCa depending on thc quesriom ú€y ásk.

Bcrnhard! us€d ro be rhe manservan¡ of rhc WizirdLudovicus Hanike, who us€d to own rhis rown hous€. Soh¡ 2s B€lrb2rdr kJlo$6, some rc¡rible misfonune bcfeu úes¡izr¡d durinS ¡ m¡gical ceremony. Hc hrs no ide¿ a.acrlywtu¡ hapfre¡€d si¡ce he simply "uoke up one dq to JíndI uas dead '. ̂ shc pnrs |t. Precis.ly b€c¿Dsc Bernh¡¡dt doerdot tnow how h. died, and ¡s desp€f¿tely curious on rhisscoq he is r€srtess in dearh and stiys in the house 6 aGhosr. Bo*¡icr, he is unzbl€ ro get to úe ¡rric (arc¡ 22¡d up); in lif€, h¡ maste¡ neve. ¡ltowed him ¡o 80 r¡p tt¡e¡e,dd q€n in Undeath he cin¡or makc himself rrv to D¡ssthe deñniE mzgc2l barrter he fe€ls thcr..

Bernn¡¡dr can rcll rbe PCs rhat hts masrer h¡d ¡ m4ori ¡ teresr in cul ¡s of Ch¡os ¿nd ¡ccumul . red muchi¡fo¡mation on ¡heÍ¡ lod th. people r¡ho husr€d ¡hem.Ludovicui ¡ecciv€d ma¡y visiroñ ln s.crccy and condu€-t€dm¡ny sp€riDenrs_ Thti of coursc, is ?Inbtgüor¡r - th! Pcswill not knoir wh€thcr Ludovicus ws a Ch¡os cültst orallicd with tbosc who hr¡ cd them.

Be.nh¡rdr tnows rhat, ov€r the y€a¡s! presenccs h¡ve¡ccumul¡ted ir rhc house. H. ¡, su.prisingry !¡gue on rhedcuils - bur then h. himself has begun to fad., g¡Dw¡ngwcikef, md incfeasidSly finds himself src¡ytng ¿bseü.rtndedy outsid€ irto a 8¡Ey fealm of €mptioess whe¡€ hiss€nses ar€ nür¡bcd. I¡ rh€ hous., h€ feels rf, ¡chior s¡dness¡nd d¡scomfon. He se6er lhar his masre¡ h s¡iú hcrE tnrh€ ¡rtic, bur canno¡ reach him. B€lr¡¡idr feels rh¡r !h.PCs.... ¡nd át this point he fadcs areaf poinring rowa¡d!.he ¡rtic (ro area 22).

Th¡s lnformation w¡ll givc rhe PCs somerhtng !o rhinkabout . The s i lver ornam€rrs, inc¡denr¡ l ty . ,av€ arEncumbrance lalte ot 40 ¡nd arE worrh 20 GCs_

l ¡t i¡ lII

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (59)




15. Guest BedrooeThi! sm¡ltbedroom used to b€ Bernh¡rdfs mom, ¡nd isextremely n.¡¡ andtidy, ¡lthoughdust-v Th€rc is nothiogv¡luabl., or of lny inr.rest here. Thc door is locked(Coñplzslt! Ba.ing 15,f3, Ddñaee a).

16, PrtvyThis mom coíta¡ñs rwo commod.s ¡nd ¡ woodenbucketwirh a lid. Around rhc brre ofon€ ol ¡he comnod.s lies¡ sprin-kling ofcoins ¡nd ¡ ¡om l.zth€r pouch (rhe coins¡re a GCs, 5 shillin$, l0 PenÍies). If on€ or more of th.PCsenreGropi€kup rh. coins,¡hemot'lerk.king insidcone of th€ cornmodes will s.erhe forth úd zttemPt lo €a¡

17. weapo¡¡s/Itophles RooÉThis rcom, ¡nd th€ oíe b€yond rhe open doo., con¡ainfnany wc¡pons 2nd trophies from th€ huotina days ofLudovicus H¡niL€ (befor€ h€ bec¡me ¿ Viz.rd) a¡d hisf¡icdds. Mounted spe¡rs w¡th Peú¿nts, a pdr of lmc€s,swords. ,.d o¡ne$ent2l thields, share s€lt md t¡ble spac€wiü sruffed birds, bears' heads, s¡¡8J heads, stuffed foxes.¡ hugc grcy Íolls h€ad, and other similai erhibirs Thedfaeror¡s mcmb€r of this ¡sscmbl4e i5 the s¡uffed bearlurking in the south-wer come.. which will ¡ttack a¡¡.vonccoming wfhin e )l¡rd or it.

Th€ PCs ¡re in fo¡ ¿ touSh rimc here. Af¡e. I ¡ound ofcombat with thc be¡r, a suit of plate mail afmour comesrrundling in f¡om th€ adioirinS foom lyin8 beyond lhe h:r'oocn dooi Ner€ th¡t th¡s sdin¡Éd ¡lmour do€s no¡ ¡¡t¡cLun¡il rhe bezr bcglnt to nghr' Thc ¡tmour u*s ¡ norm.l

A¡lmat d AtDour

Sp€cfzl ruter. immune to ps?cho,oglcal efte.ts candcfend with shteld 0 AP, 2ll loc¡donr).

Thc porccrt\É v¡lu. of rh. iúnour ts included t¡ ¡h€Toqbness scorc AivEn.

Tl¡€ ¡ínou¡ wtll ¡¡tcúpi to gei amund ¡be PCs ¡ndblo.kihe doorway - prevcnt inS ¡hem escapi íg. The ber¡ ,me¡nwhi le, wt l l ar rack whoever i i ncrr r ¡ t . hJr ing noobj€c¡iv€ other th¡n to kill ev€.yon€-

If.he PCs .rd m¡na8€ to d€al witb thcse two, in tbeacljoining mom they wiU fiod a sPlendid stone statue ofaHalfl ing, Eithapl¿quewhich ¡€¡ds. "Geo¡AiGurstuffe4

lai¡htulScd¡nr." The model s.iPs ¡n ¡ts ston€ h¡nd á ¡edDaggel oÍ HalJIinAs. which can b€ e2sily extr¡ci.d rroúthe s¡¡$€\ grip This counrs.s tnúqícal uieapon 6útñtthnospeci¡l proPe¡tiet when üsed b-Y ary no¡'HalflinS lnrhe handr of a H2lfl¡n8. rhe da8aer rea¡ise. itl trur v¡lu€See Encbantnents of Tbe Eñpire fot fúll detaiJs

It, Llnen CupboardThc shetvcs here hold moth'cÍ€n roweb, sb.ets, piuov-c6es, a¡rd.h€ like. Alt ¡re dusr', spoilcd znd quite useless-

19. Household StoreThissmil¡ sror€holG flalk¡ oftuel oil, sñall lamps, boxesof iallow c¡ddles, dr¡ste6, I mop úd b¡¡ck€t, snal o¡he¡similar houshold lted. You can aüow PC! to take any suchitem fmm het€, if th€y w¡¡r to.

If rhe PC wiú th€ highest I tn¡kes a successtul Oárerl¿tesr h€re. h. wilt nod.e thre€ dusty vlals of Sreen liquid$cked to the b¡ck of a shelf oftuel oil fldks. Use of a pe.ect

n aAlc sp€ll (or exercit€ of \c Magícat sense skiJt) witlrev€al ¡h¡t the left'húd vt¡l of thc thrÉe r¡di¡t s m¡gic.

Thc liquid inside th€ well-s€aled vial sm€lls ofcar urine.¡¡d th¿ bcky dliflke¡ ftnds th¡i it t¡st€s of it too lt is,r\(wevet, e fbtlon of Eearl¿g. D¡inkhg n restores 2D6rdrrdr and may have oth.r helPtul effects ' s.e the VFRPrulebook.,{¡ your option, two Pcs could drink half €¡ch,reE ininl rD6 wóu¡ds^piece, but ln this c¡s€ ncither willg¡in any of the olh€r mlSical ben€firs of tbis potio¡

¡ as s ¡ ¡ ri4 B l 0 t t 0 t -

Sp.ctal rurca: imñur€ to psycboloSlcal etre.rsOpponentr rru(k for d¡m^8c are dsufed.1 ds'rfrelm ldd¡rionJ ltt¡r¿d e?ch mund. alrhou8h ¡hey canñgh¡ on. EnSulfed cham.re$ can only be freed ifthe,!¡oeba is destioved.

Stuffed Bcar

E5 r Ir I r l¡ b.Jr¡l¡arioH¡al ¡¡1 1 l 2 5 t 2 i - t -

Spechr .ur€s, immüne topsfc¿oloatcal effectsHowev€¡. ifwound€d rhe stuff€d bear do€s oo¡ cause/e¿l and is not subiecr .o JreizX ^s ̂ notrn^l b.^l

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (60)

Irlr lrl- l

t l- l


IIIItl ,| |

l ,





t :l :i l

whc¡ the PCs ge¡ to sec h,lhc rcom is b.¡€. Thc wlls ¡aDol¡th<d (t'ur dusry ¿nd d¡rty) wood. ad the fümrruñ hás;llb€en (h¡redour. NorhinA Ém¡ins. srvc fo. ¡Pcn¡acl.*hicb h¡s b€€d inscrib€d on rhc floo., hdfin üts momand balf in room 22. D.Bils of this ¡¡€ Stvcn thec

Th. Haunrin! Honorhasrat¡oncdrwo Chaos sP¡wo heFto pmr".r ¡¡i enrot.e ro ¡h€ scirw¡v wh¡ch lc¡d5 uP rorh; ¡rr¡c. üc f in¡l rca¡in4,pl¡c. of Ludov¡cu3 H¡nikc. Thcaesoiwn wec orlqir¡llv ¡ ch¡os Be¡stm¡n ¡nd ¡ H¡lflln8ü¡r¡or. o¡n or¡tre rtrinucorrhÉ<nti¡v which h2sbecomcrhe H¡u;tinq Hormi ror tull d€sc¡iP¡ior of their ch¡os¡uribu¡es rÉi€r to acals of cb¡o.¡ Sl¡vca to Datkoc83-If voü do dor h¡ve ¡bis book üe dcsc.iPdons below ¡ft¡d;quere for running th€ b¿ttle tr€.sccn tb€ Pcs and the


20. Meids' ChaebersH¡nn¡ ¡rd Theodo¡¡, thc household maids, ¡¡E long d€adbut thc¡¡ souls ¡nd bodie¡ srill rem¡ifl. Ahhot¡gh rh€y ar€(.ffec¡iv€ly) zombi€s, thcir bodics h¡ve do( d€Sencnted¡i ycr. Itann¡ si$ in ¡r armch¡ir in tbeir silting rootn andThcodoi¡ sitr in a mcL¡na cbair, sourdl€ssly rccking overeod oryer Bo¡h hold the¡r faces in th.ir há¡ds, and wez¡Íaid'3 un¡forms. Th.y do oo¡ spe¡k, or otherwise¡cLnogl.dge the entmce ofthe Pcs. ooly iftouchedwillthcv rEect, thmwing rher¡¡s€l1€s at the PC who touchesth€m in ¡ p¡roxysm of hatred ¡nd fury only a¡ this sú8edocs rhe /¿ar eff€cr of thc Unde¡d r2ke effec¡.

zomble. (2)

Spcct¡l rulc!: immune to psfcbologlcal ctects,

If th€ Pcs ovc¡cofnc the Zombies a¡d se¡rch th¡¡ aE¡, mostof rhc irerns ¡rÉ typicd ofwhát on€ vould eltpecl _ a 3€w¡n8b4k.r, lots of skeins of wool (¡g€d ¡nd faded), a boot< ofo.cssed flow€rs. .nd suchlike- Howeve¡, ttlnna w¡s ¡kledom¿ni¡c. ¿nd tr¡cked at .he back of one d.¡we! of ¡chest of dr¿lcers is a PiSsktn pouch witb le.rhe¡ dr¡w'stlin8s which coft¡ins 8 GCs (d3Éd 2312), two chrlsobervlearings s,o.rh ¡5 GCs ¡he P¿ir, ltd ¡ gold si8¡et rinS q¡onh

20 GCs,

21. GuardsThis is ¡ l¡rAe, cer.moni¿l chimber, ¡nd the doo¡ to tt ¡sloctcd (Conplexlt! RattnS2O,Tt, Dañdqe rO) rf ithú¡obcbroken;Pe¡, then obviously ¡be 8u¡¡ds wi¡htn willh¡ve tuü w¿mi¡tg lh¡r rhe PCs ¡re about to edter ¡nd c¿nnotpolsibly be surp¡ised.

All in ¡ll, e,hile these two SpNn look v€¡y str¡dge and¡re ind.cd qutre terify¡n8. thrs fl8ht i5 frrn|lly verv €¡svro he Pca The id.a is to lur€ ¡hem inro ¡ trhe srnsc ofs€curhy. ro softcn tbem up for what is to corné.

Cheo! Sp¡s¡' Ac¡r¡ú4

CI¡.o! Attr¡büt sCtottd Hoores - ao e$..1 on Partt .&rstalllrc Boct! -T6,brr W r- Any {oundinS hil sb¡ttcs

Elattlc Llmbs - t'l�. .tysr2tli¡. structuÉ c¡n strcich ¿nda¡rlck with lt6bs ¡¡¡d ¡¡il G.. b€lo*) úP to 8 'ards ¡wv¿s hard-ro-hand comb¡¡.Ertñ Jolñts - rhc Ch^os sP¿wn ¡¡s .xtr¡ lc8 ¡o¡nrs,

Ore ¡l¿: o¡é l21¡c c.ntr¡l €y., AS hal!.d-n¿arlaige.l Face - t'l. sP¡wn s cyc ¿nd moul¡t arciBsDoscd, ¡od ¡ts es ¡!€ on toP of i¡5 he¡d-.s.a¡ts¿r, - ¡h€ úul'nt h6 scetr sc¿l.s ovcr i¡s c.'sh¡littbod; driog i¡ th. .qui%tett of la.hcr ermour (O/1 ,{P

Snaae Tatl - .he Spr*'.tlr-ú ¡ PEhcftsile t¡i¡ endtia in asnakct h€ád, which givcs i¡ a¡¡ o.tr'¡ (non'vc¡toso6) b¡tc.

^ll profil€ cbmSÉs rcsulting from chaos dtdbut€3 h¡vcb.en tnclud.d ¡borc.

cl¡.os Spaú¡¡: I¡.lfll¡8

Featlftlcs Fee 4/t4 Multrple ¡fe4d5 _ rhe H¡lfid8 h¡r 2rol¡l or trc hc¡.rt, c.cb wirh ¡ smoo¡h dd f.¿¡uEl€t6 f¡ceThb ¿dds ,¡¡ dtn ¿¡r.ck.Morc¡L . th< Spawo ii c.e¡hou r_20 ro ¡¡t) ¡td hr bm.te ¿ ct te3i to F¡fofm ¡.y ink¡¡r8.ni ¡crloo.Rdo¡ sbe¡D CI4út an l Te¿r4cr¿r - botñ of th. sP¡wn t,¡ms b¿w tüñ.d to Énr¡!16, rigpcd witb Éá¡shz¡p cLwiSl¡t ,Olce - thc SP¡wn ha¡ ¡ btgh'Pttchcd' hlsctto ltoi.c

vrrAi - rbcac ¡E É3t¡81¡l ¡rd do rot .Í.ct th€ pófile

l¡ is imoort¡nt to nole that ,lthoü8h th€ lialfitnS'Spawnnecd! io ñ¡te. Cl t€st to do ¡trythlng iot€lligent' üi5do€s not ipply to nghling ¡¡ selfd€fencq oncc ¡ruckedrhe SDa*n wil¡ nght b1c|. It does, h(ñcv€r. rcqu¡re acl tear & sr¡r ¡ fi8ht, ¡fld ifthis ts f¡il€d lhe HalfllngsDawn wtll att¡ck only in s€lf'defenc€. AlthoughH¡rArngs á|f nor nofmdly sübiccr to thf effec¡s of Chosrhis on. ir ¡ sdkin* dmonrrdion of wh¡l c4 happ.nif a Hdfltn8 venturcs too closc to th€ Chaos \!est€s-

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (61)


22. The St lf ChamberThe pent¡cle, h¡lf in rh¡s room :nd h¡lf in .oom 21, isdrñm.lv omer€ and inl¡id with c¡fved fünes ¡nd sll!e..¡¡ is ¡lmost impossible to open the door ¡nd enier ¡his rcomwirhoui .me.i¡8 th€ circle, PCa will .ert¡¡nly .onro.ttbcmselves bor.ibly s rhey ¡ry ro vo.k oul v€ry comple¡merhocts for Settins ¡crcss rhe peñtacle; ye¡ ¡ll ¡hi! is ¡llqui¡c un¡€cessary. since the pcntacle is quite h¡.mless andc¡n b€ *¡lkcd on wnhour cominS to h¡rm.

The room is quit. bñ, úe onlyf€¡rurebein8 th.soodenspiñl sreirc¿se le¡ding up. Looldng up the stairc¡se showsth3¡ it ¡5c€nds.i¡ro i6ky da¡krcssod, i¡respeclive of then¡tü.E of tb€ light sourc€ used, ¡sce¡ding PCs will nmrb€ eble to s.e moÉ th¡n e f* p¿ces ¡head of rheñ on

Th€ staiñ 80 up inro ¡r are¡ which, like rhe resr of ú.hous€, qisrs ours¡de spacc rnd time. but not ¿ctü¿lly linledwith ¡t in thc nofftt2l ios€. lt Ekes ro minuGs of c¡imbinaro rs¡ch rhc hding ¿r rh. top, duri¡g which ¡ime it gromcold €noü8h for thc PCs brc¡¡h to f¡ost in rh€ ¿ir Theleis u ¡bnormal s¡l€ncc ¡¡ thcy ¡¡c€nd, úd then, 6 rh. PCsrÉ¡ch rhe lendina ¡nd the door beforc them, a b.i€f snatchof ¿ hor¡id, thú¡tf glo2tina chuckte. lf ¿ny of the PCsat eÍ¡pts to ofEn rhe doof, ir will swinS lw¡y fiom th€rfof ¡¡! own ¿ccord wi¡h a loud cr¡sh, ren¡ining open unrilall of rhe PCs h2ve entered - when it w¡ll silently close

Ai thc door clo.cs ¡ny liShr sources rhe PCs ¡re carryinge úrinAuishcd. ptunging ¡hem in|o d¡lkoÉss. This lasrsbut foi a b¡ief doñmt hñqe¡, as the mom is südd€nlytit by thc rorch.s dorS th€ wdls b¡¡¡srin8 inro life.

23. Pt€par¿tlon RooúTh¡s room hes ¡ roe of rh..c th.one-likc ch¡i.s, setunde.neath ¡ sloping ceilinS on ¡h.€¡sr sid€ oflhe roor¡r,On each ctur. ¡s pl¡ced ¿ pbir g¡cy rot€, 2¡d b€t*Én thqnlie rwo sm¡ll t2b¡€s e¡ch bcúid8 z pl¡n Eo¡d bosl Got¿lidoe of bo¡h bowls is 40 GCs), ¡ s€¡l€d vi¡l of Gc*¿te¡,¡nd ¡ whit€ lineo h¡nd tow.l. These fems ¡fc of ritu2,lsignif¡cencc only, ¡nd h¡vc r¡o spcci¡l rdues or prop.nicsother*ts€. The PCs c¡n bc allo$rcd to plzy wirh th6c it€r¡s,d6s up in tbe ¡obes, stcal the gold bo\rls. €tc, bcfoE ¡hcowde¡ of fhe bous. ?.rives. s¡lge Ludovtcl¡s ¿Ppc.¡¡nc€sben th.y ¡r S.rring lnsuÉ of vh¡t to do, ¿nd bcforcrhd te¡d for rte doo¡ on rhe f¡r sld€ of thc ñom.

Lüdovicüs Hanikc mar.¡ializes a ¡ Ghost (cd5¡n8/¿¿r a5norm¡l for ¡n U¡ded of rhis type). Hc rpp€¡¡s 25 ¡ n:¡in bls cdly 3O'!, wirh lorg bl¿ck hzir 2nd dark cFs, dt6s€din l¡ght colou.€d robes and wiih his h¡nds held foldcdbefoÉ him. Thc ghostly figur€'s lips mov€, but no sounde¡nerges from then (¡ PC Fith úr. LIP lleadtng sktll a¡illfigurc out thá thc Ghor b risuing ¡ w¡ning on a süccessturlot t€st. orfy fr-¡gmcnts of spcech 2¡¡d indtr'¡düd Í'ord¡can be picked up - 'tte¡le¡", "hoftor", "cor5uoin8","da¡kness" ¡¡d the like). slovly, rhc voicc b€com€sdiscemible, bur at the sam€ r¡mc o¡b€r ¡hings h¡ppcn. Thcsound of e swi.ling wlnd grcws in th€ mom, ,l¡d i. b€8rsto koock objccrs ¡bout. Anyü¡ngioosc Ítll b€ affcc¡€d,wh€reas h€ld or s€cu¡cd neD,s, such ¡5 p¡ck or *€¿por¡s,will not. The room gro'¡r.s r€ry cold, a¡d th. fi$r¡! of thcGhost appears progr€ssiv€ly oudiocd ir tiny fl€cks ánd

The Ghosfs voice finally bccom€s ¡udiblc. ehcezingpainfu¡lt as ¡ts chest heav€s wi¡h the €ffolr of spe¡kin8.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (62)





24. The Har¡nllng HorrorThis ch¡mt'e. appe26 ¡s a long corridortik€ mom. withrñs ofp¡intings on th€ long w2lk- ThePCs wiu not h¡vcvery much ¡imc to lool ¡r theñ immedi¡tcll hov4er, 50th€ir d.sc.ip¡ion is deferred hcre.

The 'occupeír' of rhis !@m is ¡Gho¡t, butoncwhich.dful¡y m¡tcrl¡lizc from rhc ¡.th€.. ^ stodÍd ¡€4r tca¡ mustb€ didc when i¡ is's.cd. How4er, it 15 not h!ñ¡n, ¡ndha! no r€señbl¡nc€ to human form. I¡s 'body' ls ¡ larScSfEcn-8fly sac covered s,¡ih ropc-like bluc v€ins, ¡nd h¡s¡ viciout kcr¡¡ini¿ed be¡l protrudinS fmm ¡he centre,dmlina {id. Bclow tbc s¡c i-s ¡ frinSc of c¡ltnson i¡r6iin.-likc structur€s which drip sliEe on th€ Sround a5 themoffter movcr. on top of thc s¡c i5 a pai! of et€!o!(s, c¿chb€ina ¡ $i¡gle bugc unbürling ct€ which protfrdcs fmm..oorhlcss mouih surround€d by th¡ck bl¡ck fui lnsiderh. inrestines, v¡guely fmiliT f¿c.s c¿r b€ sccn pushed¡gainst the oüter m€mbr¡ncí thcir moüthr frozn in silentscr€¡ms. Thc f¡c€s ¡rc ¡hosc ofJinL€rst, Tav€[i, ¡nd othcrchaoscul¡is¡s the Pcs h¡v€.¡cou¡t.Gd o. ¡hen t.¡v€ls.

Th€ Haunring Ho¡mr b.¡ iwo lon8 rcnncl.s wirb whlchir l6hes ¡t th€ PCs, E¡ch lenrac¡e b 8 yads lo¡8, .¡d encls¡n skele¿l h¡¡rdi'¡ipp€d with ¡:zo.-sh¡!p ralons.

Howryer, rhe phl6ical ürc¡. thls bormr r€pr€sents is thelcasr of ¡rs da¡a€rs. ¡r r¡di¡res ¿n elem€¡id m¿lic€ ¡ndhaúEd,zod PCs will know inrui.ir,cly th¡r it docs not,ustkill people, it will pluck their souls lik€ fru¡ ¡nd luck

Tl¡c H.urtl¡8 ltorror

Spcclal rulcs: immune to PsXcboloSlcal effects.M¿gc¡r veapons needed to hil. Caus€r /¿¿r

Thc Hor¡or'8 thrle etEcks ¡r€ its tent2.lcs and its acid-drippinS be¡k. If 1 PC is hi¡ by ¡h. belv, ^ Derte"lalt6r müsr be madc or elsc + 2 is added to the dam¡secaused du€ ¡o fhc effcct of th€ ¡cid,


t¡ does nol 6pond .o ¡ny of thc PCs actions or gu6rions.Inscad it sa).s, ".... last or¿t to .oñe I btougb¡ lt beft,ar.4rawlnu ñLtt d¿st 1tJ lt orperlsb. Yotcahnote$a!e"This is absluely truc; the PCs ¡re tr¡ppcd in the bouseunril ¡hey rneer the final cnemy; th€ srzirs behind rhe PCsh¡ve disapp€a¡ed into thc m¡$ ¡nd ¿ny one who br€¡ksrhe doo¡ down fd atÉmpl to ru¡r down thern wtll re¡pp€{

Th€ Ghost contiNes, and nov, a¡ it spe¿ks. it3 app€¡Éncech¡¡g€s. It sra¡¡s to age tts hair¡ine slowly receding andi.s skin bccominS {.inkl€d ¡nd old. lis postur€ 8ro¡rssrooped e¡d irs h¡¡ds gnarled. ̂ s it re¡ches thc cnd of itsurre¡¡nccs, its h¡nds p2n ¡n ¡ Sestur. of b€sc€chrnenr a¡d1 thin tr¿il of gr'¡vc dust se€ps from thern to the gmund."I ñeralerl ottt ofrlne, tn tbe ruu nxÍofchaos. It staltedme lt bas be@ ñe befl trltll nott, ít coñes to ttertnt!. TbeHaurtlng Horror has ttte l lts Brtp". Now rhe ghos.l'ffi8urc's skin ' be8¡n5 ro p€€l ¡My, ¡nd writbing vor¡n¡protn¡de frcm dus¡-dry g¿ps in the flesh of th€ figure. ?4n {n las clutches, lt u l tabe tetrt souls too; {t Sraspssoule and squeáes ¡bm to ñptíre$ 1 ¡nd lh€n the li8trtscrÉams. The scream is silent, hm8in8 ¡n the ¡i¡, ¡ coneof misery froze¡ tn sp¡c€, r¡dia¡iry Íumbn€ss ¡nd ho.¡orAn ic€'taloned black ct¡w app€irs ¡nd wr¡ps about theGhost, c.ushing ir with the soünd of p2pcr c.inklitr8,d€strDying ludovicüs soul.

After rhis ¡pp¡lling €xh¡bltion, ú€ doors ro the loombeyond fly open end the Pcs ¿¡e sucked th¡ough by ¡howli¡a 8üsr of wind. E¡clr PC mnst rn ke ú Inttlatleetesr or clse fall over úd l¡dd in rhe rcom on the noo. Prcnechancte6 have ¡ -20 p.nahyto adyVS tests mad¿ in tbe

wh€n rb€ Horror is killed (or ruffeE 2 scriously disabltnScrirical lü¡ which wif ,noünt to the s¡rne thing), tt $r'¡5hcrabout, spr:ying.cid, blood a¡d diDe ¡U over thc pt¡c€.Roll som€ dic€ ¡nd tell the PCs th* they maÍagc to ¡vo¡dthis stofm of fil¡h. As they iÉ ¡bout ¡o coll2Pse with relief,s the Hor¡r cnte6 rhe find fli¡8 of its d€¡th thro€s, thcPcs will look up mom€nq¡ily ¡nd notlce the Pidtr.¿s

E¡ch PC must mik€ ¡ sta¡d¡rd r1a8lc Ést o¡ sc€ ht¡selfin .ornc of the ptctu¡es. Od€ ov ippcars .o b. of thc PC,e se¡ies of ponr¡ils from cerly chtlalhood to tbeir pftsen¡lge, wi¡h one addirio¡d poñf¿it. This 15 ofth. Pc, rflthlD3 ch¡os ¡ri.ibu!6! If you h¡ve rLa¡n of ch¿o3 youc¡r rotl.hesc ¡¡¡domly' If you do not h¿v€ thls book mü1Dl0 for €ach att.rbut. (ig¡roring doublc8) ard coosul th€following tabte. Not€ tbat dlffüc PCs c¿n cach see¡h€mselves in the s?m. rcw of pictures at thc amc úme !

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (63)



DIO Attrlbütc ¡¡d Effcct(s)

I A lb tuo : dc^d *h i r . sk i ¡ ánd S lowi rS .y .sT cdr(.d br r.

z Bedhe.t: tllowing | .xtn ¿1.¿ ¡ttáckI Cloúe" Hoos ro cÍfcct on Po,llc1 CñúaoJE)et:.y6ull�s¡rcund ¡h. he2d noelfcct

5 Hu;e Hea.t. 20% of bod) hirs on thF mutant ¡R¡d;dtv h.¡d hib: no h.ttn.t/co¡f w..nblc.

6 Mane ¿fHa¡r: ri1< rh2r ofa lion, ro Gff.c¡ ó¡ poftl€7 Pkteue aedñ - GÉn A¡: bodv of ¡h. muum is

co;Edw¡rh8ñnspots¡ddso; ¡.duce nb¿t¿rby 20%, óuóding foc¡ions uPwrds

a hhú.l Hea4: -lO to I of fltrzíi9 w'r¿ii thesc wlu tÉ ves.iSi¡l end do úot P.mir

flilh¡,ro Z;ologk4l6p¡dq IzAs): ¡hc mutenis l€8s aÉ thos.

of 2 huge spid.r

S¡i€ fo¡ thosc mut{ions whi.h ¡rE ¡tDrd as_chmging 1Drofile the murant doubt€.' in the Piclür€s h¡ve ¡he s¡me¡h2r¿aeristtcs ¡5 thc Pcs. They step out of lbe pic¡u.ts asoon 6 the H2unting Hoffor is dc¡d, 2nd ar¡.ck theirdoub¡cs within thc PC P¡rty. Thcy háv€ thc s¡mc ztmourand sE¡pons ¡s lhci¡ PC ¡ltÉrt8o, but no other cquiPme¡nd no m¿c¡cal it€m5. They h¡r"c no spcctzl skills (such a5S,tih¿ Mlpity Bllru md o¡ltet cornb¡t skilbl s¡E for 'inna¡€'

ones sucÉ A verf SttDta, ¿ tgbtring R.Jlezs alr.d thc likeThey wiu hav€ ar¡y Spe./¿r6f Wt¿pot skill necded ro useüe duol¡c¡te wÉaDon thcv hold Murant-doublcs c¡rno¡us< m;cic¡l spell;¡¡d do not h¡w M¡8jc Poinis or F¡tePotnG. óther ics c.n help rheir comp2nions dcstrcy thescmurztfd doubles- 1f 2¡y PC is Elain by his own muta¡t'doub¡c rotucthiña qutrc Ndeous t¡¿pfrN. Thc muBr'doublc cr¡bs thc soul ¡5 it €ñerBes frcm the PC s bodv.crushes amd d€st¡o)5!) tt, a¡d Í¡en djiapp€a¡s' ftding ¡s¡ayin e fit of cruel, Sloating l¡ugbler. This soül d€irrudioncmot bc ¡voided bv the üse of a Fate Poinr' Just b€fortrhe double f¡d€s. i¡ seems to be dr¡c¡n back into somca€rh€r¡l rE¡lm by a tcnt cle of thc overcomc Heunting

When thc l¡st Pc-doubl€ has becn dcsr.oyed or h¿sdis¡DD€¡Rd, lhis d.spe¡-¡. fiSht ts át lat over' The houseemü insubst¡nti¡I, znd be*rns to f¡de ¡way ¡n¡o th€ m¡st;d so! r ugh( which bc8¡ns to gBlher eround lhc PCs. Theyf¡ifl,4d f,nd ¡h€¡nsclvcs comln8 round sict ¡rd gro88vln 1 back ¡lley ¡o Delberz Their s¡ory is whotlvunbellciable. of coutsq eÍd no t¡¡ce of rhe hous€' norLudovicüs ¡te¡ike c¡n bc found...

PC Rer"rdsTh9 follow¡ng EP uwatd! ¡f. ¡€corimcnd.d:

for ovcrcominc thc enerdc! üp to Out not includrnS)tnc Haün¡tn; Horror . . . . . . . . l0OEPspcrPC

for ¡ol€-Dlav¡nc thc c[colrntcrw¡tt¡ Ác¡ir¡a¿r ' . 20 EPt fEr Pc

for trvilc to ftold r¡¡st -of'tttD. combrt(Zoinbies ln thc k¡lchcn, etc). 2t FPs P€r PC

for ovcrcoming tbc Haunting Hoúo.¡nd the mut¡n¡lrllt€r-c8o PCs. . . - IOO EPs p€r PC

end ! ratc Point

lf ¡ll Pcs mmage !o get oul ¡liw, 'ou shoü¡d 8i1c ¡bonüs 50 EIt ¡nd I ¡ddidor2l Falc Point to !¡ch PC.

Hcfty ewüdi, but this ls e vcfy d¡ng€mü. adwdtur€. Fo¡Íw iC who 3D€ctfl6 thz¡ h. ot she will do lome h¡Dillalrc;zrch ¡qd iocat rhe Gc¡pcff¡ r¡milt (bu¡ sce bclow)to se€ if their ftiendJohrnn ssJoh¡n¡ GesP€ns¡' a bo¡rus30 EPs.

Co¡t¡¡ruing the AdventufeThe PCs h¡ve some books from room U which der¡il oldChaos olts. end the namcs znd lio€¡get .hcrein couldD¡ovide th€m vith the chncc to 8o Ch¡os tackinS. HerEis ¡ arcar st¡n for sDim vich Hunr.n. AlFmrtivelr yo¡rcú"drcide ¡hat th¿e bool.s bclons to a diffeÉn¡ rfd¡tvThe cults h¿ve di€d out, or th€ booLs fall to düst outsidc

The PCs h¡vc iust survivcd ¡ very t¡¡umatic combat oftiDrncís€ d¡¡sét Thos€ who surviE might wel appr€cia¡€¡ chá$cc of;yle ¡nd you could ealily Procced ¡¡to th.Enen; wl¡btn c^Irpatln, s¡nce ¡hit lregini w¡th Pcs onrhe ro¿d f¡oú Dclbez to Altdorl A¡d l^'h€re mor. lo8icalro 8o rhar the c¿P¡ral. eep.cially if voü dec¡dc to háw rheGe-soens¡ familtthcre io th¡r ¡hey car b. ¡nto.m€d ofloúnn'6 demisc a¡Id pl¡ce otbrriú r¡,e Eñe,n! Wltbl'1czmpaiSn slowly dr¡ws the PCs into ¡ s€b of lntrigue andevildoinqin secz¡ledhl*h soci.rv, and counlcrpoinr3 Incv¡olcñr ¡ñd ler¡ifying comb¡r climá{ ot rhc R?s¡rtrs D?ar'¡d!€rtüf€ vcry ¡g¡€eably.

¡f vour o!¡v€rs rün VFRP PCs who ,rcn t 2ct¡ve ¡n theE;eny ív¡ibta ca'¡paig ,howfler you will nc€d h writevouf owñ ¡dEn¡ufEs fot ¡h€m sboÍ, epl5od¡c Í¡rlotufeswiU Drobeblv b. fairlY suiubte afler thÉ c¡mp¡i8n pl¡ywr¡icir tras iui¡ ¡ecn coinp¡er€d, ¡nd Í 15 quire possible ñatrh€¡E witl bc somc qc¡ncies ¡n ú€ PC p¿¡ty ¡ft r thcHautltlnc Hotmr md thc mut¡ítált ¡-ego3 b¡llc dlft theirb€sr ro ¿esúov ¡he PCs is th¿t fl¡21climac¡ic €omb¡t. Ifvoü h¿vc a münrrc of novtcc znd secofd'cafEc! Pcs oni,our hmat$ t¡ It bcst to sciiÉ onc or two sho!. ldv€ntuÉsior thc lrouD Éo lhzi lhc neq memb€rs.in B3in rhelr6puñbcfor€ io', ¿onsider wr¡r¡nsa s.ri€5 ofadv.nturs to form¡ new c¡¡npii8¡ fo. th€ gfouP is ¡ whote

A^d, of .otúse, The Eolnung Horror lc vcs(�t\gm'¡rcel€metus un¡€solvcd- Wbar wes th€ Horm¡ lts€ll? Wh¡lsas ils hisiory 3s ¡ servito. of Chzos? Wha¡ rc!€¡Rhd didLudor.lc$ condu.t úd might th. PC3 com. ¡cross otnerevldc¡rce of thco? Aisvc6 to thcse m¡t¡cr¡ h¡ve beendcliber¡¡€ly left out of thc advcftürÉ, bcc¡usc thi. l€av€srou frcc to dcclde if voü qrnt thes€ m¡ttcrs resolvcd lf

;ou do, th€.c deta¡t¡ cú be added .o suit the sc¡le, ¡ndnumbe¡. of ¡dv.ntures vou wish to ¡un next

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (64)




W Carl Sarbent v^th Denick Norton

T¡is adtentue js specincaly designed ,o act as a ¡jt¡k betweef, Death on the Bf,,lr aid Povler Behkd the Throne'b, rhe Eneny wíth.l.n carr¡p¿¡i9 , and has b€en sel in a village along the route the PCs will take during

lhis Pan of the campaiS¡t.


The c(aDes of wtath is a scenario for 5_7 r¡arhammer Fant¡¡sy Role-Play characÉId' who should¡e iusiÉeinnine r¡eir Adwnced cáleerc or have ¿ siÍrilar degree ofexpetience lfyou ua¡t !o be aprri,ii in ¡"t'ris "¿"uenn"e, do not read a¡y frrther - the foüowing t¡at is for the cu's eyes or y

Tte adventüre is set in The Empire of the Old world, and the action takes place in the vine-Srowingvillaee Priusto€k, a flourishinq

-commr¡niry near the City of Middenheim (for more detaiis of which' see

war'h¿mmer Clrg. lf you are-not playinS fl¡e E¡eml within C:.I¡.paig¡.. ho$8et you could reain theset¡inq and play it ¿s a one-ofl or lranspose the localion elsewhere within lhe Old \rtbrld In a¡yoenLian imporunt asperl to (he adwnn¡re is lhe time of )tar' wiú events t¡ldng Place duri¡g lheannual grape-hanest al l.itzstock (sometime during the month of Emt€zeit or 'Hatlest-Tide ).

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (65)

l*plBv Odr ol Hi! lmp.d M¡1.sN, th. RiShr noyn Kr¡ fnn,.< luls ol rh. Hr|{h6 ¡trd D.p'hr ---Truc Im,st ol S:¡mr. ,nd [rntd Mor.6 ol rh. [n,ú.

li, nl Fofórnj 'Llml¡ñ. nuddi. nd dh.r ¡n¡d¡s !f r|t *Ék. ,n

F ,cn ,1 lbkr lú n ¡hr ' ¡ rh ' . tn lau L f C¿oBhp l iy . M¡ t ¡ o f th .C:no¡ laphos Cu ld ^ (h , t r r ro r | r In ¡ rFL

Br ir l¡oFi b rfr. [mprv¡ loy¡l sub'cds rh, rhr! r ú .ruhioñr m . J r d r ¡ . . r f , p l L l , - ¡ ' . . ñ L 1 : 1 - t i . l l , . l , r p r r r . -(l Mlddr¡hd Ihs 5(úd¡l'r, forF.rj J ¡p¡cid.d n, ¡ ,otu kro*i ¡ ,qt/'¡'m.' C,a (p.Il¿ t4) ed h,,li ir¡, h¡ioudy (¡fuvd n,. hrions. l rh .v l l ¡8úo lCrub.nk , - i r l , ,S thon i i r ih ¡8 .n ,¿ idPr tnock : , id .¿d . rh .em¿ 'l rlt l:rd lus b¿ú )tr{lú.]n, ilú ryr,lhl¡f¡ ülLr¿, rhd. ¡(,ñ.

I¡ ,l o'hd Éspab. rh. :fd¿múrion.d eort rp'6ots r n¡r xantúd nonhi F¡k of .tuó¡o^ !i ,h. rb(' of,h¡ Ci,).� sht orMidd.úrm.iMh¡bf¡h. ¡d ú irnd. N.r¿nhd6s. 6ir Mor Hl¡h n.stir Áo¡i.ñcd ftrÍh! p.'pdnlnr of rhs A.' d Ch¡.s b. bDúsh' ,o rúrÉq ,:0¿ rh ¡ , ' ru . d rp ' , rn ¡ , f rk ¡o b . .Ku l r ld ¡ l . ¡ r B*d¡v ¡ r l rh.'k irfli To rlts ad\. 'lr rff.ndii8 p¡nÉs lú( ltrd rlÉtr hid¡.,1.lf :id :D {oht m¡p ol th. rrt¡ ft.h.d ro 16¡ Florl¡mr1...

si8i.d rhn d¡I ol rh. Mo rlrus¡d hd Núry f,í¡h d¡y ol Tb. Ér,prr

W .*^nu, or wR,ir'fl




Jfyou have play€d Death on the tllik, the.Pcs should b€ makingrhck *¡/ from C¿stle von lvit($nsl.in (jn plrrsuil oiúelu.plc Handand Go

hiúd lon lviitg.nsIfin) . Itr iibrcsr roul¡ is dov¡r r hc rivc¡Reik 1o Altdorf¿úd úen norih east along ¡he Al¡do¡f Middenhein

lhejoumey is irithout i¡cidenl nnrilúe coach has jui crossed !!!ejmc¡ion 1fih the CrubenÍeich ¡oad, a fl'w hoLls b.iorc s,¡1l.t . ftomour of üe rees ahead úd da!€Uing about l5 l¡e¡ abore the grourd.an cvii boki¡g sk¡ l wirh glowi¡g rycs comcs hufling l¡i!üds ¡he

coach. shouting¿ prayer to sigrntu, the coa.hndr drops rh. rernsú, cove¡ his eyes, {hile üe horses sdcam and rcar up i

t¡'rMAs Ihcl bolt wildly to avoid the nyin! skull, lho horscs .¡rcer Ihcñafh aSainst the rruflk ot a nr¡ssive oak, ¿nd the whol. tlr¡tgovcnurns, snashing bolh rig¡t.hand whceb in thc prLr.ess

Anyone on the roolol thc co¿ch n1$r nlalc a tin. r(sr i,r ¡Ricr!o br ¡hle tlr do eryihúrgotlÉ¡ thü qunrrsirh frighr ̂ iumt ltorn¡rhe coa.h shouid be tre¿ted ¿É a disr¡nrc of6 yards {scc lvmP.p75) . I lilnEing onro the c¡¡.h $ill ¡cqü¡¡c a 5¡ftr6d, tes¡ sLL..css¡csrlts ii rhe drarad¡r rdi-irg I hú at S ¡ (iproring ünDun rdillr.nea¡s lhat ¡he characte¡ is flung dear - to lall 4 FrrLs.

HavinS had no real \rarnirg, ¡llrhosc withi¡ lhecoach on|.sr drakan /n¡¡ratle ter (at - l0) t, avoid l¡lin8 I hl ar s 3 (igr¡o( .únurlAs the parse¡#rs begin to disendngk (hemsclr'es. o¡c ol thr¡¡(dros$ ¡t ranilonr) sccs the skrll pecrifl! i¡no rlr0 i¡l(h. ^lrer ¡couplcol*conds rhesktü lli¡s oll bur ¿lly chnrac¡.¡ nor srillirr cthe wrrck will see it heading wcs! ove! the t¡ees For ¡ iurhcrdescfiptlon of lhe slq¡U, co¡sult lhe Ber¡r¡,T at 'hr .nd of the

The coach is bEond repú i only ¡wo wherl.s ¡emain úrtact, tu1d b¡r h¿{les are smashed. Hedric, dre coachma¡ is lyi¡g in dre roadbatr¡red a¡d bruised. burothenv¡se unhu¡. cu¡der, ¿las. sr'Íftrtdlatal injuri€s during the crash, when a t un¡ conl¿inlnt ulrik¡!balgowns fel ftam rhc luggage ¡ack and b¡oke h¡s neck lvo horscshave run ofl, a third hai a bad]y fac¡ued leg, ed the o.her srddsshivering nearby. The 1wo girls ¿re \try upsei büt will bt c.rlmcdby ¡eassuring wods The"v will ,¿¡ b€ c.lmed by Hedri. s wide Ardbabble a¡out fte '...s$mpirg, ¡ed Sd nronsle¡ lronr t¡e pits ot hell l

,l:rp r shoosrhc rruc layoL¡r ol villages sourh west oi Middenheim.Ar rhe st¿rl olrhc advc hre, dre Pcs a¡e assu¡¡ed !¡r b€ l¡¡vcllinglry coach loe€rds ñtiddenheim along the AltdorÍ;¡'liddcnhcim road.The woods rh¡Lrug¡ whicildre road n¡ns are krown tcharbour€\'iland cvtn chaotic cre¡lures. so coachcs travel quickly witlroutstirpping

'Ihe Pcs coach has rlÍee olh€r pa5senge¡s, Ukikr and

Bmhalung, and lherJ hody8rard, ound€¡. Both women are young,(I9and 17¡espec¡ilely), blue E d blondes ofgood b¡eeding, bei¡gdáught¡rs ofa Jrrosperous Alt¡lo¡le¡ wool merchan!. cunder is ¿gran! of a ma¡ {s¡¡erA¡¡ ¿nd ft"g¡¡esr - 5) , if not s¡.tly bn8hl(lr¡¿r'¡S?r.e = 22). rl's b¡ow is drick ard slopinga¡d his maissilcjes s€en¡-s to ¡ü hL'1her fbs'ud üaI hi5 twired ¿nd flanened noseHc is dad i¡ a lcarbc¡ jerid¡ and ¡Jncd with huge. woodcltle¡ s.q rh i h r- lrd'ci ng !o ¡¡rdd.nhc r L. !r5.r 'h, r . ún.. : L n L: f. I L.dr.. c¡L.r ro a di BoI 1c,rbn¡g .nd, , l¡li(jdr¡ hcimr . ftLf aic \, cli ¡na¡ncr.l and a¡. u-*d ro b.in8 lrL¡lttip¡hd] {€specially whe oun(ler is i¡ n er:d¡¡ce).



t}e p¿úty have a numberófóptions a\ajl¡blc. Thcy.oüid sriy F(t,butrhiswould medanightin¡hc lorest. Heüi. wiil point our thirno other coach is due roday. and ¡r an)' .¿r5c, wor¡ld not silp l¡rfear rhEJ were higlNl]}n¡en The groLrp couldhe¿d for the n&uercoachinginn, Tle MuLrnfs llead, but sinceit is olr¡ 20 nilcs ¡sr¡y,i! could not k reached befo¡e niehtfall (s¿ne 3 holrs aw¡)). nx!third drcice, Md the one iavoued by Ulrik€ and Bcrha, wo¡l¡ltrt, se! ofl b$tuds the villaSe of crutEnt¡eich. Thc girls halc ¡cl¡rivcsthere Nho would put ¡h€ Pcr up fü rhe night md lend ¡¡¡nspo.tlo¡ frcir retu¡r jourrry tr a coaching inn. Fulhernrore, the girlsare sLrre the adventurers will be rewúLled Ior lhct sale elco.t

ll b abour l0 ¡niles r¡ crub€nüe¡.h a¡d. walkng ar tficg,r¡ls pa.cof5 mph,.ould b,! reached soon aiie¡ duk. Giltn the gi¡ls reli's¡lto cven considc¡ any othcr plü lhjJ is lhe b{st .oL¡rsc ol¡.tion.Hed¡i., a brav. iello$ vrho rak¡s his rasponsibilfies Süionsly$de.¡akrs ro ¡idc rhe onc f(JnaÍú,i1g horse ¡o thecoaching úr¡r ¡ndinfün thc F¡ad$udens.

The Pcs ce reach Grubentrei.h by the end oithe day if they nrak¡adcrenn¡red ¡¡arch. al|houghacdha nralslaw Ihem down ¡ lirrlc¡l]wads qighda]l]F Any g.ood-lmking male Pc who carres Binh¡olt¡ the l6t h¡]f nril! or so w¡ll s¡i her súr.e¡c gradr|rJ. (nhk¡r!a ¡el ¡¡11 lvill ¡Lo lvin ¡ tiirndlt kiss on rh€ .h.ckll

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (66)

I-- cRAPrs oF wRArH g

¡t lónUnf ,rinr,lCñl dr ere eua of iñcome for lhe i¡habiranls. pnrzs¡o* ne¡st],a

is a üght deücat€ wine which is gaining in popülariry througnout

l*;{9*'tr5?1'sy:.T,,':':"8:"Ti,p,::::v^Y3.\:Y-T* $:H;fü"'fft';f$:Iil"T5ffiiitrtü*fl*l� .nGj.¡¿ltüving-fton asicdruea¡dlivesü,tl N^orup is-prouded í."i"1ffi#ütrii.p*, "*"ur arcsúrry ando¡e people a¡e¡ i

- ú. lav our or rhe pr¿,.s is lnimpor¡anr !o the adlrnture. i.':iliiii.,;ii,ái; t. **") lhe v'rase does not h:ve a¡ jnn\¡¡thilde and E¡uafd jung - aun! a¡d un.t€ rr rhe fl t5 . run Ttre ¡nd so(bljs n8 takes lhe fo¡m of frequ€nl wite_t s¡lngs at o¡e$¡.t shecD u\rrn, tr r'\tiu b" pjea,ed ,rrh .l]e ícs io. h¿;;; house or ¿noúer i !h is ii a qrry .loi€:y knir comrnurury. By fai rhe

¡ ;:l!;iu:,:,tty**i;lirft;lU.l,X1*i; #il.riff':t;Hif,,x:i:i1"1:X?'i:*l;:fl*o'0"'h r' . reo guerr o'1. larL aÍeady been Lrkn bur u.e m"]n,r\"rn ,s c,ea,r ¡,n warn r Il:yr'€'::!ltif 'jI,f *Tsrhe-sr¡pe ha ¡st -andüerimins

r rr rhe Pcs donl men¡ilnr lhf ilvinc sk¡r of this Ls cruci¡l Lr t¡e village s condnucd prospenD The grapes

n.\h¿pp€nwh,,rh.bess,'","i;."*::i¡I',ffiJ*'ff jfiü"Ti,i:Y'iil;tr:.1,i?"i:il*"X*jj#t;ñH.f.::5f'il;n,y h¿pp€n wh 'r th. be js s¡ill full oilorals, or larr rhine rr niehr, Judgrng i6 t s he n to sGn r€qunes ye"r s of sperience, and th€a5 üu¡¡d lo{:k up thf t¡wr¡ . T¿liing with t}e lo.als bflnÁ noñine adventuJers arrile just iwo dats b€fore úe har\tsl of üie yearrmoR rhan s.eprj¡al conn¡Enls ábou, bümps on rhe head- obtanc¡ ('op m'isr begi¡ itüe ku.e |5 nor !o b€ rurneC. ñligranr wo¡k€¡s- r 'or" r¿n\cp,rd ' ¡ ' n r l !¿@u¡ Dümpsonrnene¿o oDianco , ,uP, ' t r r (E! u júatd¡r wo¡vr

I c . r 'n5rne. .c- t lu . , rd. \owe\er . \nor 50 d 's :n is , .vp. I fe f tom !h. qroLndin8 deald- )e( Lo dr ive bur l .me Alrdor fer- d.qr i ¡non. i r lp . ¡ ¡ ,hhr .ksL 'n|h.ñrñó¡rhéhp: í l tuñ¡ : .F and ¡ td&nheimer wi¡e merchtr ts h¡r á le¡ iv v iq i t d The ñÉd.scn?Iion of tle cra-lh ba.ks up úc tunoür he heard t$o dals and ¡td&nheimer wine mercha.lts h¡w akeady visited. The g¡apes

¿é) F nn rltm€r Gi/uLr, ¿ ql¡r meÍrllanr rcrurrúg lrom üe ne¡¡bt', ha,,€ been ¿sses.sed. and p¡ospecrs look good' provlded dre hantstvia$ or Pril¿slr. k .s.' ¡¡/p' r ,üd Jd). suirs on limp.

Ia i *fl*f,.?,*"?15;(Hll,-""ifli*Í**Tll*"k: pRrrZSrocK: l:AsrANDpREsENrgalr hifn tu mprF\sion rh¡, he Lddge qi"nÍ<ed. dlat.he co

oI me oP¿J nad r\er fiom lre gound a¡d kere Drowú¡s ¿uo6d _ . . _ .Lhe olbkrb or rh. vil¿se dd."mo,e sp€.ifcary:rha, p"hdrom. li.i?Lq*. ."llT_:l::ll "-:9r.".9: iI1: T ry lt':l'""1+¡ l L h e o L b k j r b o l I h . v i I ¿ e e d d ' m o l e 5 D € . i f c a ] l v ' t h a l ' o h d ¡ t o m ' � � � � � � � � $ � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �t i l+r;**ulv:*',t'1",:**rynx;:,*:m i:!i1;r"üi¿:fH!,iitrHflfrI:ffi.T,*ilüiiI when üe ta,rrn B emDn. rr hds orcurred tl] hirn rllar úe stqr.lls renn_rru p|.es wre ¡rs¿D€r' unrorrurdrly. henr' Pnrlxppe

I ole¡r t¡) be de¿l s4lh *¡ór. ,t'"v ."¡ ü ¡"¡r,.i ó"r¡""ráiti. *¿ lermed ol lheü relrEo_nship twú€ chancód upon a ltrlener {fron_ i _,i r_,,.," ¡.,r*,iJ"- i;;i,;;";*;r, ;;;,;.;;;,;";; stftan) tl]his súe. übe had b{en ¿¡l€ ro acr im,medi¿r,y LinqsÉ i wh"o b€ft€¡ ro de¿l wirh th"r r¡á ttt t.."ntlr u..to¿ u¿*n!u;;; st€lan) to hrs wüe ü he had b¿€n a¡l€ io act imñediately drings

I I r*e rcs rmrrfir rrq, donor i'rn¿ to ¡*.+í¡re i*s "'n;i;ú; l"$ 11"^-le to a head ai Henri-Phlüppe conftontld hls \t'iro- . on rhe nmour, sa¡Ág that rhe srarls are rñousir é b. c,"d'; l3-?l.RP.f.PI1lTq- :f,-'lY¡-EIf*' lqai{avin Artdorl

; {me tonq.o(r ü.;súe hodd. nr Benha has sñsn ¡is1j%aiik;; presun¡Drv arü herlo\r'. siling Henn PhJjpp€ s bunuls |'ase üm¿i r"c or rhe adrenrurcrr fdrrd $i.i makf 'he slorieven moñ to rum fo 'ce ano nx ¡is tnougnt5 wl{n rear:nge.

t i l"*1';; *ñ;;ru il";c" ü;;;ü;lí"ñ;Jili l*rt-ir*-,-19*r¡-ry**o.-senrh.vireüoArdorrü*monryto pu¡chase n€w cloth€s. Elisab€! rearlüy agreed, seetng a frrrüe¡

as chance would ¡ave jt, three of rhe inn s guesb will b€ ra!"ning 9pqoq'nity io.meet her lo\Er. But He¡riPhllfpp€ had orher p¡a¡s- : Ltüo rg¡ ft u"r,rk rhe 'o loq i¡a day, ndmeli, rhe tdrner HJlls ¡(nri ior strhn. and had shul¡aneously iMted hirn ó ¡¡rz,ork. wiilnurI ¡ s rr h nar dlme.] Prerer ^l"m¡reier ¿¡d ¡lbr ich, r¡up¡. Thesc Lhre¡ Aisabe¡ s l$ss ledgr. ost1'nslbly !o tnsle a new s'1ne. Spia¡ dul]- , IeI|'¡ed early, bur are ¡erurnurg ro teichlinberg (via i,¡r¿sr!€k see arird, and a dryspent dÍs.ttssingbusiness endÉd wilhoneofHeni-

^,¡¡ /) lrnrorcw Tte Pcs c;uld doubrless Éia hft to the vitlage Phjllip?es lalnous wine-rasdngs, úo which the rest of rhe villagen hrup s c¡rr" if Lhe! wi\hed w?s dbo inürrd.

t ; ; ; ; ; ; ; , , ; ;H¿nsñaero,drinsowoerrüde ^5pdnor,heñrninssconwrrarjonsreranreamedüarrr 'aber' :hoiewro!e, indllsrJon Mu¿d s l-o:prúI0^ ne nme, rsrct, lag ryJ':q Al'dfrr. orr,5ii19 hi5luct. sÉhn m¡dai"I€d h¡ óink¡ng



, s Ineil en.r reh, bul a\l(s lor | \hrllir r edch as odtnnenr I te Lr m a¡ü.lDaDon 0l ¿n edrly sÉn. commennng lhat he ' . .musl reRrn¡

a h büg¿ined dol{ n ro o pen aes ea, h. bur b+rng ioor he rric5 ro lqr qlfll8 a¡d drknd to lmporLan¡ búiñess. Thfl nighr. hl¡{Frr

t n¿ke monci whenevei he.an- r iJour r tJJe;s rcat tv need I lenn Phüppedn¿. l \ rdst la¡ ¿$ he 5 lepr . . lu lb ing h i rn sFn sels<s- . corr¿gi¡s ro Ep ü) in\ c,r r¡?r ¡¿,¡¿jwrtpavi¡elaí:-táv,re..d &11leÉ! dngSed rhe body d]l*n b ¡¡e cttlu whcre a spfddldtl4c¡¡n ¡o-tu¡ihe¡ concern aboLrr r rl¡ik€ rnd úriha. Eduüd i;qu(,s h¿d tf,rn DrepJred. H¿ving ch¡Iled srr&n úo dr |{"I Henri_fhiltppc

¡ I lhcm lhat he *ill personally cacoft rhem !o ntdden¡cim on út n;i !!dgq ú,q '¡.clEung ú e nerchant ¡ecoll¡ed- wlth care ¡Jid

I corh __ !:T::il":i;'#Jrf:ig1:r,9"*i3.r,:#*,"*rl (-í ¡nd moñ¿f. obüüous úo rhe despr,a¡. p¡s* 6or rn*t i f f i reI ¡ m:i;tms,t"#ifimrl:iHJ'l;'#r;lffirrr Í{. . Kg9'ffi


I i :;ffix*;ixl,'$r¡*,rll;*tr;i".:.'""*l*r,rr.jchildren' Máp2de¡ils thelocalaJe¿¿nd,,t{apJshoks iheviltaeep'op€'.ln dddi'ion to ¿ ldr¡nhouse. eaLh hóus¿hotd h¿s a l¡rÉIrnrnt iJrg shed q hrre Lasls ot R urc drc slorcd ¿nd üe graper are

I : il;,;ti i.-;'ññ;b"*;;s.l"iü;;;ü¡;t"l;;

ü\e.!ock is Limrrrd ¡o a trw pigs goar!. a¡d heru The t¿ner dfe¡ I ¿lowed lo wandfr tieetv and rp€nd ¿ lo( oÍ rhei¡ time s(ra(hins

I ¡ í:tlÍ-*#fl,r;:ffi,"$#Hlg,1:fflT*"*"*¡;

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¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (67)


$ cne.r,rs or vRATH



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (68)









¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (69)

$ o*n*", olr wRArH

Firully the wo'L \r"5 Lompletrd.l€iving Herut_Phüpp€ saúfiedHe h;d teft a b¿rel of wine s1L\m reaih !o e¿!€ sÉfun s ú:rs¡Dlnn¡hs tlüt Srtan woud olp{nenc¡ a slo'v dt¡th ftom sGnationru thar"remarnert was o aispó!€ of slEf¡n s horse wiü thc vü¿gesdl sl€roire oÍ ft etrec!, of l¡e sme Herü_Phjllippe h¡d no Eou¡le*lioonq oui un oric¡¿ 5r¿'t4¡ingSrhns b€longings by the ro¡dh. ür üc ho¡r loose d rem.ncd to Pnt¿sbcl

Ttrer davs lat€r St f¿¡t saddle and pack were sportld E'€ryonehdd at-srR"l hr hi h n cdly wilJl.u( 'rajring lo try f*4rI Despilra srarch or8¿tused ,-y the Mryor of PnuslolL h'5 bod! $Js neqrl

For a $hie úc dllapprarance ¿no pr€sured dedlh ofthevoü¡gMn€ mer.ha¡l causid much t¡lk d¡d dftiery m ü€ area Howev|r'wit¡ no ñfiher Lrcrdens r fuel <pe.ulalon the name of StctunMdm¡¿eur eas lorgoflfl. ¿l l€a5l l.llar' wb¡¡ Henri+hilippe hoF'dand úoudrt And 51) tlungs might l,a!t bren s¿w ro' one personstefarfs twin brother, Dieter

A úe time ol Strhn! IÍpdsanment Dietrr Márdrüru kas nedrirgd¡e end of¿ su.cessful wiz¿rd s apprenti( eslfp al Middrnhe¡m Yel; úe dars ol sletan s ord€¿l p¡ssed hi5 brother brgan Io sutreri r mu( b l he sdtne w¡y. Linl¡d by krnship D¡e¡rr at tusl stü¡eredsleroless nidrE bll wüü a \arcl( sho\¡,td !i8n5 ota seltre Dasüngdur'ase. són atur, r]'e apprendce wizard collapsrd in!'o deürum¿¡i as hi' con¿uon "oiscncd rhe ptDa¡cians le¡ed for his l]feSurldsnt) (learür ÍDme ol9eh¡ 5 de¿ú) the month long lllness%rüheit ind oirlfl besan to recorer' or y üen *E5 he lold of hrsbrorh€as disaDordr¿¡ñ while on a busúe(s trip ro Pril?Jock

In úe lhler wars üar haw pa5sed Dlerel h¡s ledned ol his ldt¡lioúert alti *irrr ruabet 1i;om lenrl5 he foutd d Sreán s AldorfÉsid.núr ¿nd üe iÍviution hom Henrl_Phillippe Dis(useng thes€¡n¿rers. ione úú rhe rD5terious ilh€ss, tr'lth his supenors Dieterha ñn¡Iy r;narpd !o piece logr¡her the n¿tur€ ofhjs b¡olher's

Dier€¡, now a L€itl 2 wizad has come io üe village consümediry Oi i¿a o¡rewnr. priv. r by his own (5ü8htlv iÍadonal) beliefsíie¡.r is diso ¡feied bv thaspúir of hl5 dead brorherr stelanMmeur nsw srns a hateu lorce ftom bryond üe 8¡ave a¡dDietlr is being inflü¿nc€d 1o ruin Pritzsrock and k¡ll Rocheteau

Thc wiz¿rd s fusr move s¡s to *our lhe local rounry a¡d ffnd 'sÍe base for hiñs¿fd¡d hjs hired bnd]gu¿rd xrm s.l"ult¿ ThÉi' *¡ere he Sor l¡r ky. a¡¡r ¿ llshion t¡ d úve sru hdden b).cerurion rhi disrovr'ed nr¡merous hul¡r¡¡ dnd humanoid sl¡riktriñ reÍxxarú of ¿n ancient batde. Dlet¿r at tnce sens€d tha! lhry"wc¡e

maec¿l Úr mrne war A,t¡r exp€rilnentatlon Dklll k¿medrhar thdc.dd le con¡rJued, [o some exknr at leasl sinre tllenhe h¿s tjkn ür e'shhs úem üo ¿nack úe vlllagr olPrt lock: üeyd€ a Derfe.l vay ot irrifying the ldtagers and for(irg them !o¡hmdón th€ olace, What D|ete¡ do€sn l know is that t¡e nrdpc¡Iou¿¡de5 ot tÉ sh¡15 are due ür tracr elementr ofwarps{one Pres?ntú úe iaw. The arnount i5 not sufrL k nl !o produ(e chaos changese€Dt with sisrifLnnl e{Fosure bur lt ls enougfi to lle of lnt¡rest!o úos€ l¡aóD;naly dependenr on it shich learls to lhe final par

A small band of skaltn aler.ed !o ür pre*n(e of $¿rpstone '¡r¡" a¡e,. ¡aue come hunr¡g for it HaunS fl/enrualy ndnowtd ücse¿uch r rhe uve, the St¡ien havc spled our Dletrr and Kür' ¡¡dhaw also s(en üe ntmg shils Thelr le¡der' belrg ia¡¡lv srür ¿ssi;n so, has dedáedio bide h$ line !o 5¿c iusr what lhe shdl5ari cipiite or ¿na no* Ine slüwn nishr-mdke uss ofrhemrcasori¡¡ enoud. *e sl¡wn drr uncernh of$heü€r to r¡8oint'of ¿lÉ(k. slen dr¡t the ¿ir ruy be lhick wm ll}Úg <Kuus of

Thc renai¡der of the ad\enture b scl out as lollo$s A'fter sc|dngthe initial scene a5 rhe PCs arrive in th€ village' üe¡e is a sccnonán'¡lpcs tn p¡rzsoct, wtrat ttrrv d¡ who ¡he/ a¡e, what¡hry know:nd ,u€acstio¡r 01 hos,úry will rcspond lo !"nous P( drrionsand "oñ-rriddon. Tltis 15 lolo*ed W dcsrripdons ol D¡etrr' r'rÚr¿¡d lhejr .ate. ¿¡d delriL ofúe Sk¡len ¡est are also glen Animoorunt ¿socct tc t¡e ¿dvenlure (oncerns t inF Dirrrr k i l lcn[¡uelv *i'i 't tte gnx narvesr is pre\tncd rhe rrmoslhrreii 'ne viliae win be.óma ,itc'r¿s,nslv desper¡l¡ ¿5 úe d¡,5 pós

The ! oudr u¿.k tonr GrutEnrleirh em€(8rs fton' thc loresr lo rew¿l; sñ¿llñtk'v. inrnsivelvodl¡qrd wilh acre u?on ¿creoihe¿irhylool,ine trn¿s. ¡l lhe pd;¡v is (rawlting with Hdns K_rug the) Úü¡ca¡ a-o'unr oi suor¡i ti thev enqLiire funher úe t¡rmer wil st¿trhü . un"osry rh¡¡ riobody b wbrUiS I hc !inclards Thc uN't should,*u'n" tliur tne rc" árttu" on Dav.o, and evenls afe ti¡¡cdaccordi¡81y.

Amttn8 in $e vilage prop€r (a(rass a well_nui¡r¡in€d bul !alhelina¿ecüre ar¡trl . rie ic.s win be struch by boü i|J prospenr] ;nd,rule¡enes. Funhenttote a ,"uple ot hous¿s haw 'nrde ph Ll's najledJcioss rhe wlndo"s, a¡d ta¡ett spr4a or ' low€r s on lhe ñ ont dool sttdendfy Plant ú1ll revrA lhry arc n¡nny s frngers _ 8¡nerall)ions¡dáred to *ard off evl sp[ils) T¡e doors of ücsr holLsrs ¿re¡lso inscri¡€d siü m€aningiess rues -bÚ lt needs thc Rmc ¿'¡eskll to aoDreciate üal they are indeed m€arungress

Tlaltlling funher with l'tüg or genera-l mltstigation wlll Real ü¿talt t¡e viljasrs¿re aran¿iñga meelingoutside üe houst otHe iiirltlioot.lie srene s qui¡e confrrsiÍg wilrl ma¡v people sprdti¡8and shbudns ar oncr. Íhtngs will quiern down when suangrr ilresDortFd. atd-¿l lhis sbge lhe !'ltligtr. wil be waD ofnescomcr'¿nd ac¡ a.cordingly.

l¡ldnpaC'".'rEqofthclr¡n Henn PhflrpF sill speal' Look lic'e3¡o mint ¡en¡¡s u¡¡il se ve aü cdlffd rloar and ci¡ dil{ cJ lhinFr¡ünJtv

-tn¿-r¡ere s no sensc bld..ni'1g people wüour ' ¿ú€ Ar

ih¡s th€ie i5 d s€ner¡ l mulmer ofdÉ'enr ' buI Henr i Phi l l rppcánrinu.s. ¿*óone ep ttote ard wd ll me€l aSaii in d 'oupl' orhours. fhis Ls nr'e¡ wiah broad approlal dnd úe ldldgers b€grrr rodlqDerse. Il tle Pcs ¿rived s¡rh KruS üe l¡¡m¡t and ¿ssrsunl<wdid¡oD rhem ofl ¿nd conur¡ue on lheir sry (bul nol beforc visrlrSthe locál slo¡e lo ffnd ou! what s going on)

on(e rhe meelin! lscon(ludtd Hetri Phiülpp€s'lil be lice rogrcrlüe gafry, drrd relerence should be made to his d¿scnprion in üeNPc ils¡ing.

R€c€nt EveÍts

iEn dÁE aeo a c'rld. sffl 8¿ldúich L¡tne nn¡ing inlo lhe vüagr

¡¿uhá ,ee-n ¡ clros¡ ln üe "oods (sis¡ri¡g I on ¡l'p Jr bu' sff"n¡.u

"in ¡,¡pC L¡i¡O . S."t ls "eU k¡osr i¡ úe uüdge Iór hú larior's

|-¡ll fues and ¡]us one was ¡u¡ down to inagirürion HoDeúr' some,¡* ¿¡us later. rsol¿e cüenrn was oul aollecting trlLir when 'he

"ori..¿ á sto,l-l"inine on u t.nch The slqlil dd not ¡notr bul when

she reÍlfned wilh ¿ ó ple olmiliod¡nen lhe sloil hdd gonc ts€¡Úg2l. The vilasts did noi lrk het seriously Ho\^tl'fi üree da) ¡go*o á* "árkt", S¡ej..rnd Halsbtet and rúud G¡op'nftonruboth claimed ¡o halr se€n a glowi¡g sloll flo¿tin8 in úe soodswhiie out úDrk$B (sightinS 3i Tixs w¿, t¿kn senruslv büt d ñ¡l_scáte s€arch bv the nrliti¡ t¿iled [o rett¿l a¡y clue

rinalv on the mominq of dre Pcs ¡ni!"l hricía sÚh¿rdi $as

inuJ'e¡, ag¡in *¡I. ujór¡.ineúevir'es ltüee otle' $orkcrs heárd

L{f.f$tto bcgi*tA¡ th¡



i * ,

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (70)



cRAPEs oF *"*n S,

l\ts: M¿nyofrhe vil¡gcrs haw thesHI yrrft-ül¡¡r¡e Tlus 15 sünjd,tlr rr¡6r1¡tg DUr appues onty ro $,lnes, Irctuding knowledge ot t'lnegowlng ¿rd oúer aspects of rdne-mrHrg.

H E N R I . P H T L L I P P E R O C H E T E A U , M A Y O R O }

her lre¿m d¡d n6hed sver lo where Erie¡ra \L5l¿sr seen. .Iheyol:(úvered ¡er uncons(ious and bleedmg. bur worse süU. a slql¡eas re<hg on he! body (sghdng 4). The ciolt loot ro !h€ air burL'lslfad or ¿r Écki¡g ltew oflinlo the lo¡esl. Lner u was clmed ba( kand no$ Ucs in the pochelr¿u house. ¿Íended by Eüs¿¡fr

A¡ already.ÍighFned vildge had g¿rhered ür'dosome[hing shenf sas nocd t¡ar Sigismu¡d n¿lsbrer (one ot rhe wiElessrs in tddns$- w?s rüssr¡g. A search of úe vildge h¿e f¿iled !o find hjin dn¿t¡|s n¿5 unneñed rhe ülldffrs ñflher rturu"tjy. a very sc¿redsgltmund ¡en <e. reuy berore da{rx. He had no retariw! in üe vilagFdnd dF(¡ded ¿o p¡ck hjs b¡gs d¡d nn. ) with r he saDe-hanRl düe1,0 A-gú in 2 daJ4 rime rhe vitlagers ale now w;ried ¿bour ¡¡eir¡wunood: Lhry are liidrfned to go in@ the fietrLs. a¡d nigranrwofr(.rs ¿re su.'e ro heaf of ewnrs ¿¡d sta! awe

AI üe ¿h^r is corúnon t¡dbag.. lr, ,l'. pC i .. Xr,.,y , orolnr more (ohrrenrrFrsion ñom Henri-phifljppe. Sperutaaion in úellllage s rue a¡d f arl be rec?Jed hoq a you¡g t¡,tne mefchd¡rqrsappeared a rew years ago. ¡n addi r ion, th€r f are var iousrumou¡s/expk¡arions of ¡ecent 6,ents:

(l\ Ttle g"tr5 oidc¿d waniors ftom an ancienr banle haw beeno$rurbed ry ckaring lhe lo¡est. Lordl n¡mour, b¿-<ed on rüth, h¿srl (¡d¡ a ch¿os hodd ftom rhe Drakwald r.oresr was slan oltl tot¡e 5outh.,re5¡, Pe¡hdps sone were ¿lso sl¡in n€¡f rriosroaK

12' Tl¡F slqlL h^e bren senr as d prn3'rmenr from rle god9 fornor m¡AxU proper 5¿critic" in rcsp{d olüe lelenr e\.rlenr lidrltsls.

r{ .:clli-:Pr4er Ls.somehow nrcr!ed i¡ o-der L buy r¡nd che¿p

snen ax r¡p !¡üEgcr< nr'lr ter or b.fn ku.d. rtho etse h¿s rle (r'p¡Ét

T¡e irs-r rumour ls 'ie bta{ hesr anrr _wil onty be spokn if üi¡g!re Serr¡rg \Fry bdd (d¡d Henn phitippe isn I afdmd)

li. -{1trr:,1: dlso As-y. r bdr I he nirjr i¿ h¿5 nor dole d¡FJr ng¡j slop ¡¡e shrtls dnd rhis h¿, crear¡¡ sonre bdd te.ting bcr$erñnronh llr!' wh¿r ,.\e.mü a tfou¡ ¡afmers ¿nd ¿ kar1io4. ¿fec- tpr '€d ür ' lo no5ody j ¡ys brr thard.esn¡ sraD rhen l romrornrGr¡xns.


Heffi-Phiüpp€ is a lar8e, sburly blütr az)rar o¡d mrn, wiü an oljr (omDtexion ¿ndshodderJenBh black hair. A deede ofsood-U!h8 h¿s made him skhrty swr$€ish-t burhe stjl enjo,s robusr he¿lth.Originally a wi¡e merchant fton Erer,on,Henri-Phillippe vieind úe ar€a on businessa¡d r€coglsed üe exaellent Doreniial ofsoiland climaE for cutli€u¡g a Brelonnt¡n8r¡fr. Wt¡ boro$d rDney Herui.phiUiDDepurch¡sed a subsr¿nrial ar¡ounr ofbnd fró;üe lo.als (at a fair pdcc) and seirted in r¡ea¡e: 14 )e¿rs ago, These locals now workúe land ai &na¡t farme¡s, The nelv vi¡esoon 8Dr est¡¡llshed and. hali¡s rard oñ rheinl¡ial loan. Henn-ph lippe [js enjoyerj¡ncre¿s¡ng p¡ohls elrr si¡ce.

He,m¡ffied dis¿¡er..¿ lo.al girl. rwo Jrjrs after arriving. beirganracted by her€ood looks and Ílno(ent narur. Hos,ewr snc;redmi¡8 ol $e anaü w¡ü sefan M¡ldnaFu, he has been wry b !€lros"r(ts nef. and now ueats her as ¿ *rw¡f nlher tha¡ a wrteHe ¿lso bla,res aisa¡€r lor nor be¿ring añy . hildren. a f¡{ r noücedov n€ reqr or_1ne viu¿ge who betiñe ¡njs Io be üe re¿lon for ür¡nüna8e s laIure,

Heffi-Phillippe is \fry ml(b úe ryTicd Bre¿on. sjltn ro E(Uhra¡cea¡d üe¿eral djspla)6ofemorion. Hehasator-totos€ifrhehanEt.¡ofs n0¡ go ¿¡e¿d on dme and wü setcone lhe pG ¿s porfnri¿lrescuafs. He wü ücrefore offer 750 C,cs ifthe paíy deals u4rh ¡hesro¡rs_Derore úe h¿nesr begt¡s For ea.h harwsi dry losr L,re nonEyon orrfr wlx ¡ax by too CrCs. His o\|1r personal beüet is üdl rh¡slq¡[s havr nde€d r ome liom some dirmrbed bdri]e fietd: pe¡ hdprax lhat s needed is üo ieal up some rornb enÍarce o srop rtie stcrii:gelrhg our.,During thrh pe¡iod.of hirr p(s md) sieep in rlrerermenlÚlg shed ¿nd wil ¡eceiir fiee tood a¡d drjrl

¡fyou ¡ie using r¡L! s, enario as parl of¿ .amDajen \,ou nla! wisnto h¿w no. heFdu oUcrins a p.rLenr¿ge profrr ntm t}c ¡ariasr ¿rp¡)¡ncn | . \ good harves¡ wü ner Hem. ptuIipp€ 5ooo C,Cs n onr)r¿i s time, nsi¡g b) r0o0 C,Cs tor ed(h e{ta trar rhe wi¡e ismrrureo, (ruu maruriry beng re?( hed ¡n 6ve trars). Ro(heL€du wüopen mgDt¡¿üon d I I 5% bur m¡) be btugained !o ZO%. The prrrymrs¡ sl¿t¡' noq msnyj¡edfr ürey wish lj] wair ar¡d md\adudLs r¡ñre¡u¡n at $e ?ppropriate har\,rsr-tiIne io co|€c¡ th€ü sha¡e of rhe¿greed surn Fo' edch fdrvesr d¡y losr. Rorhe&¿u s profir ials byto9^

The c€ltar

lT¡:]!a! : 1"."i. i. t"l qqpped bL¡!_5€"rchs8 ú€ .e0¿J wir ,ercalr¡rry recent_Dnckwork bchi¡d one ot üe ldrge wi¡e baneb, ,rhc¡ej5 onty I or spdce Derq,{,€n wal ¿nd baret)

{g¡t'lpl!{5 *q.*t .wholrr¡ybewonde,ins$up€opFwer€ oomg rooüng m ¡¡e ceü¡r si¡ce the onl) enr¡nce ú !1a rieúrne srü_.t¿re ta.ar üe alcdw wnj seal€d !o camb.jt d¿n,p Ls€yJ]le lY l1¡r-úe Yü ¡ e'e¡ 'j,ar rh. br rcr}o,h 6 tess I harl iyr.d <oro ¡nd üa, Oe¡e is no stgn ofdamp anryhcre m ü,e (eltj

9-"-qcl9 T9 $l {l.d "tcoT js dLncuJr. Li(k or s!d(e p¡e\ enlslne use o¡_¿ s¡edgEhünmer. tf rhe w¿J ts lo b€ trnock¡d do;n úenrne largf (¡c¿v)'r B¡ne bdrfet mwr flrst tf moled or smashed. rf¿(cfssro |¡e alcorr ls garned a d€ssrL?r¡d body c¡n be seen. oncni¡o c¡ur¡ned to ihe w-üt. ̂ wtrc bancland lidc aie ng(r úo rheDooy- n tne Dodv |l sdárched a lerler can be lou¡d pafioflheJerlffnas Deen aten !y motd. üe remant¡q rfl¡ is ¿s tollo*s:



i ,



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (71)

@.ono* oF wRArrr

ttu nuth t hatr ñiss¿ !óu. Bo|' nEh lon8'r .n w ¡¡ep üpth. p¡cüíte7 on. d2J "f will5údJ be útNr¿d t hüdtj daft+.¡to¿wh?nyt\¡\it ta¡tn tlat thtlñ¡� tn tUctr.ú tNn ;tt)rktrnryh.rd Cu twl rot lr rh. By t t.nblc wh.r.ulh¿tts nt ú ere¿t¡hÉ, do ry q's na¡ tollo|| nr qh¿n .

As you mir¡hr ¡hrnk. rh. hlrr L tiom EUJ¡bcr R¡.h¿k¿ú

ll dwing óe course of üe advennüe, Henrl-Phlllppe coñes hce-to-face with Dieter Mffanaeur he will tufl pale as tfs€eing a ghost.H€ had no id€a rhat his victim had a twin and wil assume stehnsomehow m¿¡aged üo escap€. The GM nay wish !o have Henri-Phxlippe breat dou¡ and confess ar úb point, p€rhaps.unninginto ¡he ccllar in temDorarv madness to check on the tell'.^lt€mati\€ly, Herui-Philipp€ night be owrcome wiú a¡ger thathis enery sdl lilts and attack Dieter Lmedjaúely, saltu somethlnglik€, Youl I don'l know how you djd il bu! )€u're not go¡ng úo es.ap€

Ho$€ver, if conftont€d wiih rhe evidence of hb crine {ie a bodyin t¡e c€lar) Rocheieau wil altlmpt to bluff, bribe or figtrt hjs lvay

Henrl-Phillippc X¡chetau, M¡yor of htzsto.k_.#.*#

SklllsConsune Alcohol. Etique¡te, H€rb Lore. tuad/Wrjte B¡€lontuad^\rtii¡ P,eikpiel, Super Numerate, VineculÍue

Re¡onginggl-€¿rhe¡ fe'kin \0/r AP.bnd¡. Dagger {.101, -2 Dmg, -20 %ny)Pouch t4@s Il SSs/ l0 8Br. Sword 0rpt in hom*o)


Elisab€t is 13 years old and olslender büild,wir}l plaited blond€ hal¡ a.nd deep bluc e]€s.She b a qület counry $Dman who s46 litlewben he¡ husba¡d is around. He¡ parenls,now dead, persuaded her to marrynochefeau, and for a whjle the marria8eworked, desplte üe fact she was alwaJdorrrawed by Henrt-Phil,lppe's ex¡r¿Mry¡n¡personality. o\er úe lait few yea¡s though,her husband has become increasingdominee.ing. Not su¡prisingb, she has beenincreasingly unhappy as a resdt. ln pa¡t,sh€ blames herself lor not bearlng anych¡ld¡en and tries ¡o nake up for ir bybehaving as a dudÁrl wife-







Th€disappeararc€ofsefarar¡¡¡a¡¡s¡ IQ9LDEGUDjBIAN . - -

skillsCharm. cool. E¡ique¡l.. t!"luatr. Hdggle P'rad4lrir

Belongt¡gsrtuife (+lol. -2 Dma, -2o.Darry), Purs€ (1c;€/ lósss/ 8BR)


Aschafenberg is a goodlooking 22 j€ar oldmale: ó 2" rátl, b[€ ets a¡d p€arly whil€t€eth. Parzi€l is ahe son ofar Altdorfnoble(leading !o tle false vi age opinion that heis a basiard son ofüe Emp€¡or) , and is half}!¿y drougb a two-)€ar siay with the müt¡ahere (ofwhich he is in charge).

P¿rzival r€ally,wa¡rs to be a ltmpla¡ but hi5iaüer, a ftiend ofRo.heteau. ins'sted he gersome experience ol adltn ¡ing ñrsl ands€nt him ro ftltzslcck tc organis€ tlc miliria.His fa¡her belielrs ¡his worfd br an easyintroduction lo advennring. Parziwl hassp€nt ¡¡uch oi his tirne trainlrg üe militia(all 4 oi rhem) ¡n ad!6nced narches anddrills. The ¡e$ of the üne has been spenl

coufi¡g the lo{al b€auiy ¡solde cuderi¡n. At all times Parzjraldispl¡t6 the classic slmpions of the noble born, he is rich, !ain,arropnt rnd tedjorEly ch¡u!'tnlsric.

Parzi!"l viers the sh¡ll alacks as a gn f¡on thc gods, allowinghim lo show his wD¡th at lasl. tinfortunaelv the slails ha\4 nolplard fair and he has not elrn s€en one, lel alo¡e ffght one. H¿is 'nore concemed with gaining glory and wil üer€to¡e geel a¡yplan io go slq¡ll-bashing witn enthusi¡¡sm. Howe!€r, ¡s he is w€llauare that dú milida ar€ being blaned for not doing enorgh, h0wü ceope¡ate witi any pbn dut l¡rok lil(e gening re$fIs (pro1/idinghe has a hlgh'profile pa|¡ in iI). tlesplle h¡s annoying personalilythe PCs wordd do wEI .o St hirn on theb side.

The miütia under his comma¡d are Josef Bleder, Ma¡fte¿ Fleils,nans-nriedrich Kallnan a¡d Guntlr SenJ¡eleeiss.

t'ardral Trb¡an A3ahaffentrers

SttllsAnimal ltaining, Dlsa¡r¡r, Dodge BIoq Drive C¡n, E!ai!¡¡Étxcellenr vislon. tude-Hor<e. Spc(lJLq Ue¿pons \reniing!1tapon, Pürying l{tapon). slnk Ni8¡ty BIoa \tr) Sfiong'

E€longj¡$;rvh¡l coat (r AP, body¡egs), Helm€r (r A¿ he¡d) , coif (r Ae he¡d),sh.el l , lAP aU). R¡pie' \+?01. . l Drng, Lf i r-h¡nd d¡sBcr r 2Drng..l0 Pdrry). FId5h (loües. Pe¡s!nal jes€UeD .$orr¡ 40GG)Pouch {i7@s/lóSs/ - ), Light l\brho¡se, Fried¡ich

d€eply, her grief madp wo¡s¿ b, havng !o be k¿pt hjdd.n. She stiÍre¡nembers t¡eir afair and otln d4d¡earns lhat her lorr¡ wil retumone day a¡d make her happy agair. she stil kreps lhe few leulrsthar he secredy gale her hidden in a hat'box ln the bedroom.

Elisabet knew that Stehn had a twin kother b¡¡t hcr reac¡ion onseeing Dei€r wil be dlat her rvish has c4rúc d]le. She stil has enoughspüt to try and Kll Hen¡i-?hilippe if she leams the út¡th aboutsr¿hn's death. Otherwis€ slre will do her uú:ost 0o ge¡ him o{€cu ted

Ell6abet Bo€heteau

lsold€ js ravishingly beautif¡l 20 ytar oldl,tth b¡ack hair ge€n etas and a perfectlyproponioned figure. she ls weü a*"re of h.eflect he¡ pres€nce has on the me¡-folk bu!hides this howledge under ¡n air ofinnocence. she opcnly \r€ars a smalt goldbrooch rhat was a gift &om Parzi!"].

^ny huna¡ or elwn male ad!€ntürer wiúa Rl of40+ wil¡ get her s€rious inl€rest sinc.sh€ is s€eling a hnsband io rále he¡ al?yftom Pritzsiock but shc wiil flin wirh lnaleadl€n¡rers in gm€r¿l. She do€s this in pan!o see úe nacüon of Éarzi\d, her currenl'boyfri€nd . He has long boasled of hisma.thl pro\4ress a¡d she would lika !o putf to ¡he ¡esi.

¡t BS s T u ¡d ¡al4 l 42 4 4 ¡4 5l 4 l 2l ¡9 52 Neutral

uts8S s T Ld úÍ WTf.l {ücr4 l 2 x2 34 37

¡,1 tÁr5BS s T ¡er IA ¡úrg f€l ^ll@29 29 ¡ 4 1 3 6 x7 39 1 5 37 31 Ncun?l

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (72)





Nor: I'r I !"J will ch¿llen8. Io ¿ duel dny male gpÍtn8 too ftendtyúth ¡tB s¡mdn . Unle55 aunrd. P¿fli€l sdl not enFgF In d duelto t¡e dealh, arrd unr¡l wounded he wil try ro diiarmiis opponen¡¿nd claim imedidrr r¡¡nende¡. Thinss ódd Ér lrrv bd¿ ior úeadlrnn¡rers P¡r¡lal is klled in suih a mañer; n;cherEau ei!diifdlch news üo Alrdo¡ f¿t on(c and rhe CM shouid touow üis utas he th¡*r fir . h any c¿sr. tsolde wiU prais€ hf¿r¡¿l f he wi¡¡(ard discontinue ilirting, and €omfon hiln if he los€s. Atur aI,he might b€ an arogant bore, but he is a noble.

lsold.s enrourF¡ wilh a sh¡l is sighüng 2 on ¡{ap J¿. He¡ orJyo¡hcr urform¿r'on Ls thar ir apprare¿ rir É rhe shrÍ of¿n animal,p¡,¡hrps a ba,lÉe¡ or somrúi¡g similar. (NB: tsolde sal' a skálrn"lcrU\. sne |5 not sure. bül if askd, she wiil say rllar rfie qrs ofúe shJ were Slwing diÍ y. Il tzlrn ba( k úo the area she will beundble lo locaP thc.pe(lf( tree. Searching rhe afea tvill nor re\,eal¿¡yhna of inrerest.

Isold€ cuderlan

AmDidext ow, Chafln. C!ok, Erjquefi!, Heib Lore

Beloryln83Pe¡sonal je.welery {100 ccs), Pu¡s€ wilh 6c{sf 15,s/2788


,o Chaos he wü ha!€ no úouble lo{al¡ng it so cu¡iou PCs mry learnsomeüi¡g lo üeb adv"ntage. Hol*F\er, if he does ger a new ple¡ eol w?fDsbns he will dew¡oD anoúer s€r ol muladons.

$fudar t¿cbart

Prgging, Blalher, Conslün€ Alcohol, lÍununiry io Dlreas¿Iü¡munity !o }i}ison, silent Mo.!c &üal

DelonglngtOld clothes. beggingfoodh€ier bowl, bo¡tle of alcohol


no longer lias any tleth, he is oft€n and/or d€lirior¡s, but more

follow anyone who sives him somerhinsshhy tlillf a sil!€r shillnqJ . l{tuder,s sDecñis ajnosr ¡ncomprehensr¡t€. For a sdn h€hei5oft€nd¡!¡rLkand/or.leli.i.ú( hrm.F

¿t¿p J llsri ¿I the hous€holds h Prirzsrock, ¡nd any vülagErs notlbtrd abow ha!" üe ioUowing ryptcal proRle,


skllkto4t chance ofrJdlaúlkl1.. Catpenrry E!"ludrf, Haqsle, HerbLoreId€ntit Pl¡nt, Orienhlion, Silenr [¡o!r P.llral

Conceal¡nent RüraI, Ride

Consume A-lcohol, Cook, Drilr C¡ll

Det¡ils on some of lhes¿ üllage¡s are given belo¡d:

l,q¡der dppears as a erubby drunken dXage¡d¡or. ¡n the bes| rraddon of \,,lllac ldtóLshc slls on lencfs sucklns sr¡,vs and-wlnJrlnsknowrngly at passers f. ne young wtrdeiarlved in P¡i¿siock as a mlgr¿¡t wo.kr lO)rars agD, and staFd when t¡e hán€st \*Eso\€r He began io a.t strangely 3 y€ars lat4ra¡d is now complet€ly insane, ll.¡chl!'u üevilage took pity on him and feed hin scraps.

vitder wanders Íieely around rhe whole areaof Prilzrlock roamin8 deep irüo rhe t'orcsrwhen úe mood rakes hlrn. H€ r.Íl r¡lk róanyone who gives hlm food, and lo)"ltyfo[ow anyonC who

'npod¿nd). he sp€¿k a Íü]x ¡tj{l�e ol Old Wt tder a d Da* tbn4uet -.Pcs k¡owin8 Drr* iDrgue l¿ngu¿ge wili rE(ognisr k ü m¡kn; ¡n D€Iongngsobirne tfsí an ob<e;{'lesr

-¡y éi¡* pc" "fiiiir'iri ii.Áih;j s0"6 (hd¡(e orl-€aúer ierkin (o/rAPs bodv)

t{tuder i5,peakng a mixrüre oi rwo Luguage' ' ' .''* _ _ Club¡r D¿gg$ (-lot. -2 O¡rlg. -20 Pan}a

Poucfi lldó CCs, td10 SSs, 2dto BBtAl a young ma¡ tlirder r¡ts in¡erest€d in the nt¡nours concerninea batrle silf, in üe area. He spenl hours sear(hing lhe lorest dn¿b) ch¿nce cane afross lhe cave Lonraininq úe s"rDsbne ,andsh sl . vt¡der beg¿¡ !o dig where he slqr[s I¡y. hopil8 üo ffnd ómelea5ure All he lornd was d D[ of ' ocl dnd would haw dug deeperhad nor one of rhe skülls moved' He fled . tur! hing ú€ ' oc[. wÉchw¿s r€pt ¿s a rucky charm. He now uses i¡ i¡ Dlacf of hjs leet¡lo help chew iough birs of food

$árp)rone do€s nor mal{f tor a lurlv charm a¡d wtuder's br¡in beganto sufer as d resulr. ¿nd hji sp€€.h begtn ro úctude elemenl; oÍD¿A lbngue. HMeeet. \^¡.f/e¡ s body b€neffkd ftom the Chaossoüfce, gening inc¡easinSly loughe( as the yeafs have pass€d. HisíO@d lo¡al i¡c¡eased and in addiiion ro b€mr¡tns iesisran¡ ¡,0D¿reáre and ¡!¿so¡, W,i¡d¿r has also beco¡ne immune to normars,!¿pons. Wiú his braln dlnosr gone $trdfr is |'¡ü¡une lo lhe effe.úsor F¿r and no longr¡ leelr a¡y patn. A¡ ú€s€ aÍrilut4s *,iI b€¡osr pern¡nenrly_if $rde' É sep€rar.d &om hjs bn ot w¿rpsronefo' more ¡¡an a day. beconunF ¡n all resD€{r.s a nornal idiot. Heca.n¡o¡ b€ cued of his ins¿niry ty a¡y io¡¿¿¡¿ me¡r,s.

ü wirder loses his lü(|ry charm (and he eon t gt\,r I ro arüone'"riho_!_t r lrrusge) , he wit Brr wry ups€r . soon ahrwards ñ wdlsfl on Dach úo tlle c¡w !o obr¿¡¡ ¿¡ol¡e¡ pie{e, BeLlg so ardned

S€el Daldurlch%

Seel rs a qujte obnoxious, snotry.nos4dyoung boy. He was pla}1íg ir üe woodswh€n he saw a sh¡ll at lo{ation la on th€Sightings map, and ran back Íiighrened.Howewf, havlng been rljarn¿{ ,.,time ánddneagain nott play so far ffom rhe !t[ag',he 'ied ¡bout rrs posldon, claming rha¡ hesaw it a! locadon lb.

Und€r clos¿ ques¡ioning Se€l mus¡ ma*¡ aatü]?roll not ro arouse üe sl.t'picion of dieperso¡ asking the questlons. He is areasonable liar so hls cha¡€e is 3o%. rfchal€need Sffl wil ¡dnir io úe deceprionúse€l takes the p¿ny lo area tb moré r¡a¡once PCa should b€ allor$d a¡ Orre¡r€ reiri0 noüce üar rllc locarion i5 dlfer€nt (S€e¡

M ffi ts s w I f¡ th I ct lw?H ,rftr2 l l 2 2 l 8 7 2 2 t 0 ) 5 t 3 | l ¡


[{ lt¡s85 I T w l l Ld l¡! cl RI Aller4 29 29 J 3 4 3 8 3T 29 34 l5 27 J7 Neuaal


f,s f ü29 27 2 2q 3l 27 29 33J I 3 31 29 {chansÉs for militia)

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (73)

É o*n"r,. or r'RArH


S€el saw a sLr¡I headjnS a\r"y ftom hin, rhar ls all� Howe!€a hisirBgr'/¡on has el¿¡or¿r€d ü\is quilf a bir, breaúhg 6re , ho!¡¡fir¡g .'co\,t¡ed In horns a¡d spi¡¡s and soon.sin(e üe youÍg l¿d hübeLelrs rhls W no\* l€r rJre Pcs delfm ne rfie !rüú ot tne ¡¡¡rar.

Erietta was attacked by súpris€ and her only recollecüon is agearninS $nit! f¿.e úü ¡ed e]'es (Sighring 4 on rüp Ja) l,tor€lnlilrr¡¿¡ion can be Flned ftom het rescurrs. qh¡da and Hjld¡Kop, a¡ü Inogen Uderlast. Thq h€ard a s.rcam and ñ oltr tohelp, bur on s€elng a shil on Eriena üey immedj¿kty r¿n ba.k.Theü coumge rehuned whm rhey saw úe shrll llying off inro ücfor€st- Noe $bnda and Hllda üe n¡lis and con¡inually reped wharthe oúe. has iust satd and,/orconfm Ihe Úl¡h ofihe sa¡n€ sia¡€rEnt.

Thjs snobbish couple .m úe or y sbre inüe village. lÉms commonly needed byldrming foll are sio(ked at nonn¡l pricesand, sinc€ tfu ltl¡ge Is qulté prope¡oust ú¡eyalso stock som€ Íá¡cy goo¡ls as vr€ll. 'Ih€s€a¡e iñriably useless; folding card lables,loas¡ r¿lkt gaÍlengnomes and so on, Ír€settems are sold 25% mor€ than the normalIVFRP pd€e.

Ma¡hnda is ¡he vülage gosrip and knowsma¡y lrüths abou people in and around

Hcnri'Ph¡lppe has a mislr€ss h Aftdorfa¡dMiddenleim.(ralse: he only has a mistress inMldd€rhetn).

Stgbnünd Halrbrc!

One of th€ wirnesses to Siqhtlne 3,Sieismund h¿s 51¡cr decided lo ú(k uD-a¡dp. He $orlad al ¡h. Rrürer hous€holA andinspectlon ofhis room {a co¡n€r of theha,,loft), win re!€al rhat aü his clorhes andfew belonglngs have ¡lso Bone. Hisemplo)'eF constd.ied hiln a Laa/ $orl€r ¡ndar€ not too distressed about his

Lnud i5 üe odRr wihess lo Sidrrins 3. tte eork5 for rhe t(alllunlarm d¡d js somel¡Jhat stupjd, n¿dhÉ !o br prompcd otun lr¡ ord.rüo re\eál the ftt|e he kno$É. He and Hálsb¡ra_rEre ¿ur vo¡hns nt¡€ñrhey spotrrd a slllll headi¡g üowarG rhem. sigjsmu¡d ¡rarkdru¡n¡ng bü r\¡¡d \^r'dlt€d to hi! ¡r úú hls pfr sho|el .Clod . Forwhatever reason fte sloil turned and flew back ¡Ío th€ tre€s.

Knud carries l|l3 sho\€l elerywhere and €lrn takes tt ro bed. Hlsmain usetulness a¡ound the village deñts ff.om a SaferBrt¡ \,"Iu€ofó. bur wüa $,S rari¡sof22S and a¡ | radnsof ¡2% his.omb¡lpotendal is limitld.

Edett¿ Surha¡dt

This young woman cürreoaly liesunconscior¡s in the Rocheteau house iendedby her moüer and Eltsabe¡ Roch€ieau. Shewill r€co\¡er co¡s.iousness ln about 2 dalsbut r'ül sr be úeak Íiom blood loss.-Asuccessful Hea.l tfloürds will result inmrscloüsness one half-hour late¡, No& tha!h€r mothe¡ or Élisah€t nill not allo{r anyg/ü¡by ürde adwnrurer lo grope Eri€ftabbody ard mllsr be corMnced elüer of úeindiüdual"s rn¿dical trainlng, or t¡e need todiscover infonnation about the attack.

Examinadon of Edena Mll rercál t¡at shesas bit¡en ¡¡,lce and. ifthe Erson hás etherOIe Diseasa or Heal vlbúiids, If6d¡ one olttr Dounds sholvs slgn of inftrdon. Thjs

infeflion is nonn¿I and wil slbslde In a day but mry be Eear€dtV a succ€ssÍi¡l Cu¡e D¿rease roll.

As{hatrenberg has b€€n di.sow¡ed for a¡ 'indiscr€rion'.('F¿is€, bu¡ he did gsr a s€ñ"nr girl pregnanq

f,nud C¡openfott€ur is *"nr¿d lor msder in Midd€¡heim.(Fals€, KJlud has n€tr¡ b€€n io Mtddenl¡etn)

Elisabet Rocheteau flaunts lowrs beforc her husband.{Fhis€)

Gunter SemílehNpiss sD€nds a lot o[ dme In rhe Dic-shed(Ihf: hes a mis€r and hoards money in üe p¡gipán).

lso¡de Cud€ri¡n got her gold broo{h by being nlcd.(Fdls€)


Maüll& has no dme lor lesends. mÍlls a¡d so on. tfasked abourStefan I'lar¿¡aeur tu¡tilclt, she w¡t recan hirn as a goodtookingwine merchant ftom Aldorf. ...and úry do sry he h;d a qoma;h errtry pl¿c€ he did budrss. úsru.k for ¿ Eue bft ofgcssip Malhildawúl irMriably m¡l(¡ soÍEthlng up (ofa rn¡c¡ly uÍs:!.tury nature)

If the Pcs ha!€ behar.rd inÉIjgendy rhey should 6nd thedN€li€sbted ao deal ürh the proble¡n of rhe sla.dls soon aíi€r rcÁchtng rheviXage. The PCs havÉ ieo days aftr' arrh,tnS b€fore rhe ean o.-f rheha ,tst G due and u¡til lhjs Lirne ¡he villacls fiaw no real ne€dio lEntur€ belond úe bound¿¡y. ú üe shrll-problen srill remains,!'iliagers will not \ürrk dle !,ln?"rdi ünless $arded by a personales(on: üet liwlihood r¡uy sufer bür it s benf,r úa¡ being k¡Ied.Ewn tf the PCr are stllnS ¿nd dble to guafd rhe vilage's ir wi!halr litde etre.¡ as Fdr as üe h¿rltsr Lsloncemed since úüoulm18r¿¡t vrorkers, (s.arcd of by ru¡¡rouls and the sh¡lls wsr and€"s9, the arnoünt of grapes ha¡vtsted $'i[ b€ neglieible-

The nilitia, Ied by ?a¡¿i!"l, are ar the Pci' disposal. Hoi|,errf, ües€are llttle more than normai $rmers and, üú*. r¡eb l€ade¡, wilharbonr no desia 0o go shil'huntlng. hrrial wil rherefne üú¡ll.lthem ¡o naintaln a watch alons úe dllae boundarv. Íár¿r¿l wilbe all roo e¿ger b engEe the'shllls.


The adventurers will probably form rhree ob¡ecrrves: Baninglnformadon about ar¡atl$ (dfáií Urfr prcUoustg , n¡lng o caprurea shú. and aflrmpring ro ioc¡n wleie rtrey ar? coririnf nornl melasl t!¡o are de"h wiú tFld

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (74)














This is no! aJl .rsy '1sk. T¡€ i irjal p¡oblem js úa! rh¿¡e Ls st]nDlvnornmgro..,prl!e C !=, rhf t¿sl r{eek o¡ so only { s,ghrjn8s dvio(ruqco (prLls t¡e one whkh wr€fkd lhe coach). rik! j,;r nornc { s Elx t:rr n ,¡it lbf a slqrll !o (omc ro them Bfart¡p üeunofrgo$4h ¿rourd pdfzrLo(k i5 u ikFtv r,o hÁr any efe.i

l'tu'ow L' ¡ct_ir, 'hcsto s drc iaUolvrrg a tim.6bte lnid dos nD i :pi.r M, st or'h.lasr wecks slShtú$ hfle b€€¡.he rerults: ¡ ler r< {pc 'T(nt \ ¡n contr . ¡ : moving. h idrne, *at ¡ .hn!: . . r ¡ ¡g¿n, t¿ lá, [ ' rg Tte aru.k on Er ien¿ rurker l Lncend; i' ra.. s exp€nm?n'\ Ar¡r fj,e átürct. Dictrr h¿d (ne siaü ¡ftjrn¡o r-,,e..|

n{ da¡.rle. tavi¡8done rire Diekf sent rkults üo r¿jreup t0;rfion5 nor.tr re{r dd c¿st uifhe vijlaSe. These s,il b€ i¡r! nn Dy ¿.'proyLrndl¡:¡y l.00pn tn dre dfumoon foltowt¡s rh€r ?¡{ on r'r 'ta {.( thL d<n lhc pcs arriwl. and üe discuss;d n'¡ e 1¡neuhle ó¡ Fw?t. belúv. Sighu¡gs offrr¡rher slo ti win deDcndo l j ,clf¡ . rLnct¿ble Jnd üt, J.üviq on ¡ie DaJI orlhe pc¡

\sumhg úc p¿¡J tr¿te a clqll m sighr rh(n rr !¿¡ be raDtuledItrsr uxfr¡\ orrü crf¿tue. l|N,r,. if lhe stqrl i5 fi8hdni. pcs

.th,ng < nitin sjncc I i5 not po;ssrbteg súnprv grJp hot¡r ot o¡e. Juí ó rr s nor pos5tbte to gab hotdor.rmeone: _,wor!, ¿rm\. trjou, dtjs ruy bf lnrd ¿n-d rhe cMsould ron)jder c¿.h on ils nef,ls. tt s not imoóssible r,o cjpnlle¿ r|qu Dut nc¡rher is i¡ like carchxra a ball

Usi-og a C*ptured Skull

'ikuus Lii]ro, be-in le -ro$ú d bur rnay .o,ne o usetul nev:Íhelessr¡c,rfn¿uourot a c¡pnüed slsrltdepfnds on r[5 surF |f¿.r/!r lhesKL¡u $,lU do w¡arfler Djerer ttUs lt. Ifp¿,sirF rhe s]¡rll wil k€epon rflrg !r c¿rry oú ¡Ls l¿51insÍurdons frhesh is i¡ a dor¡¡dr;t(ale. mc ¡,Lc m¡y mar\¡ use ot ils onenudon ¿btth) {s¿y b} ltstnSrr ¿r ¿ cornpdss or by pufiing

on d I€¿d\, of aÍempí to gain ( onúot{ang pcrnáp< úse il ü. rollnr oüef <h s) . n¡rthe¡ dfÉ¡s dr D,oviil€dD rneres.d/y. Howelrr rhe vilage¡: wü nor be úoo hapóy ar rhepro<pec¡ or ¿ m¡grc¡l etqrll. no matter how Éme. flyi¡g drourd rhe

It !^!der i4cbhan app'oaches wirntn r )ards ofa domd¡r slqrlltr {?x sens" ns Drt o.r,?pslone a¡d ry !o molp ursajds it. ¡Íi¡3¿ole'o md!F. rn.shru wülft) dowty up úo wrder .whowilt warh

e up !o him üJ(f a iet (at. gerdngar rlose |o rhe \.r¿rpsúrn¿ ¿r Dossúl€.


.lll",q_11,-,j\.* *, laver fdsr. rhry ,!e ¿bre !o rrv dboteine T.r lol5 tu.d ,tLis 8^\s tfem ¿ .eruin adv"nr¿8e ob!¡o,lsl),¿j person rootung our oler rhe rrees wiJ bc a¡te !o +e whrre,ÉesM pes.0u$út¡ nomdl vision he sdl tosf lr¿ck of

aner abourlü? núe. unoei no ruc¡rrs¡¿¡,es will Dieter.s táu be dE{o!eredryrnan(,e. $e ¿rea |]) s€ar.rh is roo br8 dnd rne c¡w eno_¿¡Le !r)oweú-nooen tof rrutb h¿ppen. h!€nuve pG m¿ysorhuu. €norlsprdrs rlr loüou d shrl dnd fÍe GM musr ag{n MÉ each on r¡s menr.

t hporeü.¿lly. a stqrjl nying ú rough üe uees codd ¡tso be tra{k¡d_n¡revcr

rugnt 1lry c¿n o'rJ) re?ch J2 FrG p€r found rapp¡ox 7\mpn\ Hoe?rm. a shll c¿lr k ep up úis pa!€ lor as long a! jr wishes.lfltrng cn¿r¿rrFls wü b€ reduced ro a bredrl ess ;¡rnd¿fd raÉFrof€ roo ronF. Nor4 riaf (hr'ra.ers tunning fuI.petr h rhe forestmüs. nare d &¡¡ esr l' ,0\ modifien ewry ráürd io ¡vojd tri¡pi¡govrr roots. 4m¿ihi¡8 inr,o l@ b¡ anches dd so on. F¡jtu¡e win i¿sdin nofmdl tal d¿Ít¡e

Day O (afternoon)

9le :qü ul\f uq_d r"nqs posidon \ mlle nonh of prlrr!,o(k@ M(n o\¿f Lre_vr&'ge¿rd !,ine)"rdr. one shü ta*¿s up a postdon2-ñx€s lvest or prjrsr¡crk by rlh€ road, ¿nd ano¡ier 5 rites easr ofr¡.srrx¡(, drro Dy thf road. nrf wEsf and easr 5hjt5 üe pfogrdmm J

!o a¡t¡cl dny huna¡oid riry se€. bur io breaft oft üe ar¿ck Lf üc\,¡crm rrerc T'ie nonh slqrll ls progranmed to s¡t ¿nd k"ll. Dierfl¿sflrmes dcr¡w .onFol or üjs sh*t elrry Jo mi¡u¡€s ¡n oroer !ogaz€ Ípon r¡e ffea lfldlagErs are Rn,long r¡e ffetd5 Dier4r *dltu"fp ron¡rol ¿nd.ha\¡e üe s¡arll dftack. ¡f Dlcr¡¡ c¡n ser no¡¡jngor nte¡est ne wijt s€r üe shll @ conrinue wajrtng

On r¡e ñrsro( L¿sion Dielfr "no¡s ddrFnturers tela a sh*t) he alllurvestrSrtf hrnher bdr *dt nof ¿nacl unless prdvokFd

nuiflgJ r rughr,Dierrr Rdl asrumc (onFot of rhe nónJr chJt el'er)¿ rou¡r ¿¡d wü rl'en fly ¿jod¡d üe arej !o srD.on acürrles i¡!¡€ villaF


Djet r will ktip up ¡¡c $?1, h a¡d.Mjt p¿r¡c¡n

D á v i <

D¡et?r sill h¿le the nonh slült snedk !o ñ€ vijl¡F a¡o dtrdrk aron€ rnoMduÁl Iof d couple of rounds

As 0¿y 3 bu¡ Drcre¡ wJl ry dnd a¡rd,k ¡ ,E"r,hlns. mlr,arnr¡ñe Nú also hdlr rhe shru aft4 L a 5€cond p€fson whr-ite rhf inJwedioofour L5 Deng atiended to.

Day 4

Day 5


Day 7

Denh ¡nnrte¡e¿, -and

üe elr-rrrs ior Ofu e lnU ei,iU rala pran

Under increasing pressure ftom StFfan . Die|¡r wiU hdlr r¡e nonhsf{ arl?Ck t¡e Po{hlleau housf. enrrulg !ü rhe chtrnnry Lf rhewr¡oows-¡fe Doafted. or b¿nrring a door open if üe chtirney ijDro(lcd €tlsat€t wilt tre ignored¡ui Rocher¡ái wü be ¿n¡ckrd j¡dÍ^f.Tlll! 9,f . y"! ",ry y"h r,o halr lhjs ¿nn(k !a.r(f phce asíocfer¡au dnd üe p¿¡ly are dtsarssi¡g sir¡¡ to do ow' meat ;¡ dfinl

Ar úe end oflhe d¡y Dj€er sdt ¡njriaF hi5 ñrsr njdÍ arurl( Thesrur \rrt go rorn one house o ¿norl¡er bre¡lqng wi¡d¡¡$ dnd brien)arlic¡sng üe o((upanrs, d¡d anackinS som¡ ó houscs In ¡ol,l.

llYrsy"i. *.d.FJ "pliviu,esE cr úetra(livides lo sroppurswcrx u lne ¡e¡ds. ¡t ñe is süU aüve, úen betore d¡wn Dier"awü_¿s^ o_jrj:.: : sT¡x n rae€ a mes5age n rhe srourd ouLside hÁ housr,

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (75)

S.r^nuu., ots vttAt llt

D¡eter will rec¡ll dl sh¡lls in preparation lo. a mass atiack so somework In the vin¡lards 's possibl,i. ltowewr. at dusk he $,tfl har€one of lhe sh .s lly orcr witi a mrssagE ln itr mouth, Ha¡d or€¡ÍtocheEau W dawn and you nay Eo k peace . Tte messap wübe d¿livered r'r one of lhe adwnnuers.

At daer Dieler wiÍ ha\€ ail 4 sh.¡ s laying s€ige to the vilage. lfRo{hetlau is s?lting to be hand€d or-€¡ (p¡6unably bound and¿ageed), üeshilswi pdo¡m a lrry nlessy e(efttion. fR¡xhete¿uLs nor so deLlr'ed. anlahing thal molts *dl be atiackFd and killedbut üe slq¡lli will concenrale theú eflorts into flnding/attacking

Toe skrlls will {¡ste¡!¡atic¿lly sqrch €ach tors€ in nun, one acti!€slq will anernor Io sjl) enEy, while lhe oüel 3 s€trh and kaiton Éini¡eennyüe ah s win aruck an)one iiside. finishinS ¡neiranaik by-c¿rlsi¡g as mu(h daÍBgr a5 possible. including seninShouses alidt by knocling oltr ldn¡rms e1¡. Dieter will krep up Lrür*Le unüIal hou,.er h¡.,E becn ser( hed or Ro(heeau is kille,lreo-l¿rine any shdls ¡tür dJe desrro'€d in üe plocess. His frÍal aLtwil be ñhdle üe shdl' cdry bxming orches to úe fiel¿s in ordelúo destroy the vinc,"rds as weü.

once the vi age hai been raz€d !] the ground thm Diet€r will considerhjs relrntr camplcLc, ir¡csprctiveor'wherhcr Ro(het¡¿u is5lill ¿I\aH¡< n¡al;r wilt b( !o have a slalu i¡N(r'b€ rhe words for 5¡4frtin fte ashes near the Rochefau house

The rim€table abd!€ is, ofcourse, süb;ec¡ to change, eiüer b€caus€ofPc adiutv or if lhe GM $"nls !o increase the Da(f, ofúe adwnotfe.Diettr's moúrdjons are ofdire(l relelancr üc rhe ¿cdvlry ofth€ shiis

Day E

Day 9


Assumine úe Danv locaFs the cave dnd kt€p it under obsen"don*¡ folo,iig dcr¡ fuil ¡e reve¿ed during úe d¿y (srludlng ' hdrgesdue t pra)4i

3 sh¡ils a¡rive a! aboüt l.ooam a¡d 3 slallls leave shordv atur.

A rou8hrook¡g flgh|fr rye leaves ¿l around d¿w¡ dnd retumsda{ 2 fous lat€i ;meúnes with some Fme (usualy rabbil)

l¡l thr early (wnln8 d e¡ld looldng man emerges lrsd'rrFi h nda few dreD br€¡üls a¡d leruñs to lhe cdt e dtr¡ |ahng ¿ shoñ sall'H€ is loüolnd bv a sh¡I which futs from tre€ to tree wher€ver theÍün so€s. ftjs íldividual look very ¡agged ¡ound the edges, withnart€id hair and greary sn¡bble.

Of coüs€ rfie Ddny musl ¡rule 9Lü¡ they aie nol spottrd by ¡nyofüe (aws inia¡Íants. tr ¡s also possible th¿t úe pany is spoltcdbv úe Sla\rn. A Skaltn satrh ú posttd some 200 ,"¡& ¿wayó ü€ north-west of the calt {onlJ Jo }"rds a!"y during úe n iShr'Ar¡v stdtdne $'in be LruIEdiar¡ly repoñrd lo ¡.he sk¿r€n corún¡ndc _

at ixaion É on ¡¿ 2 ,deuils o¡ lhe skaltn c¿n bt found ¡n the

f Diet€r learns of indiütutls outside h€ witl, if gi!€n tirc' üse asloll !o lrtlesdFl€. He nomalty l¡as on€ wajling passilelv ir thec¿lr $hile ü€ oúfi tlüee are oul . lf at anv ltne il looLs lil(f hewil be atracked t¡e ${z¡rd wil 0en¡inate control of any shils fara$"y and be8in io ass€rt contol ofsh¡lls in the calt Ot¡t thjs ial(esmagtc'poinb and tirm).

Both Dl€ter and rürt wilt reallse the cave could become a trap andwill want to afl qulckly. As soon as üeier hó ¿ Il l .omplcmrn¡of slq¡ts. he sdl use drem !o Inlriac a¡ att¿ck. on.e ¿ll úe slo¡llsdre enFFd he and liür will emeree and acl appropri¡¡Fly Onlrshen Ótitlr is atumpling !o galn con[ol ofa slo¡I (o¡ Is in ¡rLjvrconLrol ol onel do€s he need l,o sD€nd dme it concrnltaüon

Iasubie€ted to a sulpris€ ar6.k ln l.he caw t¡e two men will sir¡plymak¿-the besr oflt. bieter w l agaln r¡y ioassen cofltrolover shnbin the ca\.€ rath€¡ úan $€li for shtls alEadv under his commandto r€tr¡rn. Di€ter is dri\€n by ar obs€ssion and will futlt to the ¡itierend. rü¡rt is slmply a m€rcenary and \¡'lll s¡,Jfend¿r lf reduced to2 l¡rbur'l,ds or tf�lc'.t.

ll is oosslble lor the Dany b deal útJr üe t¡izrd trldtour re{oningüo üolence. t¡ üey ña\a r¡ouledge a¡out St fan s dsaú and fa¡Dersuade Delfr üey have drdt with Ro(heFau üen a úüce ni8¡lix affangd. D¡erer win want prool büt wil be $'illing lo send aslo¡ll ao lñ€stigate.


It is quite possi¡le for the PCs to d.ttd€ on úslng 6ft 10 drilt ourdlos€ in ü¡ cd!r. ca¡hed¡s su¡talle mae'd¡l will takr a¡out 2 run_hou¡s, and ln ú€lr se¡rch. rhe bundles already prepard by theSkawn mav be soomd as dcs4riH ¿¡ow. Údrv wood ls t|s€d üenRoDle ln ri€ c¡iE win be forc¡d !o l€aw anf,r ¿¡or¡ 30 mi¡ulfs.if gie€nvrood' ls us€d r¡uch mor€ smoke {¡l be produc€d, forcing

¡.1¿o ., sho\¡,6 the unde¡sound lair of DicGr ̂,branaeur dnd hlsmei(en¿ry bodlru¡rd, Ñun S(hullz. Tle calE is some 7'¿ mllesnon]l-€¿si ofP¡iúrto(k (markcd A on ¡ldp 2). Tte €ntanc€ 15 vñys€U hidden a¡d efectirv impo5sible to lo.ate by norr'¿l s€árchrngon a sm¿ll s.ile. Hor¡€ltr, iI lhe parry ha d¡ apForimate fir onúe ca\r ¡s¡y ! mile radius), ¡ line-s€dr(h usltu úe whole vi,lrgFwil proit succesfful (if úe vilagers ca¡ ¡e persuad€d)

E\€n if úe PCs fail 0o nnd üe nar€ entrance they may dlslo\€rsomethi¡s unusud. ch¿Jacrers mak¡¡g an ¡detdt P/atr rol s smr deñ v conraled bundl€s ofwood dorted about üe loresl.ftes€ bund;s havr bern gaúered by úe sk¡wn and placed n€¡rúe c¿w in rhe Fvenl they decld€ to smole_out D¡et€r and h¡3bodrglr¿rd. Th€ la€od i5 úer€foR dry bu¡ conrains a lot ofgrerrcEll














and the cM shoüld ref€¡ lo his

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (76)


GRA?ES OF WR]{I'HDieter resftons ¡¡ar teaching K!¡, chess woüjd hetp time pass fo¡


whfn.nor our hu¡ring rwhich he does aror¡rd dJ\alr, turr E br¡sy

nilHl:#llp#Filfi #tr*ffi H!'::#l,"iiP,:f::S.i9 !,"" S.r",ir.F here as o.rra prorfc¡on rhe rrqr :f#JrH:[]5H]1ffi ,,X';*rl:,xtii;i::


A nro candlÉs proüde tain r iuumi'lari¡rn rn ¡i€ Dass'ln:Jl:;.'n'-:*-ff"t-::iii"jil-¿ttr#*ilFili

:_Le^ L¿s:1-lf--liJr¡ "r lhf eoinr. ¿¡d on rhe sourh {"u a slo ffir,iilfi,H:,[X'#". A crndre,esc' on üesku]r a¡d ñ

ftr"ff ffi $;F jüi#Si{fr#"ffi f,,*iffifiil*"6:r1.i,ffir,i-ruSjjffitrfi Hon' * ' r ,pFÉrr unde¡ rhe c{ .1¡ in . Thc p¡r ¡y may n.¿r rh.fi; ;il'lf;';:::'i::lio.n'i'�ns on'�he'�ime;f d¡v ¡nd how


;m'ffii T*r"1#i#xutH1""$i,#tffi *:'#i*#ffi#"ffitr#i$"triffi{"t####

Approacbl¡8 Jo ¿nd of Írdrurn bLrjrt Dier.rI5 oe.grn¡¡g ü) look ái¡ty n¡d He has notwaeneo, cornbed o¡ sh¿\,rd for (wo wrek.ano_¡is onlr s€t o[ dothes are crc¿sed and

qespjre hi5 appear¿nce. Dierer ú linllatt,,.lreisonaDry s¿nc, ap¿n tióm hjs obs€ssió;u4In tu¡118 ni¿súo{k. ttol¡'trrr, under rietr¡uencf 0t rhe calr and St¡hn s sDtnr rh.wu¡ft wi! be€ome tncre$ingty uúu¡k ¿s

t;"$H 8¡,i:.,llji t".Í;:"".;* lu,,jt:mgnpn pcopte bur are late¡ Llsed ó anj(i

ffi#ffiWffiffi'ffipteter a¡d ú€ shgts

ffiffiffimqu,ffi +"'ffi J-$ffi?1df-r,*;#;i:;tr"T*',tr"Xl,""iffitloÉfilÍ,yffÉ;0,"",i; H[ fli :H:H triÍ: :Í $: iHÍ fr tti;HTif,;




¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (77)



Maranaeur, lrv€l 2 wlzl¡d i(nÍ s Mullipl€ SP€li Ring

SkillsAr,dnr Ldns!.rs. .l\4"É. 1. ..asr spr'b rtllryM¡8ir' Balre l4¡gi,r.a¡ e'¡¡ó, Á. t'cru¿r. FeIbL¡rP ldcnulv Pl¡n$ ltÚgrrs¿Ls{\'l"sL¿ As;rene- YeLlrruon. i\¡idfil \ bior ' Blme Lrre kroll LoreS€;el L¡¡gJage (clr-esicall, silen¡ [love Pürai, Specia]ist $€apon

Fenc¡¡g B.aponl

B€londnesAmdei oa rt.r.-¡|.\rd corp.r L',,o dll Poisor lesls l any$bu¡d ftom non magic we¿pons) , Fencing sword. 8¡tEs, BIaL\ets,rúives, Pots a¡d paÍs etc, st¿1l, Pouch wilh ¡7 GCs

Maglc Pol¡ls; 20

Peny lt{¡gic: , u¡se ¡'/¿,!'l18 LtgF u¿gt' Aldfi \1¿I5h LiqhtsOpen, frct$uou liom rJ"J¡n. s¡ep, sound5

Battle Magic r: Aura ¡rfÁ¡sistance, Cüe Light lr'¡ury' f¡rc BaI

Baftle t aglc 2, Aúa of PoE<üon. Mtslc Mjsr, Snash


fün is a rwical m€rcenary, all brawn a¡dno brain, who wil go where the money ¡s.His cousin Albrech i5 a wbd s app¡ent¡cein Middenheirn. whicb is how Dieler cameb h€¿r olñrt a¡d engagr his sewices. Dierrhas paid r,¡¡rt and also giltn hifl his spel./,?p {str b€Iotr1 in retum for which turhaslo¡rolect Dieter, find food and gener¿Lly

Kui, regards Dieter as a bit ol a ouÉase.whibr iie knows lir e ofthe wizard s gudgeaÉinst fti¿sürk, his evil nature me¿¡s dulh; drsn t cde. He also doesn l care mucht r lhe idea of dJ'ing, and ifie and Die!,er are

ry ',r¡ñp¿ in hp ¡ ,F 'i',ñ w ñ, rhinü Ni' pJboul f¡cc¡ng. hopmS to D¿rg¡rn qrn any

arra.ke.s (ie rev€aling information about Dieñr in ¡elum folt€ingser ftee) . fiüt will cltm drar he doesn ! know what the sl$fs ¡J1up o. beilg enp'oycd !o.,r¡pl/.rúrd dre si¿rtJ '1'wiilrndintd,.ña, nc, ,a¿ no r . .1r ,u, ! ¡ r 5 turk wcreb"rS r :e1¿gdinsr roph.

lf asked abúu¡ ¡he wizard, rüñ lvill sry ftat he cnn only conlrol4 slqllls in total and often spcnds titn€ in a trancc. Any othe¡In¡rmarion rlül doe'n r implcdte I"rr in Lhegal actrv l|es wilrlsobe hcely re!eded hun h3s no.omorehrnslon ofrhe fi¡Lr po$l'

tl InErrogated rüft ¡].'áy e¡eal the follot ,tg fác6:

Ihe wizard has a grxdge ag¡inst Pritzsi,ock.Ilc has a biggcr gn¡dge ¿8¡i|sr thc Ma!!r.Het using the slqllk lo klll lhe [ ¡yor

rhe sudpe ha <o,-mcdrirtq Io do sith hr: btolher's,ledrhfhe;;d s brolher úeitr worl Ln rhe \i!¿sc.

M tirs85 s r l w t d l0i ll Fd Álisr4 7 42 ¡ 3 1 7 5 ¡ 5S 57 5i 55 4 ¡ Neur¡al

Thi5 sDcU nns h¿s lhe ab iry Io rdsr ? speB: (4e ¿'P¡¡ lr¿{s¡datdt¡enlhófQnb .Ihetu\g hJs I0 nug¡, poi¡rs storr¡l &rüDieter an¡ ñ{t know the Eigger \\'ords üat actit'¿le th€ rinS

On enÉEns in combar tun qU 6" Ihe s/ten8r¡ ofaomba¡ sp€üro rdd-ld; . i lo his l4óu¡d lot¡l .eff.{Üve to (hc nort sunns{) Ñnsevil nahlre wll prerent hifl üsing !h€ ctm spell on Dieter t¡nlcsshe need! Die¡els nagic powets t0 escap€

Xu¡t schuliz, Mercenary

SttlisConsune Alcohol, Distrn¡, Foüow Tan, Siien! Mole Rx¡¿l. Silen(Mo!€ Ufban, Specialist u¿apon (Fist) , sfeet Fighting, stril¡ Mjghtv

AelondrssSleeve¡ ñil co¿r . f AP, body linbs) Helrncr . I Aq he¿J\ ' 5hicldLlA4. spe¿I r+loi. . ro to h rr' \1¡.1Üple Spe l Ring .'ce dl{\?Iúi[c. Norrn] clolhinl, Pouch (l4GCs)

T¡e lai is narled ¡ocairon B on rlap 2. The sk¡urn also kccp ¡war.h on the wiard s cá!'e frorn a !?nt¡ge poi 200 Frds nonh-wesl of locarion A during the day, and 30 )ar.Ls a!?y durinS thetugnr.

Thc laü is sinply a u,el-lidden glade. close io a rna! spnnS Afull searcb of the area wiil reveal th€ glade bu! simply R"lkit rg pas!will nor. The ska\.€n all belong io CI¡r Scruren, a seña¡t Clan otlhe Grey s.r¡s. They have been senf ro $e afea to locate $'arpsloneand ass€ss dry- problems invoh€d in bringiry il back HoEwr n chimDoriance is atüchcd úo the recowry of warpstrone á¡d dre sk¡!€nIed by nrsik¡, wil endea\ou lo obhin it ifa! all possiblf

Thc Sk?lrn bave b.'en in üe aJea io¡ irst wer a week. Thty arcunw¡ünq Lo ent'r rh€ rave in rohe sirce they do nor Lno$ hütpo{e; ft¡l- r he slqrllr dle Howñ er. dy ccutaty bl ¿dva rrurrr r willlorce (he skáv€n s ha¡Li

At any one rime the deployment of sk¡vcn will be as iollows:(dó ¡oü)

l-¡ - s Skarer n lail I at rl¡e r¡¡le-wal.hI 5 . 4 sk¿v:n ¡ i¿ j r I dr r l , r .dve-wrr .h. I rL l hL ' l n t" - l ih-]\4 ir lair 2 ar :he rcle s¿L(" I oll hJnl¡¡L

Rllslki5 a¡d St¡enar (¡hc sergeant) will ajw¿ys be foúrd in tu 8l¿de.Du¡i¡g the nig¡!, one of the Ska!€n p¡esent in the ¡'Jade will beawatP, krcpira watch.

Tte skaven will fieht if ¡hel rc dbcoveled in ¡hen hi¡. ll the skawnon cave-l{alch is s"potred Iie (cr lhq4 will inr¡ncdiatflv nee io ürlo¡nrdn oúers. The distance b€lween thc wa¡ch_post and lair i'\ abonthali a mile, and a Staven wiü cover the Sround in ab.'ut l0 ¡¡inLr&smovr,ngals¿ da¡d fdle (wit¡ no necd for a,tsli l¡st dlÉ lo f¡¡tülafifywith the t€rrain).

If lhe min group is alercd !o the p¡es€nc€ ol people near lht cave,thc), wü ¡nove up to s€€ what is going on, afiiving some 30 üitutcs&om wben the PCs wtre ñrst seen t,'-' lbe Skavrn watchinS. Dieleas

Mlt¡iurers afe likeiy to be seen as conr¡)eiitors lor the *'¡rpston.and treated accodrndy. R¡rsiLis wil ha\€ üe Slültn mc\{] l¡1 springar amblrsh, bur ifit look lilc the adwntffis and lvizrd are hradinglor a ffght, ru.3ikis wiü delay a¿tacking. ln this case tde sk en wiI¿rtack when on¿ side har won, and presumably been wcalened tvrheir efoñ. lf the ad\rnhre$ are ÍapÍt\] ¡n lhe ca\t bJ üe Skáltn,yoü may wish ior Rrsikis ¡o p¡opose a deal; for exatrple, ii !h€ PCslearr lbeir l^taponi behind, thcy will be allowed Io leave the cav:

M ll,5 BS s I I td cl Fetl 55 48 9 55 2 54 J ' 29 29 29 29 E\l



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (78)


unhanrEd. tusikjs will only gir€ the party 5 minutes io d€cid€, andifthe PCs do not agrer, Pü$lds i,ifl order l.he Sk¿wn !o bcgjn pki¡grhem oüt. (S€€ the s€ctlon detáIlng the caw area.) Ás ¡nendoncda¡o,,r, the skÁven halE prepar€d suiabl€ vnod for thls \4ry purp06€.It will take 2 Skav€n only l5 mlnuies lo gther L iogBúer

lf e'!€nts lead úo combat, the skai€n w ngha io t¡e deaft. shoulddle pa¡ty agree úo hjs EÍns, nusftis wiÍ alorv lhem io lÉa\,E Hot¡,Et'€r,once he has obt¡lned the warpstone th€ Pcl !+1ü be Íacl@d andarnbushed. lf üe ambüsh ls sücc€ssfif (lc úe skÁ€n oütnurnberihe PCs) , the Skarrn will fouo,/ uo $'1!h dlrect combat. Otheñriseúey willl rerum hone ro the Drahr"ld Forast with dÉlr booty.


All ¡he Skaven halr Nlght vlsion of 30 yards. IfSi\,en tlne úeywil lick blades b€lore going inúo combat, glvhg a 35% chance of(ausingir,kód üoundr, (ch€ck onc€ for €a.h Sl6an). A ?ü€ú¡ess(est mry be made !o ¡void contracring the lnfec¡lon.


The sür.ecs ofüe ska\€n rfstton r€sts wlthP,usikis, a pror sing young wbrrd of clánftruren. &sikls is k€€n to f€tum $'i¡h ñet4á¡psúone but b perhaps a lld€ caudous inhis aDDroach. qanilne e!€núlns to be iustright tiforc mrhng a rnr\t.

'He erftrs Éom

a chaoric muradon úar ¿10r¡,6 blm o weararmour without ne€ding !o spend extramagtc polnrs dufing sp€üca$lng.

If possible, R¡¡sikls ü'ill use his po¡son tore!€nom 2 ofsklnnerS aÍo\rvs ohls his ownblade. PÉmemkr,.the bladelenod is or¡lyeood for one )loú Á bfed wP tes¡ wil neant¡at the victim becomes dro\¡sy' (s€e thewfRP rulebook) .

P\¡sflds rec€i\€d his orders from Sldeeds¡lsk, a Gr€y Seer The ordersinstrucr Rljjsikis ,,,,,o iocare ,lra¡ps¡rre kt6n to be prcsnt lt & arcaaround ¡he Middenknd vínage ofid¿srocf. A rough map Is hcludedshoring th€ lo€ation of P¡itzsro{k by reference ao the roads andri\crs of the area- However, the languaee usld is oue€klsh and sonay cause the PCs some r¡ouble ir deciph€¡lng.

hlslü (st¡\d lr¡dc4, t4d r $/ka¡d

ttñ !!l t L¡l I¡II u wt ¡.1 ^IEr¡8 u J 4 50 ¡ 24 44 J8 59 Cháotc

8llll3Arcane tárErE8. (Maglck), C¿$ Speus (Rúy Magic. Banle Maglct ) , ClnctalEü Ritr¿], Id.nd& Plantr l.ladcal Sensa, n¡¿dM¡itrQ!€eldsh, h¡ria f¡ra, Scfo[ lrra, Silellt Mdlt R¡ra]

B¿loocl¡r¡tSleeve¡ Íraf coa! 0Af. bodyrin!6) , ú|aln colf (t AP, head) , Shield(1AP, ¿I), sl¡Drd, blada,ttDm (ddl¡h¡¡¡, 3 dos€s)

¡raglc Foltr¡!' 14

Wy r",d8l¡: @rsc, cift of 'nJr]atJ's, Mz/sh LAh6, So,r'/lds

Da6l. Maglc l: clm LElt tnjury FIre BaIl


Skeener has been ¡ nufnb€r ofwarpsion€*a¡h.ring rüsslons andis l(É€n !o get dis onc owr. witfi. He dLsag€es wldt t¡€ !¡'¡¡idng galrekUevlns that the unlt does hatr the ability lo iaclle the wuarda¡d his ahllls, In hls !'lew all thar's reoütÉd ls a suD¡is€ arGck onthe HlBuard when oú hündng, foloi,td üy a rusir ro olrrpo{trthe wiz¿rd.

SldllsConcealrnenl turdl, Ex.-€I€nt Vision, Silenl Mdw R r¿lSpecialst $tapon (Iwo-Harded lltapon)

BelonglngrBasiard Sword C10 ¡. +1 Dmg, Norm¿l Bow (24l4El250, J ¿S),Qullr. \[iü t0 ajro$s

IIl i- i


Sxecne¡ (Sxaven S€ryFr¡t)M Lt 86 a ld IÚI (;l 5d All6

48 40 4 9 50 2 5{ 35 33 29 l { chaoric

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (79)

S .,nur'u o,r wRArIt

rroops (4)M t{t !s s T ¡ t-d Ilt a l,lT

29 14 Chaodc

kiling DetÉr. |rúrra¡ddEwil b€ delighted and rh€ pany wü bot}€r hand, ¡f th€ Pcs át to slor ü|€ doú arDús d & di¡iG

sldllsConcealnBnt Rural, Silcnt ^4ovc tural, Ganc HunÍng {Sktvcnl),Fo tr Itail (Sk"venz), Sca-le Sheer Surlacc (Ska!"n3), sÉl Ttap(skavenl)

Belongingssword, Normal Bow (24148/250, J Es), Quive¡ with 30 ar¡o$

CLAN SCRUTEN--.t=Members of Clan Scruten ('scru{s') are all sklled in ihe arts ofconceal,neft and i¡-li-lÍafon- ThEr áIe dire.t d by the Grey Seerslo r¿rD aur mb:rons wle.esecrecy b ofprime impon¡nce and theD¡e*n' e ofSlrwn uJUld drr¿(r Ll1wanted atr.nüon eg ncd or

,4r a clan üey pnde úemielves in lheir abiliry ¡o live o1I üe la¡dior long p€riods of time, all fte while leepina a close wa¡ch on thearea/i¡dividual unde¡ invesüg¡tion. Iheir tull motio tra¡slales as:'with parlence canes gllnpses,wiÍh glinpys cones hfomation.with inlomat¡an cones .esú¡s-'

Ho$wer, a o?ic¿l Cl¡n enblem oftrn d¡p146 the a¡breviat€d fonn,

'scruls ope.ae in small g¡oups (called'unirr') 0o minimjse ¡hechance of discovery These üni|l are compris€d of four ¡egutarlnembers. a sergeant and a spelcasti¡g lead€r, lr¡suaily a r;€t 1wiz¡d). Sp€ndüg long peÍiods cÍrime roger¡er means rh¿r unirsdewlop an inlornal d¡tirude to djs. iplúp. and the leddcr is ofunadd¡ess€d sinrply as 'boss'.

Sk¿\rn accepted inlo CIan S.n¡Én tend ro ha\€ hig¡er than ñrrageutin+5 i^ lbuqhness. lnellirnce and ro¿I. /Du8n,1eis is reqür¡d!o wiürst¿nd hdrsh tjvi¡g conditions. r.¡¡plliFnfr so ¡hat indivjdu¡ljc¡n ¿r ¡he lrry lcat remembe¡ whdl lhry h¡ve s,en. ¿¡d Cool isusrtul r,o .ombar rhe str¿¡r of spending lo,B pcriods ú ¡re1ry'ten'Iory In addirion, members are u ained to imDrow lhfl ¡/nrisfrT- Clan po¡icy b io avoid direcr fig¡li and !o altark ftom ambush

A common task tor a un'r is to discovcr the exacr lo(a¡ion ofw.Tpslonc. once its presence has been s¿nied by the Crey S€ers.T¡e unil foarns tl ¡e üed lóokirg for signs of Ch¡os produ' ed by lheMrp'Lrne. lvhen lot¿(d üe lerder decid¡s ifir !.an be broughr bd, kwnhour ¿,1) problem. lfpor?nl¿l problems €xlsr ¡he urut galhersd5 mut h irüofin¡riJn a5 I €n belor¡ retuming. Tle 6rey s€e; ücndF. ide hor to recover rhe w¿rpsron.. dispa(hi¡E ¿nia¡¡g rioma srn¿1t radjng pany to a ii/jble regimeni Írese groúps ¡re rhenled üJ rhr ¡¡ea by üe salne unir who o¡ igt¡¡lly sp¡ed our the rJlrd

that stelá¡ sas nwde¡ed then there wil b. ñiscry á! rdr¡l- lrthis case assume üe Skar€n eventualy siorm üe cait ih¡!üg fi¡sdeal! with lür9, iak¡ng Dieler and nhe warpsúone ba(k ro the crev

If the Pcs bdng Die¡er io üe üllage, it will cer¡ái¡ly liven rhingsl]p: Henri-Phillipp€ codd get \.€ry scared o¡ angry, fouowed clos€lybehürd by a h]Eterical nurderoüs ¡agc from Elisaber. Nolc rharbri¡ging a dead Dieter back to Prilzstock will stiü cause Elisaber

rf. b "harew' med¡s. Henn Phdljppr is tound to h¿+ nrurdercJStefa.n lvlara¡auer lhen Parzi\al Aichaffenbcre wü insist drar h{bc s¿nt to Altdorf ior ti¡l. The sane will applt ¡o Dietr a¡d K!n.w¡dr the "'lidence ofa body in his celia¡, R¡cheleaü will be foundgüilty and occr¡r.d. ftis €star€ will th€n pass io Elisabet. Rmjshmcntof Die¡rr a¡d l.ürt will depend on what üey did during ü¿ ad!'enturr.

T.ials in Altdorf oftln 1ál(¿ a long tine ard so legal cáll5 to úe Pcsa5 witnesses may be soone¡ or laer a€cordi¡g tc rh| CNl s drsi¡r.

A! the end of t¡e ad\tnúre úe PCs nray ha!€ 42 pieces of sarpstrne.Jr¡sr what happ€rs when all the lflle bits are broügit logerher islefr up ¡o,ou. They may nor guess tha¡ rhe splinters ot rock ¡JesE¡psione, in which case ¡r may come as a nasry surp¡ise to lmda sk¡ven raidir¡g pa.ty on rhejr trail a lew months later (o¡alte¡natively, when individuali srar¡ gowing a third rye. bcgüsproüing ext¡a limbs erc) .

Ihe end oi the advenrure may ¡lso ñnd a few PCs suiTerlng ftoml"Iious inle.¡ed "ou¡¿s o¡ dis¿ascs. 'fte Pcs should b€ made a$¿r€drar cures ¡nay b€ foud in ¡'liddenh€iñ at ¡he ltmple ot Shalll".

Ilyou are rL¡r¡ing the scenario as part ofThe Eneny withirrampaign, ¡he PCs should be directed t¡ru,ards ¡ltddenheim inpreparation lor thc for¡hcoming Pow€r Behl¡d th€ Throne. Ii oneoft¡e PCs had good reÍoÍ¡s¡ip and got on \¡Ell wirh dle luxg sbre¡ s.you nay like to have a lett€r delivered inviting him/he. toMiddenheim. Mth a hin¡ that an inr¡odu.tion could be m¿de t






¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (80)






Ílsten lmg (t¿dy'af-couf0 who eQ¡es.sed inbresi in hearing a¡outrheú slq¡ü-chasing acüvit¡es


rhe louwing EP awar¿s (per PO are suggrsl€d lot üis ddttn¡uebur modiry ües€ to srxl the r¡rrums¡ant es ol your carrpalgn

r. ftole-Pla,tu8 ln Htzstocl't 5'60 points

h adrtrion !o playing lhea cha¡act€r consisendy, )ou should ralÉdccount ofthe qualiry. diplo¡rücy, Inclt'wness e!. ditpldltd whentalkrne ro lhe oeople of Pritzstock sensible plans to¡ getting¡nfonn;uon and ntr[igenl use of ulfoÍn¡rion shotdd be espec¡alv

2. D€all¡g r¡ith the sh¡ll A¡tac}st lo'50 points

Award eoerience Doints for cte!€r ta€tics úaa e(ploir the slq¡ll sweaknesses. other l¿ciors deserving credi¡ include mobilisitt8 th€ldl¡qers ¡n an effeclr\e way: rralklllg the slqllls !o üe¡¡ source a¡dwórúns out rhe \,?rious lirrutaEons of the slails. PCs shotdd berhinldn¿ ahe3d on how rhe vilage and ha¡vest c¡n besr be prote.¡4d

3. Deallng *ith Dle¡er atrd Yürt, 5'40 poin6

Rrshine lhe caw a5 soon as üry ariw Ls not úe bes $,Ey afe¿rningFPr ru;kss of course úe PCs have de¿lt wirh the slorls Üú areajming Íor supri5er . c¿prwi¡8 Dieter. Iü¡n or boü) should eam moreDoind as shódd any t¡cdr iha¡ makrs úem suÍender wilho asword b€ing drawn.

4. Dealing $'lth th€ stav€n: Io'Jo po¡nts.

This will probabty mean a ffght. No points should b€ aw?¡ded ifrhe Skaven escape wü úe $/arpslone

5. Savlig th€ Ha¡vesri 5 pom6 per tull dry saved (nax 35).

No hte poin¡s a¡e aw¡rd€d for this ad\enru¡e



Dortlánt: when ¿ shilis neirhrr u¡det dire(l or ndiJe. t

I¡ üis stat€ a slq¡ll $ill s€ek to re¡um to dle th¿os{á\€ iftn€diat€lyThc shrll srll .únrlv oient¡É i|sef tl) la. e I he cave if it i5 preltntFdt¡om ¡erurue rlieie for sone reason The acnul rot¿tion lif nol¡he caus¿) is obious iI the skull is observed while moving it abou¡.An oáseÁr ro[ is needed !o no¡ice the efTecr if üe sl ]l is movcdwiüout belng \aakhed.

This orientauon €fe.t will be o€nidden ifa localised sourc€ ofchaos\sd). d sm¿j] fi'¡grncnl ol warpstone', is brouS¡r wüi1 5 )atds ofa dorm¿nr shlt. ln ül5 !¿s€ the shil wil trv lo trt to rhe nearerpiece for as long as it remains wirhin ¡he srted range

D€¿d, when the slq¡l re¿ches o ltblrdJ or has b€€n ar¡áy ftona source of chaos lof mofe üa¡ 24 houfs. From this point ¡he slqrllbecomes qüle no¡ftaj .

A slqil3 usüal cond¡non is dolmant . To achie!? conaol a \¡¡P rollis needed plus lhe expendrrure of I magic point. Tt€ individualat¡emDline conBol mtrst soend I rou¡d in conce¡¡rduon ano D€wiüd I iard ofüe slodl. ̂ fdled w? roll m€.ns llul the slqil'dies. f ¿onhl is es¡?bLEhed. üc shll be(omes arrued n lhespeücastfr. I¡ can lhen be ñade passiw W giving ¡r instr'rc¡onsó lotuq or aco'r€ by con!¡nu¡ns dnect com¡na-nd. A¡ ¡ndividuaimav have uDr,o 4 shils folowins Dassilt insEuldons dr dy one¡m; A,.tiw ónÍol of rnv oÍ úese ¡ (¿¡ be ache!€d ¿tut ane loundh¿s been sp€n¡ conc€nE¿iting; a spencaser m¡y üerelore fljr betlv€enD¿ssi!€ shils máldng each one acE\€ as he do€s so a! will

h its acdlc s¡are a slqrü sends visual sig¡als back to ils conEoller'$tlen conúoliins a sh¡l a¡ indiüdu¿l Inusr ¡em?in compleielyrc'¿\ed and comóosed. Any ph'sic¡l movenenr will inmedi¡lElvn@E cont¡ol- a5 \4dl failed t¿Is lErsrls,'t¿r atd rhe lilf nre slgll|natr a Nrdl vision r¿nqr of 30 ld(ts fhe con r'¡nd ra¡ge is 6nijes and cón¡'ünd l¿sLs for ¿s long as üe spellca*r L¿n ñ,a]l]ÉincomDlete concentradon. The spellcáster may lse ¡h€ sh¡ll to followdireat corl,tllands or le'p¡ogrdm ihe slqrll to carry ou! a new setof insn'ucdons (re'progrunning t¡¡es t rourd)

A¡v sla¡l 1!¡ll kcome don¡¡ft if it becomes selarat€d llom iisco¡itroler by ño¡e tha¡ 6 miles, or if compl€t€ly shielded ftom itrcontroller bv a netal ba¡rier for more lha¡ I roünd

M t¡E BS s T I l! lm I d lw¡ir€ll 3 , 27 - . ' l - . chaodc

The Death Sla.¡lls cons¡sr of ht¡nan, Beastnan a¡d Skav€n slarlls\ehich have developed powers due to pÍolongEd exposur€ tosams¡one, NoÍnál siollls do not reac¡ to i!rulstone in lhis manner;ir re¡uies spe(ial chd¡rings ánd rinral5 soon dfur úe cleaüesdearh to Dioduce the effecr.

A sklll s orJv means ol molement is by nying They fly as swoop€so üei! no¡iont¡l rnolemenl in lEel flighl i5 12 ,"rd5 pel rourdfirinimum, a¡d 32 i"Íls per round m¿:dmu¡n Climbing or divingwill affect this horüonial nolEment.

Th€ siq¡¡ of a slq¡ll (or goup ol sh Ls) requües a ¡¡ol ¡oll lo bemáde ó neste the efects offear'. The slülls Lherrseh6 ¿re iflinrlrleI, Ds,vrhoñsiczl eÍecls. h addiüon to dan¿ge. üe br¡¡ ofa slqha; á l o% clance ol i¡nn drs a rdre !"rierv of "t ?á 8o¡ An,'onebirFn by ¿ stoil must mai€ teí agjr¡sr D¿tr¿se lJ this hils rhe8d will s€t in causirg the loss of ¡ ?bü8trfless point a¡d lO\ e¡(hin Dex and F¡l wiüin 24 houts Lu(kilv rhe Rot oniy lasts lor Idav bu! btt¡€n chárac¡ers are not to kúw thisl C¡¡re rlsease wüorér,enr rhe loss ifarolied within 4 hours of üe woundi¡8. Howelar';nv bss of chanctrfulic Don¡s sufer€d as a resvlr ot such a b¡tFÉ permanena.

The slq¡lls halt no l¡r¡at€ intellEEnce bu! ca¡ be used ¡o carry ourrhe direct and ¡ndÍe€t com¡na¡d;ofa conitollina spellcasler. A slq¡llmay h in on€ of fout s¡aies.

A.ttve: (indicaied by the eye so{kets gldring brigh!'red) !,heneverlhe controller is in direct command.

Passh'e: (indicatld by a dim red glow in the €y€ soctels) when theslq¡ll Is carrying 0üt pre-set nslru.lrons

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (81)


#fl* l


S "*.-.r., MAKE. PERFE.T

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (82)




rhre. sKlh befor .olnme¡cin8 pl¡), oth€6 R'¡ll not haredoÉ s:.!¡otc. bo*ó€.. thai most of ihe* sk¡lls mays¡ill be lcauired ¡¡ ¡ .ost of lo0 ExDerience Points each _i.. rhñ r¡n bc f\h krd uf in euclly rhr r¿me $¡y ¡\\kill\ dl l¡e. cañe6 ln rhii c¡ie n is ¡siumed th¡l lhech¡ncr€. elre¡dr h$ some .udim.ñt¡.y knowlcd8c ofrh.se skilh. ¡nd onl' needs ¡ bit of pr¡ctice (tefiected byth. E¡ininc rn.l sp.ñdinx ol frp€r¡enc( Poin¡9 b€to¡(bc.o-ñinq-fu¡lr .lt'llrd iñ them. The sception is I a¡J,s¡row .án iniate skitl. whrch ¡hr char¡Lteñ eirh(r¡cquire in their fiñt c1ree.. o. not ¡t all A comPlete listof trr4.e skills m2,v be foúnd belo!:

Of couñe. \ome Dl2re^ mr! decid. lhrt ¡hrv wouldruher $cnd rhei; h¡rd€rird EaDerirn(e Poinr\ onfulfilün¿ thei. ¡dvence scher¡e, o; ñovins ro ! new


by .lim B¡nrbE ¡nd Phil Gallagbcr

BASIC CAREERS .CHANGING CAREER.Alt chas.teF súrr their ¡.tleniüring lives by follosing ab¡sic c¡reer This pre'¡dreñtu.in8 caree¡ piovideschamcre8 wirh thei. ini¡ial skills ánd a fi.st, freeadyancc. This is rhe clre€r $hich the ch¡r¡cter easfoltowing immedieÉly prio¡ ro r¡king up the lit€ of añadrcn¡urc.. ¡nd so aU rhe skilb lis¡ed unde. the carcerafc ¡ssumed fo h¡\f beeñ le¡mr beforc p¡a.! slr$.

A¡ qcep¡ion to this are those skiUs ña.ked ¡s beingq¡rned on a pcrcent¿s( chen(c For rumple. a neelyiencnled uria¡m¡n a;tom¡¡icauy s¡¡nr ¡¡ar. o entd¡roñ.kíúd Lore- and Rou. Th,e chaÉct€r also has a 50%chance ot being uery 'ttunq. t 2\"" ch¿nce of h¡\'iñ8Consume Abobot.2nd ^ 2r"; chtnce ol Boat'buil.linasome Bolrmcn will be lücky and h¡ve Picked üp ¡h€se

Although.h¡n8fg carea in 8.ame ¡emi is relarirelysimr¡le ¡r.mprs ¡o r¡riorels. sh¡r ú aclu¡l¡y hapPeningin ¡ rol.ptrying gtme my Prcle some*n2t úoÉdill¡cuh. Oo. Bo¡¡min. accordirS to thr rules. mtyadoor an\ of rhe louoqinc c2ffi exits _ Outlaw, Semanor Smusdler, altemadvelv, she Íür op( ror ¡ tudom rollon one ó¡ ¡tre ¡c¡¡emcs, waÍioñ, ot Rogues ca¡t€r(hads (\ee VFRP, p¡?1, or sh. can rcluálly choose,norhd B¡r. R¡nc¿. ca¡eer ln orher words. rhe rulesnake júsr about etery caree. open to ev.ry ch¿r¡cler. Idao abstnct game, of couñe, this poses ¡o Prcblems - thecM simply zpplies rhe rule\. the chaflckr exP€nds ¡herequisi¡c numbr¡ of ExPcri.ncc Points, and the 8¡meconrinu€r. Howcr€r. th.E wiU tnev¡¡¡blv bc lhose whos2nr to know the mswñ to questions such a5, how



¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (83)

PRACTICE MAKf,S PERTECTdoes ¡he .hnc(e¡ acrualll' becin r nN clre€¡? Does heo¡ shc r.ed spccixlisr tminidS? lf so, she.e do.s on.f¡nd . ¡.¡.h€r?A¡r thcrc rr_r onenings into rh¡s c¡.eer.and does ir fl¡ ¡n si¡h rh. ovcmll drr(lopm€nt of the

Dependi¡8 on -vour rtl. of plal- sode of th.se qn€rionswi¡l be less ünport¡n¡ ¡h$ olhc6. In ou¡ o{n 8añes, s?hale found iha¡ chrnSing carees - when ¡olcpl¡.Ycd c¡np.ovide a 8.ear dc¡l ot iun. ¡t 8¡ves.ha.¡c¡ers a wholeseries of mo¡ira¡ions a¡d 8o¡ls orher than tboseno.mallr rsso.¡¡red siih tdlen¡q.in!. Chan.te6 h¡re ¡okeep thón fles op.n fo. ¡ te!.h.r or emplqer to Sivcrhem 2 srlr¡ iñ ¡ ¡ew c¡ree¡, th€-v c¡n ¡ simply bc.om€ awiz¡.d\ App.en¡ice. fo. eumplc, ¡ust b€c¡us€ ¡r's onc or¡he li:i¡.d career .xhs ¡rd (hey have 100 EPs to spere.The chaEc¡er müs¡ fi6t ñnd ¡ wiard who is lookinS fo.án rDrr fn l 'ce. rd ¡hfn (onv¡n( f the NPc lh¡ l he o.sheis a iu'rablr (or ¡rch cnough) | ¡ndid¡tr for rñinrn8. Afrerth¡r, a period of s¡udy and pmcricc h r€quircd ¡o alloqfor ba¡c ¡ss¡mil¡tion of th€ skius ¡nd to lc¡m one o.rwo spel¡s. of,ly a¡ ¡he erd of this Pe.iod will thechara¿¡.r be in a posirion ro exchmg. EPs for skills ¡ndldünccs.

s¡milrrtj_. b€comrng ¡ mcrcenary. sold¡er or Sunner isiusr nor possible siihout firsr en¡erin8 military setr'ce.limpl) de.túin8 oneself ¡o be a Sunner atlo* you roa(quif nc¡rher thc \k¡lls nor Ihe asroc'¡¡fd tdvrnceschem€. Thesc thinss h¡v. ro be tauSh¡ to r_ou fist, andtben you necd ¡ sho¡r period to pmctice ¡hem.

Find¡nc lcache6 can involvc chancters in intercsringside-advertures a! thev rrv m loca¡e á te¡cher oremoloy€¡ fo¡ ¡ .eer rhJt thel ¡re p¡rr¡culsrl) keen tor¡k¿ up. ¡r s no good decl¡riñg one\ell ro b( 2Roedw¡.dÉn 'f thc Roadqrdrns $on t rcLePr )ou ¿notñpeñonzt,ng an off'cer ot the l3w c¡n 8et a chrmcrerinró bic troublel Howñd, on(€ founJ.2 prciPrct¡vremDloi?r or ¡uror is not nrcrst¡rily 8oitr8 (o ¡c(ePtsoñ.o;€ iurt bcc¡use thr ch¿d.¡er w¡hr. Io follos anew c¡r(.r OÍren ¡hr teacher or emplover will h¿ve rheiror¡n re¡sons fof takinS on a new PUP¡I or emptoye€ -

mavb€ thry h¡ve lo¡s of menial work for ¡n zPPrcnt¡c..or

'pc.lraps lhey r'¡n¡ to hift some muscl€ fo. milibry

A .rnrn¡isn s rlt al\u benent if romr (¡reeñ Fm¡iñclosed to chlr¡.tes until cert¡in Points id ¡he Plo( or¡dventure h¡ve been r€3ched. You m¡y decid. ih ]ou.ad!.nfures afe goina to b€ set in ¡ numba. or ro$ns 'nshi.b rou. .hld.te6 sÉnd their lime as nom¡l.ilizeni roorinc oüt Chuos cutts rh¿t h2!e womed th.irsav into Dosnions of influence. Adver¡tur€s or this sor¡sork besa wi.h sm¡ll nufnbes of .hr¡c1ea, who alsoh2!e t¡nks wüh 2 tosns orsanis¿.io¡! _ guilds, tr¡de6socúrioos,.¡nd so.onl A M.¡cena.y c¡pi¡in le¡ding ¡force of 20 b¡tile-hard€ned veleE¡s is nor re¡lly suiredro such rdventuRs. L¡ter, howeÉr, the c2mPargn mayinvolr€ !h€ .h¡ncrers in ¡h. d.f.nc€ of I barcny ¡g¡ins¡añn.sinE mur¡nls .¡nd Berstmcn, end h.rc chár¡ct.rsrri milii2rl .xp.ri€n(r rnd trun,nB would undoubredl)corne irro rheir own. A Phlsicians s¡udcn¡, on the o¡herhend. ¡s :ikelv ei¡he. to mee. ¡ horribl. d€¡th' o. to 8eiborcd 'err aúicktv. As ( ' !1 , You could In l roduce ¡heDl¡ter (hjm¿r.F to su.h ¡n advenruñ bt havinS then

' lre'nori.ñ D¡ocláiñinq Recru'r( o¡fi.e6 Ncos. ¡rdR€cuUF - $;nted for Br¡on or¡os Comparv of loor- orb! h¡rin8 an ¿8en¡ of the Brons aPPro¡ch 2 PCMercenrn Cagain. Bv not m2king ev.ry J'n¡le cireeroDlron ¡ti¡ Jblc ¡o th< PCs a¡ dl t¡mes. n ¡s Pos5ibl. tos¿¿r chan8rs to dfleloPmenrs sirhiñ rhe cmP¿i8n d(lf.

In Tl¡e Ed.Ey w¡rhi! campaig¡. we havr pó!¡d.dtl€Dits ol Drcsóe(ive emDtoves and r.2cheÉ for c¡reers¡DDrcDriare (o'¡he \uce ñached by rh. ctmP¡iSn The$a; rn¿¿nr to be lully deBrled NPCS w¡th Fnonáliries.and bel¡nable ño¡iie5 ior r¡ining or emPlov¡n8 throl¡le¡ (h¡mcte6. ln this way. wc h¿ve lried ro creale a¡áápaisn where ¡hc ¡ctio¡ nd the ch¡ncters develop in

Ineitabtl. howfle¡. some char¡ct.6 wil {¡nt to fouowa €aree. ih¡r is not made a\¿ilóle in the campargÉ Fo¡sof¡re c¡fces. rhh should no¡ be roo difnoft to coPe

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (84)










wiib It is a sio\t. ¡rllc¡ t() hcconrc ¡ Bo¡lt8ür¡d. furexaflrple - lll th¡r h n..d.d r¡r thc reqli..d rmppiq{s,nd rot r rco.c ( .ye¡ rno¡h€r PC) ( ) Surr( l

' l h is (h¡ngc i \mrde rr¡illblc to Vtrn.r Fi.kixc Nlurminn in TlrcEncmy With¡n crmpri8n. \i¡rplr btc¡üse ()¡c of t¡cotber P(:s ¡s b(ing hurrf(t b! I p(ñon o. p.6onsunk¡own $'hosr nrt.n¡iods r.c drfirir.lr y¡¡ncnr!Sin)i¡xr¡,. it is f¡i.l) crsy ¡o br.oúe a P¡or¡gon¡sl,¡ rnt r rdrnq ruu r rA f rno \ornc ' ¡n< r , , (mpnrL ) t 'u In !ot r ¡oe$ .o1. or some c¡use pcople will pr_r for lou ro'dr t (nJ. In bo¡h.J\ - . no \n(( r ¡ ¡ , \ ¡ [n ! ¡$ l (Jsc r \rqur f tü. rnd rh. rc r norh inS ro ru i l \ . ' \

JU.r ¡ (J \c! , f !L , in ! , 'ur thcr rnú JuinA i r

Ilccoñing a Co¡chñ¡n, hoscyrr. .cctui.es lhrr .hrícr.6should adual ly s ,gD up \ ' i rh a co¡ching .oñprnr or ¡ rI r r5r hI . rn( mcrns ro but r Lor(h rnd h, ,ñ{ \ iu \ r rrhrmsch€s up i ! business. Bcing a.o¡r .hmatr $tobui !.o¡ch is obliouslr ludicrous.

Ch¡m.ters ma), rlso decide ¡o sccL out emplo)€s s lbinrhe .onrexi ol thc campaiSn. Hiving dc.ided ¡o becomc¡ PhFicim, ror exaúple, , ch¡Ecte¡ mar e¡rhcr ar,p.oachthc local Physici¡n s Gu¡ld, or a pt.¡c¡lsiñg Ph$i.ün: Inrhis c2se, rhe chaú.te. should havc ¡o mrkc a suc.essiulaell¡)a'srlp tcs¡ ¡o gc¡ on r.ieñdll ¡erms with rhe eúild o.rhe NPC Ph,ysici¡n, an<l rben mike ¡n Er¡rlo.rr¡er¡ t€r¡o be rak€o oo, o. pe.b¡P¡i ¡hc chamcre¡ ay sen halcro cx.rl ou¡ som€ snrall rlsk f¡6r. Before rhe Phlsician¡tcceprs a student. he or she me.v reqtri.e rhe prcspccti\'ec¡n.l¡d¡te !o 8() r¡d iind some ingrcdie¡¡s fG rhemanúf¡ctu.e of r cc.t¡in dru8, or m¡y send him or he.in¡o plague areas ro ¡esr rhe¡¡ commitm€ni to he¡lin!others. Anl nomber of 2.lven¡u¡e!could sp.ing our otthh. Alt..naiiveu lhe GM mly d€cide thr¡ it isn trpprop.ia¡e for !h€ chaEcte¡ to become a Physiciañ ¡t¡his sta8e of rh. .ampai8n, ¡nd may rulc drxr rhere a¡eno openings in ¡hc guild - $¡e hatr rhe ¡equi¡cd nuñberof pnctirione$ ¡rd students es specified b) rhe Cuikl.bur rh¡¡k _vou for you¡ interesi : o.! I m sorr{ I ¡lre¡rd!hav€ ¡h.€€ app¡enrices - ¡ just don t have the rime iorr¡in ¡nyone e¡se ar presen¡.' Vheneve¡ possibl., ir is inthe intertsis of ihe Eeme ro ler pl$€s fo¡loq c¡reerpar¡ú of rheir choic€, bur if drís involvcs soñe efibfi on¡he p3.t of th€ char¡c¡er, it makes gaining ü eren mo.e

As men¡ioned ¡bove. fiDdins r c¡reer parh cm gencr¡rean_r numbc. of ¡drcn¡ures - a wiz¡fd may reqür.r crr¡arabooks or spell insred¡cnts ro be locared for b¡rlc¡ ¡cte6 enter¡ng milirary se.v¡ce can be s€ñ¡ onmissions such as rakin8 e p rol ¡o .he.k on a rcnrorrv¡U¡8e, o. delivr¡in8 a m€ss¡ge to an officer somc milcsa\'ry. These and simila. advenrures could i¡vol!e ¡bepla)c6 in , iAht inF 'hei r srv l , t rou8h hñ\¡ r ¡ ( rerh¡or \ u-J¡(o! r r inq rh¡¡ one oI ¡hc i r pa(r L J \py. r - . r r . r in

LEARNINC NEW SKILLSFirst oi all. by s¡) of clar¡ii.rtion, yoü should no¡e rlr¡r.haúc¡eñ cnter¡rg ¡ blsic carcer shich has onc or ñorcski lh prc.eded by ¡hc phmse x l i% ch¡nceor. . , r . ¡ rbúy en) ol lhcsc skills as no.mal, unless ihe skill is aonr¡4¡e onc Thc percc¡u8€ cbxn.€ only applies tocham.tcñ lbr whon this is thc fi6I career

Rut what brppe¡s l¡te( ¡f ¡ ch¡Ecrc. ch¡n8cs c¡rr€6end ¡hen de.idcs dr¡t h. or shc s¡nrs Io lc¡.n one oro¡o.c of the skilh rh¡r \rre prfl¡ousll a$ilabl. under áfo¡mcr c¡rccr. but no¡ boughr rt th. ¡imc? Obyiously, iftbe sliiUs in qucsl¡on .É list.d under the ¡e\r crre€¡,rhen rhq can be ¡cquired i¡ ¡he normxl manne. lr ¡heskius m no( lisrcd. ihen rhe ch¡Éc¡e¡ hrs to decide topur in somc speci¡|, ex¡r¡ frr-rc¡ic'e in ordc. to 8¡in them.Similarl), I ch¡m.tcr m¡,r lrish ro acqnke a p¡r¡icularski¡l rh¡r is not pa¡r ol his or ber curren¡ or pxst careí1h( rules ourlincd here erphin hos rhis c¡tr b. donc.

The basic pÉmiss of ¡his s!$¡eú is ¡h¡t whcn r chamcter.h¿nges carecr, if he o. sh. urde¡Tics sonre tminnrg,rhs ¡he chaEctq ¡.qu¡cs a rudimenlz._v kno edSe ofa1l tl¡c skills listcd unde. rh¡r car€er'¡his does ¡ot me¿n¡ha¡ rhe chlFcre. lcquiftr rhe rkills. bur nrher that beor she is i¡u8ht $h1t to do in o.d€¡ ro develop rhe skillsover ¡ime This is rel'lec¡cd by ¡he 8áinin8 xnd spendinSof cxpe¡iencc poiots. v hen ¡he chlmcte. hxs ácqui¡ed100 EPs, he or she is dc€med to be $perienced enouShso rh¡i rhe ¡udimcnnry tnowledSe of ¡Dy one skill c¡nbe converred inro fLrll knosledge, ¡nd ¡he pla]<r may¡dd th¡¡ skill ¡o his or her char¡ rcr sheer. Those care€6rh¿r don t require an iniri¡l pe.iod of lnin¡ng, on rheo¡her hand. are rssümcd ro be so eell'knosn to allinhabitants or The Empire- ih¡r rhe char¡cter need onlyp¡?cúce or his/ber ovn in o¡der to deveLop thc skillslisred unde. üe caree¡ d.scriptioo.



llowerer, ir i5 assumed thá¡, havinS €nie¡ed a flN career,the ch¡actt. ¡s nor i¡ a pos¡rjon ¡o bujld on thefl¡.liñedr3ry knowledSe acquiftd during üe old c¡¡ee¡,and rhus cxnnot no.mllll ari¡ previously ¡r"¡'llble skills.H}in! molcd on from the old .areer. the cha.¡cte! h2slorfened ¡hc means of gaining them easilf Howeve4 ifch¡.¡creN are ab¡e ro deYo¡e ¡ few hotr6 each wek torhe p¡¡ctice of súch skills. they may stil¡ 8¡in ihe skill blexpending loo EPs (¿s no¡mal) dd then mák¡ng an¡ñtettigen.e resr. If rhe res¡ is failed, rhe char¡cre¡ toses¡he l0o EPs and fails to l€¡rn the skill, This does no.prev.nt the char¡c¡e. from h¡ving 2norher Ao larer, burrh¿ 1oo EPs ¡c irnoc¡blv lost. The amoünt of time tobe spen¡ in pücrising sucli skius, and the p€r¡od overwbich rhe practise must b€ conducted, will v3ry fromtki¡l ¡o skill. Howe!.t s ! rough 8uide, we have dividedalt rhc skills inro rhe foúr c¡tesories as listed belor':

By makin8 €¡ch prospective employc. or lr?ine. ¡n NPCin rh( i r own ¡ rehr )ou wi l l {oon bu¡ ld up a numbe. ̂ fco lo ' r ¡ ru¡ rnd inr(Rr¡ng (hrm(rcs r 'or )our d2!eF roIn¡cü,1 srrh TI 'c 'e NPC. L¡n rhen Dror¡d( arrnanL(late¡ in rhe adventure and can be us¿d ro inrroduce ncñ¿dventu¡es alonS úe wa'. As chir¡crem g¡o$. moreexperienced, lbey will b¡ve ¡ müch gcaler pool offrie¡ds ¡nd co¡racrs ¡o dnw on in the¡¡ adventures.

Ch¡nctes could ¡lso be set up by süch NPCS. Bypr€te¡din8 to offer them r¡tning, .n NPC could dup!advenrureB into carrying our illeSal t¡sks fo. ihem forrothingl B'b'¡t, your honour! How w¡s I ro know hewas a Ferce? I rhought he was añ honest merchant. Iswear I had no idea wh was in rhe box...'

Dodge Blow

Boar-bu¡ldingPB¡di'B pCarroanpby


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (85)





JusgleLip Readir8

Mining r


Sa¡ling Iscrlc Sheer Surf¡ct

Smitbing ¡

Srree¡ FiShre.Sr¡ike Mighty Blow

'Iri.I Riding a

Aüi,nE t/1)Begging PBlarhe. P

Disguise ¡/PEriqu€¡re ¡a

H¡8gle PJ.st t/PPublic Speaking,

stng PStory l€llid8 Pv/n p

¡D lt¡8ical Arela.¡ '¡lD Pla¡r¡

MaSic¡l Aw¡rcocss ,¡

M¡nufactu¡e Drú8s PMxnutacluR Magic lt€ms t¡lpMrni.¡facrur€ Porions trlpManuf?c(u¡c Sc.olls ¿rlp

sec¡er Ladguage P

sp€ak Addirion¡l Langr¡¡g€ P


Iñmüniry to Dise¡s€Immuniry ro PoisonLi8hrning Reflexes

e feq b€a¡ics. you can r call vouGclt skilled. Th.se sl'illirre tiflosed b\; D. Thcre ¡É ¡lso some skills shi(b.¡ronh 1rt k¡rü b\: f(nlñin¡¡ ¡ Í!8i..1 (!rcer ' th's' \illre;r be ¡aut ht io someon. sho has not .omplfled ontor morc oi rhe fol¡osin8 clrters: l)rúid. lnniatcwizard s App.enti... Al.hrmisr's APpren¡i.€ (¡hest rrc

Persoral: those skills Rhe¡€ it s not so mÚ'h r''r¡¡ -!oudo th;rt counts, as /ro¡¡'\'ou do ir' Mrn) ot thcsc c¡n bcsclf-¡¡ú8ht (those tha¡ require tuitior arc sÚff¡xed t ) lnd¡ll requiÉ pm(rice (surtixed p )

hnate: ¡hese ar€ skills ¡hrt b-v ¡nd la¡ge You Ñ 'itlr'rb ,ún s i rh or ún onl ! r tqui re b l lonS 'cn i ( ( in '

nr . ¡ i (u l r r rarecr . lh( rc i ' n , , o¡her sx! to F¡ in thc 'c'hr l l . nú rñounl of Pru. ¡ ice o. t ludr ¡ 8o¡ng rÚ t l ios, .hxn.te¡ to s.e i¡ ¡h. dark, for cemPle.

.TRAINING TIMES.The amount of t¡me shi.h mus¡ be spent 'npFc¡i..htud.r dcP€nds on shi.h caicgory the skill falls

Pr¿.¡L4l 'krl¡s Fquirc ,¿ houñ poctict e¡ch ürr lbr{D(r weeks bctotr ¡he (h¡m.ter c¡n mlke ¡ñ ¡¡' ¡e{ lo

Al in thrm. I loreore ' r f a ' l i l l requi rcs lu i ¡ io-n. lhE¡h¡É(ter must br 'up€r t i \ .d ro.3r l<rsr h¡¡ r rhr r rnv

Intellectüal skills r'Jqti.e 2 hours study p'r d3), plus 2hou6 Der se€t $ i lh r lú tor lor 6- ]Do sceks br fure¡n /4¡ ¡e\r m¿I be made to Srin rhcm. skrlh whrrh I rlllor ¡dd¡Íñn¡l pr¡flrc¡t work will .€qurr ¡he rudent lospend . further 2 hou6 Per w€eti oñ ¡n¡t

Persor4l skills ¡re much hatde. ro pin dowfl in ie'ms orirre amount of pncticerstudy ¡equned. Given ¡ p¡r¡icolar\kill soñe Deo;¡e sill be ¡ble to prck ir un qu¡cllr'"rhe¡s c¡n i¡ru:g8te ¡n wrn lor ages Ba\ic¡llv. ch¡mc¡eA¡tremor¡ne l|';cqurre ¡nv of thfse lkrlls nust pr¡nice lor¿ ¡orin oi' ¿¿v ior ¡ num¡cr o¡ davs (qLr¡l ro 100 minu'ihe chráck¡ s r?ao!,sr,p score Ar the end or rhisprriod ¿n lr¡ tesr ¡\ akrn Lo see 'f the chrEckr hr'

i r in€d rhe skr l l . I f¿sk i l l i5 l ¡e¡ed ar rsqui r ¡ns tu ' r iÓn tht;hrracr€r ñeed\ ro be supeñ isrd tor a min'mum ol 2

These will obviouslY varr_ lccording ro the NPC landmry wetl be influen¿ed b-v such frc¡ore ¡s wb€rher vou".,i¡" wa¡¡ ¡ cerrai¡ ch¡ác¡er ro acquile a 'e¡¡ain ski¡l'or ni¡l ¡s ¡ rough gu'd( hosel.r tou 'houl'l 'onrider

rh¡t tu¡oñ of p¡is¡.;/ ¿od re,sodl \kilh $rll 'h¡r8eior, cc. p.. lt"i,. whil. turor of tt¡elr¿'¡@r *kru' will

ch¡lg€ 1DI0+ I GCs Per bour

comprcsslna Tnln¡nga ch;dcte¡ r;rv Drefer ¡o rake a cd\h couBe r¡ther (hm

rrv ine to l€ún; .k i l l t r h i \ or he¡ lpr rE f ime ThB isoi¡ferrlv ¡ccepo¡le, oro!¡ded rhrt ir the ch¡mcrcr doeiiái i." i" 'oik r"' ló's'¡ rhln ro hotr' per davr ¡ir Ih'suoei i r ¡nq ru lo¡ r ¡ f ¡n! l i t 28r€e!b le r rd l ¡ i ) ¡he ror¿lnumber o iho.* spenr eqúr ts the rqui f fd nuñher '

.A SAMPLE TUTOR.Presentd below is a deailed NPC fo. us. ¡n any\%varhamer c¡mD¡isn. A¡thouSh dergned ro fn'ñddthlv imo th¿ A¡tdúrf sect¡on of Dcaú o¡ ThcRe¡¡¡. Heinz von \lp¡¡rmp ( 4 eá\¡ly b( uscd in úthertóc¡r¡oñs. \lmPty bf ch¡n8¡ng obv¡ous d.utls Heil/shows bow ¡nte€stinc NPcs cán be used to P.ovidenl ¡vrF $nh sk¡¡ l { , ca¿cr (hJnSes rnd a ¡ sourc otiofórm¡tion ¡nd future NPc co.rác¡s

EXPLANATION OFCATECORIESPr¡ctl€al: rhose skilts Ir which it s not so much thetheorv rhrr coun¡s as rhe or¡ctic€. These skills mav bei.qu¡;ed by hard-wo¡|. seiiai'ciptine ¡nd dedicarlonTh¿se 5kilú toUo$eü bv t .attor b. learned $lthout$irion from ¡n expcn.

Int€llectüel: those sk¡lls wb€re útory md book_te¡¡ning ere ¡ll imPortan¡. ln 8ene.¡1, these skills canno¡be setf-taucht, In ¡ddi¡ion, somc áIso req¡¡lre a I ¡¿¡nounr oipr¡cri.al work ' it's all terv well knowing thett ¿orl, of anim¡l traininS, bur unl€ss vou've pEct$ed or

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (86)

HEINZ VON NAPRUMP.Human, M¡le Scholar {ex-Student/Noble)t l< in¿ r . ¡hf rountr r \ rn uf ¡ sc¡ t ¡h\ \ l tJu¡ t r ¡ñ¡ t l . ú ro l ¡h( n¡nf nubl . tú I l r r r rh¡r * ¡ lh( r ¡ r Atrüor t ! , bcn.¡. th. lmprr¡,rl f!¡nily. Ar ¡n €arly age, Hcinz s¡o$,co 2gF/r ¡n¡( re\ l jn rhr h i rúrr Jnt t thc s. . , * r rohr ut Tt , (Lmp,rr ! . ' h , \ pJrrn¡ \ cnrut teJ h im ¡r ¡ i i " i ¡1¡ . .n¡ t r ' " rr l rJúr f s h(r r hr hJ, lú l ¡oscJ J \uf .er ' ,u l ¡ f rdcmri

H.iñz is a quiet bookish m¡n He is sofrly spokc¡. burh.s .n lnnoyin,¡ lisp, I ch¡r¡c¡er fei¡u.e ¿ommon roma¡r nobles. Heinz drcsses in cxpens¡ve, thoughs.ñi.e¡blc drrk brcwn clo¡hes shich cover his bloa¡edurr .wei8hr lmnrc l i i \ ¡pperún(r ¡ r \poi t l , hoqrv. r hrthe rÉLet o l dr ied food th¡ t core. rhe t rorr o l h i .$rtsrcoar and cdv¡r. H¡s rhi.k. ¡¡most op¡que Slassesm¡ke him look d¡m-$¡ited. bur ¡her¿ is i k¿cn mind arso¡k und..neath h¡s mild exteriorHr ¡s ¡ls¡rs concemed 3s ¡o ¡he tiñe. as ¡f he wereLunrtJnt¡ r afn id uf m' i ! 'n8 ¡n imporr¡nupporormentH. ¡pncrñ nr ou\ . p¡ rcuhdy wdh srmnE.F. hur sounsarms fo ¡nyon€ sho has ¡c¡demic le.¡in8s o.

Alrhough grearl,r imeested in The Empirc, Hrinz hs ¡o¡¡É\clled verv qidclv ifl ir. Hc is far mo.e ¡n¡crcltcu rnporing ove¡ orher p¿oples w.¡it.n experien.rs rhar io8¡ining ¡nv fiñ hand knowledSe. Sri¡¡, h€ is ¡n erudire.cholar

.$ i rh ¡n excel l rnr knúq l rdSr u¡ Thc rmp,r 's*cútlÉpñ) ¡rd ñrs¡or\"A Unive6iiy man fo. ¡l¡ of h¡s ¡dul¡ tife, Hrjnz lives nrrooñr clurrercd wirh cha.¡s ¡:od ¡ubbish wi¡hio rheI n¡re6i ¡ ! Frounds wher h. n touted af r . r br hrruteRurked hou*kreper H. id rea(h.s p(uenphr anJhhton. As ¡ñ esubl¡sñed á(rdemi. h( 's_rbic 'u prsmor of ¡he bo.ing wo¡k onro his subo.dina¡es, andcoñce.ns himself wirh makin8 eccunr. daps of ThrFmpitr-s waterw2l\ H( $ currcnllr comDijrnj¿ dar. onthr Rcik bcrwe€ñ Alrdorf ¡f,d Nuli



j '



Ld lnr ClJ0 68 tó

vs Bs s T v I At 6 , 2 a 3 6 5 A I4 2


SLtllsArcanc L¡n8ú2ge - Magicki As¡ronomyt ca.roSdphflI hr rm: El iquer te. l ¡ r r¿ lüry. t lDtor) : \uñ, .ñJ¡¡Lr .Re.d/W.¡te; Ridci Secre¡ L¡¡8r¡2ge - Clasicali Spe¡k

DaSger, sri¡ing c{tuipmenr, ¡¡ico.ne hrr, powde.ed whir€*i8, th¡ch pcbble gl¡sses, b.osn foodsrained suir.

Heinz can bt irrroduccd io the a¡1ven¡ure6 in a numbe.of ways. He coutd simply bc encou¡¡ered in a .iv€6idÉinn or strolling along rhe docks. ¡f he se€s rhe¡dvent!reB, h. m¡y ¡riemp¡ ¡o strikc up ¡ conve62i¡oñabout üe River Reik, ooe of ¡h€ B.eat lovcr ol his life.O. tbcy .oüld r6.¡re him froñ mu88e6 one d.¡k ¡nda¡rggl oiabt. Altern iv€lf rh€ advemure.s .ould hear oih'm from a pub landlo.d, Tb.res ¡his educ¡red gcczc.*ho of¡en comcs in he¡e, ¡lways asking qles¡ioDs oi folk¡bout (he .¡ver, wr¡¡es ¡ lo¡ of it down, he docs, ¡ndalways pays for info¡m¡rion. Tbe dvenrurers couldenber see* hi¡¡l out or Mir unril he ¡..ires. Ano(her wqro inrroduce him is fo. the adventure6 ro see a noriceaskinS for 'Hones¡ rive¡folk to mzp the Reik. goodmon.v p¡id fo. impo¡t2nt scienlific work.

No marte¡ how ¡he dventurenr encoun¡er him, Heinz i!inte¡csred in r¡nding 2 ¡eam ot people ro mak€ maps olthe Reik fo. him. Hr is lvilling to pay 25 cC for ¡..ur¡icm.ps bd wir¡ terch ¡ny chtr¡cret th. cdrtqrapby skillf , r t rec A /¿/ t . ' r i \ rcqu ' rd ru ¡ ( r rn r t t rcm him

fr addn¡on to tr¡.hin8 C¿rtograDbf, H.inz .^n be a yeryuscful soü¡.c or iDfo.ma¡ion oo The Empi.e s geogr¡phy¡nd his¡o¡\' Oncc úr advenrurcs re¡urn wirh ihei.charts. h. will 2ct ¡s ¡ par.on to xny.hffacrer wishing ¡ob€cooe ¡ rude¡¡ or scholar at rhe Unive6ity, rd heprolidc letters of infoductioó to other rc¡demics údunive.sitics in Th€ Empire.l¡ ¡d¡lirbn, Hcinz is willing ro gv. priv¡¡c ruirion inNu,nismallcs ^nd Hlstol!. He refus€s to teachRedr Wrít¿, how.\cr, ^s hc .onsides it to be ben.¡rh hisi l ,gn¡r ) . Hc 'n/ . t rmr l ' rnd unrve^¡ry conne.r ions (Jnconr in uscful ¿s w.l¡, sio.e hr will be able ro inreñe¡con rhe advenrurers heh¡lf if lhey Ac¡ imo any hublewith rhe au¡hornies How su.cesslul his inrerveniion is,dcpcnds on ¡he exrrni oi the advedru¡eG' c¡¡m€s, bu! heshould bc ¡ble to deal witlr mi¡(¡r ¡r¡ns8¡ess

Jim Batubra {' Pbil GaUagher

. . . , . . . . i

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (87)

. HACK.AND J!4YIRevis€d combat Rules for Warhammer Fantasy RolePlaY

This sc(rion conr¡in¡ ¡ sel.d'on of rev¡r(d ¡nd rÑ rülrs

roiiomu* rn war¡a.r¡m.r F¡nrasv Rolrpl¡v Rfli\ril

ruies ¡re ¿e.i,¡oe,t end ¡c'(ed tor rhc Putpo5e of'mproving

"ál¡",,t -1"''. ¡.¿ '¡""t¿beuscdto rcPltce rhrm These

i'i.' i¡""i¿ u" *""¿ u' " M ¡nd Ptares d úri ns ¡n asrcrd' ' 'ri¡l oer'o.t to \e< ifcreryonr is h¡PPy q I'h tncñ ano

if.o ¡fF c.r lhcnbc úrJ on ¡ reSulttha'r .Thea'ld¡tionrl

- t i ' J. ¡¡no," ' " , r ' . s,me but som( oi rhem ¡es theoorion¡ l ¡¡¡ i ¡¿r¡ue mod¡f icrr c¡n slow Pl¡ t dosn ¡ l i t r lei i l . . ¡" . r0." ' u. ,rn, i"r probl(m. since comh'tr don r

ri",ri" ¡.1. r"" ro'e '' vrRP¡nffiv bur if eleryonereehi¡ii o¡av ¡ si¡n¡r¡ánrtr slowed down rhe nñ flrle 'rn

ue ióor¡r. vñer po*ru¡e rules¡Rsivcn in ¡hesrme ordcra rhos€ in lhe WFRP ¡ulcbook



In r.inJale round ot combrl. ch¡n( le r: rnü Ñ¡¡Jrc\ mll^r

, . ¡ "n i ¡ " ¿" ' . . .¿ i tg . tder o l I 'cotes Hosercr ' rh(

l i ie - r .uu"* s ' ' ; . modi i ier tu ¡b i \ r fo¡ ch¡r8rn8

*-",n". .".r " ¡'itt .,rn "arv on ¡ 'ound b) {oun'l b¡si'-. ,¡,ii *'!' "n*g. * ¡e¡rns or delrrminins order of

¡cr¡on¡ tou¡ltv o¡v¡ou'lv (housh rhe bark ¡ \'or to'

, . * "u* io* n. . t t "ng. \ ' r th ¡hese modi f ieñ Thche{

" . t o t to" f 'nc " ¡ r ¡ ¡ . .h ich eñables us to uckle orher

".i¡ltmr. ¡ ¡ó u'e t¡e ¡errn LÍIecuue In¡tl'tt¡te (Er\ tÚ

Í . . . , i i t ' . ' " -p. - , ) 1"" ( l or th is ch¡mL¡erGt ' ' due t^

Usina EI d¡oss the CM anct Pl¡ye6 to run combr¡ úuch

ñor;smoorhl), as se shall now 5e€'

Rourd Modlfiers to EI: Optton¿l EI Modifier

Consid€rtwo cre¿¡ures in comb¡t, ¡€ith€¡sith adwnlage

.- i " .á" .J" . . ¡ . .g t "g ¡^ ins\urPr is ' er ' one$j th ¡ 5r

, . i "^ . " ¡ ,n r s ' c lerr l ) . rherew' l tb ' l ¡ ¡ l rd i r r ' r€nceo. i * . . . ¡ " ; 's , r ¡ thev; 'e ro áct ¡ rd rhr opr ion¡r ! l

dodÍier \usq.\le.l her€ knectr rhi< Prior to e¡(n rouno

Ii1".-¡*Tri ¡*. pt"v.6 h¿le c¿ucd rheir PI¿n'cd, . , rcn. . t ¡ . Crr ¿. r "* ¡ncs ¡ ¡nduñlv dhich srde in thc

rr8hr hrs a r l tShl cd8r ' du. ¡o the vrr i¿b¡ l ' ry o l r r ( rmn

u; f5 l h is is d(rcrmtned u\ in8 Do 'n ' t Dlo l ' th ' D6 i5

I l ir.. rc' r',u" "n "ag. ir {-ó ¡h'ir enrmie\ do rhc

*iur, "r ,rt. nro tolr ¡ iadtd ¡o ¡he E¡ scote of rh€ \ide

whicb h¡s the sligh¡ e.Ige

Far exambtP : Hetñqt (I 45 t a d bts ft len'ts shalue¡

tbe ftxe; Ranan O 63tantt RagfleftE tbe ¡ruñ4n-iiiiii, i ¡qt io t¡¿t',ne hr'e moft skaDen 4 40)'ii

tñ't"i i¡ tn" ¡,*¡t, ¡t" cM ñth I DÓ = 2'sboÚtñ8¿d ce ecsi""ii"eas" and tDto=T sotbdt'acb. i . i . t - -"u "aa +t lot l tbtstoukd NoÚ Ib'its to, tt¡¿ t¡,ec aa,cnturers are .2 -o an¿t 46lesóc.tlvPtv, so tbdt aU tbrte cak act bel,orc hc

\k;uen rbts ña! ñaze an tÍtportant dqJeten'c

sln.e RaEnnckge!spronored In tbe srñklfEoraÚ

This simDl( opl tonrt modiñer ¡n'reares the uñcenainry ol

;;;i;.á i,;'"" .*,'"*. q',h re¡\onrbrv werfm¡¡ched

i" ' i .1 ' . . * . e" , * ¡ i t . r ¡ ¡k ing 'u¡e ¡har cre ' turer wi rh

."n.¡¿á¡¡v l,iu.. ¡ *ot ' rh,; rhcil oppon€nr' w ül ke'P

tbc rd\ .n l ¡qc rh¿t lhe l ¡ rge ' d i f fcrcn( e rhoul ' t m(3r '

Nodl .s¡F¡¡ t?n bere tor delermin!ñS5urPr ise \ inrd ¡h is

rri6 hue.li w ¡r h c'¡cü msrancer. speci¡l sk ills and orner

r¡<toro troie'*, tt.e LIJ¿.tiN Initiatite (Er) rfstenl

descnbedbelow do6 allow more fle'(ibilfv in drrrffÚtung

sumrise. The GM mty rule ¡h.r' ¡-¡lh'r thanlos'n82 wno!'

i.'l'á ic"* "'",t'i'g ,"rlv 8ei surp¡¡sr'r tor I rÚrr r0'".".0.¡,. " -ir,t**ttich i\ surPÍr€d suff'É 2 delrr

b€tore i rc ln responú lot inaEr A8¡¡n eracr lvhowmÚtn

i¡á. i.lo.t ''¡ri¿.p."0 "n circ*ms¡fces, bu! if ¡he GIvt

is unsua d rrow rorig this nighr be, El loss can b€ ra¡doml,v

J-.áine¿ ¡v lDitlo Tbe s€c¡ion belos on El willqotain .his i; mote detail

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (88)





N{TTTIPLE .{ITACKSIo¡ th ' \ p ! . rx ' \ . . rhr Er sv\ ren i \ h i8ht) u\ ( fu l . ( ornb¡rs

¡rh \ ¡q in8 numbeF otmutr¡pte.lur i\\ (an t( r.ir \) fo. ¡hc (rlt ro h¡n.Ie. shoutd ¡ (ñ¡Nres nh | ,¡0 ind 2 ¡t¿¡ ¿s \r.ikr $ r¡h ho¡h b(fore ¡ Lrfl¡ur(qj¡h r Jt ánd_t ,rt¿.¿s, Th i\ ¡Br¡n se.ms imptru\ible th(¿¡ s) 's¡cm o cñ ¡ s impt€ w¡r our .The lormul¡ i \ e¡ \ r Div ide rhe cre¡rure s Et ar rhe { r ¡ ror thr round {b¡r ( I , opr ionát modrf ,c¡ . ¡ ry modrt rer to .qún'n8..¡c )bf rhe nmberot 7t¡¡¿cA s h¡c¡ ir dn mrke.r r r bro$\ s i ¡ t lh(n t ¡ l t ¡ r rcSul . r ¡nrervatr rhrouenour rh.¡ound_

Fúc¡rcnrequal ro d_Frc_ne. rhzn one.h¡ltarercunded up.lncr¡on\brloq o¡e-h¡]f ¡re mundrd down r.o wilh EI -0,¡ ¡ r ¡ck5 woutd lxke ptace on 70,35, and I8) .Th¡r ¡s nor ¡d) rrme-(oñsumjnS ¡ \ysrem ro u\€, becauscmurr'p¡r arl,cks onlv app¡y ¡o h¡nd-ro.h¡nd corDD¡r aDdno¡ ómissileii¡eo. ma!Í(.'ü/h¡r's mo¡q ¡r,s oordifficuhro¡ a p laycr ro m¡ke ¡hrr d iv i r ¡ .m otr tow\ . , ince rhrmdrmum numbr¡ oa arucks tor pcs i , 4 an) w¡y rou.^ssaisin is o.. shorr of ¡his ñdiñumrThe cM can .hen go ¡hrourn ,.r,on, ". aa, "oo ,n.,"opponenrs. simpty Soma rhrcuSh in ord.. ofd.scend¡ngrl ¡5 nom¡i. Theorty ditference ir rh¡rsecoñd. rhird ercatuc¡r will Gcur larer down rhr tist. q,ith somc monrteA.r€ pL5 enr.hng rhe tr¡) mor lh¿n on(e. Th€ cffccr ol¡n¡s sFtem js ¡o ev.n our 'muhiptebtows, ro rhar no on.can i¡flicr ¡ h¡r8e ¡umb€. of 2¡racks due ro hiSh I befor€an opponenl, den one v¡rh mulripte aüacks irsell can

Note finally rh?t e¡treme d¡fferenccs in I w¡

r€m¡¡nP.oledcd q r¡h rhN.y\¡em. fo¡ ey"únple, ou¡ I hen asa5srnwr¡t st¡t¡ l¡nd atl thrÉe of hrr blows berore ¿ (Jianr (I 20,could lá¡d 5y ofhi5 frre Th¡5 i5 nor unresor¡able, D€c¡us.ln. dr efence in I b tery tergf ind€ed. ¡nd rhe re.crtonrmeor thecmrum i\ so drfferm¡ a5 ro m¿Lerhispt.ustble.(n cours(. shen the Ci¡nr gets go¡ng it dosn r h¡u r¡¡ndown, rorenr orviohnce. bu¡ r {¡nd El¡¡scssenrial¡y rh€ab'rrry ¡o rercr qukkty. no¡ ro srrikr m¡fly btowr 0h¡¡ 6d€te¡m¡ned by rhe c¡eatu.€'s ,4rr¿.¿ ch¡r¡cre.isucl.

A Stñp¡tñed SystemA f¡s¡cr, 2lben lcss r€alisric va¡ianr on these ru¡es formultipl€ atr.cks h ro use th€ s¡me b¡sic I ¡nd ord€. oflttacks ¿¡ above,.bur epply modiners for wif|ning, ch¡¡8ing,surpris€, erc ro th€ individuat ¡¡r¡cks ¡nd not ro rhc I sco¿locFatean Er e¡ch comb2¡ mund. t h¡s w¡y, the GM a¡dp¡¡y.6do oot hevetoch¡ge ihe Et rcundby round. Th¡ !option is¡ ¡s nored, fasre¡, bu¡ it rends ro biv€ a sr.onSlynegarive effecl on char¡creG o. crc.rur€s with dutript¡artacks who have ¡¡ ¡ndiffe.e.r r s.o.e ro beqi¡¡ wtrn.

DmwrnSr scapon r ,v ur .houtd d. t rnr . t , r *e ¡ rme, lh€rouosrng rú¡€s shoü¡d b. us. , ltúu hda.le¿ ueapuns aa./ bñz I of ¡t¡ .or\ u r

r2he lcompt. tc ruund ¡o dm$ t f rhr h, ,s is no, to idrd rhen¡o¿o¡n8 { .c to¡d) l ime murr be ¡dded ¿s q. . l l\bielú an.l bu.htñ rake a rcúnd ¡o re¡dv for u\c rr nurJFaoy srmpped ro ar . rm {e8 (arred un one3 b¡c! lH¿n.l ueapons. ú d.aÍ|r, re\utr rn j to$ ofEt ¡ir. Drlos I.¡r

¡e pen ty rhoutd v¡rf s ¡rh th. ji*zc ot rhe qezpon Aen¡t ( ord¡g8c¡c2n be dBwr qur(k l I . and rsut | r ¡n an r rio \s o l onl ) .10 /as\umrn8 thc wcrpon n c lose ro h¡nd, .iJaw¡nÍa Sword o.urh.r trrFcrsj¿e H2nd werpon resurr5'ñ an Er IoJs of-1r. oheou,rl.. rh(r pcnahi€s ro Et onl)..pp¡y on rne combir róund on whi(h rh. seapon ¡s be¡n¿dmwn

Yo¡¡ will need to drcide how tong ii r¡kes to dr¡w orhe¡weaponq renecrinS ¡he impo ance of how re¡dy ro hanctJseapon 'r rore{mple. a whip wÉpped aroun.r rhe q¡ywour¡r probabt) ¡x¡(e ¡ f¡¡

rounü ¡o ft2Jy fo¡ use; bur ¡fr( wcrc c¡.fled to^prd in , \loul lra¡her {r¡p.hotder onr ben i ¡ could be rerr ievcd mo.c quickt l . .e$t¡ ,n8 ¡n ¿nE¡ loas of onl ) .2O. $erpoñr car ;ed in r b¡Lkpr ;k w¡t lr¡kc ¡ongesr or rU ro r€rrj€te fo, ur€P.c l r rems: How lonS ¡r uke. ro Ber an i (em f rom aDa(i{pack depetrds on how muchsruffis in (herc at¡ezdyl\ince. by üd lzr8e rhe moÉ ircm ¡here aff ¡ñide rhe prci.the hi8h€¡ lhc to¡.3l En.umbnnce{ENC,qlue_ ¡.eaonrbtysrmpre rute c¡n bc usedjI,:I::.:

! :.'41t:-?e.4.ue tue pack t¡b¡s ¡nctu.ks ¡ak¡nB't oU onesba.k tfit ts tberet. Tben. toJin.tan ireñ taEes:

rclty p?,-Jo ENc 'ñ s oJ th,nqs ,4side tbe p,.b, orball thereoÍ

^r 'fnO-I¡", .oI. U ,*, E¡ loss fiom r¡k€-up a(io¡s jswen u o sccount 4Jterworkjn8our wh€r mutrjDlearhck5a¡e comple¡ed. Tbis may wel ¡ead ro rhe loss of one ormorc ar¡ rck\ ¡ ¡om lha¡ ñul i ip t ( ¡ r r ¡ck \equencr . SeeS¿quei. i ñ I M u h tp te A I tac ks.


General ly , ¡ r is possib lc ro sv i tch ¡ r racks t€¡weenoppone¡rs ¡n h¡nd,ro-h¡nd combst in one rcund, but a¡least odc,ala?.É is losr per .swircb', o. more if rbe cM rulesthar seveml yards. o¡ mo¡€, .núsr be tnvelled. Fo¡ ffimDle.. ¡ hanc¡erwr¡h rhree ,tr¡acÉr figh¡¡n8 r wo c obhns co;i dsr.rke o¡ce ¡t onq ¡u.o or move ro fiShr the oth€f (losinSone ¡rr4.¡), ¡nd ther ger o¡€ blow at the second enemy.Chegtn8 r,r¿c¿r do€snt have ro bc dccl¡rcd in adwnc¿!o¡ c\rmplc, if ¡ \Ihúior ür€xpcc¡€dly infticts a m¡ssivec.¡t¡cd hk on one enemy, h€ c¡n then chengc his inten.tedrcdon (ro,rrjkr aSein ar rhe s¡mecn€my) ¡Dd ¡nsr€¡d rr)ro hir anorhe. ter8et wirh ¡ny,,ta¡a.*s h. hal rrm¿tnjn8Howffi, le¡ring Ry missitG a¡ diffe¡ent aimed-ar opponmls¡n missilc comb¡¡ ls noi Dossible!

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (89)


' UNARMED COM!4{-jTh. ds¡8f pcnaltv lor usinF rh€ tFr ror k¡LkinS etcr 's

-.-,*o ?-i" ¿ró-¡ r (h¡'¡c¡er po$¡sin8 the Jt/'?'

l¡';i' *rir ,*i¡g'",. ¡ ot this mod¡fier ¡\ b.foÉ but

'i?l " 'irri, I '*i¡.1""t peñ¡r !r' rh' tn'¡r pen¡h) ¡s 20

IiiriiJrii' iri*s; *ri..'' rh( r¡'t th¡t ¡ dr¡aer or k¡ ireñ" .-".-""'¡iv ¿ii' *'*ñlr mor d¡nseou' rhs ¡ ristl]"i,'¡"¡ i" *ni".i 'n ,¡. incr¡scd dam¡8e p'n¡hv rori'l¡.,iii..'i* ;;p" * ¡"* thc !¡me drmá8' modirrer | + r)

; bcfon. Rcmembff th,t ¡ll ún¡rmed 'rnck\ ¡r to 14'

i'inp rureuootl. *¡'the' the atr¡'ker like\ ir ornor


The VhtPAlrhour.h th;r ¡s ¡ Spe.l¿"$ Veapo' _ ttl¡'psl'ill rh€full

iesc¡oi¡on w¡nen for o¡s unus Ú¡l tnd powertul we¡Pon

i! mit;in8 fmm thc !ÍalP rulcboo*

w1¡iDshave lonsh¡nd.s. su¡rlv I v€tdinlenE¡h towh¡ch

'.,1ñ*á " r."i,t' ol t'r¡ co'd whiP'ord úar'r¡ár musl

i""--r¿. r-rn""..q ¡"'d ¡n¡m¡l skin or 8uI.-i¡'p€ ánd

sioiiar nUmus m¿rq¡¡t ¡r no¡ sutuble The berr sn'pr

,* rrnoorreO lnro úe enpiÉ and 2¡€ m¡de trom rhinocrrcs

i l in , ¡ r t ¡o, ¡g¡ ¡ .o t l euI t r f vou mn -gt t i t )

i \ a Sooo

"rr.á.tiu.. w¡ip. a¡e taE ánd cost 15 GCs Plus 4 CC\

iii "-i "i *r'¡il*.¿. "'t'rp'ord varies be¡weeñ r ¡ñd 7

í;;ji,id;;;.;. - v;rds ¡re too unw'etdv' and

ir'¡*i,'i li.g't' ¡, .¡." '; be the sr d keÉur¿el mdim um

d¡suncc.somconc wicldinB a whiP utcs h¡5 BS t l tkc ¡ l ¡sso) to

á...rn¡.r'i.c¡-ic "t t'¡riins H it location h dnermined

nárrnatlv. rte cttecrs ottocat¡on hits ¡rÉ impona¡t ano

aft es dctdl€d on th€ following t¡ble

a shiD h¡r an E/..¡¡r. t¡ret¡8rá of ¡ and any hil troml- i I - i . i ¡" í ¡ ' ,** ' d;m'ge or not (rhát rs i r a

succi"'iur ws rott i- ma¿er' m¡v enbnSle rh' urser unress_¡i

-rL.' ¡ .tcc.*rtt o"*k¡i'l tesr si¡h ' nu penatrf

*t',"rr -*, U. ."¿. "*h roÚrd of cour'e onrv or'

i* , i " , i ^ l lv ú. .*gted bv the whiP at.a t ime ̂ n

li.ü"lj.o .*1,"* i'eh" ;ilh a :t o peñar.v rc rereqn¡ skns

lilii'."viii;;*;.0,o'20 i'¡he whiP'wierd€r doer

""iii"i, ái¡"; '*" -*'ou' to Purr hard on the $h¡p

All ¡his m¡t es the whip ¿ tormid¡bte wcaPor lndced in

,'¡" t'"ii" J".l¡rr.¿ 'i'*¡d¡st vou m¡v thfftoÉ $?nt

i" "-.'o ¡'.tr.." ,n *.o¡ n circuñ'r2nces Forexmpre'li¡ñii" *t'. ii r.'¡¡^e " whip ¡'ound the knee\ or'n

6i,L-" "ir¡i.iv iá ;. ,¡t.io Puu 'th'

cre.,uft ro üe sroundl?" ii ii. riiir¡e d"* ln'¡e a rrms'¿ te'r ' md 2 su it¡bre

modif¡er m¡v be imPos€d $ vou see n¡-


H"1d lf rN J¡m¡*. i\ ctu*d rh' vi(¡rm mÚ{ ú¡kc ¡"'"_

.,,..1'i¡,r ¿j"'..tr ¡e{ or b< blrnded wi¡h ri¡info¡ | rourdt r 'h . .hzn( r r r k ho ld 'nB t r ) rh ¡n8 ¡no In r on)$

" .".i.'o-.¡* 't'"t¡ry'r m$r d¡k€ ¡su<(cs:rur

Iollrrett check or dtop rh' ¡i€dR"¡' Thc; rt ¡ 50'6 chs<. rhn borh rmt f P'tuoÑ""-'

iiiii"t',"**, ,t'' v¡crim '¡n do norhrns hut

,i,.-¡' " bi''r.'rr¡ '"" *"t' -ürd I' ord€r to I Fr

t¡m*lf' -". i¡ ' ¡. *¡'¡ use¡ m¡r.s ¡ ru.\ e\lul (rP'ar' r'sr '"'"-

,i. ' "i*'"- * ¿-g*eu ro th' grcund rd Úd'd

, ' , i i " " . .T ' rñ i ' ¡ ' t "ddú ion to thc usÚ¡r

.n.i'rr..mrit¡-c' r'cc ¡'lowr' a ursd (snÓl

be dÉ:{erd LU.h. sround hosd'i ll ¡¡5r¡@8¡D

-*í"i ¡rt "r ,r'*t'¡p'*' ¡v morc rhs I p'iÚ

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (90)



.PARRYINCThis is a p¡nicula¡ly impon¡nr rut.s dision! A ch¡nc¡erwith th€ .tpe.¡al6t tyeapon - Pa¡nnng Vbapo,Lt skitl isooq permitled to mak on. fre€ pafty w¡¡h a spec¡¡lisrp¡.ryina w.¿pon in eddirion ro his norm¡l a¡¡acks. On¡von. such parfy ¡s possibl., elrhouSh onc or moft ¡rr2.ksm¡y ¡lso b€ uscd ¡s addir¡on¡l p¡rries if ¡h€ ch¡r¡cier$ishrs. Thc fi€c p¡rry musr b€ m¡de wirh ¡ spect¿thlp¡¡ryin8 w.apon - ¡ l.fr.b2¡d dagSÉ( ¡ sNord.b.€¡ker, ora bucklcr. Thc fre. pdry ca¡ nor b€ dcha¡ged for ¡n srm

This .ulca evision m¿k6 a svo¡d-bdker ¡ fr ñor€ lsetulwcapon ¡o cary rh¡n pBiously. ¡nd ro compcns¡re fotthis ¡ second rsisio. düsr be m¡de: rh. possible ecapon-brc¿ki¡8 tunc¡on ofrhis spcc¡alist wc¡pon wiu nor opcr¡rco¡ this fflc paÍy'. tf ¿r ¡Í¡ck is sac¡ificed for an addi¡iondp¡rry w¡th the swo.d,breaker, the addnion¡l palry canbrc¡t thc we¡pon, a ¡n vFBP sund¡rd rul.s


To IIlt ModlflersThc followinS ublc should b€ us€d ¡o r€pl¡ce rhar gi!€nin the VFRP rul€book.

Mlsglle Weapons ln Hand-to-hand CoúbatTh..2si.sr rüle ro€mplo_y heE is ú¡t mis.ilcm¡pons c¡nbe used in mrlcc. bur ch¡r¡cr.6 canrot re¡o.d them. Its¡mply isn'r posibl.¡o slip¡bol¡ i¡to ¡ crossbow and dnwrhesrin8 t¡u¡ fo¡ fi¡in8 $,h.ñ a srink¡n8 o8r€ ¡s (rying rosm¡sh yoú. bñin5 ou¡ ¡¡l over ¡hc floor wi¡b a wh¡cki¡aSreer.lub. lnsrinc¡ive ¡rr.mors ro fl¡de such a f¡tc rn¡kerhc conccntñtion ¡nd disciptine nceded for r€lo¡dtng amissilc sepon imposs¡blc to sustain. Veapon! such es ¡rhrowing knif. or throwing ¡x€ may be used, bur ¡r tslnlik€ly ¡ny chand.r Eonld oad or *ish ro do this, for¡h¡5 could slrikc ¡ f.imd try ñistlk ls.c FinnAíf,to a Ha/ü-

Flrhg loto ¡ Hend-to.Hr¡d Cor¡b¿tIt ts assumed hcre thÍ rhe nú w¡h6 ro hir a specific tar8.t(o¡ ar re¡st ro avoid on€!); if rhis is nor so, us€ rhe rulcsfor Fldng a¡ a Grct/p.

FkinS in¡o ¡ hand-ro-h¿ñd romUr É obviouny po5siblc.bu¡ lh€ ch¡ncrer mry have prcbt.ms hrrrrnghis ¡nrendedr2.Ec¡. Thech¡nc€ ofsucb ¡ mir¡ke GdrinS is 5% pe.addirion2l cre¡rur within ¡hc E¡oup fghrinS. Th€ cMdete.mincs r¡ndoñly wbich c¡É2ruc C hir in sucb caes.¡f thc fi¡ert BS ¡s nor vcry h¡gh, no srn ¡oU shoutd b€n edcd tonnd whe¡her¡n unin¡end€d r¡rae! was hir. Orec¡n simply add ¡hc ¡ppropriai€ number ro rh. uppcr end

Once it has b€en det€rmined th¡t a rarget has been hir. rheno.mrl procedlre for hit loc¡tion and dam¡ge is followed.Fo. thc purpose ofthese rules. á group ¡s defiÍed in theno.mal way; ie a separ¿tion of.t t?rds codstitures anothe¡gmup.

Flrlng at a croupThe old rule, ther BS is doubled wb€n firiDa ¡t ¡ groupif rhc li.€r does not specify an i¡rdividual .a¡get wiihir ir,is ch¡o8€d hü€. Th€ bonus to BS becomes +5% p€.¡ddir¡onal creaúre ¡n the g¡oup ¡bove onc Thus, if tbeSror¡p is of three crc¡tu¡es úe fire. gets a +lO bo.us toBS, if of fou¡ i¡ is +15, and so on.

Note ih¡t th. maio¡ diff€r€nc€ betw.en these tso cases¡nay cirhcr b€ specifylna ¡ positir,€ targei (ie Iwenrto fir.¡t ¡he big Gob¡ln wlth the r€d bandm¡ ) o. a negariv€ -''I *3nr ro firE ¡r ¡h! goup wirhour hi¡ting ñy fiiend inrhe rhickof ir': lt isofteneasie.rohand¡erheDecative caseby specifylng an állernative t¡rg€r in rhe g¡oupt


Firing froú ¡ ¡¡ov¡d8

Thrc*trg i¡npovised

¡o G.ocally, .nythingudder 1' hiSh ¡nd longis a sm¡U arllcr

+¡0 Genenut ¿nyrhingzbov€ 8'r.¡l(ci¡ni,Ogr, TóU, erc.)

-10 Su.h $ á hor5e o. frcm

-10 MovinS a¡ ldl ru¡ni¡8

lo Talaer is ar long ¿ngefor thc k¡pon b.ingus.d, as defincd on ¡h€Misile wedpons Char¡

20 T¡rgr ¡s ¡t exlcmcÉnge ro. rhe w.¡ponbcinS u*d, 6 delinedon rhe Miss¡l¿ Wapo4s

-1O Such 6 ston6, portery,

.10 T¡.8€¡ ¡5 p¡ni¡llyhiddct by Eget¿tion,soo(I!, or arees

'2O "¡Acl ¡5 p¡r¡i¿llyhidde¡ by .tor€ orbri.l woik, wlls or

An .vá<rin8 ¡ara.. ir oo€ which is runnidg ¡¡ ful' sp.ed, burwhich k also trkinS cusiv€ ¡c¡ioo by zi8-z¡88ina anddodg¡ng. Thb wil üsüaly orly h¡pp€n w¡rh cre¡rüci sñafienouShtodo it(an h¡ ter ruy b.wedifrheGM is utrsuÉ¡bou¡ rh¡s), but ¡t offe¡s Pcs ¡h. ch¡nce of m¡ktng ¡ saf..ÉrÉ¡t frcm how.us¡n8 Éremi(s. An fl¡ding r¡¡€rr orl)rnv.ls -t% ofthe disr¡nce ofor. zr fu¡l tunning speed,due (o rhe irEgutarlry of t?! .our5e (e8 wi¡h M3, tutl dnningsp€ed is,r8 y¡rds p( óund, osion spad 36 'árd3 pe.tut¡nd)- l¡ ¡ll o¡ber rcspc.É (eB for süffc.ins rRlJ¡ rlsrs,enfored (lo*'ng<¡ch mund dú. to lar'8uc. er. reaioñcouors as fütl rú¡n¡d8 sp..d.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (91)


Placing Bombs!ñ'fie &6 ¡¡,lRllrglcbrx¡k is €o.e.t ¡r s¡Jin8 th2¡ tx)mbs

sbich üc pl¿ced ¡rd leíl ¡o qp¡ode don r rqÚire m2rúc\

mll m be ;¡de, tomc dice rol¡s still ú€ed ¡o be m¿d'. lo¡

rhe folloqinS .e¡sons.

Th€ (h2n(¡cr pl¡(in8 thebomb ñu\t dflr¡rÚoe how lonq

rhc lúre $ ilt r;kr to búrn A fu\c m¡v b' of ¡nv ru'Bhl'

tenpth from I round up ro rtheo¡rtl'allI' ¡n tndcfioite

oer_od rr¡e rr¿¡l ofcunpowde¡ leadin8 up ¡o thc b¡rrelr)

,{fte. ir is lir, for lhe first round rh€ fuse willbümno¡mall-vHora*e( on e2ch subsequerr ¡oDnd the ch¡¡¡de¡ ñust rcu

Dloo. ind on a rou of 96+ rhe fuse splur¡es our ¡no rs

useless (but m¡y be re l r r Youmav$¡ñr tomake¡\ecr( l¡i.. -Lr. "-r1"" ".tt-* Lr ¡ne tuse to ñ_i8dr4 isPeciállv.ich¡ ir rhc end ofthe ius( $ lh2t wh(n lhe ch¡B(ter8oe'u; ro Ét iehl n thebombhlostupin h is f lce l a l0%chT cr

r in¡ l lv . eh.n the tus. burñs doun (o ns end th ' rc h r iU

,¡f 'ün¡".¡.¡**"r" *isnR: on a D¡oo ¡ou ¡nvn¡tur¡l

doublc (ll. 22. €¡c.) indic¡tes ¡ misfi'c (see the VFRP

You ¡ñ .l.o ¡t I'br¡tv to allow ¿Al?t lest\ for cte2lurcs

".*io tt'. uo-u,,r,.i'"¡. o¡ ¡ burnins rus4 is álM)5 rot\lodifieF should tx 8¡ven ror cti\¡2nce irvolEd and de'¡rr

ol ünbient noisc(egihou¡rnS drunltrn Goblnr wouldh¡vt

r€ñ littlc ch¡nc€ of h.ring ¡ f¡zz¡rg tus€)




lrc¡tlon Modinc¡

He¡d '2o

Arm '20

Bod_l_ -¡0

lcgs '10

Th( rul. heR 2pPlies both !o ¿im'd hand to h¡nd blos\

¡¡i tosn¡¡ps¡oiiingtre rhe VFRP rulebookr s irh masile

* i "p"n. i r , ¡ " .ü . t * tp .crr i€5 a bodv tocetron whjch

¡ i ¡ ispeci f i c¡ t ly ¡ r rempr ine to h i t ther f B ' peni l tv to Lhe

BS or wS roll as ¡ppropri¡rei thrs ¡s

The at¡acker ñust specily which a'm he is trying to hr¡I t i 'n" ioo* 'urerot i .c i t l arñ'wirhoutchoorinS rorthe"*. u.,'*"* t r'.- it . ";"pr¡sed ol ¡he upPer bod) ¡nd

,rr. "r-t ,og.,¡.t ."n".abe t¡ke¡ as e single árel fort¡rget¡ing.

¡f rhe urBett€d blow miss€s. ir do€s tto' str¡kc ¡ny orbc¡

Tbe Denalti.s nord abovc ¡rc ne8'!ed ¡frhc ¡ttt'ker cant.l.li*"race"f sum¡r, ¡nd ¡lso if ¡heatrácker¡sstrikrng., " o*. "ñ.t toprion ltv. aln enunSl€d t¡r8rl lfsrrildnSai iri. .nm¿"ea uóuv l"c¡t¡on ) Thc brac p€ndtt's for ám

."i t'i,á ¡ii', *.*,é.,t"r ¡hos. s'hich u\u'llv 2Pplv forsmall t'rce¡s, ¿flect thr f¡c¡ rh,r c¡eatürt' P'o¡'c¡ rhel'i'",¿r "r?,¡.¡. *.,p"" "sing upPer limtsbv rcnfl andconsc¡oLrs acrron., ¡ri¡r¡n8 rhem.sPe'irlll htrd to ur8et

Since thrsc we¡poro h¿vc ¿n ear rcme nnge li mf of lO y'rd!

;nd abuÉ¡ mdi;s ot 8 verdr. it i( cle¡r th¡t thev 3re orvrr)tirde use indeed es mi\s¡le traPon\' Thc mhfir' chsncr

iitri c¡ e""ush 'o t eep rt'e'. we¡poñi cl$8erou\' so ir will

n"r"¿¡"rurU qr¡n. ¡ r t .n . . i t s . ¿nounce lh¡ t due ¡o

iñDrorrmcn¡; m ¡he m¿nuf¡(tur oflhese iretu lh' ÉngÉs

fo; both thesc missiles ¡¡e now ext€dded to:

sho¡¡ r¿dge: 5 Y¡¡ds' Lon8 r¿¡8.: 12 Yard¡

Ex¡ÉmG .¡ng€: 20 Yardr

Us€ the rormd Da ro[ Iodet rmine th€ di¡ecion of ñbsts'

add Íh€r! thes. missilcs land, bu¡ thc disi¡nce betw€en

ihc tlrsel and theplac€wheÉ th. bomb/incend¡¡¡y lends

derrnái on lh. dirBn.e lhc missile has becn thown

shorr nngc (5 )E d5) lDl y¡¡dsLodq r¡nce (¡2 Y¡rd!): lD6 Y¡¡d5Exrñne r¡nsc (20 )"¡dsl: lD6r IDJ }€rdi

^ fln¡l Doir¡r of nore it rh,¡t ¡hc r€duced d¡maae which

"oolie"'a¡ t""r ¡nO e¡t.me nnges do€! to' involv€ rhe

¿liI¡¡ce thc ¡omb or ¡ncendiar,' is thrown Insr'¡d il

¿coen¿s on r t re ¿¡sr¡nc( b. lwcen lh ' centr ' o f the

eótosion rnd rny urgcrs wi¡h¡n lhe 8 F¡d adrue Dam¡8e

i' [¿uc.¡ ov t ior inv t¡rea 2-¡ va¡¿r ¡ñav ¡nd bv -¿

i"i,* "n"t .-e y..d' "s;l Tlrger\ more th¡n 8 lrrdsawav do not sufl€r dañ¡ge

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (92)

' ARCANE MYSTERIESAddltional Spells for Wlzards, Clerlcs, and Dru¡ds

CUE Li8h. Injury

rir€ A¡llFligh¡

Inmunity f¡om Poisod

A¡mw rnrl¡hcr¡bilityCause Cow¡rdly Flight

Curs€ of Anow Att.actlon

Migic Bridge

CaDs€ Harcd

Hold FliShrLi8hrninS Boh

Mystic Mist&abr

Steal Magical tttuter

Zone of Steidrashcss

AuÉ of rnvul¡cr¿bilityBl¡s¡

Cure Severe vound

Stand StiilStr€ngrh of Mind

The nrí p¡rt ofrhh chapter d.rails 16 nw Bard. M¡8¡cspells for W¡rhadoc. F¿¡rrasy Rot€ptay. Viards ¡ndsp€c¡alists h¡ve nomal acc€ss ¡o these nN spelts. Cl€ricsof various d.¡ti€s 2É de¡ll wirh áfrer the speU desc.ipiionsDruids, and ns specialisl d.uid¡c spetls, ¡re dedr qirhexren3¡very io ¡he sccond hdf of rhis chaprer

The new spells ¡rc lisr€d in tralics.


DISPIRITSÍEU Ldeli tM¡8ic Poinis: 2

DlErion: See b€¡owIngr€di€¡rs: A c¡¡v€d mini2tu.€ E@den he¡.r, which issn¡pped in rwo ¡s rhc spell h car

This spe¡l ñry b€ c¡st on ¡ny one c@¡ur€ orgoup, and¡ successtui M48t tesr will neg¡¡. itl .ffeds. Thc sf,€ll pürsf€clings of d6p¡ir rd goom inro rhe mind of ¡try ¡ffect€dc¡€aturc. who wiu iben suffer a -10 p€nzl¡y to ¡U Ld andCl ¡€s(s unt¡l the fouowingsun.is.. The spcll c¡nnot áffectn¡tur¡l a¡i¡¡ds, ccatur€s eilh lrt lO o¡ below, o. ccaruñs\tuñttt\c to pqcbologlcat eff€cls (eg Undead). Furrhe.casrinSs of the spctl o¡ ¡he same n¡Bc(t do nol edd ¡oth€ penal.ies given-

ENTHUSESpell LeEl: rMaglc Poinrs: 2Rag€: 48 'árdsDur¡tioni See belowlngf€di€nrs: ^ mi¡riarure casr-lrcn h€an

T¡is spell m¡y b€ c6¡ od oy.onc crlaturc o¡ 8rcup úd¡ succcssfd üa8t6lesr vill ú€8¿re irs effec¡s. Ir fills a¡yaffedfd c¡ruÉ wirb hope r¡rd enrhuaiiasm, giünA¿ + 10bonus to al¡ Ld and Cl t sts u.ril ¡lt€ nÉ{r sun¡ise The spelhai no cffec1 on narür¿l anim2b, ccarur€s w¡th lt¡t 10 orberow, or those im¡nune ro psr.holog¡cal .ffecÉ (egU¡ded)- Funhc! casiings of rhe spcü on rhe sam. r2¡8.(s)do not ¿dd to ¡hc bonüscs given.

IGNITE MISS¡LESsp€ll Levcl: tM2aic Poin¡s: I pcr dissil.ErnAc: 24 )zrdsDu.adori: Sec b€low¡ngEdien¡s: I drop of oil ed a pinch of sulphur

Thls sp€ll m¡y b€ .6r upon ¡rom, c.ossbN bolts, or orhcrmiss i l€s or tb¡own weapons. I r úay not b€ c¡st onammüni t ¡on for gunpowd€r weapo¡s, bombs, orincendi¡ries. One M¡gc Poin¡ is dpmdcd fo¡ e¡ch missileaffec¡ed, 2nd no mo¡€ than four separ¿.€ missiles may be€nchanted tn ¡ny or¡e rouod. \vh€n the ñhsil€ ts ñred o.prop€Ucd ¡¡ a rar8et, ir bu6r5 iño n¡mes in mid,fight,caüslng I addit¡onal point of dam¿gc whcn ir hirs, ¡ndiani¡i¡g .ry flúún¡blc objc(-t s¡r¡¡ck.

Notc th¡¡ ¡ rvizard m¡y casr th¡s ccb¡nrme¡¡ on ñissil.sp.ior to comlFr, bur rh€ lpell o¡ly t¡srs for I hou. ¡f rheyarc nor fi€d immcd¡ateu Missiles can be ¡ffccted in mid-nighr using rhis spell.

Note: r¡ldy spe¡ls mit bc r¿rSetred ¡r onc cr€¡ture, o. ag¡oup of cr€2¡ures; a group is defined i¡ thc WrRP



Irngc: 48 y¡rds

By cas¡¡ng thts spell, the spclc¡srer ls ¡ble ro percc¡i,E rllm¡8ical itcms ¡¡d obj€crs wirhin hts f¡eld of vision up torh. maximum r¡ng€ of the sp€ll. In rhis w.y ir is simila.to Maglcal Sens¿, btr vi,rh ¡ Ire¡dy crtcndcd r¡n8e. Notethát ihls speu wlll r¡ot r€vel rb€ idc¡ttry of spellca3r€rs,rbe Mag¡cal Auareness 6k¡ll ¡ nccc$ery fo. this.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (93)


DuÉrion: Inr¡nt¡neousIn8Édien¡s: ,{ mini¡¡úE iron b¡ll on :¡ cttein

Tbis spell.¿¡ b€ c¡st o¡ro e d(Er' sall oroth€rin¡niñlresurfrc; o¡ obi.cr. It do€s rot work on a ccatür€' livingo. undc:d. Tbe q$er musr toucb ihc surfece ro b< ¡ffecl€d'Tbf soell del¡vers ü. equ¡valent of IDJ hirs ¡r.t¡¡e,{¡¡fo on;ny sed'on ofw¡lt tsee DestúYng BuiAhSs in the'WFRP rulebook).


R.nge: 4a ):rdsDur¡t¡o¡: Ist1nt¡¡rcolslngEdie¡ts. ^ sú¡ll emb€r i¡r, plus ¡ny mrgi' item

'This !Dell Í¡avb( Ér ¿F¡rn$4v oñr spellcat¡nE CÉaturc¡ if 'n;r+Gn6rd i5 so;.how misu¡crüv I'ra.tlfd M¡ÚcPo¡nts m'qe€rd.d but úe spcu hal no €lfecl ). If úe t¡rgffails e M¿?i;r6t. h. is mbbrd of 2DÓ M¡sic Points q hichar then t¡¡nsfcrÉd ro Ó€ sPeücasrer 'S.ol!n' Mag¡c Potntsc¡n tcmPodily incfte a spcllcritcr's Magic Point romrrbove bis norñet mzximum Power Level' but th€seaddition¡l M¿aic Poifi5 must t e us€d within I bÓúr or elsethfl aft lo5¡ . A sDcu6tcr*hos MaSic Po¡n¡5 are Édu'edrc ;(rc or belo; bv thÉ sp€ll falls unconsciour for 2Dlohours ánd Aai¡s I lffi¡nirY Poi¡t.


MtrNTAI, DUELSp€ll Lcr'.1, 2Magtc Points: 3 (but see bclow)R¡ng€: 96 'u¡dsDundon: Sc. b€towh8¡Edr€nrs: ftvo oiniatufE swords. onc of Sold' on. of t€.

This sp€ü brlnSs rh. speucste¡ into immedit¡c opPosit¡onwirhir meñy speücstrr(who may not eÉde the meo¡¿rco rcl ¡¡d dü€lling). If th€ sPeU is misBkenly c?si et a¡on-sp€lcat€r. th€ M4lc Poir¡¡' d still €lPended md the

On rhc fi¡st round of the Dcnút duel, each spe[c¡st rmlsD6 ánd ¡dds his M¡8ic Lev€1. lf th€ crstcr's mral score ishisher tha¡ ü¡t of his €n€my, Úrc enemy loses 3 M28icPoin s; ¡f lowc¡ o. equal. tlt€ c¿stÉr los€s I M¿8ic Points.

This sDcU is clance.ous, foroncc ¡ Mcnrd Duel lsbcSunnenh;combatenr may roP u¡rilonr or other i5 cducedro zcro M¿cic Points or below, o¡ until on€ spellcaltcrw¡shini to ev:d€ the dncl makes a succ€ssful ¡ta8lc t€si'No oth¿r soells may b€ c¡st dürina ¡ Mental Duel ¡nd nocombar ¡áions o. ñov€men¡ ¡re possible c¡lh€¡. Th€duel¡rsIs irÉ who y absorbed tñ thcir duel ¡¡d obliviousto orhe¡ haoDen¡nc!. Howev.r, adueU¡st struckby ¡melreoDponeor ¿ dtowd ¡ ,'ltastc rest to $c¿p€ the MGn¡¡l Duel(tiich may pcrmit lwo such rcstt in one round tt rhespctlcásler i! alrEády trying Io ewde the du6l;

^ sD€llcdt€r r€duced to zclt} M2gic Points or belor' by tttrssoell will f¡l! unconscious fo¡ 2D10hou¡s, g¡inI lnsa¡l¡vP;ini, ard ñust mste ¡ 1¿8ic tcst or have bis Po*c¡permz¡mtly frduc€d by '3.


spcu Lcvel: 2M¡aic Poirts: {

D¡¡r¡tion: Insr:¡nun.oüsI¡Sredtmts; A vial of blood from thc h€¡rt of 2 l¡on

This sDell ruy bc crst od úy cre¡turc or 8roüp which h¡3¡"q r¡ie¿ a ¡eáo¡ ¡¿¡¡¿¡r(l;t.The etteútoÍ rheleaflr?tu; túnediately canc€Icd,3¡d the crc¡tuÉs can mow ándact normellt Howscr, ¡ny tnsaoity Potn¡s from fail€d?m/ t€sts reñ¡in \tith th€m. Th€ tp€ll c¡nnot ¡ffect¡arur¡l a¡irnáls. cre¡tures vtth lrt lo ot beloq o. thoseimm!¡. ro pstrhologtcal effects (€8 unde:d)


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (94)




RanSe: P€rsod¿l8rcupDur¡don, D3+ I tu.nsInSr€dicnrs: A pinch of soor ¡nd rhe wings of a b¡t

Whcn th ls spcl l is c¡s¡ , th€ casr€. .nd any gror¡p¡ccomp¡oyin8 hiñ ¡E clo¡ted in ¡ zo¡¡e of magtcald¡Jkn.ss, the pdius ofwhich is€qual to the dispeF¡on ofth. Amup. No(e ú¡r 6y arcup rnember movtng mo¡€ rhú¿1 t?¡ds ew¡y frc¡n ¡ny other 8¡oup memb€r will no lonSetrem2i¡ ir the ¡re¿ ot effect of thc sp.ll.

cr€¡¡üres outsidc ¡he ¡rr¡ of cffect cannoa scc a¡ythinginsidc th€ d¡rk¡cs5, but lhos€ inslde ¡t can see out, Missilefi¡c i¡ro rhe zone is subicct ro a -20 peo¡lty, and i¡ isimpossibl. for l speüc¡stc¡ or¡B¡d€ thc ¿ooc to dir€.t mindividu¡lly i¡rgert.d spell ¡r ¡ny cre¡tur€ within ir-Cre¡ru¡es ou$ide thc ¡rrz of cffec¡ wishing ro oier wiüinú. Cloak oÍ Darhnes rnsr pass ¡ ¡¿¿¡ test to do so.

CONRODEsp€u Lcvcl: 3Magc Poi¡¡s: 9R¿n8c: 24 F¡dsDuÉrioo: Irst¡f, t¡neoüs¡ngEdi.n¡s: ^ pi€c€ of tro¡ ¡nd 2-dmP of *¡t€t

This sp€U m¡y be c¡st ¿t a crc¡¡ur€ or g¡oup Every non-rD¡aic¿l it m of lto¡, !!€€l or boü¡ po$€ssed by thc orSetcrsr¡¡¡<s) inr¡ndy corfod6 a¡ay to fust ind is destfoyed.Meral a¡mour becomca uselcss, wcapons c¡umble ¡o dusl(¡i'c¡pons with vood.n shafts ¡nd mcúl he¡dships cou.¡as improvis€d wcTons), ¿nd so on. MaSical w€¡po¡¡ xnda¡mouf are un¡ffecr€d by this spell.

DISPEL MAGICsp€ll Level' 3M¡gic Points: 6Rrnge: 4a yardsDun¡ion: lnstanta¡GouslnSrcdien6: A sma¡l maSn€t:rd ¡ pinch of dust from the


Thcspellc¡s¡e. may aü¡omÍic.rl-r disp€l any spclls h€b¡s'.6r¡im6c!{ by Kaf .t¡¡i3.pctl.

F¡n¡lly, oorc rh¡! rh. ñ28i. ir@ u h¡ch ¡ ¡n ingrÉdicot fo.thh spell is no¡ eff€cted by rh. sp<Uc¿!.ing.

ENFEEBLESpcU Lcv.t: 3M4ic Potñts: 5R¡n8c: {8 }u¡dsDuslioo: S€c b€lowtnSrdients: A drop of douse blood

This spcll m¡y be c¡st ¡t any c¡e¿¡ü!! o. groüp All tar8etcñNrE(r) whtch f¿¡1l norm¡l ¡l¿8tc Lst losc t Poi¡r €ichof S,ten&tb ̂ ndTorgbness. This b¡s rhc followirg eff.crs:

- encumbr¡ncc allow¡nce is h¡lvcd- all mol€ment pcnalti6 for obst2.lcs, diíÍio¡lt 8münd, md

ov.r-crcumb!¡nce .rc doubled for .h€ dur¡¡ion of¡he spell.

Th€ sp€l eff€ct l6ts ünt¡l ih. oo<r sunrl5e.



RanSe: Craru¡€ ¡oucheclDuntion: 3DlO roundtrngEdi.nts: A minutc Bl¡5s fiUed wi.h di¡mond dust

This spcll 2ffecrs onc crc¿turt, ¡ücrtita it ro mor'. andp€rform ¡6ions twice ¡s qüic¡ly a5 oodnal. Thc aff€cted..cl¡rfés Moterreñt, Inl,latl¡,e u¡d nü¡nbct of ¿ttzcks ¿redoublcd whilc th€ spcll it in effcct (subjcct to norm¡ln¡,t,jÍt|'mú, le InltlaULe.armlt *!!d lOO,,4¡r4c¡tcan¡otsceed l0). All ¡cltoni t¡keh¡üthc¡oro¡l rimctop€rfo¡mwbile úte sp€l is in eff€<-t (ea dr¡witrg 1 ¡¡c:po¡, larieving¡n ttem frc¡¡ a peck, ¡nd so on). Cr€z¡¡res affccted by ¡hispowertut spell may not rhems€lrcs crsr sp€ls, dthouShrhey ñ¡y use magtca¡ i&rns ¿nd/or alrink m28ic¡l potion..

DRAIN MAG¡CSpell Level: 4Magic Points, l2R.nge:24"DuÉrion: Ins¡antz¡€ousIdgrcdients: A.ny ma8¡c¡l w¡¡d, sBpped a¡ouod wirh

This sp€ü ¡llows thc castü to d¡¡¡¡¡ 2ll thc magical €rergyfrcm on€ t2r8et crc2¡ur€. Tb€ targ€i 15 ¡llowed. stand{d,l48tc t€s¡ to negttc th€ cffe€ts of tb€ sp€ll. If th€ tesr isf¡ited- thc effeds ¿E:

Soellcs¡es ¿re reduc.d to z€m l¡r¡ic Poüns. vlzardt(iircluding sp€ci¡listÉ) ¿re sttück úconsctoüs for 2DrOt¡rns, although Clerics ¡nd D¡uids ¡€m¡ill conscto$

unde¡d ¡nd Ethereal ü€zru6 ¿¡€ destmvcd:

D¡€mons a¡d Elem€nEls ere b¿rish€d

This spcll i¡ h¡zrdous, for lfthc sFll is successfully castrhe spellc¡fte¡ must m¡kÉ ¡ ü4glc test, If h€ do.s notsucceed, he f¡üs ro contlol rhe ra$ tn2gicel energtes dr¡wnoffby thc spell ¡nd loses a nuDbe. of wbrrd Pointt €qu¡lto the number of Vorrd poir¡ts of ¡he crcatuc ¿ffecacdby rhe spel¡. Th. spellcrstet s Wb¿t¿ ch¡Bcteristtc carnotbe r€duced below zcrc by thh side-cff€cr of casdr¡8 Dt¿tn

fo¡ th€ bone of ¡ Vizardt skeleton)

lpcll E¡y t'c calt ¡t ¡ny c¡e¡ture or 8rouP.b¡lows:

^rc bjecrfo í¡ts¡abllttt, rheybcdiz¡ely.

ofh¡glc w€apon5, ¡rmour, w¡nds,c€2s€ to functron for thá¡ foufd,

!.¡6 ¡ sücc€ssful ¡l¿8tc rcr. Sp€ll-i¡dnsar€, howcr only ¡nte.rupted

rÁd no m¡8lc it€m is Pe¡m¡¡entlYl¡ü spcl-

wkhin the m¡¡imum enge of ¡he(qzMaglc BdAEe, n ^Éaot Mis¡lc

Sú¿n¡, etc). If th€ sPellcast€r \a,ho¡l¡bin t2 )Érds of lt wh€n the D&Pe,o¡t€ 2 ,la8t¿ a€sr to prÉv€nt ¡t b€ina

by th. sp€U m$t mak€ ¡ successtulcüíútly matnt¡i¡€d (eg Itrt¡slot,d¡p.lhd. tnrddttlon, tf thc¡t4glc

m¡y nor c¡st any turher sP€llso rbich úe D&Pel ¡ta8lc is c¿si.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (95)


Sren L€\'el: 4

Duflion: U¡rrtl disPell.dlnprdirnts: Thr e;rnih of ¡ skunk ¡nd ¿ c,bb¡8c l€¡f

T;ir sorll ts cs\ent¡¡llv ¡ 8É¡tlv €nh¡nc€d vcrslon or¡h'

Ldel i\vo B¡rrlc M¡8ic sp.ll ¡tF¡l. ¡ltr'. c¡E¡tln8¡cloud2Db wrds in di¡me¡er wilhin thc muimum r¡n8c ofthc

ro(ll. Thc ctoüd ¡cts in the sam. q¡¡y 5 ¡ ¡t'tJx'r ¡llst (k'

ri. VFRP rul€bñk). bul it ¡s elso potsonous 2nd colMiE

L¡vinr cE¡tures w¡thin the !8. of €ff€ct musr makc ¡süc.e:sful tu/so, tcsr c¡ch oÜnd thev r€fflr¡ wnhin thc

Foe¡¡d ctoud ot süffe¡ 7¡ ¡utomztic 3 5 hit' !!8¡rdless or

¡rmour TioUs and o.her cre¡turcs vhlch rc8cfl€r'¡tc d¡v

nor receneñf damá¡e sutre ftd ¡.om 2 Foe¡td c'oud *en

whenlhev le¡ve tha¡Éa of cffecr: h mun b€ hc¡led by

The sDel t does nor ¡ I fect . rhcr . ¡ l c ter tures or F i r '

Ekme;ds. other Elemcnrds, Unde¡d. ¡nd Dzcmons onrvsuffer a¡ S 5 hit {itht¡ tl¡. Foef.l Ctoult orrci pct 'úttr(fi6t ¡ound of rhc tum)

Th. cloud pcGists unril thc cast€. is bf' mo!'cs' cas¡sdotbersD(ll. orotherwtse ce5es to (on.crtntr upon tr'The onrv;ccDtioñ ¡c thar ¡ FirE Elemcnrzl c?¡ destrovúe t oeid cto;ld viúia 4 + rDl ro].dn.&' a\d Dspet aStc

wiltcl¡sDel i!. Atyoür discdton hiSh winds wiudisp€tscr]ne Fo¿id aouA ¡ lD4 lor morc. dep€rding on wind


spcn LiMl, {Mágic Points: 6R¡nB€: 12 y¡rds d¡mctcrDur¡rion: Until dbpcücdtn8¡dierÍs: A sPhcr€ ot glrlt encrociru 3 dtoP! of D¡Elnoo

This sD.U c¡E¿tcs a lz-'?rd d¡zdet r zor€, ccÚcr€d oo thc

c¡rc;whicb f5 in nma¡y w¿y! dútJ,t 6r?n ,e oÍSa"cü¿a¡lrsée rh€ r¡ÍFBP rul€tlook). In dd¡tion to rhe pro!€crioos

;tfo¡d.d by ^ zon. of san tuary, the zow of Magk"tlrnmunrn'ls itnp.Ni¿!Ñ @ fr¡8icd sp€lls ind cffecls of

¡l¡ k¡nds is¡ve tftpel ¡{aScú spell5) Th¡s includes spcll'like eff.crs crÉ¡trd from má8ic¡l ltems.

Und€nl c¡.aturcs, Elcmer¡tds, D2cmons, ef¡d Eth're¡lcr€aru¡€r cmnot €nE¡rf th€ zone ofuagk zl lñ,nu,. t'sa'rlccatür€s which are within ¡hc lz'ytrddi¡mctcrwhco thcso.lt is c¡sr must Glest fot t tstablvb' lfjmcü^'cly, b|l¡

;hether th€v mak€ !h'5 tcst or oot .hc Írlt¡lnr¡m cffecl bro c2us€ th;m to flc€ o]oÉld..hc zone of Lteglcal

Iñrntlnltl zt ra xiúwlt r2rE.

L Zone ol Mdztc|l lrnñrtrtt will pcrstst untll tbc.Éll6rc; ocrr;rm5 ¡nv ectlon (!uch ,r mo14tl8 c¡5ting

¡norhcr sócll, crc) o; unt¡l ¡ Drspar ü¿a'c spcu ¡s

successtuUv c¡5t uDon i¡. Th. hn of,tagtt4l Inmu¡tl't¡ not ¿cstóve¿ Ui contzc wt¡h othcr Z¿'er. buI r¡therttre oücr i5 a; lonzlic¡llv diópc[.d, unless it is tlso ¡ zotr"

of MaAkat lnñtmltf, iÚ¡.wh¡ch crác lhe ovr¡lapPl¡a Zott¿sw¡ll hRe no effect on €¡cl| rnh€r








Th€ rPFRP ñ¡lebook gives .te¡! ¡¡strucrions a5.o wbichdeides pcrmit eccess to E¡ttle M¿gic by thcir Cl€ri.s' a¡¡drhese apply equ¡lty to thote sPells lts¡cd zbove ThéÉ ¡c¡lso a fd sD€.iál cases worthv of note. Fi¡st' áll d€ltl€sallow rheh Clerics ro us. tb e Ikrect ¡naStcurd Díspel Maglc

smlls. rJe.En2 docs no¡ p€rrüt hcr Cl€¡tct !o usc 'h' Clo¿lo;'D¿rf,r"ss sD€ll. Fin¡nv, Món p6rDl¡5 th. |l!c of úc ,'alt¡iasr. spctl f;r th. pnrpotc of ¡tt¡cLing Unde¡d c¡€eluttt

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (96)

. DBUIDIC.II{,dGICPlarrr$ or w¿rh.mner ¡út¡sy Rolcplay h¡vc caprss€dth.iiopinion thar D.¡ids ¡re poorly s.rved by rhe limiredchoice otDruidlcspcl¡s in rh€ WrX.P rulebook. Th€ OldFzitb Ém¡ins sÚong in m¡ny pa.¡s of rhé Empire, ¡nd rhisis ¡enec¡cd in thc new Druidic spells specified in thefollow¡ng pagcs. Tiemble. despoilers ofN¡tur€, b€ y€ MenorOrc or wo¡sq for thc vcngead.€ofrb€ Druid.h¡ll lindyou ou¡¡

. USTINC OF DRUID1C SPELLS .Ncr tpdb ¡¡c fr¡€6 b ta¡i.:5.






speu L€"rl: I

IngrÉdi€ots: I d¡op of M¡er

By c¡sri¡8 ¡his spell, the Druid cr€¡res ¡ cloud of misl 12ya¡ds in dimerer wi¡hin the m¡rimum r¡ng€ ofeff€ct. This

. cloEd t€r¡tly obscuEs the vision ofthosc s/ithin it, halvingrhci¡ movcm€nt ¡¡t€.

Thc Druid a¡d any friendy gmup with him see ¡nd mov.norrE2lly wirhir ih. tttit C/ord Gh€ Druid's fúili¡r m¡yr¡so Do!,E oorm2üt wnhin thc clor¡d cv.n if turher th¡d¡ t rd5 :r¡y fton l¡¡n bü. *'tthl¡ thc 2g of eff.cl¡.

llÉ.pd¡ b t¡n¡ly cQtoytd by üc Dn¡td 6 l ba¡rierbd¡rÉ bdf ¿ad ¡ry .a.ñica who sc€k ro alt¿ck him.



Sp€U kv.l: rM.Bic Points: I¡{r8F: 96 }árdr

I¡¡gr€d¡cntsi A sp.ig of ¡¡y n¡tuel h€rb 1od á ha¡r frorn

By casting rhis spell, th€ Druid is ablc to survey the ár€¡befo.€ hiD up ¡he oaxii¡um r¡ng€ of th€ sp.ll ¡nddete¡minc wh€ther the flor¡ ¡nd f¡ün' within ¡t a¡e n¡rünlor not. 'U¡n¿tu¡"¿l predato¡y plants such ns d¡magingmoulds 6d fungi, Uusioti¡.y vbods, Lyc¡rth¡op€s, ¡ndsimila! illusions wilt be sÉcn for Fhat they ¡e¡Uy ¡re. Thcpr€sence of Elemertals b alw¡r¡s det€ct€d. The spell doesnot co.rfcr upon th€ D.uid any ¡bility ¡o det€ct traps such2s sr"tt! ¿nd pits, o. deuil¡ of ¡¡tur¡l fior¡ ¡nd f1uru which¡r€ u¡f¡mili¿. ro him.

CURE DISEASESpell Level: 2M¡8ic Points: ,R¡ngc: Crc¡tur€ touchcdDur'¿don: lns¡anaaneoüsI¡Eredients: A sprig of mis¡letoe

Us¡ngthis spel, rhc Ddid c¡fl iuromatic¡Uy cürÉ ¡ny on€disca5c ¡fflicting the t¿¡g€l cre¿tur€, urú€ss üe diseascsdescription sp€cif¡caÍy str¡6 ú¡¡ sFüs hrv€ ¡o etrect on it.

No form of t€s¡ is requir€d for the success of thts spel,which is wh¡r ¡r¡ák€s ir sign¡J¡c¿r¡dy diffeEnt from tbe skill


Magic Po¡nrs: 4R¡ngc: 48 )z¡drDuntion: Sec bclowlngr€dl€nts: Thc ja¡rbon€ of ¡ €nalc or the rkull of e wolf

This sp.ll may be employcd ¿gai¡st ¡¡y sinSl€, or Bmupor, n¡tuf¡l a¡imal(s), l¡cluding moudts. A $ccessñ¡l iraglc¡csr is pcm¡t¡cd to neglie th€ effecls of th€ spell.

Affect€d cr.¡¡uEs ¡re forced ro fle€ urcontrolhbly (¡s if2tf.cred W f¿ar, ^vry trcm th€ Druid et ih€i¡ maxlrnummde¡nent r¡le ln thc casc of mouft!. ¡hc ridct is o€mitted¡ Id ¡.st e¡ch muod ¡ft€r ¡¡e ¡irst to brtng ahe .nün¡l und€rcomrol Chis test ls Brrcn 1 + to bonus if rh. ¡ider hai €irhe.of rhc Arlmal Care or Ariñel baher skills').

Thc maxlmurr dur¡tion of rhc spell is 6 ¡our¡da ¿rthougha crc¡tuE f¿iling the ¡t48lc test will rot eppmich w¡thln4a y¡rds of the Druld unr¡l thc ncx. s|tnr¡s€ in ¡ny ctcú.

Thb sp€ll docs rcr ¿fff€cr ooútrtlñ.t ropt¡tbologlca,eff€cts. nor doc! ir allcclt cr€¡turE! such ¡! Und€¡d moun s,¡d D¡cmoric serrznts app€¡ri¡g in o¡tur¡l fo!d¡, rircethcse ¡r€ not n¡¡ui¡¡ cr€a¡ures,

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (97)






Sp€ll Lcv€l: 3M¿8ic Potn$: 5R¡nge: 4E )adsDudion: See beloq/hg¡€dieÍri: ^ drop of wrer ¡nd ¡ burninS torch wfhin12 yards

Bycdtng !hi$p€U, thc Drü¡óitrirBi in¡s(sislmc ¡ cloBdof rup€rhÉ¡ted steam r2 '"ids in diamctd Cre¡tur6 süffetI túto',nltlc Wund erch ¡ound thev rem¡tr¡ wiüin th€Steaot Cloud, irr*pe.rlvc of ¡ny proriecrio¡s, magicat oro¡heñisc Fünh€4 cÉ¡¡u6 witlli'n the Steem Cloud atdisortcnta&d, !¡¡d if lhey fail ¡n I test lhey will movc onlyln e r¡ndom directio¡. n¡ndom ñowment is h¡ndled ¡5follows; roll a Dl2 oo ¡ clocK¡cc char (12 o'clock be¡ng

. the dircctloo the c¡eature is facing to dctcrmine th€dif!.1ion of mo¡cm€nt. The dls¡:nc€ miÑd is found üsing¿ suit¡bt€ dtc€, dcp€ndiDg on the valü€ of thc cre¡turÉ'tMoEme t eha.¡.reriÉtic,

Cr€¿rus successñ¡lly m¡Lr¡ry rhe I test (which must ber¡ad€ €ach .ound) c¡n ñovc tow¡¡d¡ the ne¡Ésr €dge ofthc cloud ¡o €sc¡pc its h¡rmful cffcc¡s.


sp€ll Levet: 3M"glc Poinrs: 8 pe¡ hoürRang€: 4a y¡!¡lsDuErion. See b€lo$¡lngledien¡!: A p¡ese¡ved part of the type of cre¡rür€

This spcll ¡lo¡vs th. D.uid to com¡¡ind n¡tur¡l cte¡turcs.Tb€ Drüid c¡n sumúon 3 Ss/¿rm of €ithcr be€d.s, sn¡kesi¡¡d liz¡rds, spideñ, r¡ts, f¡o8s ¿nd toads, ¡nls, ticks,scorpioos or bzts (s€e ñe A¿stlrrl in ¡h€ VIRP Nlebook)Th€ swa¡m app.¡F within 48 yards of the suñmoner andwill foüow simple ir6trüctio¡5.

The Sw¡m rem¡ins for I hoür bur m¡y be kep. beyondtl¡¡t tim€ by thc dpendituE of 8 m"8i. points p€r hou.



The target cr€atur(s)are su¡roundedby Elowing inotes ofmoonligb¡ whi(h rcaker¡ then resolv. aod v€ry qui.klydr¡E rhem ins¡ne.

Affe.red (rarures lose 'l from both S rnd T (wiú no ¡t48rcr .sr pe¡mir ted ro ne8¡ t€ the. f fec¡s) . Fuf thc¡ . thcyexp€rienc. hdlucinations. 3nd sutfer ¡ -20 pe¡¡Ity to wsmd Bs.

Affec¡ed .Garures mur also m¡ke ¡ tla8lc t€st e¡ch .ound,f¡ilur€ indicating ¡h€y mus¡ move .andomlyi ran¡tomrnovemen¡ i5 ca¡ried our using ¡ D 12 clockf¡ce for diÉcrion- disrancc is deremi¡ed using ¡ suil¡ble d¡ce, deP€ndingon rlr. crelrire's Moaeñdr ch¡nciefistic. ,{ ¡r48lc tes¡mst b€ made ¡o permir successful spellc¡stin8 by ¡n

Fin¿lly, ¡t rh. .rd of rh. sp€ll dur¡rion, aff€cl€d c@rür€(s)mus¡ meke ¿ ¡ta8lc test or gain lD4 lnsaniiy Points Thissp€ll can¡or affecr cre¡trres wi¡h ¡Ít ¡€ss than 6, orcre¡rufes which .fe immun. to ps|tboloStcal elf..rs, sn hes Unde¡d ¿¡d D2€mons.


Dur¡t¡on: D6+1 n¡¡nsIngEdienis: A pinch of du¡8 ¡¡d a sprig of Bloodsedge

This spell may bc ccr¡rered on ¡ny point wfhin 9ó )ardsofthe Dru¡d. vcgeÉdon will erüpt fromrhechosenpoint,irr€sp€ctive of thc ter¡aid typc. insrzr¡Én€oüsly cove¡ingan ¡rea 24 F¡d5 In diderer ¡nd ruming the terr¡in intodifftctlt Eroúd, with tnovem€nt bcin8 ¡ffect€d¡cco¡dingly. Cr€aúrcs .¿u8ht within thc ¡rez of eff€ct áreenÉ¡g€d for thc fist ound, znd for c¡ch rcund thcrl¿ft€¡tha¡ th€y f¡il 1| S Ést with a ¡0 pcdslty. Enta¡gcd ccltürÉsmay no¡ move, suffe¡ ¡ '20 pe¡¡lty ú mtssil€ fi¡e, ¡ lopenal¡y rc melee comb¡t, md may nol casl spells or üsemagic items rc cre*e spclls o¡ spell-like €ffects. Th€ sPelldur¿rion is unaffec¡cd by subs€quenl act¡ons by tbe Drü¡d

sp€I LseL {M¡gtc Points: 12Rangc: 9ó )¡rds

lngrcdienrs: tb'o moonston€3 (v¡lue logp €¡ch)

In cas¡ing this sp€ll, the Druid ciils do$,¡ a form of moonrnadncss upon th€ cr€atürcs in the Íc¡ of €ffcc¡. OnecrEaruf€, or r 8!oup, oay be ¿ffectcd. The 6p€u m¡y of¡rybc clsr wb€¡ moonltght is prÉs€ot, ro rhe D.üid muat bcouldoors or¡ ¡ niSht which dos not h¡ve tot2l cloud coEr- €r€n a wak 8límcr of light from a ncw mooo is $fñcientfor rhe spetl to bc ca!.. Assum€ th¡t ú€ft is ¡ 90 Zo chmc€of such moonrighr being ¡v¡il¡blc dur¡ng daikness tIoü6.or lO% if it is r¡ining ¡rhen th€ sPeU is crst.

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (98)


RAI¡IBOW AN¡DGE SIJ¡IBEAMSpell Level: 4Migic Points: 12nrnge: 96 tard¡Dur¿tion: Inst¡¡t¡ncouslnSredi.nts: A r" diá¡neÉr disc of bürnish€d copper

wüed c¡sting ttris spell, the Drüld .?Us dovn a roa¡ingcolüfnr of f¡!. from thc h€ens which ¡ffeds all cre?¡ur€swirhid ¡n 8-y¡rd diameter c-trcl€. The spell mry orly becffr if sunltght ts pr€s€n¡. Th€ ch!¡c€ of this ocurringduiing dayl¡ght hou.s is es follos:


Sp¡ing 50%summer 75%¡r¡tumn 50%vidrei Zt%

InoaÍn¡¿bl€ cr€a¡ules ruff€. 2Dó Vbrr¿r at Sa. whileflamm¡blc t¡raets suffer 4D6 Woündt * SA. F|¡mmzbleob¡e.ls will be set ¡ltght. Thc sp€l¡ abo h¡s gre¡t poweragai$t Udd€¡d, which iE blirded fo. 1D4 rounds ¡nd mustrraLe ^ñ Instabll¡t! test bntnediarely (if ¡pplicabl€). Anycont¡ol €*@ised over rhe U¡dead ts immedi¡icly bokenand mus¡ be re'es¡rblishcd by the controller Note th¡t thismry ¡€sr¡lt ir othe¡ tcsts h¡vi¡8 to be nade (eg ur¡controllcdSk€lc¡ons ar€ $¡bject rc rt¿prdltt ).

spcll Lcvel: 4

Rl¡gc: Spccial

In8.!dic¡ts: A wooden mi¡i¿rw sculptured bridSc, paini€dvrith rhc colours of the .¡inbow

Ttris spell mty odly be c¡st if ¡ Éirbow "pp€.rs virhinúe vision of rh€ Druid. As 2 nte of thumb, ifthcr€ b Éinfatlinsig¡r, there¡sa royo ch¡ncethat á r¡i¡bow l'ill occur.

when the spell ls cast, the Dru¡d ¡nd any gror¡p (of up toI ch¡!¡cre6 ud.lor ¡r¡uril 1¡tim¡ls) accomparying him mayslep on to thc ¡¡inbow ¡nd be ú¡r5po¡r€d by úe &alr¡ro,Arüg¿ Ir taLes 1 roünd for th€ Drutd to bring th€ ninbovtto hb f€cr, 1¡d r round (minimüm) for his frier¡ds to s¡epotuo lr. ¡*/b€n ¡ll a!€ on the Rainbou Bridge, the grorprnvels ¡r ¡ r¿te of I mil€ per münd. Tbey can be conveyeda m2¡iñum dis¡¡nce of D lO + 20 miles, in any dir€ction h.d€sircs. Thc Drutd mzy hev€ hir¡scrf (¿nd his gm¡¡p) setdo$¡n ¡t ¡$y point ¡long th€ m¡ilmum dirt nce of th€bridA€. If a grcup ls ¡ccornpznying the D¡üid, lhey mustall l€¿w ¡r rhe rañ€ phc€ hc docs. Crs¡ures hostll€ to theDrutd mu8t m¡ke a successful M¿grc tcs¡ *'t¡en they stepon to the br¡dgc, and for cvery iucce.dlry rou¡d theyr€mrtn on tr, or hI to rhclr deáth. How€t'!r, they !t?¡y saJe¡ydiseñbúk at the loc¡tio¡ that $€ Drüid h¡s disetnbük€d.Anyoile who rematff on the brtdge ¿¡ tbc end of 4 turnsviu f¡ll ro his de¡th. The Ralnbolt E¡l.lge ls ñor ^fte.redby th. DkFel Magtc Epell.


,/ ;,

Thc m¡in purpose of th€ new spells ¡boyc ls to 8¡v. tbeDrüid extr¡ scope ¡nd power bur you m¡y permit Clericanot of the Old F2irh access ro a few of these sp€Us too. Itis sugSesred rhat Cler¡cs of Shallya mal employ Crre

Dls¿a¿ (in which c¡sc this spell repl¡c€s ?teat /rrress\rbich is ¡ weá-ker form), cle.ics of Ulric may use lúamp¿¿e,¡nd Cle¡ics of I¡¡l m¡y üs€ Stampette l,tentlfJ' Nature nd

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (99)

sThc rq m¡Ric iÉms d€r¡ile.l bÉlow considenblv expmd

r he len*e shich you m¡y brin8 into s¡me pl¡v Thev h^ (

been dá'ber¡tely d€si8n€d not tob€ looPoserrul solh¡l

Pcs (¡n h¡vr th¡ ptcrsuE of pos*istnSa numbrr or¡rem!

s¡üour unb¡l¡;in8 ¡he g¡rD. You should usu¡llv pl'ce

mlcic¡l itfms, but if ¡.¡¡rdom dcterñln¡tion ¡5 requrrto

trc'Aaaaon nadc neíg t2bl( c an b€ consulted: rt repl¡ces

rhc on gilen in rhc VFRP ruteboo¡

SpeUs aad Spell-l¡k€ EffectsFrom Mag¡c ltemsMany of th. magic¡t heñs bclow duplicÍe speu effecrs in

rzrióss wlB. Some givecont¡nuous pro¡ection strch a the

Robe of F¡; Resis¿n.e. 2 d obv ioud v t here is no M¡gic

Poinr c;rt. orhe¡s c¡n br used loc.earc ¡ sP'll eft€cl on'e

Der d¡r (24 hour period). Uol.ss othcÑ¡sc sutcd rhh

iEouir.s no M4ic Point cost from thr userofthe ¡tem ¡srh¡ irrm i6ell i; asur¡ed to h2ve enouFh M¡8ic Poiñts to

¡llow the casdng of rhe sP.tl Though these ¡re dháüst€d

zJrer rhe sec¡l h2s bccn ca5l thr) ar slowlv ¡e'owred 'n

üe rimcs ütwecncatins tn so$e cases (€g the Ro'e o/

EtbenaltQ) sq<cial cond¡I ions m¿y nerd to be met bcrorrhis ft.h;i;c isDossibtc.such oncep"day itemswill

nor, t"**i., ue pi"mane"ttv dnined or M'8ic Polnc bv

"u.n """c.. 11.fn" -¡¡.¡ ftavc M:gic Point 6tats sndwhichi¡v ¡ccór¡c dnined of thcrr bv usc, arc sPeciflcallv Íot€d

ENCHA TS OF THE EMIIBENew Maglc ltems for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play



Adrrtci of br: An amulÉt of thb lype ¡r9lll only turctton

for La*'fül o¡ Cood altAncd cRtturEs lI Sivfl bonu3" to

alt /ttdrl. rrsls ea¡lnsi sPc¡ls or spclll¡ke Gfle'6 froñ

éLor¡i.rca¡u*s, ¡¡o ¡¡o to ¡trv fe¿t or ?'ú' tf,$ whlch

mülr b€ made bcc¡usc of such ¡ cre¡tuÉ Th€ bonÚs€s ¡rÉ

+ 2 5 for ¿ La$ful ch¡r¿c't€¡, add + 10 for ¡ Good cb¿r¿ctcr

Aou¡ct of v¿tchfulncat: This hiShly_p¡ized ¡mulei is

acrive only qhile irs ae¿¡er ¡s sleepinS lf ¡ny hostile

cñaruR in;nr on causiñ8 phvs¡cal h¿m lpPsx'he\ q ithin

i¿ r¡r¿s. trre ¡muler ¡r omr q?kei thesleeper ¡¡ '¡n gl\€

"o'""^'ng "r t.p.tOt"e m.8nal or missile_fir rt¡ck\

from beyo;d thi' r¡ngr' however' and would-nol rror

e!{zmok;der th. steepcr ro Ih. PÉsence of r lhief pilre'ing

his balonsings!


DIOO ltcm DIOO ltcm

or Alf.s.eina Mirrot 47'49 Ho¡f¡O2.IO Ahut€l rO'5'| J.w(l of Powerll-20 Armour 55'64 Podon2l-25 arltrw 65'73 Ri¡g

7{-?6 Robeiá-i: ñá?," 77'84 sc.ott3t-3ó Bow a5'88 v¡nd

37-39 Ench¡n!€d RoP€ 89_98 veaPon

40-{l Glo!'e! 99 0O singu¡¡r4,1-46 Grimoire

.AMULET .Us€ I DIO roü to drtem¡ne the n¡ture of the mr8ic¡l 2JnÜl€¡'


D1O Afiulca DIO Aouler



Thri€€'Blessed 7 IronCoDDcf I Lau¡¿iñ"ntn. 9 Rish¡eous silve'co¡l ro watcb¡uhesEnchanaed J¡de


Deremine ¡vhich pafi of ¡ suit i! p6ent using the staddird

ubte (s.e the WFRP rulebook)-

Armoür ofCorroslon:If rhis rype of¡rmour isstruck by ¡ non-maSica¡metal we¿poo (anordináry sword, foremple), th€ we¡Pq¡r ¡tonc. crümbl€s ro dust,rnd no damáge is c¡used

Magic¿t mct2l \¡reepong¡re oot aff€ctcd bY thistyp€ of ¡rmour, ?nd '

obvioüsly - neith€r ar€oon-me¡2l w€¡Pons

Armou. of Wooalbare. This ls simrl^r to Añnotlr oI

co¡rrs¿or. slve that non_magic¿l wooden ¡¡'e¡pons

{nor¡blv sláv€s and clubt árc rurnÉd to sawdust Dy t

.".ce¡siul ¡itontte ¡¡mour, ¡8rin c¡uting no dimage to

¡n both ctses, ir ¡ ¡h€ pan of the we¡Pon s'htch tr¡lk'si¡" *-"u. *¡r.t' ¡r tÁp"rl,ot For ex,Jnple, !o 'has

;;ooden shaft, bu' n l; ñor thls which rrtkrr lhe blow

rna áses aamage uúr rhe stone o! menl h€¡rl soch a

*.."on wout¿ nor ¡e ¡ffe c.ed bv Arñou¡ oI Wodbane

Use ¡ DloO roll to ct€te.mine tb€ ryPe of ¡fmoo' found'


DlOo Ro¡l A¡mout nT€

01-08 Affiour oI Cofrosio,l09-25 Mithr¡l; +1,20% normal EncumL'nn'r2G33. Añout oÍ vbodbaie34-45 +l8695 +296-9a +399-00 The 2rmour ts engr¡ved wlrh D3 runes

(see R"'¿s)

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (100)


RoU ¡ Da on ¡he r¡bl€ b.loq' ro de¡€.mine the na¡ure orthe rt¡Eic¡r a.rcss found 'I\ pic¡rl-v, ID6 aróm ofih€ smFr_vp€ Iill b€ found ro8erh.. Th€re is a 20olo chañcc thalrher ¿rc crossboR bol¡s.


Da ^r.ow TtTc D6 Arrow Typ.

I Ban¿Jutnes 5 Graqolina2 Btee.l¡ng 6 Potencyt Díutsion 7 Sar? StriañgI Doort I True FliShr


NoEre ¡l¡2¡ ¡f1l ffig¡c¡l ¡lms, szve for rbe Amu oIBIeedtñA,are dcsrored when the-v st.ikÉ ¡ t ¡8e¡. If ¿ ml8ic¡l ¡r¡owis fiftd ¡nd does not srike 1¡¡¡Eer, it may be Poss¡ble rousen asain. Theb¿sechancefor ihisis90%. bu!in cer¡ainsinr¡tions(egfiring !8dns¡ ¡ston. surface)you d¡y lowerthis sur¡d ch¡n.. ro 50% or-Éve¡ less, ¡s you tudg€

A.rfo* ofBa¡eful¡éss: Use üe table below to d€¡erminethe r-vp€ of cr€¡rur€,6 ,ffected by rhis anow. lf ¿ creatur€of ¡he ¡-ipe determtn€d is hit it will ¡utoñalically suffc.double norm2l d¡mage Othe. c¡eaturcs eill onlysustainnoffu¡ darnag€, at¡hough ¡h€ srroe stiu counts as ¡ m.8ic¡lweaPo¡ ¡gainst ¡hem,

cu.¡€nt lvorrds rot3 l (wi rb ¡ min imuñ of 2 poin¡sinflict€d). The blood remains in rbe src fo. uP to I hou¡af¡er which ¡he afow re¡¡¡rns ¡o its nomdform, ¡nd iheblood dis¿pp€árs. vfbin rhis time limi¡, the blood c¡n b.deca¡red inro a suirable contáiner (o. simpll disc¡rded)f.om rhefilledsacthrough rhe noñ.ripp.d md ot rhc shaJtThis arro¡r is highly prized b rhos€ r€.kiry blooó ¡r .!in8redieft for mrgicál potiors.

Ar .ow ot Al .cdtng.This.uriousarm* has asnal l sac- l ike le¡rh€¡conain€r Posniorcd i¡rstb€hind tbe r'wh€ad. Ifrh¡s a. ros s¡r ikes the¡ar8fl, no d¡ma8e rcll ism¡de. Insr€zd, ¡h€ sacexpánds ¡nd s i t l r in I¡ound dra¡ns¡bout I5o¿of rhe crc¡rure s blood(€g I pint fo. ¡ Human,orc, or Dwarf, 2 p¡n$ for2n o8re, and so on); it¡hfr detach€s itself fmmrbe t¡rg€t. This c¡us.sdi ¡mlge equ¡ l ro one-quaíer of tb€ cre¡rues

Arrow of DH*.! ¡a¡¡his arroe h(r!!E b óits rarget, ir ¡uúi ¡nd.livides inb D6 scp¡.Emiss i les, each oo. ofvhich wiU s¡nkc rh.o. i8 in¡ l t ¡ ¡g€¡ , or 2rr¡núom creál¡res rn 2

You should rn¡kesePaBre hir and damagerolls fo¡ each arrow.


01.05 Goblins ¿nd Snotlings06-10 Hobgoblinsll'20 O¡cs ¡nd H¡lf-o¡cs21'25 All Goblinoids26'27 Etementds2a'3o Da€mons3t-35 Unde¡d and E!h€@l cre '¡res36-45 crearu.es of chaos (including Wátrios ór

46-50 Draaons, wyve.ns, andJebbe.socks5t-55 Elvestó'6o Dwarr€s, Gnomes, and H¿lflin8s6¡-65 F¡mir66'70 MonstrousAnirnals(M¡¡ticor€s, G¡lffins.

76'80 Liardmen and TtoSlody¡es8185 Giants86'90 O8res ¡nd ltolls9l-95 Wefecr€a¡uf€s

A.rcw of Doaú: s imil¡r ineff..r ro a Minor Deatb Rune(see rhe'wrRP rulebook). th¡s 2ffec¡s one creatur€ o.tyPeofc.ea¡ure, de¡ermined ¡n the s¡me eey as for an,'lto¡t'of Bone.fulies. rf ^ súcccssful hit is made, the ¡zrger muslmake a,4148,¿ test of bc kil¡ed ourrighr. Eved ifthh restis made, ¡h. ta¡get suffes double normal dimage.

Ar.ow of GrppttnS: whe¡ fi¡€d, this erow tr¿flsformsio¡o a gnppling hook which cú embed its€lr idto anysurface. lt w¡ll ¡uppon ihc weiahr ofup to l0o fÉ.t of rope(usu¡lly ¡tt¡ched to il before firinS) ard ¡ normaUv€ncumber€d mÍt-sized cre¡ture. Gr€ater wcight, howsef,will ceus€ the g.¡pple to breák ¡w¡y, with possiblydisasrrcusGulrs Thearros car be rcused up to lD6 timesbcfore becominS nonmágical. If used in comb¡t, the r¡ovs ill tnflicr dolbte oom¡ld¡mage, bu¡ the hil fi)ll is madewirh ¡-lOpcd2ltyand ady süccesstul str¡ke wiUd€sr¡oy i¡

a¡¡ow ofSur. Strtktng: Tbis ¡rrow giv€s ¡ bo¡us to ASwhen fittd. Roll ¡ Dlo on the following t¡ble:

ARROW OF SURE STRIKINGDIO BS Borü3t-4 + lo5 1 + 2 O8-9 +3010 +4O

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (101)

S un."^nttrnt.BACS .



Roll DIO to d.termi¡€ thc tvP€ of megic¡l be8 found'


r-6 BaE o¡ Liü¡,test7'a Bag ol l'liddenheirrl9-ro BaB of Resource

B¡! of Ltqht¡css: Objcc¡s Pl¡ced w¡thin the bag w(i8honiv onc-ñmh of the¡r nomJr weisht. ánd thus rhis hem

i! v;ry usefu¡ in PreeeniinS ¿ chlnc¡er fom b€coming

Howew., each bas has ¡ wciSh liÍüt (the maximum w€i8htr hrt .ú b. c¡r.i.¿ insid. it ), czlculaled 13 fotlows: 2D6 + ó

x Yn Enctmb¡añce.tízódttion, no living cr'iiürq or item

l¡r8cr thr¡ 1 foot ln its I¡¡8c5r dimcnsion car be cont¡ined

a¡irl:if) ^ Bag ofliSbtnes

Aaa of Mtddcohclú: OnSrn¿llv m¡dc bv MiddFnh'iñeri;¡d5. the desisn ht! bc.n copi.d elscsher'. zrd B row

nor uncommon in thc Empi¡L

The Aap of Mt.Ltettbelñ t¡¡5 ¡tl rhc proPenicl of the Aaa

o/¿l-eÉ;;5t (s¡w th¡t rh. wciShr limit with¡n is 2DÓ{ lí rcó t¡c¿no¡ence\.btt rhe b¡8 is zlso whouv resútarr

to non-mr¡ical fiE and imp€sioüs to w¡tc¡' dúou8¡r it

h¡s no Dórcctions ¡gainst crushing ¡nd simthr ilf

t ""t-.ni. ¡r ¡" o* *.v *etul forPrcÉútng deücate iten¡,p¡ricül¡rlY vrir¡cn m2t€rial.

Bac ofReso!ñ.: Thls sE lt' Poucht¡le ba8 h usu¡¡lvm!áe ofstout lcaüe¡ with tight cose¡titch¡n8 Once per

dav. ¡ sD€tlcasrcr Dosessitrg rhc Bag oJ Resoufte Ú^v drlw

oui otrt rne mareaz.r rngedimt5 n.€ded lo¡ anyonesp€ll

Th€ i.eredl€nts mutt b€ used !¡ithin 5 rounds' or tbey

crumbie into dust. Only o¡re set of ingredients. ¡ufiici€ntto casr onc sp€ll, ú2y b€ bmr¡ght fonh .ach day'

use two sep¡Ére Dlo rclh od rhe tables b€low lo deretmincth€ typc or magi.¡l bow found


Dro Aow l!?. DIO En€lr"rtm'ot t}Tc

I-3 Shorr Aow l-t Dlstañce.f,6 Nom¡t Bow 4-5 Ertcb.¿ntnenl7-a Long Bow 6'7 MlSrt9-O Elf Bov a-l0 Seebi¡te



Bow of Dlsta¡¡c€: All ¡?n8es Gee the w¡RP rulebook)¿re doub¡ed fo. lftows nred from thls m¡8ical bow

Bo* of Erchúimed., This bow tf?nsler' somerh;ng of

it! e¡cbantmeft to armws fiÉd f¡om i¡, so ¡h¡t wbile tbcy

rcc€ivc no hit or d¡mege bonDs€s, rh.y count ¡s m¡8tc¿rwc¡oons ¿n¿ can causio¡mage to creatucs onlv ¡ffeciedby such.

Borf of Mt8bt: Tb¡s bo* isench¡nted to h¡ve a gre¡tereffective Jr/¿r8¡, th¿n

The.Srt€t8¿á of the bow údet€rñined bY ¡oll¡rgD6+ 3 (wirh a min imumSt¡erAtb of 5 tor ^n E r


Dlo Boot llfrc

1 Boots of Bovla2 Boots of Comm2¡d

1-4 Boots of Conc€¡lnent5-6 Boot3 of L€aPing7-a Boott ofstknce9 Boots of SPe€dlO Roots of Tlacztetsnest

.BOOTS .RoU on the tabl€ b€loq ¡o dete¡mine th€ n¡tu¡E of magic¿l

Eoot! ofsllcacc: Thc w€¡É. ofthet. boots w¡lks atrnoslsilenrlv when movin* t horm¡j Mlkhs sPeed onlv on

¡ mu óf95- on ¿ Dloo is th. edtcr ¡udlble. al¡d or¡tv

rhen wirhin 8 t?tds. Thvell¡ng f¿rter ¡ban w¿lking mrc

reduc.! the ch¡n.e fot silent mokmeot to 50"/'

This aslunes thzt thc wear€r ls c¡rryil8 only norm¡l

equipmen¡, 2nd is ¡ot P€rfo¡ñing ¡nv notsy ¡cdv¡ly

Bootr of fbccl6s¡ca.: Tlte weat. ofthesc boo¡s reevcs

no visiblc tr¿cks, een on ¡ st¡tf2c€ of dusr or sznd. ¡nd.¿n¡ot b. tr¡cked in the no¡md w¡y (¡Xhougt! ¡ '€¡ture

which tr¡cked by sc.rt could follow his tEil)

Bow ofscekttr8: Th¡s bow confe6an increase on rhe BS

of rhe usc., The bonus is dercrmm€d by roll'ng on tne

. Gl.oYES .


r-4 +55-7 +108-9 +15o + 2 5

Rotl ¡ DIO ¡nd consult thc ¡¡ble beloq


Dlo Grovc 1!?c

r-4 Glooés oÍ Arcbe45-6 Gtoaes of the cob¡^7-rO Glo¿es oJ Nlrnbteness

The cloves ar ofv¡riiblc ¡Ppcamnce. ¡lrhough 6¡o¡'€t o/

Nhlknest aÉ llrtllv vry sm¡tr sh*tc or r¡n chámois

clorcr of A¡chcrv: when worn by i cr€¡rurc firlng ¡nv

ryp. oa bow, ¡h.se Sloees ¡dd + lO to BS for thr purposeg

á detemln¡ns $hAhrru suc.etsful hir h¡! been m¡dr'This bo¡us is cutnul¡fv€ with anv ¡ccruinS fom ¡ mtgcar

bow ¡nd/or arro¡v¡.

, l" l

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (102)

GtoYcs of th . cobr¡ :Thrse.A¡orKs only..e{r¡liheir sinister FD$e¡ in hand-io h¡nd .omb¡r . Thescare¡ of rh€ Slot?s musrd*e¡norm¡t ro hir rcll; ¡successful rcll indicares tharth. ai.rim hls been touchedby one of ¡h€ Etovcs,whe¡€upon venomousfangs sprour f ¡om rhefingenips and injed venominro tbe v icr im s b lood-s¡rc¡m. The úr8er mus¡d*e a tur:ror test or die inrD3 rcunds. Note th rheSlove-we¡.er caúno¡ behold¡nA ¡ we¡pon in the

hom*of B¡r¡lshmcnr. vhenblown. ¿llUndedc.eftureswilhin 8 )ards of th€ hor¡-use¡ must imedi¡rely m¿kett Instabíliqr rcst w i,th ̂ -2 penalif trear¡ng ftsutrs or lessrhan I ¡s l- Th¡s applies whethe. o¡ not the Und€¡d altno¡mally subiecr ro idsr¿bilirt h ¿ddition, all forms ofcodr¡ol over rher¡¡ (eg by Necromantic spell or r Liche) areboken and fnüst bc rÉ-€st2blished. D¡eñors withi¡ a t?¡d$of rhe ho¡n-user when rh. ho¡n is blow¡ musi ñake ¿nInstabltit! resr, also lr -2 p.nalrf o. be banished back to

The Horn of Banishmenr isunusualir rh¡titis.üwdlom¿ human fcm¡rr. a¡d is bound wirh silver.

ftorf,ofHounds: when thh horn h blovn. rD4+ t Wa.Dogs (F€ the VFRP .ulebook) will rogically ¡ppc6 b€siderhe summone¡ after ¡ I rl'und del¡),, md wiÍ f¡irhtu{y seflehim for I ¡urn before departing. They will follow simple.ommmds, including fiehrinS eóemies of the hom blowe.,to rh. b€st of ¡helr abili.ies, ¡nd m¡ke dt tesrs (such ai rttagr.¡e\ r t ar rh. level of thei r suññoner unl .s \ rhr i r own i5highe., in which case they will üsc ¡he larre.

Hora of v¿lour: when this ho.n is blowri, all c¡e urcsfrieddlyro rhe hom blower a¡d within8 y¡rds of him gain+l ro S and +t to wS ror I hour.


hom*ofPl€flty: Thishornsiü.di5ao8e enough food¡nd Ftl.r ro f€.d up ro añ¡¡-siÉd cle¡¡u¡ts o. thei.cqü¡'2leúl(ie t2 \rar DoBs,J horses,4 Halr l ings. 2og.es, I Toll) for 24 houls.

Th€ food looks l¡ke boiledh4, bu¡ ¡t bo¡h smelh ¡odrasr€s del ic ious, and ishishly nourishin8. FurtheFmore. th€ food is p¡ovided.€¡dy-cooked at whateve.rernper¡ ture ¡ne owner

Unlcorr Horo ' Thism¡gical horn may only beused effectively by achar¡cter or cre¡tufe oflawful o. cood alignm€nl.Such ¡ chanctd gaiE ¿ +10bof,us io all ¡/dglc restssimply by h¡ving the hornon his persoD, the bonus¡¡s ing to +20 i f the.ha¡¡cre¡ is ¡ Cleric of aL¡vfu¡ or Good de¡ty. Anttof ¡be following effec$ c¡nbe $e¡ted on.e per day

hlod he rouches wirh, and thltcÉ¡¡uftssith v.ry toú8hhides (fo¡ mmple TrcUs) or ve .y rhick body far (eg a s,ildboar) wi¡l ¡¡or be ¡ffecEd by rh€ Sloves ¡rr¡ck

Glov6 ofNtoble¡$s¡ Vhen worn, rhese glov6 tdd + loro the D€¡1sr¡l of rh€ we¡e ¡n addition to rhis aenenlbo¡ui they also Sive th€ verrer the skills of P¿¡r O¿ject,Plch Lo.h, ar\d Pl.E lbcket if he do€s no! ¡lie¡dy ha\e them.if rhe werre. possesses rh6e skills he coadd +lo ro r¡y

. H O R N .wfith rhe cxception of ihe af,icoñ Eom ^nd ¡he Hoñ oÍBan¡sbñent. ¡he folloÍqi,ng m¡8ical homs do nor lookr¡dusu¿l ro the u¡úained eye, s€eming to b€ simple polished

E2ch of rhe maAical homs lisEd belos may be bloEal oncepe¡ day ro crearc irs ñ¡gical effec¡, ¡l.houg¡ ¡ny s¡and¿¡dm¡gic¡l pmtection th€ horn affords w¡¡l ¡¡na_vs b€ pr€s€nt.

Roll on the rable b€lov ro de¡erñine vhi.h ¡ype ofho.n


Dlo Horn TYpe

I Eorn of Banhbmeat2-3 Hon of HoLn lt1-6 Eon of Ptenrt7-9 Horl1 oÍ uatour10 Unlcoñ Eañ

l. Au friendty crc¡ruÉs within 8 -v¡rds ?¡e healed of 2

2, Atl Evil o. Ch¡ori. cre¡tures wfhin 8 y¿rds ¡utor¡áticdlysufter 2 woln<ts ot óttñagq witb no rt4Sr? rcst ¡o avoidrhe effecrs. No m¡g¡cál protcctions ñ¿y ne8¡t€ rhis effect.

3- Erher Cr¡r" Dlseare (6 the l*l Two Diuidic P¡iest sPell)or Cn¡e R son (as pe¡ the Level Oñ€ Cle.ic spell for Cl€ricsofSb¡lly¡) miy be casl on one Lawlul or Good cre¡rure,ái no ¡tagic Points.osr.

A char¡d€r possessi¡8 i Uríco¡, Eoñ.r notbeÍick dor e¡charred in¡o betr¡ying his AliSnmeÍ¡ (eg by a cr4r8?Atkgtance spellr. Any spell nofmally cáusi¡g such ¡n €ffÉcifails, and if rrickery ¡s b€inA employ€d, thech¡ncrers¡l¡feel i strosg lidglinS ¡¡ rhe back of the neck, informidShim thar ¡ plmned coorse ofectior (or one he is irvo¡vedw¡th) might b€ m uniñGnt¡onal violatioo of al¡gno€nt

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (103)

{p u.,.rrnn"tunrs oF rHE EMPTRE

' R O B E S .


¡l¡lical rcbes 'ome ¡n nuo-vshaPcs ¡nd si¿cs e¡dm¡vrx(

f.om a t¡t¡l moth'.aten reli. ¡o ¡ plush da¡k r'lre¡ 'lo!k

l in€ . i$hh scr ¡ l€ l s ¡ l ks !n . l c tas f ted w iü s i l re r TheY $ i l l

chansc¡beú dim.nsnlds lo suit thci' *earcr, ircm th' size

ol ¡ ;rnxll Halfl¡D,¡ to thlr of a ti.8e Hudao None ¡'e

n¡mmabrc ia l ¡hoogh on ly \he Robe oJ f i r¿ Res¡s t¿ace

con leó¡ rv D 'ú r . ( r , ;n asr 'ñ ' r nRr ¡L tLk5 \ Ro l l un the t rh l '

be l . ' s ro j i ( rn ine th ( r lp ( , ' f ougn ¡ l ruh ' found


DrO Robe ¡YPe DIO Xobc lYPe

r-2 Robe o¡ Disgu/se 6'1 Robe o¡.¡Iist a'l¿

3-1 Rob¿ of sntobeE¡beredlnl' 8 Robe oJ tbe

a Robe af Fire shroudResir;ñce 9'10 Rob¿ of tougbness

Rob€ ofDisguise: Th€ wetrer of¡his rob€ is able ro üst

rhe lncllr ¡si¡r?e Illuslo¿arv APpeann'e ?ñd CIoak¡¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ l r ¡ r . once e lch ¡e. d¡ ] wi th no ^ l r8 ic Poin¡5"*" .n i i tu .e 1 in 6 of ¡hes€ c io lks ¡ ¡s a súon8er."i¡enrrnent. so ¡hat use ofrhe ctone Im48e sPell o 'epcr da) is also Possible

Robe of th< Shrcud! \¡'eárir8 rhÉ clú¡ ¡lÉ, -Ét

ro .¡sr ¡he Gl'or¡ry ¡ppea¡at.¿ sPeU onc F ó¡t" nb

óouar¡i. Poini.osl. RoLl a DIO on thc follos inS Db¡' ¡o

d.reÍmine $ hich forn,S of Lhdead th€ $éc'c¡¡ miñi'


DlO Uddead !}Te

f5 AnY Undeed fomó-9 Arv noo_Etbercal U¡d€adl0 Erhe.t¡l Unde¡d

ll-É Rabeol tbc rhror¿ Jl'o grrcs rhe s(¡rer |ermrnenlinrmunirr I; rhc efte. ¡\ ot /f4tcÉ¡ted b) ether¡l UndeaJ

Robe of fouAlness:Ths rob(.ontels ¡ /o¿8"esrbonu'. ,n ih s e¡rer :Rol l a Dlo lo d. termin€ wh¡ l rh is borus ¡ r '


t.5 +l TouShdess6-9 + 2 Tougt¡ness10 +l Toughncss

-lhe Robe oI tot¿?b¡ess wtll Dor func¡ion rf it F snra with

,"': ,rre oi "rmb"., a^¿ 'errher wi¡l an '14¡n lpell Lüe

"n. . ió . " .v" t . . . - "g.urh a robe l r is hoqocr 'Pr¡¿rdb ' wiz¡dr io I t P¡ote¡ t ion rxru. . and thrv wt l l Ú\u ' � l l )p¡y very qelt for an irem of rhis rvpe

.N INGS .Robf of Et¡lereality:This rob€ s¡o¡es 7 M¡8i .Points, wh¡ch mly ont,v beused by the we¡rer io crs!rhe Become E tba e a l sqellAf ler the weafer ¡e¡ú.nsfrom the edre.eal, lhe ¡oáeof Ethereatit! mrsr be keqlin ,bsolure da¡kness, *h€reit will regen€¡a¡e : M¡gIcPo¡nt pe.hour ^ ¡ong as r¡ref i ¡ i rs unosed. Af ter lbous it can again al¡os rhewearer ¡o furn etDer€ar'

Robe of Fir€ Rcsisi¿rc.:This h ighly Pr ized ¡obecor¡fers on.the we¡r€r tnepe¡maÍcnt Prot€cdon of ¡R¿sis¡ iqlle spell, s€e theWFRP rulebook for d€t¡¡ls.

How€ve4 c¡ch im€ 3 Roreof Flre Res¡stance ts€xposed to m¿gical fire(st h ,s ^ 848tc ñIssik otDÉson breáth) rhe.e is ¡ 5%.he;ce thzr ¡ t wi l l be

Robe ofMkt a¡d smoLc The weárer of this 'obe, which

h u{urlly 8rr) in colúur. n lt .?'t ( luud'Js4ok"¡¿ Mis¡alozd once Der rl¡Y at no M¡gic Poinr cort

Roll e D lo on the ¡zble be tow ro discov€r rhe nÍu'e of rhe

ln! . Vaqic! t r rnAs r re usual ly or p l¿ i r gñ 'd or ' i l ter '

errñorgh manv hait gcm serriñgs úd inrica'edrrsn\ ro

¿n,bte ih. wiard r hoflchuled lhfm lotnckthem ctos n

should lbey be tof orslolenr lt is worthv ofnote th¡t no.h,ncie. or c!€¿rure c¡n b€nelit flom we2¡ing more thxn

rwo magi.al rings ar the same rime.


D1O Ring Typc DlO Rirg'IYPC

I Amulet RinR 6 Prctection Ring- I ner8f R'og

- RiñQ ol Eh enhin¿¡

I Fortúud. Rint a SPC¡| Riñ8c Mül t ip ic sFcl l Rrng 0 J¡ / tÉ 'ng R¡¿3

5 Nlu l r ¡ ¡ le v l ¡J in8 l0 wJrdins RinSRing

fortltudc Rhg: wetnng lhis.ingSives ¡he weaGrgr¡l'rñenlal fsilience and cler r' headedncs\' rcllecredin ! borÚ'

of + l0 ro au tesrs involving CI a¡d wP

Rloc of EtveDlr¡d: Th¡s rJ,e r¡ng is Sivrn by 2n Flrcn

s ú-rd to ¡ fajthtul seflrnr ontv rftrr ve3F of'€^ice or

¡n act of qceptional heroisrn. rvheo wor¡, it gan$ tne

-ii".r " re* "'r !h" "pe"i¡ ldv¿ntag€s of Elvenkind: Nla'¡

ii,l"u, i"' "n Err -.á tis¡'t sour.€ Íeccssa'v)to 30 v¿íls,xnrl ¡ r 5 bonus ro /r¡t;?rl,e The qe¡rcr aho 8'rn' + l0

lo aU rclloú3ü¡p ¡esl'iñlolvinS Llven ch¡nctfF \o¡e¡hal

i f rhr 'er ros. fa t l rn lorh( wrons hrnds rñd[¡" rnoqári¡i".,¡"i"."" e".o ""'sidenbl€ letBrhs !o rer'i€ve rhe

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (104)







8oU ¡ Dloon ¡he ¡rble b.low to de¡ermi¡c¡he tlpe ois-¡n¡r

This €vil bhckwood E'2nd. i s banded w¡ rh i ron and

Do¡. lf rhe \rand árt.npt! to ¡b¡o.b ¡ligic Poin¡s orer andrhorc rtr p¡.n.k¡r¡nrd d:i$üdr. it \\ill c\Plo¡le in Ii)ru of ¡ugi.a¡ ijrc lnd snrok., .¡usiú8 lD¡l hits al S(r.I rJ \ .n ¡ ¡ r ' ¡ ,¿ . . / y ' v4 ' , t . ia (h ( J r . r u i lh ( J ( r "n r r iun

¡li8i. Points rc.umullrrd b.\ rl\. \I d r.t.)f Abtulpt kúr n1a.\'li. urdbr astfucas¡e.in rht us¡t¡sit to cftarrorcnhxn..sp.lli h€ .¡sts ¡rjnrsc¡a

V hilc ¡ pl¡Ie¡ should rot kflos c$cil! hos' ú¡n-v ÑI¡8i(Poinrs the lr¿r¿ ,y'.,lbso¡plio, posstsses rr ¡nl ti'¡e, norns ü¡\innüD (unl€s he do.s r lor otreseú.h on i¡), n 's¡c¡sonrble aor r chrr¡.t.r Eith thc ,11L¡3¡.41 Se¡re skill lobe ¡blc to gúcsstn¡ate. \bu should inforD the pl.lerth¡r¡' ' ¡hcsrnd fec ls l i8br " , i t fec ls heav \ ' $ i rh mrg i . , d rc rc¡r. enough It¡gic Poidis lbr a LN spe¡ls ifyou 80 e¡s]'. butit s noshc.c Dea. orerloadcd . and so on.

vaddofcor.osio¡: [or tbe e\pend¡¡u.e of onl-v I ItlgicPoinr, ¡hc spcLlc¡rer us¡nli this s2nd mly duP¡¡cle d¡e€ffe.ts of rh. Lclel

'rhree B¡t¡te [h8ic spel! Co¡to¿le.

wand o f Fcar : The us€r o f rh is s rnd may cas t ¡hefollo* ing sp.lls ¡t s il l: Ca ta¿ Coúal.ll! Flíqbt, Caúe Fearand a¡6e P¿,i.. lf !h€ sPetlclster ¡tready knoFs 3ny ofrhese sprlls. he ma,r cáni thc¡r 3t hali the norm¡l ltl¡8icPoin! cost (roündin8 fmctions up). If¡hc spellc¡ser docsnot knos anr o. all of drcse sP€lh (eg he is ¡ot of h¡gh€oou8h ierel). !het' m¡-v srjl¡ b€ ca!t. bui füll M¡8ic Poinlcosi müsr b. efpendcd.

'the s-hd.onuins no Magic Ponns;thcs€ must conre f¡oú the c?sIer No¡apellcaste6, ofcou6e, canoor qse ¡his itenr.

Tl*' N(ar. of dris{nrg ora_!!scc lchof i rs th.ecpoNeF.one ar ¡ rinre. tor I rur¡ r¡rlch 2.1 hou. Frn)d [r.bP¡'ser c¡llcd l¡fú crr.rlrdupli.at€s th. efiects oaonrol rh. foLIos in8 i ¡ght insskills St¡t¡e,tt¡8rtt, A/orjstrike ¡o Injtre, ^Íd str¡k¿a¿ Srr t Thcsc ñrg i . r lcflccts cannor bc .dmbi¡r.dwirh ex is t inS sk i l ls of ¡h(s¡me ¡.vpt to 8¡in rn_!doubled rp bo¡uscs.


I Blechuand 4-t rvhrd oJ Fea,2 rUarl¿ ol 6.7 lihnd ofjade

Absarption 8-9 vrnd ofler3 vañ.t of corros¡o, l0 vand or O¡_yx

inscribcd w¡th m2n), direrunes of ¿ncienr origin. Irlvill onlv funcrion for Evilor chao¡'c characlers ¡ndcreatu.€s. once a d¡y theuser ma) p¡oduce r c¡o4¿o/Da¡¿ress spe¡l with noMagic Poin! cosr. He maYalso dis.hxrgc 1D6¡ro¡rsoÍ tueakne$, ̂ Arir orce perd¡) , Th.se,r .oss ¡ lke thefo.m ol ,vc l lowed skelenlfi¡1gcrs. Th€y are released ar¡he eIe ot onr pe¡ .ouDd,.hd hare ¡hc same Eoge $

a loneboq lrrddi¡ion.€¡ch ¿rrew h coa¡ed s irh 1D3 dos6oi ^ l rnblnr , s h\ 'h $ r l l r , lc ( I lh( 1 i . l rm ' f drmrSe i \c úsed fne BIocku)an.t .^1fn. 50 Aúolts oI vbahn¿ssbefore becominj¡ i¡eft The wand ma.! oniy be rechar¡€dby de¡ñs ofa fou¡a¡care ritu¡l i nlol!ing h uman sacrificc.A Lawful or Good P¡iest musrbe killedsirh ¡Solden dá9,¡€fon v¡r8in sc¡il, ¡s ¡h. moons.ise ro thei. hiShcst points i¡rhe sky on tle¡ensn¡cht. The wand is the¡ irnme6ed indr€ Priesr's blood ibr 13 hours, af¡er shi.b it is fullv

fvznd ofAbso.prlon: Tl¡¡s wand c,In 1.¡ ¡s ¡ $oreol6D6M¿gic Poin6. You shoüld dele¡minc ns m¡ximurn capac¡iy3nd not ¡nfo¡n ¡hc plr)€r! Determination of ¡ts inirialchi¡a€ shoül¡ibe made us¡n8 3D6(whichobvioudycannotsceed ihe 6D6 roll). The rr'¿n.t ofAbsorptíon g irs exff¿MaSic Poirts by absorbinS sp.lls cast a¡ ¡he bearer of thew¡nd. lf the beárer ma}es a rüccesstul rva8lc test, the M¡8i.Points used in c¡srirg thc spell 1I him rre ¡bso.b€d iotothe wmd, and rhcspell.ff.d is oe8¡ted. ¡lowecr, this onllapp¡ies ro sp€lls speciricállr cast at him. so, for epmple,ita FlEBall spelllere. sr ¡t him, ¡i coüldbe sbsorbed,but ifn *.e cast ai ¡ SrouP ofwhich he w?s onc, il.onld


¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (105)

{F uo*.*r^or"rnrs oF rHE EMPIRE. SPECIAL AND RANE ITEMS .'I hes€ m¡c¡c¿l ir.ms h2ve onl-Y 2 low ch¡n eofbeinStoundnx sstni ¡t2soos. some a.€ of,ique, o¡lvone hevinSflerb€€n c¡c¡te.l. so¡ne doeloP€d unfonunare side-.ff.crs andrheirpodu.tion wa hd¡ed somcwecsuccctsfu¡desi8ns,but the ir.m Ras sroten and lhe cre¡tor sl¡in, the se"€tot makros ¡he i teñ P€r¡rh inB w¡th h im \ome weresimplyborch.d. .co th¡t q h ¡le thev m¡v be mildlv u\eful ¡hq werenor whr lhe enchantinS wiard int.nded' and h¡ve nolb.en reDúduced inatry siSnific¡nt numbers o¡€ Ó' twowere dejiber¡¡ely created by wi?¡rds ¡s rev€d8e on peoplefor beinS swindled or coe.ced.ln €v€ry c¡se' rbeitems ¡tno¡ srandard desisns, and ihei.low o.cu.¡encc retrcctsrhisfact. Use aDloo roll on the tlblc below to dete¡minethe dature of the speci¡l or nre item foond

Dagger of Halflhgs:Thes€ i¡r ¡rcms w.É m¡deby a long-de¡d ltiza.d ofThe Empirc nored for hisaggressive Halflidg serv'i¡ors. The Dr88er olHzlflings ivill only disPlaYlp€ci2l magic Prop€ni€' inth€ h¡rdi ofa H¡lflin8, roorhe¡ u5€.s i¡ simPly countsa! a fragcal weapor¡ agai$rcr€2rur€s only ¿ffecGd bYsuch. AlthouS¡ onty úe s¡ze

. of ¡ d¡gge., wh€n used bY 2H. l f l ing i t counts ¡s anormi l sword, wi lh an

:- addi t ion2l +10 bonus_

cónfercd lo VS.

HarDGss of¡c¡d;ssrcss: M¡.le of bmwd lc¿¡her of thetinft¡ ouatirr ¿¡d h¡rd blueish mithril lhis h¡Íless is

Áre y AsiEdby t¡o* who.ide s*ho6e. ltm' b€firt'd; úv ho6e ard. wh(ñ thh b dof,c, thc ho.sc bccomescomóte¡ctv ¡mmune to /e¿¡ whethe¡ c¡us€d by tke oranytirinscis. (such ¡5 as¡an'pedespell) The hoÁe i\ still

sub¡ect to teu¿ti howevÉr'

Note th¡t onlY horses m¡y use thls item - Pe8¡s¡' forenmplq are not affeclted.

L¡ntcr! ofD¡vs: Thls ornáte, darkwood l¡ntem cast¡ ii8¡r¡s¡StormLaft¿m,butburc oil verv dovlv. so rhlt l piorwill fu€l the lant€rn for lD4 drys

t,eú of Dctcc'tton: This look! ltk€ a l¡rEe maSnifvinS glass

on ¡ lenarhy ivory ha¡dle.

h doe3 not, hoE,€v€4 magntfy arlthinS emin€d rhmuShir: tnste¡ct tt allows th€ viser to see ¡ll tllusions cau*dby l l lus lor isr rpel l \ o f levels l 'J ar rh.v t ru lv ¡ rc Anttiu\ioñisr disgu¡'ing himselt w¡h Asstñe tlluttonaryAtoearañce, fot eta¡\Pte. s¡ll be seeo exacdv as h€ is' and;y anemfl olo dis8uise his a.tioñs a¡trb Cloak Ac,l!|,!willbe shown up fo! wh¿{ rhey are

Ho$der, tbe l€ns needs one h¡nd ¡o ust, ¡nd since boihh¡nds ¡fe ne€ded lot sp€llcatin8-i¡ i. ¡ot possible to userh¡s d€vice lo see ¡n lllusionist úd ¡hen spellcast ¡¡ hi¡nSomeo¡e erse ñust hold the Lens of Detee¡ion for rhespellc¡srer, ro¡ exirnple.

Lvñ of M.lody: This5plrod¡d in!lrument Plry\ beautiful¡na h¡u¡ t rnc metodr t r ¡or ant ch¡mct . rsk i l led in ¡heu\eofrhe lyre,3¡din8 + 20 to chmces for gdo¡n8 sork a ¡n

¡r¡¿rr¿iret ind ¡o all 86¿ rcsts.

r :* .


Pursc of Tccth: This tYPeof i rcm i5 now not un-common in tb€ EmP¡rt, forw€.lthy úerch¡nts ¡nd thetik€ p¡y !t7iz¡.ds aell forcrcalirg them. A Pu¡s? o/I€erá rppcÍs a! ¡n ordin¡ryle¡¡her pouch witb dr¡w'sÚirgs. How€ver, if il isoPe¡ed ¡nd ¿¡y ¡ ¡ t€mplmade ¡o rak€ moneY f¡om itby anyone other rh2¡ s.i8húll @ne¡, ros of lcrysharp tccth m¡Sical ly¡pp€arituid< the purs€ ¡ndbn€ rh. h¡nd of the lhiefThc i ¡ i r i¿ l b i te causes Itozrd, iÍ€speclivc of ¡ny

D¡o¡ecrioni, flet me.al8¡untters lfor ücma8ic¡l teeih are;or blocked bv mrl'l I The t.e¡n hold f2st (o lhe hand Ior

lD6 rounds, birinc ¡nd dr¡tnin8 blood, a¡d the viciim

suffcs ¡ auiomari¡ n'¿at¿ e¡ch round- Al¡ rhe time' 'he

Purse ofTeetb s.rea.ú5"'llti€¡Thicfl '3talmordc¡fming

rl^ Pune of Teetb is s@len fmm iÉ oMcr it will s¡owly

arrune lrselito lrs no pos.ressor ove¡ 2 period of- days

clurins whtch rime i¡ rnust be continuous¡y worn on üep€rso;. After ¡n€ fult weck, i! r9cogni6 it! f,N posssso'

a¡ its rightful owne.

It is .umour€d rh¡t even larSe¡ BaAs ofTee'h ^nd Sacks oI-Farsr exist, som€ der sth ent€nomed reeth, but ttteireisrence has not been docu¡nented with cerr¿im]- yet

R¡og ofCoDPrelrc¡stoo: Th¡s rinS ¡llo* rhe w'rrcr lo

aeaáAt rrte oin tanguaS¿ if hr coutd not do \ñ beto¡e

50"/o of th€sc.ings corfer knoE ledSe of¡he wriiten md

ipo*cn rormsoi io¡ orr¡er Iañ8uagc\ Iou shoul d consul¡r ;eVFRPrutebook rndde¡rrmrnerhes€.xt r ¡ l ¡nSuages¡¡ r¡ndom o¡ bY choice

Sa¡d of ¡¡l¡gioA, tt¡is r¡resubsBnc€ is belised to beenqh¡nrcd bY sorce¡o$ ofCalh¡y, ádd wirhin thcEmtirc i$ manuf¿cturc ii¡or und€rstood Th. fi¡em¿gicz l dust is usual lYse2led in a vial or P¡cket,con¡¡ining €nough fo¡ lD'1uses. A teasPoonful or soheld in the ha¡d may bethrcwnüPto 12 ]a.ds, andfmm rh€ point or nnp1g ¡cloud of sand sP¡€ads out ina 4 y¡rd fldiüs. All creatuEssirhlr¡ th. are¡ ¡¡c blindedfo. lD6 rounds; whi lebl inded ¡hey bave _25p€natri€s to WS, ¡nd mtssil€f i .€ ¡nd sPel lc¡sI ln8 are



DrOO Mzgtc¡l ¡tem

Ol-12 Daggc. of ttaüIlr8s13-23 Ha.n.ss of Fe¡¡lessn.ss24-4t L¡ntem of D.ts.12-50 Lens of De¡ection51-58 ¡,yre ofMelodY59-79 Purse of Teethao-a9 RinS of Conp¡€hension90'00 S d of Fli¡giflg

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (106)

¡I...The abov€ mep, ¿s w€ll is showing th€ genenl a.ea in which Tbe Resuess Dsad carnpáign t¡k$ pl¿ce, also shows you the ex1ct locarions for ¿ll of the adventures. Briefly, - [PDF Document] (2024)
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